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custom_end_use2Esau Supply has been manufacturing, installing and creating custom doors and entryways since 1956. Our ability to produce superior hardwood and iron doors and the consistency of our service are what separate us from the competition. Our doors are manufactured at our facility here in San Diego, CA.

In addition to our wood front doors, we also offer standard-size steel door units, sliding doors, interior doors, French doors and import doors. Our import doors are available with either veneer or engineered stiles. If you’re interested in a door made completely from iron or a combination iron/wood design, we can provide a product that is the size and shape you need.

Replacing your entry door will significantly change the appearance of your home. Our custom entryways can be created to match any design you can imagine. These exterior doors are made from a wide range of hardwoods, including mahogany and knotty alder.

Services and Products Include:

•    Exterior Doors
•    Interior Doors
•    Kitchen Design
•    Closet & Mirror Wardrobe Doors
•    Windows & Patio Doors
•    Cabinetry
•    Door Hardware
•    Mouldings
•    French Doors
•    and much more!

Esau Supply strives to ensure that every client receives the expertise and personal attention needed to find the perfect door, entryway, cabinet, closet, or hardware that reflects your individual personality and style.  Your front door is possibly the most distinguishing exterior feature of your home, it can also increases your home's value and curb appeal.  From traditional to contemporary, classic to Mediterranean, Esau Supply welcomes you and holds the key to the beauty of all your custom door needs. 

Let us help you select the front door that will enhance the architectural integrity of your home and reflect your own good taste.  Call today to talk to one of our friendly knowledgeable sales representatives and see the difference and personal attention we provide all our customers.

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More about Bonita, California
Bonita means "pretty" in Spanish and this community located in the southern section of San Diego County lives up to its name. Well-kept homes on large lots are scattered on its hills and there are miles of equestrian and riding trails crisscrossing the valley.

For many years the area was covered in lemon and citrus groves and gentleman farmers. Agriculture has gradually been replaced by neighborhoods for around 4,000 residents. The area's annual Bonitafest is a celebration of local crafts, foods and features a two-hour parade.

Bonita is an unincorporated community in southern San Diego County, California, nestled between the cities of Chula Vista, National City, and San Diego.

While Bonita is politically designated as an unincorporated community, bounded by the incorporated cities of Chula Vista, San Diego, and National City the community of Bonita is more closely associated with the geography of the Lower Sweetwater Valley. Thus considered, Bonita occupies about a five mile (8 km) stretch of the Sweetwater River, its valley, and surrounding hills on either side, bounded upstream (east) by the Sweetwater Reservoir, and downstream (west) effectively by Interstate 805. The community crosses west of I-805 -- an area less than 160 acres (0.6 km²) -- reaching as far south and west as East H Street and Hilltop Drive. Its northern boundary is State Route 54 and its southern extent reaches approximately one mile (2 km) south of the river.

Large portions of modern Bonita consist of housing tracts built throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, including:

* Bonita Downs
* Bonita Fairways
* Bonita Glen
* Bonita Highlands
* Bonita Long Canyon
* Bonita Woods
* Emerald Ranch
* Lynwood Hills
* Ames Ranch

To visitors and residents alike, one of the most visible features of Bonita recreational life is the walking trail which loops the Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course in central Bonita. Hundreds of residents walk, run, and ride this trail every day for pleasure and fitness, and the trail has become a vital component of Bonita life for many residents.

In the late 1990s the Sweetwater Regional Park was expanded and significantly improved, extending the walking and equestrian trails to an even greater number, and introducing a camping area at Summit Meadow Road. Now, virtually the entire valley from the reservoir to I-805 formally serve recreational purposes as either park or golf course.

Equestrianism has long been a part of the Bonita community, and many trails exist throughout the Lower Sweetwater Valley. There are a number of connections to trails external to Bonita as well. In fact many residents still keep their own horses and can be seen riding the trails regularly. The Bonita Valley Trails organization monitors and supports the network of trails throughout the valley.

The following parks serve the Bonita community:

* Fred H. Rohr Park
* Sweetwater Regional Park
* Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail
* Bonita Golf Course
* Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course

Clubs and organizations

* Bonita Agua Dulce 4-H Club
* Bonita Business & Professional Association
* Kiwanis Club of Bonita
* Bonita Optimist Club
* Bonita Road Runners
* Bonita Valley Garden Club
* Bonita Valley Trails
* Las Primeras
* Sweetwater Valley Civic Association
* Sweetwater Valley Little League
* Sweetwater Woman's Club
* Sunnyside Saddle Club
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