Evaluation Of Your Books

How We Evaluate Your Books

When we look at a collection of books, we often want to know, are the majority of the books fiction or non-fiction? Fiction is often mass produced and can be ‘a-dime-a-dozen’ so to speak. These are also generally printed in soft covers or paperbacks, which unfortunately can deteriorate quickly after even one reading. Because of these factors, these types of books are not usually valuable. That said, if a book is in great condition, if it is by chance signed by the author or a first or early edition of an extremely popular book, then the value can go up. Non-fiction, hard cover books are often more salable for us and that means we can, in turn, pay you more for them.

Are the books part of a monthly book club program? These are often made with noticeably lower quality materials and therefore have a large bearing on the resale value. These can often be identified by the statement ‘Book Club Edition’ or are published without a price on the book.

Regarding condition, we’d like to know where have the books been stored? If a library is in a damp basement or a smoker’s home, the value can go down. We do not buy books that have any insects, such as mites, silverfish or book lice.

If the book has a dust jacket, especially if it is not clipped, the condition can be very good. Is there any writing or underlining contained in or on it? These can pull the value down as well. Just because they may have some markings doesn’t always mean that we won’t be interested though, as there are many factors we consider.

  • Rarity
  • Condition
  • Genre
  • Age

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