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Search Engine Optimization

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Website Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services is one of the areas where we separate ourselves from the crowded field of thousands of other “experts.” We understand how critical online visibility is for your company’s success.

SEO is not a fixed science where anyone can simply step in and be successful by employing a cookie cutter approach. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Most companies in this industry are still using antiquated SEO methods that simply do not work any longer to produce organic SEO results.

Additionally, search engine optimization often receives a bad name due to so-called experts employing questionable, “black-hat” methods to enhance their client’s visibility. The result is often typically quick rankings, then a long-fall.

Crescent Interactive will create your search engine optimization strategy with a strong ethical approach. We know the value of your brand and we handle that with care.

The structure of your web site has a tremendous impact on search engine optimization. We bring SEO site architecture knowledge to the discussion. This means your site may need work before an SEO campaign can even begin. Our team will analyze the structure of the code on your site to make sure that your site is ready to reap the benefits of an extended search engine optimization campaign strategy.

Along with web site architecture, content is a key element of our services. An SEO campaign focused on keywords that drive rankings, but does not bring ROI is not an effective campaign. We will analyze your preferred keywords and create strategies to rank your site for those that bring qualified traffic. Creating authoritative content that includes targeted keywords and strong search phrases is essential for developing long-lasting search engine results.