Nesley Farm


Site Archaeologist: Tony Roberts of Archeoscan

26 June 2011 (Evening and overcast)

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A multi-period site visited by Rosie and John

Kite Aerial Photos

HQ FF2.0 kite and fuzzy tail with Pentax Optio W60 camera set to 'sports mode' and 10 second time interval.

Excavation of a Roman building.


Inverted kite aerial photo with the colour removed.

3D version (8.34MB pdf) Ctrl+left mouse button to move image, left mouse button to rotate, wheel to zoom.


Re-inverted still from the above 3D model.

Note that detail on the verticals is poor because the original photos were near central vertical shots (3D was an afterthought).


Still from a non-inverted 3D model looking in the opposite direction to the image above.


Still from a near infra-red 3D model (pdf 8.5MB).

As in the previous model, some verticals are 'smeared' because of the limited angles of coverage. This is because we used pre-existing images which were not intended for constructing models.





Crop Marks

This is a high contrast, inverted (ie negative), visible spectrum, kite aerial photograph.

Lower right: Note how the stony outcrop extends into the 'crop mark'.



29 June 2011 (~Midday and sunny)

Premier Power Sled 36 kite without drogue or tail and Pentax Optio W60.



Crop marks on the eastern side of the excavation.



Crop marks on the northern side of the excavation.


Premier Power Sled 36 kite without drogue or tail and near IR converted Fuji F30.
Narrowing of the linear crop marks in the field to the south and possible small feature to the top right.

Top field beans, lower field cereal.