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At Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Limited, We are an ambitious young and spirited, ready to innovate with an average age of employee between 25 to 40. Human resource is a capital in itself and our HRD departments work zealously to channellizes its carefully selected human capital to a win-win situation for all. We continually strive to enrich opportunities that match traits and are looking to strengthen our teams across the corporate bandwidth with core professionals.

We work on the premise of Big Is Small; thus ever looking for higher goals and bigger achievements. Entrepreneurship is propagated and freedom at work is an innate trait of functioning with us. Innovation is a key and a desire to excel a fuel for growth. Training and Hands on experience on the field is a part of our induction programmes that help new comers and freshers fit into the groove effectively.

If you have a dream, then here is where you can realize it. Come lead your own path to success

Currently we are seeking to expand our marketing operations across India and have multiple openings up for grabs in metros.Contact us at careers@countryclubmail.com to explore other opportunities today.

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