TERA notes the following sites dealing with women's topfreedom and closely related matters.

Some sites may be more up to date than others and may contain information of varying scope and usefulness. Some sites should help those looking for information pertaining to the USA. But it's "Reader Beware": some of the material in these sites is of questionable authenticity.

At the end, you will find locations for discussion and chat. TERA is not responsible for the content of any site listed below. Please report dead links to

The Shape of a Mother
(photos and comments about women's bodies)

007 Breasts
(a longtime site, with excellent information and help)

(check out the film by Kathy Kiefer)

The Topfree 10's lawsuit
(launched against the state of Florida by nine women and a girl)

Naturist Action Committee topfreedom links
(much topfreedom information amongst other material)

The Self Study Center
(about a book linking bras and breast cancer;
TERA, although unable to evaluate the findings,
finds them mighty interesting)

Bras and Breast Disease
(more on the increasing research on and interest in
the benefits of going without a brassiere)
(just what it says)

Female breasts: for men or for babies?
(just what it says)
(connected to the Raelian movement,
detailing many events including its own)

Topless in America
(celebrities, beaches, news,
and censored photos)

Sites for discussion and chat:

USA Topfreedom
(you have to belong to Yahoo! groups)


There is no guarantee that topfreedom is
the only subject of discussion on any of these boards.



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