Spring Valley Doors, Closets, Cabinets, Mouldings
custom_end_use2Esau Supply has been manufacturing, installing and creating custom doors and entryways since 1956. Our ability to produce superior hardwood and iron doors and the consistency of our service are what separate us from the competition. Our doors are manufactured at our facility here in San Diego, CA.

In addition to our wood front doors, we also offer standard-size steel door units, sliding doors, interior doors, French doors and import doors. Our import doors are available with either veneer or engineered stiles. If you’re interested in a door made completely from iron or a combination iron/wood design, we can provide a product that is the size and shape you need.

Replacing your entry door will significantly change the appearance of your home. Our custom entryways can be created to match any design you can imagine. These exterior doors are made from a wide range of hardwoods, including mahogany and knotty alder.

Services and Products Include:

•    Exterior Doors
•    Interior Doors
•    Kitchen Design
•    Closet & Mirror Wardrobe Doors
•    Windows & Patio Doors
•    Cabinetry
•    Door Hardware
•    Mouldings
•    French Doors
•    and much more!

Esau Supply strives to ensure that every client receives the expertise and personal attention needed to find the perfect door, entryway, cabinet, closet, or hardware that reflects your individual personality and style.  Your front door is possibly the most distinguishing exterior feature of your home, it can also increases your home's value and curb appeal.  From traditional to contemporary, classic to Mediterranean, Esau Supply welcomes you and holds the key to the beauty of all your custom door needs. 

Let us help you select the front door that will enhance the architectural integrity of your home and reflect your own good taste.  Call today to talk to one of our friendly knowledgeable sales representatives and see the difference and personal attention we provide all our customers.

Fill out our Request a Quote form on the homepage by clicking HERE and a qualified Esau representative will call you today!

Esau Supply:  619-442-0247


More about Spring Valley, California
Spring Valley is an unincorporated community in San Diego County, California, United States. The community includes the neighborhood of La Presa and part of the neighborhood of Casa de Oro (which extends into unincorporated La Mesa). The United States Census Bureau has divided Spring Valley into two census-designated places (CDPs), Spring Valley and La Presa. The population of Spring Valley was 59,384 at the 2000 census. This figure combines the population of the Spring Valley CDP (26,633) and the La Presa CDP (32,721). There are claims that the Greater Spring Valley area has over 100,000 residents although this claims large areas that are actually unincorporated parts of La Mesa and El Cajon.

Spring Valley is named for the natural spring located there. It was long the home of the Kumeyaay tribe, who called it Neti or Meti. Spanish conquerors drove off the natives and used the area for cattle, calling it El aguaje de San Jorge (St. George's Spring).

In 1863 Judge Augustus S. Ensworth of San Diego filed a claim for a 160 acre (647,000 m²) ranch that included the spring. The ranch, and the small adobe house he built there, were sold to Rufus King Porter and later to historian Hubert Howe Bancroft. The adobe is now a National Historic Landmark.

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