Emailing, simple as it should be

Making email more efficient with our intuitive inbox features like
kanban task management, smart library and people view.

Have a nice mail.

Save more time, have more fun with Zinbox.
Because better email leads to a better day.

Zinbox is a webmail. Works with a Gmail, you won't need a new address
and you can switch back any time.
  • Imac

    Task Handling

    Get better at ‘to do’ management without
    leaving your inbox.
    Turn your emails into tasks with one click
    and streamline your workflow with our sleek
    ‘kanban’ overview.

  • Macbook

    Data Library

    Don’t feel lost when looking for a damn’
    document ever again.
    We collect all your attachments and web
    links in a smart data library, so you can sort
    and find files easier than ever before.

  • Ipad

    People View

    “Guess Who” is so last season.
    See everything about your contacts
    including background info and related
    emails to get an overview your of history
    at one glance.

Zinbox is a webmail. Works with a Gmail, no need for a new address
and you can switch back any time.

Try it, it’s easy and safe

It’s safe, we use secure Amazon Web Services and never ask for your password.
It's easy to set up and you won’t need to create a new email address. Also, it won’t
mess up your account; you can return to your original inbox view any time.


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Zinbox is a webmail and
works with a Gmail.
We are in a Beta phase.

You can see only your last
4 week’s emails and data.
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