Elite Professionals

Elite Professionals

Specialist professionals are a unique group that have either cultivated a very tight speciality, or have become so good...

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Elite Professionals

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes have unique challenges because of the variables that can affect the length of their career and...

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Elite Professionals

Individual Investors

Individual Investors looking for more advanced guidance find a good fit at Navigator as we work with them to help secure...

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Elite Professionals

Business Owners

We work with business owners who want to continue to grow their company while keeping their tax load as lean as they...

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Navigator was created specifically to support elite performers in business and sport. Our expertise is providing financial guidance to help you make the most of yours.

Elite players in business and sport

Average performers often don’t understand the “elite” mindset, but we do because our attention is on working with people who operate at a different standard than most others.

There is an uncanny similarity between top performing business owners and elite athletes, and perhaps that’s why Navigator has become the go-to firm for wealth planning, growth and protection. To perform at your level, you know that you have to demand more of yourself, and those who support you. We know because we play at that level.

Professional athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners and elite professionals come to Navigator because we understand how to work with the best. We’ve done it for decades and continue to bring clarity and confidence to the planning table so that you can make the decisions that make the most of what you’re accomplishing.

Ideas are good and thinking is valuable

But behaviour is the only thing that creates results.

You know this. What you’ve done in your business or career has made the difference, not just the things you thought about. The same is true with wealth.

Whether you are accumulating wealth, protecting your capital, being smart about taxes, or distributing your assets, your behaviour will be the single largest contributing factor to the quality of your long-term results.

You’re self-made. Your financial plan should be too. We’ll do that by making sure:

  • Your goals are clear
  • We build a clear plan that makes sense
  • The implementation (the behaviour) happens

The truth is most people don't create uncommon results; it's not normal

But if you're like our clients, you're not like everyone else.

You’ve demanded more of yourself and created results that few will experience. That’s a great experience, but can also create its own set of challenges: who understands you, where can you turn for sound input and advice, who else operates at your standards?
Who we help

It takes a team

It would be naive to think one person has all the answers.

That’s why there are coaches, trainers, doctors, consultants and different experts used in business and sports. It’s no different with your wealth. That’s why we built a team from scratch with the specific intent to bring the right combination of expertise under one roof. Guided by our partners, our team discovers, plans, designs, implements and administers on your behalf, guided by your goals. We take as much of the admin off your plate as possible so that you stay focused on what matters most.

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