Dr Zo, Zoer, Zoheir, Kacem

With more than 14 years of an exclusive practice of a medicine dedicated to beauty, well-being and anti ageing,
Dr Zo Kacem, a French Cosmetic Doctor, is renowned for providing an unparalleled level of know-how and premier non-surgical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments for face, body, and skin.

His Artistic Approach coupled with his techniques forged with incessant Passion and Permanent search for Perfection sets him apart.

His signature? Less is more – très peu… so as results are always naturals, barely visible!

He has teamed up with a small team of reputed doctors and surgeons to expand his practice to body reshaping offering breast and buttock fat transfer lipofilling, Macrolane, Hyacorpbuttock filler injections, and Liposuction.

Dr Kacem is an International trainer and lecturer in advanced training courses of the usage of Fillers and Neuromodulators (Botox).

He assures training and lecturing internationally for doctors, dentists and nurses in workshops providing theory and hands-on for both beginners and advanced candidates.


Belkyra, London, Brussels, Paris

Kybella (Belkyra) | London | Brussels | Genève Paris | Double Chin Fat Removal, Treatment, Reduction!

Double Chin Fat Dissolving Injections with Belkyra (Kybella), (Sodium Deoxycholate), is the latest available treatment to ameliorate your profile without surgery, without liposuction and without facelift!
Ideal for double chin puffiness removal and for any stubborn fat reduction.

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cellfina london

Cellfina, London, Brussels, Sofia, Genève, Paris | Cellulite Dimples, Orange Peel, Removal, Treatment!

Cellfina helps smooth away cellulite dimples for long-lasting results by treating the primary structural cause of cellulite hence the connective bands.
Cellfina™ System is minimally invasive and clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least 3 years.

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PDO thread lift London

PDO Thread Lift, London, Brussels | Skin Tightening, Jaw Lift, Cheek Lift

PDO resorbable Threads melt away after 6 to 9 months leaving after their resorption a solid Neo Collagenesis which maintains the treated area lifted for years.
Thread Lift is a good indication as far as there is no Loss Volume issue which must be addressed with Filler.

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Brazillian Butt Lift, London, Brussels

Brazilian Butt Lift, London, Brussels | Fat Transfer, Injections, Buttocks Augmentation, Enhancement

Brazilian Bum Lift with Fat Transfer to Buttocks in the heart of Marylebone London by my Fellow French Plastic Surgeon with 20 years of experience of Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Breast.
Our private clinic disposes of its own Operating Theatre, no need for general anesthesia and overnight stay.

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Fat Transfer Breast augmentation, London, Brussels, Abroad

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation, London, UK, Brussels, Sofia, Genève | Injections | 

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Breast Injections of your own fat! We use water jet assisted liposuction to softly harvest fat and then graft your fat! thanks to WAL technology, in our clinics, in London, Paris, Brussels, Zurich, and Munich.

Our Breast enlargement in London with my Fellow French Plastic Surgeon who has 20 years of experience in Fat Transfer Buttocks and Breast.

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macrolane, hyacorp, london, abroad, brussels
Macrolane, HYAcorp 
London, Abroad, Brussels, Sofia, Geneva | Buttock Injections, Bum Lift

Macrolane or Hyacorp hyaluronic acid injections to reshape buttocks in 30 min when fat is insufficient for fat transfer.

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subtle Lip filler, London, Brussels

Lip Fillers, London, Brussels, Sofia | Injection, Volume, Contours, Definition,

Lips enhancement is always gradual, less is more, droplet technique is a must.
Results last from 3 to 8 months.
Dr Kacem injects lips with fillers since 2002.

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cheek fillers, london, brussels, Paris

8 Point Facelift, London, Brussels, Sofia | Filler Injections, Eyebrow, Cheeks, Jaw Lift!

The 8 point lift is the simplest and most efficacious way to beautify and rejuvenate a face without any downtime utilising the MD Codes as well as the Phi Ratio proportions!

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Micro botox, London, Brussels

Micro Botox, London, Brussels, Sofia | Skin Pores Tightening | Oily Skin reduction

Micro Botox Injections for smooth, imperceptible and natural results!
We believe essentially in suppressing negative expressions particularly sadness and fatigue from your face while preserving maximal movement and positive emotions! Skin Pores and Texture tightening, Botox results London.

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Fue hair Transplant London, UK

Hair Transplant, London, UK, Brussels, Sofia, Geneva | FUE, IFA, Robotic, ARTAS

Fue Hair Transplant is the best option if considering hair Transplant, No scalp cutting No scar! Hair by Hair!

Hair regeneration is the latest, the non-surgical and best option for Hair Loss and Hair thinning treatment.
It is based on Wound healing technology and is non-surgical.
Only a single session is required with sustainable results up to 5 years.
Hair transplant can be avoided!
Botox for Hair is also an alternative.

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ultherapy HIFU, london, Brussels

Ultherapy, London, Brussels | Skin Tightening and Facelift with HIFU Ultrasounds!

with Ultra Focused Ultrasound HIFU induces retraction in depth of the skin causing skin tightening and Lift.
Ideal for a Non-surgical Jaw lift.

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Lipolysis lipodissolve, london, brussels, dubai, paris

Mesotherapy, Aqualyx, Sodium Deoxycholate, PPC, London, Brussels | Fat Dissolving, Melting, Removal, Injections!

Cellulite and Stubborn Fat Removal with Sodium Deoxycholate Fat Dissolving Injections!
Aqualyx® treatment consists of injecting a solution into localised fat deposits in areas such as love handles, saddlebags, thighs, stomachs, chin, and knees as well as to treat diffuse Cellulite.

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skin boosters, london, brussels

Skin Boosters London, Brussels | Bio Revitalisation, Hyaluronic Acid Injections!

To achieve dramatic Skin Re-densification, hydration, glow, radiance, tone, and fine lines treatment.
No downtime.

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skin vitamin injections, london, brussels

Skin Care | Obagi ZO Medical | Juvederm Cosmetics | Peels, Homecare, London, Brussels, Sofia

Any medical or surgical aesthetic and cosmetic treatment must address skin first.
Most creams and skin products at disposal in stores are not efficacious because they are bought randomly and blindly by patients without knowing their skin types and skin needs!
Skin type is crucial, it leads to the appropriate treatment.


injectable training courses LondonAcademy of Facial and Body Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Kacem is a trainer and lecturer for Vital Esthétique, an international company present in 60 countries.

He assures training and lecturing internationally for doctors, dentists, nurses, and beauticians in workshops and seminars providing theory and hands-on for both beginners and advanced candidates.

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Picosure, London, Paris

PicoSure Laser London, Brussels | Skin Revitalisation, Acne Scar Treatment, Tattoo Removal

PicoSure® is an Unprecedented innovation in laser technology! We have it exclusively in Marylebone, London.
PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser.
PicoSure® delivers unparalleled ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second for the best Ever Laser Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation Treatment, Acne Scars Treatment, and Skin Revitalisation!


gastric balloon, London, abroad, Brussels

Gastric Balloon, London, Abroad, Brussels | Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Balloon can help you loose weight if a good diet and regular exercise are not enough.
We offer Gastric Balloon in our clinics in London, UK and in abroad in Brussels with our most competitive prices.
Our Batriatric surgeon has 20 years of practice and has performed over 1200 Gastric Balloons, Band, Sleeve and Bypass.

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Gastric band, london, uk, abroad, brusselsGastric Band, London, Abroad, Brussels | Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Band is indicated if you need to loose more than 20 kg of weight when a good diet and regular exercise are not enough.
We also offer Gastric Band in our clinics in London, UK and abroad in Brussels with our most competitive prices.
Our Batriatric surgeon has 20 years of practice and has performed over 1200 Gastric Balloons, Band, Sleeve and Bypass.

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