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Extended RV Warranty Work and Most Insurances Accepted.

Hemet RV Supercenter Insurance Claims Assistance

It is important to understand what your RV insurance covers and what it does not.  You may not realize that your policy almost always covers unexpected damage to your roof caused by low hanging eaves, falling tree branches, lightning strikes and other causes of damage not related to ordinary wear and tear.

Whether caused by wind, rain or travel, awning damage is often covered by your policy,  and it is one of the most common insurance claims filed by RV owners.  When an awning becomes damaged it may not retract properly, making it unsafe for you to travel.   Because we work with many major insurance companies, we are able to complete your repairs on-site.

You must contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible following an incident. It is important to take photos and file your claim immediately following damage caused by a collision, accident or any covered hazard. The longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to separate damage caused by the covered incident from wear and tear, and your claim may not qualify for coverage.

While damage to your RV may be covered by your insurance policy, it can be tough to deal with your insurance carrier.  We deal with insurance adjusters on a daily basis, and we can help you navigate through the sometimes messy process of collecting on your claim.

If you find yourself disputing the original offer from their insurance company, we can help you get the amount to which you are entitled.  We want your roof or awnings repaired to their pre-incident state so you can get back on the road.

Because we have many years of experience, the insurance and claims representatives know us.  Our experience will help you get your claim processed quickly.

Hemet RV Supercenter Accepts Most Extended Warranties

An extended warranty or service contract can offer you peace of mind. The extended warranty provides you coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Your extended warranty covers major breakdowns and some repairs. We accept most extended warranties and can do most repairs on-site.