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Poor Apple Sales in China Spur Global Fears

The falling iPhone sales amid an ongoing trade war between Beijing and Washington have sparked concerns about the cooling of China’s economy.
Paul D. ShinkmanJan. 3, 2019

Mitt Romney’s Not Running for President

There’s no telling what would happen if President Trump doesn’t run again, is impeached or is implicated by Robert Mueller’s special counsel report.
David CataneseJan. 3, 2019

Best States

50 Iconic Monuments and Landmarks

Whether it was naturally or artificially made, these ‘must-see’ monuments and landmarks can be found throughout the U.S.


How to Protect Babies From Secondhand Smoke

Experts emphasize that parents need to do all they can to prevent environmental tobacco smoke exposure.


Demographics of the 116th Congress

The 116th Congress has the most women and people of color than ever before.

Saving and Budgeting

10 Expenses Destroying Your Budget

Avoiding these regular expenses will improve your financial health.

National News

Top Moments in Women’s History

From voting rights to the Year of the Woman to #MeToo, it’s been a long road for women.

Top Medical Schools

13 Med Schools With Liberal Arts Majors

At these schools, more than a fifth of entering students were humanities or social sciences majors in fall 2017.

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