Isn't it funny how when homeless people ask us for money on the street it's "annoying" but when advertisers shove their agenda down our throats on the internet it's just "marketing"?

For Christmas I wish the fediverse to grow, and Facebook to die

Heads up! The next 10 people who donate $25 or more will get this beautiful Tor poster designed by Molly Crabapple.

Make it yours:

You know what, jocks ARE nerds, they're just nerds about sports instead of movies, games, books, etc

Game idea: point and click adventure game where you control a cat with a laser pointer.

Instead of getting married: exchange GPG private keys.

The only artists I like are Nina Paley and the ones who have been dead for 70 years.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is basically West World unfolding in real life.

If you want something changed, fix it. I wish the whole world worked in pull requests.

Apparently some people got their homes raided and bank accounts frozen because they cheated in a video game. What the fuck? This is an argument for libre games, I guess.

"Discord sever" is a marketing term. It's a centralized service, and all you're doing is creating an account. This is user hostility.

Normally I think crying over a celebrity death is performative, but after watching "The Internet's Own Boy" (months ago) I am genuinely still sad about Aaron Swartz. Not just because I want what he could have given us, but because I don't think he deserved the pain.

What if there's someone inside of a hotel room trying to give birth, but she can't figure out how to do it because is down?

Sometimes I wonder. What will be my last commit before I die?

Why I won't support your crowdfunding campaign unless it's open source *from the start.*

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