Pilots Pilots

The following are indicative examples of the intended pilots. More information on the current state of the pilots can be found in the eShop section.



A major application of the Meta-Product to be developed within EASY is dedicated to supporting physical fitness of private users. Through the integration of e.g. 10 motion sensors, a seamless and integrated full body motion capture suit can be made available. The figure on the left shows an example of sensor-monitored fitness training with Virtual Reality (VR). Assessment of running style based on few IMUs on the lower limbs for preventing injuries will also be developed.




Picture1New games based on wearable sensors for children to practice and improve a variety of motor and cognitive abilities will be developed based on existing versions that use webcams. In addition entirely new designs will be developed using the MP development platform facilities for design integration (selection of sensors, sportswear, data collection software, etc.). The new games will use additional wearable sensors – enabling the acquisition of more accurate and detailed motion tracking information for different body parts. Work will be focused on: Coordination, eye-hand coordination, timing, bi-lateral coordination, and keeping the upper body in a certain position (strengthening the upper body).



Medical Applications

The medical pilot will focus on cardiac rehabilitation and will combine wearable sensors for ECG (Electrocardiography) and movement monitoring. A set of physical activities with different levels of difficulty will be defined. The simultaneous monitoring of activity and cardiac data will have two objectives:

1. To provide feedback to the user. The feedback will advise about possible problems that need the intervention of therapists.

2. Store training data on the web that can be revised by the doctors and therapists.

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