Sponsor a Kapon (Mass Neuter)

"Sponsor a Kapon" is our program for mass neutering projects. Last December 2016, we started giving free neutering as a Christmas project, there are individuals who supported and sent help that we are able to neuter more than we expected. We also gave gifts such as tote bags for those who sponsored a cat or a dog for neutering.

We started opening this program for groups or individuals who wants to sponsor mass neutering. This is a great way to give back to their community, it also helps our foundation as the low-cost sponsorships will sustain our free neuter projects for the indigents and our TNVR program. All they need to do is coordinate with us on on how to do the projects. 

As much as we want to do all the neuter projects in every area for free, our funding is very limited as of the moment, this is why we are encouraging your participation in our advocacy. 

-Individual Mass Neuter Sponsorship

-Group Mass Neuter Sponsorship

-Company/Business Mass Neuter Sponsorship

We are can also do fundraising programs for every project so that the people who are interested to support will be able to contribute.

Our mass neuter missions in provinces are mostly funded by the foundation, it is always coordinated with local government unit, we also get support from the animal welfare groups in that area which helps us with the funding. You can check out more on our outreach missions page.

For those who wants to sponsor a neuter project, please fill up the form below. You can also email us at ppbccfoundation@gmail.com