Creative Consulting and Direction

“Cultural awareness in an era of ever-changing flux. That’s basically what my practice is about. Emotional realness transitioned within ideas. Abstract ideas that become physical, but not the rule. Receptiveness is a good start. To understand something requires process. What’s really there? (Like really there.) It’s not about reaching objectivism, but universal subjectivism. Seduction has many lives. And beautification is inescapably about sophistication. Exuding aesthetics, progressive yet not extreme. Experimentation, grounded in diversity that’s confident. Transaction between one’s intuition and other people’s boundaries. Skill doesn’t dictate the outcome, but the vision itself. That’s it.”

Torsten Lesszinsky (based in Berlin) develops communication and design strategies for brands who seek forward-looking concepts and visual language that transcends beyond its surface. He understands consultancy, strategy and creative direction as a natural entity, and in collaboration with a network of high profile art directors or existing creative teams he works with clients and agencies.

Clients (Selection): Raf Simons, Hermès, Rémy Martin, BMW, MINI, Porsche, DIE ZEIT, KOW Gallery Berlin
Agencies: Random Studio, Meiré und Meiré, Dorten Studios, Leo Burnett, Hauser Lacour

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Torsten Lesszinsky
Pappelallee 3
10437 Berlin
+49 179 5319463 torstenlasujqm_a1@o87asbd!lesszinsky_skas9hg1.bjbhtaw!66com