How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? A Step by Step Beginners Guide

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? A Step by Step Beginners Guide
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In my earlier posts you have learnt how to make money online through various ways. The next is Affiliate Marketing which I will be covering in this post.

I know you might have heard about it if you are into online marketing or blogging but let me explain from the very basics so that newbies who have never heard about it, can learn as well.

Affiliate Marketing is an online money making process in which you promote other company’s products to sale them. If there is any sale happens you get certain percentage of the total sale value.


Here I am sharing the step by step guide on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:

The basic requirement is to have a blog or any publishing website.

Step 1: Increase traffic and build readership for your blog.

The very first thing is to increase your blog’s traffic and build good readership. These 2 things are required because if no one or very few people are visiting your blog, then there are very less chances that you can make any sale and in fact, with extremely low traffic, most of the affiliate programs won’t accept your blog.

Thus the most basic thing is to work on your blog first, increase its traffic from all sources organic, direct, social and referral. Building readership is equally important because when people start reading your blog regularly they start trusting you as well and in such case, when you share some useful product, they would love to buy them as they have trust that what you are suggesting must be good.

When you start making strategies to grab a good chunk of traffic then make sure you target a domain of people which really would be interested in your content.

Suppose you are writing about health related topics and you are promoting where there is mostly the internet marketers are then you are doing wrong. You should promote it where there are doctors, health conscious people and related industry people stay.

Targeting the right audience is really important if you are very serious about Affiliate Marketing.

Step 2: Apply for various Affiliate Programmes

Once you have a blog with good traffic and engagement, start signing up for multiple affiliate programmes (e.g. auto insurance program, etc). To start with Amazon affiliate, CJ, and clickbank are nice.

While applying give full information as required by the program. Within 3-4 business days you will get a confirmation email whether your application is approved or disapproved.

Step 3: Start Promoting

Once your application is approved, log into your affiliate dashboard on various programmes and start promoting their product.

Always promote those products which are related to your blog content and also which you think your readers will like.

Sharing right products to right audience is the mantra to success in Affiliate marketing.

Thus its important task for you to understand your audience and accordingly promote products on the blog.

Make sure while getting affiliate links from your affiliate dashboard, that the link contains your affiliate id or tracking information because that’s important for the program to understand that the sales made by you.

Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

By writing product reviews

You can select a good product and write a detailed review about it. Post the review on your blog. Make sure the review has affiliate links embedded in it in a manner that provokes readers to buy.

By making a list of products

You can make a good list of products and make it a post and publish it. For example, you can share top 10 gadgets for office in which list 10 products and with a buy now link. It really works well. You can check this post on my friend’s blog:

In this post, I have linked all the products with their sales page and the link has the tracking code so if someone makes a purchase, the commission gets added into my amazon affiliate account.

By putting banners

One of the best methods to promote is to put a Product banner either in sidebar or below every blog post. It can work out well if you choose the right product.

By sending affiliate products offer in Newsletters

As a blogger, you must have a list to which you send newsletters about the recent posts, announcements etc. Start sending them good deal offers monthly or weekly. You will notice fair number of sales.

Final Words

There are many more ways which you can apply to promote affiliate products and make money but to start, these are some basic ideas. Start implementing from today. If you are a experienced Affiliate Marketer, please do share your thoughts on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing to our readers/audience.

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  • Hello Atish Bro, Thanks for your complete guideline. Yes, Bloggers should use Affiliate marketing . As well Google Also accept Affiliate marketing links but, Many Bloggers do too much Affiliate Links that’s why Google take this as spam.So, have to use with limit Link and link should be No Follow. I read this from other blog .
    What’s your suggestion ?

    • There is nothing bad promoting affiliate products in natural manner. Just make sure to nofollow all the affiliate links and Google will not have any problem.

  • One more cool post from Atish Ranjan how to make money through affiliate marketing.. am a new blogger now want to do affiliate marketing so started with amazon india.. thanks for sharing your tips how to promote will definitely follow..

  • Hi Atish, great intro post to affiliate marketing. Another network to check out is Affiliate Window, which has all the major retailers on. It is also great to put yourself out there and contact retailers yourself to try to get free products to review or exclusive voucher codes.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Your content is awesome and simple to understand and to the point! bro… Thanks for sharing your ideas and we are expecting much more ideas on Earning Money Online opportunities from you. Thanks again…


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