Social TV App Telfie Is Shutting Down

Telfie is checking out — for now. After millions of check ins, we are checking out. As a platform launched by the fans and for the fans, without any investors, we simply do not have the resources to continue in 2019.

Telfie App

It was a huge challenge to run a start-up like Telfie with a very small team, in different timezones, and without investors. I am therefore extremely proud of everyone who has been part of the Telfie team.

Telfie Stickers

Grateful to the brands we worked with

In recent years we have worked with many major brands, TV channels and Movie Studios. This was a very rewarding and educational experience and we are therefore extremely grateful to have cooperated with these companies.

Some of the brands we worked with

Thank you, Telfie users

On behalf of the whole Telfie team, I want to thank everyone who used Telfie, and especially the people who bought physical Telfie stickers.

For now we are closing this chapter, and maybe, just maybe, we will build a new Telfie platform somewhere in the future.

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What’s next for team Telfie

Together with my twin brother Erwin and our business associate Arnout, we will start a new company, the HODL Group. This company will focus on building crypto entertainment & marketing projects.

The Telfie servers will be shut down on January 1st, 2019.