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If you have had over $20,000 seized by law enforcement, please contact us today for a free consultation. 

•    Massachusetts: $1.4 million in cash seized by DEA

•    Massachusetts: Massachusetts: $324,189 seized from client’s home and businesses by

      Homeland Security Investigations

•    California : $315,000 in cash seized by DEA
•    California: $57,730 seized at LAX by DEA
•    California: $21,700 seized from Federal Express Facility by DEA
•    California: $82,900 seized by DEA at SFO airport
•    California: $174,000 seized by DEA at SFO airport
•    Illinois: $96,000 in cash seized by DEA
•    Florida: $39,500 seized at Orlando Airport by Homeland Security                    

•    Colorado (Boulder):$57,000 siezed from client’s homeby DEA
•    Rhode Island: $17,000 in cash seized by DEA
•    Kansas: $48,020 DEA seizure during traffic stop
•    New Jersey: $23,000 seized by local police during traffic stop
•    Missouri: DEA seizure of $21,980 on during traffic stop.
•    Illinois (Chicago): DEA Seizure of $102,020 on Amtrak train
•    Washington: $30,172 seized by US Customs and Border Protection

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The examples below represent a sample of matters that have recently been settled by our office: