Issue 43 – November/December 2010

Red Stripe by Aaron Dailey


Throwing the Dancer Out the Window, Love Lessens the Mess-ages, Tell Me When We’re Home, Dizzymoving from Canada Home & I Could Bring You to the Mountains But I’m Surviving Ice Swimming by James Shultis

they all do laugh when you try by Elice Leung

You’re Breaking the World (Rompes el mundo) & Disaster (Cat├ístrofe) by Jose Alberto Arias Pereira

Negative Pressure & Humiliation by David Peak

While Doing a Household Chore by JP Niemeyer

Rough Night, Rough Workaday by Francis Raven

Blood Bank (#1-#5) by Steven Fowler

Bless by Brett Gallagher

The Landscapers by Matthew Daddona

Style by James Valvis

-ING by Nicholas Wong


Sun and Rain and Dumb Luck by Wanda Morrow-Clevenger

A Summertime Killing by William Alton


Departures a DVD review by Heather Craig

The Secret in Their Eyes a DVD review by Heather Craig


Mobile Parking Lots and Automobiles a rant by Peter S. Lust

Mystery Topic Uber-Prime an anti-rant by Peter S. Lust


Found Works – 4 photos by Aaron Dailey


Playlist #27 & Playlist #28 compiled by Melanie Uyeda