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img046Welcome to Esau Supply Company.  If you are looking for doors, closets, hardware, and cabinets for your home, office, or private collection, you have come to the right place. We carry a large variety of wood species perfect for interior, exterior, dealers, designers and decorators, and we are always updating our stock as new pieces become available.

The staff at Esau is always willing to take a moment with new customers to help them choose the product that is right for their needs, and we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of all the specialty doors, cabinets, and closets available.

Esau Supply Company has been supplying quality doors and windows to contractors and residents of Golden Hill for over 50 years. Our locally owned and operated custom door millwork shop provides a quality product that will set your home apart.

Our Manufacturing Facility is located in El Cajon (San Diego).  We have many customers that drive in to visit with us to help them pick out the products they are looking for to create a beautiful home.  We sell direct to customers in our marketing area.  You will find our staff very friendly and knowledgeable about our products and they can help you with measurements and other technical questions.

Esau Supply Company is proud of being a family owned business where every job we receive is personal and every step in the process shows how much we care.  That's why our end products exhibit elegance, quality and dedication to serving our customers.  Every door is custom built to your order and our excitement about doing something new invites the challenge of custom designs.

We are continuously striving to become your exclusive door, cabinet, and closet solution. Offering premium hardwood and fiberglass front entry and patio doors along with other interior and exterior doors to suit remodeling projects.

Call Esau Supply Today to speak with a representative:  619-442-0247


About Golden Hill, California
The Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego-Central borders Balboa Park and includes the South Park, Choate addition and Brooklyn Heights areas.  The area's long and colorful history is visible in the various architectural styles of the area.  Development began in the 1870s when Golden Hill was on the outskirts of San Diego's urban area.  Residents were attracted to the large lots and the gorgeous views of San Diego Bay.  Victorian, Colonial Revival, Craftsman and Farm House bungalows and townhouses sprouted in a cheerfully eclectic mix.  The area survived boom and bust and became one of San Diego's most fashionable addresses.

By the 1920's Golden Hill was completely developed.  Over the years many of the early homes were replaced with commercial buildings and apartments as residents fled the noise generated by airplanes on the glide path for Lindbergh Field located near the neighborhood.

However, a significant number of structures remain that are over 60 years old.  Many of the older homes have been renovated into offices for law firms and other businesses. Some have been lovingly restored as homes. The San Diego Historical Society has restored the Villa Montezuma and uses if for events.  The area's proximity to Balboa Park and downtown businesses; its historical characteristics and its spectacular views make it popular and encourage redevelopment. The area is home to small restaurants, ethnic markets, home-grown galleries and antique stores. The Turf Supper Club is a neighborhood treasure that was recently renovated.  Its charms include a cook-your-own-steak grill and an eclectic jukebox.

The Golden Hill Community Development Corporation recently improved the 25th Street Bridge and combined the project with an innovative public art project. Pedestrians can now walk between Golden Hill and Sherman Heights along a new pathway that is separated from traffic by a fence.  Installed in the fence is a unique "song rail" that plays a tune as it is tapped by pedestrians. The tune is the same no matter from which end the pedestrian starts.  The instrument was created by local sculptor Roman de Salvo and composer Joseph Waters.
Greater Golden Hill is an urbanized community consisting of approximately 441 acres, located east of downtown San Diego and adjacent to Balboa Park. It comprises the historic Golden Hill neighborhood, South Park, and the areas north and east of South Park including the Choate' addition and Brooklyn Heights. The Greater Golden Hill Community boundary is Balboa Park and Juniper Street on the north, 32nd Street between Juniper Street and Hawthorn Street, then along Marlton Drive to the 34th Street canyon to Beech Street on the east, State Route 94 on the south and Interstate 5 on the west.

Greater Golden Hill has a long and colorful history which is visible today in the homes representative of Victorian, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Farm House styles. Initial development within the Greater Golden Hill community began in January 1870, with the subdivision of a large parcel of land in the western section, Subdivision Map No. 249 Culverwell and Taggarts Addition extending to 23rd Street. Greater Golden Hill was then at the fringe of San Diego's urban development and offered large lots with views. Following several boom and bust periods, Greater Golden Hill began to come into its own and was one of the most fashionable places to live.

By the early 1920's central Greater Golden Hill was almost completely developed. Since that time a number of changes have occurred, however, the area retains a remarkable number of structures in excess of 60 years of age that are prime examples of architectural styles of their times. The community's location, excellent regional access, view opportunities, and historical characteristics are resources that will encourage development and redevelopment within the community.

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