Exhibition Introduction
China National Convention Center is located at the north of the Nest and the Water cube. CNCC is building of 8 floors and nearly400 meters long. During the Beijing Olympic in 2008, the CNCC was used as Fencing hall and the International Broadcasting center.The MPC was the working area for the journalists and the photographers, and also was equipped with more than 1000 work seatsand facilities. The International Broadcasting center was the biggest international broadcasting center in the history of Olympic, the construction floor area is nearly 140,000 square meters, more than 16,000 broadcasting journalist from all over the world were working here during the Olympic.

After the Olympic, the CNCC was reformed over a year and started to operate, till now, the CNCC has already had 5 years history and become the No.1 brand of convention industry not only in China also among the world. Numbers of convention and exhibition program was successfully held in the CNCC, which gave this China convention industry’s flagship venue a great chance to show its comprehensive strength to the whole world, besides, the CNCC had created a favorable economic benefits and social benefits.

From November 5 to 10 of 2014, 21 economic entities and the leaders, senior government officials, business people from 17 countries and region beyond the 21 economic entities attended the APEC week. 
   [1] The CNCC, as the main venue of the APEC 2014, was charged with 6 days reception during the APEC, supplied professional,meticulous, effective convention service for more than 210 convention and event in different scale, 165 banquets and more than 91,000people. The CNCC has become the focus of the world once again and has become a world-class convention brand.

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