Stratos Aviation is a nonprofit association promoting careers and opportunities in aviation and aerospace through STEM education and pilot training to the next generation of aviation professionals. These rules and regulations are enforced to protect the association from service abusers and ensure that Stratos Aviation can continue to run its outreach programs to the next generation of aviation professionals.


When you make a purchase with the Stratos Aviation Association online, on the phone or in person it is assumed that you have read and are aware of our sales terms and conditions.

Flight Simulation Experience

Stratos Aviation reserves the right to reschedule a client’s booking in case of a software or hardware glitch on one of our flight simulators without additional compensation to the client. Just like a real airplane using a defective flight simulator can cause further damages to other component of the equipment.

Clients canceling there scheduled flight time less than 24 hours in advance will be charged a $25.00 fee to cover the flight instructors wasted time.

Flight simulations coupons purchased through GROUPON can be refunded through GROUPON, not Stratos Aviation. They are the service provider, not us!

Clients misusing any flight simulator, not respecting the instructors and using the equipment in an abusive manner will have their flight simulation session terminated immediately and without possibility to reschedule or get a refund.

Flight Training Courses

Registration to any of our flight training courses require a $200.00 or 30% deposit which ever one is greater. Deposits are NOT refundable, that is the point of a deposit!

If you paid a course in full prior to the first day of the beginning of the course and would like to cancel your registration before the course starts, a $200.00 or 30% deposit (which ever is greater) will be retained. No cancellation are possible or refunds are possible after the first day of class. If it’s a one day course and you don’t show up, no refunds are possible.

Summer Camp

Registration for summer camp requires a non refundable 50% deposit fee. The balance will be due on the first day of camp.

If for whatever reason a camp session must be cancelled the 50% deposit will be refunded in full by the same method it was originally paid.

For security and safety reasons activities can be substituted or changed around with equal or greater value activities. Your child safety is our main priority!