Heartbroken Cowboy

Heartbroken Cowboy Meme Template

Heartbroken Cowboy is a screenshot meme which, originated from James Daniel Marrs Ritchey's YouTube video, "57. Current Chart - Y2016M7D24" which, was removed from his channel in 2016. It's first known usage read, "Heartbroken Cowboy is heartbroken" which was created in response to the video deletion.

The meme is used to either react seriously to major events (eg: celebrity deaths, upsetting videos, and natural disasters), or humorously to small things (eg: your cat only likes you because you feed him).

The meme contains James wearing a cowboy hat, and looking rather heartbroken. This expression is quite out of character for the video which, was a music discussion. The YouTube video was part of a series of videos on music, all of which have since been removed from James's YouTube channel. James has a reputation for deleting, and unlisting videos from his channel.

The meme template is available on nearly all major meme generators including: ImgFlip, ImageChef, DropMeme, WeKnowMemes, Memecrunch, Frabz, Dankland, Meme Maker, Meme Creator. It also listed on nearly all meme databases such as: Know Your Meme, All Meme, Bon Meme, Dank Meme, Easy Meme, Funny Meme, LOL Meme, Memes From Outer Space, Meme Spark, Quick Meme, That Meme. On Know Your Meme it received more than 125,000 views in the first 9 months.

James is an actor, television host, director, cinematographer, script writer, stand-up comedian, and YouTube user (posting video blogs, and skits). He has hosted two seasons of the television series Glorious North. The first released in 2017, and the second in 2018. The series covers outdoor topics such as survival, bush craft, and clothing. James performs stand-up comedy in the 2018 short film, Mildly Amusing. He also wrote the script, directed, and did the cinematography for it. In the 2016 series TheKiddiePreneurs, James plays a parent. This role, as an extra, was his first acting role. James played the role of Josh May in the 2017 film Somewhere in the Wild, and the role of John Cantel in the 2017 film Lost in Capanira. Both of these movies were about survival in the wilderness. James started his YouTube channel in 2016. His most popular video, with over 220,000 views, is "34. I've Decided To Apply For Big Brother Canada Season 5". In this video James states that he hopes to be a contestant on the upcoming 5th season of television series Big Brother Canada. James was not cast, but has since re-applied to be a contestant on the 7th season of Big Brother Canada. Over the course of 2016 James published many videos, but towards the end of the year he deleted most of them. He has earned a reputation for deleting, and unlisting videos on his channel. James had another channel before his current channel on which, he posted videos of artwork. He is also part of a small collaborative channel FUBAR which, makes videos about GNU/Linux. James created his DeviantArt account in 2018, and accumulated over 180,000 views by the year's end. His first deviation (piece of artwork), titled "March Whiteout" was posted on March 8, 2018. It reached over 20,000 views in it's first month. In 2018 (January, 9th 2018) James reached the top 200,000 (he ranked 154,045) on IMDB's StarMeter. James is the creator of the, now defunct, GNU/Linux operating system Ritchey Devmin which, was a Devuan derivative focused on excluding pre-installed software.

James's great grandparents Lionel and Hilda Marrs (née Armour) moved from the United Kingdom to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in 1912. James was born April 21st 1989 in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. He has one sibling, younger. He attended Prince George Secondary School, and graduated with the class of 2007. He continued his education by studying New Media at the University of Lethbridge, and English at Athabasca University. He has also attended the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and CareerStep.com. James has applied to the Canadian Armed Forces on 2 occasions, but hasn't served.