Our playroom re-do project is nearing an end (reveal coming soon! Finally done!). One of my favorite elements in the room are the pom-pom curtains that were inspired by these PB Kids curtains here.  They’re actually all over the place right now. We have high ceilings in our house, so I’m always having to buy 96 or 108″ curtains so I was looking at about $300 if I wanted to outfit the playroom in the PB Kids ones. Ugh.

Plan B – DIY-ing it. IKEA is my go-to source for affordable curtains. I’ve used their LENDA curtains in a couple of rooms in my house (see here as well). They come in 118″ lengths and are $19.99 $24.99 (inflation, right?) for a pair. You cannot beat that. If you don’t live by an IKEA, you can buy them on eBay. Seriously, I don’t think you could find fabric and sew curtains yourself for that price. They are a decent weight too. Of course, if you don’t have an IKEA near you and don’t feel like paying for IKEA shipping, you can find curtains that will work on Amazon as well.
Next step – finding pom pom trim. I knew I wanted yellow, but finding the right hue of yellow was tough. I didn’t want too pale, but I definitely didn’t want mustard yellow either. Since none of the local fabric/craft stores carried yellow pom trim, I took my chances online and ordered 12 yards from Dove Originals for $14.95 ($22 with tax/shipping), which was more than I needed for the project but I’ll find a use for the leftovers! Amazon also carries a nice selection (really, what doesn’t Amazon sell????) How fun would this trim be for a kids’ room??

For this project, the only problem was that they were tabbed and I didn’t want that look for the playroom. Simple solution – cut the tabs off and sew a hem.
I had every intention of doing things the right way and sewing the trim on like a professional. But then I started and got bored, so I whipped out the glue gun. And that sped things up considerably!



Once I got close to the top (within 4 or 5 inches) I stopped with the trim so I could fold it over to create a space for the curtain rod.


I did actually use the sewing machine to sew the hem (although did contemplate whether the glue gun could handle the job).
Because I had extra pom trim, I also trimmed out the curtain tie-backs, but that part is definitely optional.
The finished product is below. They give such a cheery feel to the room. I seriously love them.

Happy DIY-ing!!

*Note: To answer the question on the paint color, here’s a picture of the label on the can. Also, the color is a little brighter than it appears in the pictures above (still working on my photography skills!). Here’s another shot of the same room, from the post on the wood wall arrow.

Label from can: