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Passionate web developer specialising in and forgetting to update profiles on social media.

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    7. Jan.

    Trying to downgrade to the GitHub free plan, but not sure which of your GitHub repos has more than 3 collaborators? Here's a GraphQL query + jq filter to find out

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    7. Jan.

    having too many tabs open is an age-old problem

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  3. 7. Jan.

    Free private repos on ! Time to move all those long-forgotten projects in from Bitbucket...

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    27. Dez. 2018

    Unit testing without integration testing

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    21. Dez. 2018

    me: *logs into gmail on another device* google security:

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  6. 4. Nov. 2018

    Use for music? You've probably noticed it keeps pausing ever since the"Pro" subscriptions with "continuous playback" features were released. This extension for and should workaround that annoyance:

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    13. Juli 2018
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  8. 20. Mai 2018

    Note to self: 2 years from now, when you want another kernel parameter, you want efibootmgr's `-u` flag. The manpage forgot to say it takes input.

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  9. 18. Mai 2018

    Finally got my Twitter account back! Haven't used it since the days when adding more characters would make this tweet too long What's new?

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    17. Mai 2018

    🔥 Don't be afraid to "think outside the database" — your UI doesn't need to map one-to-one with your data's fields and values. Here are a few ideas you can use to present "field: value" data in a more interesting way:

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  11. 7. Sep. 2017

    Need a new email client. Suggestions? Loved but now constant account/sync issues and no development since April ☹️

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  12. 7. Sep. 2017

    "Building a product it easy, keeping it alive is hard." Interesting read if you're starting a new project soon!

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    1. Sep. 2017

    My bike just got stolen from inside an office building. Particularly if you live in London, please share. CCTV:

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  14. 1. Sep. 2017

    Can't believe I didn't know about rerere in before today! Do yourself a favour: `git config --global rerere.enabled true`

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  15. 24. Apr. 2017

    Seriously, what is the point having crash recovery if it just instantly crashes again and nukes half the profile with it?

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  16. 18. Apr. 2017

    Octoshop forum migration complete, and a new look for the website! Was your account migrated? Claim it here:

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  17. 16. Apr. 2017

    While merging accounts, migrated 4950 emails and counting. is now notifying me about every single one. Separately.

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    25. März 2017
    Antwort an

    Does "composer update" ever run so long that your computer overheats? Cool it off with the and Lego leaves.

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  19. 31. Jan. 2017

    It's up! For those that can help translate, details are here

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    27. Jan. 2017

    Demo's updated! Try out the new account dashboard and address book... Did I mention the brand new checkout process?

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