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File: 8c9c63c4db0b2a6⋯.jpg (116.08 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ye57euy.jpg)

c89070  No.15954714

So, related really slipped under my radar. Anyone else playing? Managed to make low level caster be useful? I was thinking about trying some conjuring but so far the only summon worth a damn seems to be the animal companion.

8dbd11  No.15954725



Permanant pass with a side of fuck naw please.

c89070  No.15954742


Good for you. Personally I prefer the good old action point system but nothing wrong with the BG format when done right.

298f30  No.15954914


Honestly doing a party full of animal companions is the way, get everyone with smilodons since they have 4 claw attacks and a bite which seems to be busted in comparison to other companions, you can also go the transmorph path and become a dragon and beat the shit out of everything

c89070  No.15954921


That seems rather underwhelming, though. I'm not really versed in this dnd ruleset but the dragons seem like shit even compared to some of the other sorcerers out there. Abyssal in particular. And for the sake of argument, wouldn't the leopard do better? Less claws but trip + finesse + a metric ton of DEX.

298f30  No.15954970


You can also skip magic altogether and go with a bard and mad dogs and druids, you get the totems for the mad dogs plus any improved unarmed + bite/claw mastery with maybe a few team perks since they transfer to your companions and now you have a shitload of barbarians with very good claw attacks that are fast and rape pretty much everything, maybe keep 1 full bard for persuasion, thiev and 1 full wizard for arcana knowledge and whatnot and the druids and barbarians with athletics intimidation and nature lore

c89070  No.15955011

File: d28a0495338ac1e⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 860x361, 860:361, RonalBallGrab.jpg)


Yeah, the bias definitely seems to be towards pet classes this time around. By the way do you know why autocast charge sometimes works as it should and sometimes makes your character wait 10+ seconds before firing? I'd assume it takes precedence over anything else, especially if they don't have anything else on autocast.

298f30  No.15955088


I think the game shits itself because you cant cast charge if youre too close to your target and autocast is just a repeat button causing your characters to spaz the fuck out of it

784fb9  No.15955119


did they fix the performance yet?

7f8ad3  No.15955362


>Yeah, the bias definitely seems to be towards pet classes this time around.

Companion animals have always been powerful, the only thing more powerful are Clerics and Druids.

c8f33f  No.15955586

Did they patch the game to the point where it's actually playable yet?

71a6f8  No.15955643


Ambitious adaptation of what many PF players, even those who rail against its leftist slant, consider the best adventure path

Cons to the game include questionable choices in premade companion design including a bisexual couple in an open relationship. If you like yuri heroines, your only choice is to share her with a half-orc

Balance is off as many monsters have altered stat blocks

Also, all the bugs


This right here is the real question

6b9183  No.15956107


>tbc shitter

kys faggot

096274  No.15956289

File: 795cc60a9323d6c⋯.png (179.86 KB, 276x453, 92:151, 1447646952477.png)


Man, I hope it gets better soon because everything is boring as fuck. If the first pillars had a rough beginning, this game is just rough overall. If it weren't for the challenging combat, i would've uninstalled days ago.

Also, why in the fuck is the game too large? PoE 2 pretty much takes up the same space but almost every dialogue there is voice acted. I think im in mid game and there are still main dialogues without voice holy shit. I wanted to like it but goddamn, game, stop being boring as fuck. I also encountered a gamebreaking bug that actually corrupted my most recent autosave & quicksave

c89070  No.15957015



I've no idea. Currently runs fine on medium/high and I'm not playing on what you'd remotely call a strong PC anymore. Some bugs though, but I haven't seen anything gamebreaking.


I wouldn't call it challenging as much as you have to pick your fights. PoE was procedurally generated garbage encounters with level scaling out the ass; here you can find a bunch of level 1s and 2s and five meters further some magical beast with 5+ PC levels.


>Companion animals have always been powerful

When, exactly? In NWN2 they're pretty ass and they're not much stronger in NWN outside of really low levels. I don't think I've ever bothered with them in older games; like, the moondog or the spider in BG2 are decent because they have some abilities per day and can kite but in a straight up fight they're garbage.

d99124  No.15957316

game gets unplayably hard even on story mode. had to use fing trainer to enjoy this crap, it's a mediocre zoom through game with shitty worldmap "exploration" mechanics, combined with timebomb quests which makes it pretty much a fail in my book. waste of good quests, really.

d99124  No.15957323


it also doesn't help that you have to constantly return to your stupid keep even on auto mode and most quests you have no idea where to go to next so you aimlessly have to wander this shitty worldmap until you finally progress something in the story. fail

71bc19  No.15957352


Pets are even more useful with encumbrance being important when traveling the world map. A pet with 30+ Str can add a lot.


That shit got so annoying, I had to get a mod for that.

Also had to get a mod to make the vendors add more stuff as your kingdom progressed.

d99124  No.15957400

i still have it installed but have zero interest in keep playing this, went to subnautica again instead. will probably never know if there was a story to it all and if it got any good bc i will soon delete this crap. what a waste of a good graphics. the game did most right, but failed totally with the worldmap mechanics

26c9c2  No.15957465



This. When the game released, and /v/ had three back-to-back megathreads, the #1 thing I read was complaints of terrible performance (especially load times), gamebreaking bugs, irreparable save corruption, and constant crashes.


Git gud. From what I've heard, the game is about on par with BG, IWD, or NWN.

6988ed  No.15957484


>Managed to make low level caster be useful

Grease. Conjuration specialist sorcerer with Grease and an animal companion (sylvan sorcerer archtype). Grease alone makes the "caster" part of the equation useful, anyone with an animal companion is useful by default.

Enjoyed the game, bugs are MOSTLY fixed. You'll still run into bugs here and there (especially with certain items and a couple class abilities) but no longer anything that's likely to stop your progression. Managed to get the secret romance Nyrissa ending, but I had to save edit one of the flags because apparently I missed an important dialog option with Vordakai the 4th time I went through that tomb trying to get Tristian to smash the Eye. Speaking of romance options, Nyrissa is pretty good if you don't hate the concept, the main companions are fucking terrible so don't bother.

6988ed  No.15957490



Yes. There are still bugs (there will always be bugs), but nothing that makes the game unplayable anymore. As for performance, I don't think they've done anything to improve loading times or frequency, so that's annoying but not unplayable.

c89070  No.15957491


You mean we had prerelease threads which were mostly lol niggers and muh kikestarter? Because I can't for the love of me remember an actual post release thread in the vein of what DDogma or DOS2 had.


I'd say your starting party is really, really shit and the character gen is more convoluted than it should be. For example in BG you had a thief and a mage from the get go and you couldn't make two steps without getting a divine caster or a decent fighter. Or more mages and thieves. Here I ended up with a defensive fighter and some weird fighter mage hybrid that doesn't do shit, or alternatively I can swap the inquisitor for the bard and that (((amazing))) healing they get. As for character building it seems intentionally redundant, for example there are like three sylvan sorcerers and fuck me if I know how this skill you get in ten levels compares to this other skill you could get in fifteen levels if you picked the other one. There's also weird shit like certain spells or spell like abilities being able to sneak attack which frankly was never the case.


Naturally. But it's really hard to pass over dragon lineage when your bread and butter are cantrips for the foreseeable future. It's really hard to pick a caster even then when just about anyone else will do more.

6988ed  No.15957502


>Naturally. But it's really hard to pass over dragon lineage when your bread and butter are cantrips for the foreseeable future. It's really hard to pick a caster even then when just about anyone else will do more.

This is so wrong. If you are playing a Caster for damage spells, just uninstall the game it is not for you. The only damage casters that are even remotely viable are arcane tricksters, and it's still a shit playstyle.

Combination of high enemy HP, large numbers of encounters, and most importantly the real-time system allowing enemies and party members to move mid-spellcast make blasters really bad to play. The proper use of a caster is as a buffer/debuffer. Spells like Grease, or later on spells like Stinking Cloud or Sirocco take one or more enemies out of the fight with a single action. Arcane casters also have a whole array of buffs that make characters who do actual damage in a realtime environment, which is to say martials and pets, much more effective and reliable.

Besides, an animal companion will always do more damage than your cantrips, even if you were to go arcane trickster and add sneak attack damage to them, so it's really a no-brainer choice to go with Sylvan sorcerer. They also have a few really good debuff spells (entangle, hideous laughter, and vinetrap) on their bloodline list.

c61113  No.15957505

>shit on a game if theres the slightest hint of sjw

>somehow pozzfinder gets a free pass

c89070  No.15957517


Have you ever tried playing a blaster or even a conjurer? Yes, the buffing is obviously good but arguably you'd be better off playing a divine caster; armor skins, all the animal attribute buffs, heroism type aoe roids. Gets even better with insect swarms, blade barriers, sun strikes and spontaneous summoning. Nature domain in general earlier game and warfare later on.

Arcane on the other hand had meme delayed fireball plays, swarms upon swarms of magic missiles or even better missile swarms.

6988ed  No.15957522



The number one best strategy to get you through the hardest parts of the game is Stinking Cloud + Delay Poison Communal.

>When stinking cloud is cast and every turn thereafter for the duration, all living creatures in the cloud must make a fort save vs poison or become Nauseated. The nausea persists as long as that creature remains in the cloud, and for 1d4+1 turns after leaving. This is a poison effect, meaning creatures that are immune to poison are also immune to this effect. Stinking cloud itself lasts for 1 round per caster level

>Delay Poison (communal) grants all party members immunity to poison for 1 hour. It suppresses, but does not remove existing poison effects, but it completely prevents all new poison effects from being applied.

>"Nauseated creatures are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action such a character can take is a single move action per turn."

Put it together and what you have is a fireball-sized AOE where every enemy has to make a save every turn, and any enemy that fails its saving throw is unable to fight back permanently. Your own party members are immune, so you can simply drop Stinking Cloud right on the party. Enemies will not attempt to run out of the cloud as long as whoever they are supposed to be attacking is in the cloud.

Obviously, this doesn't work on undead or anything immune to poison, but the hardest enemies in the game, including the Wild Hunt, a certain black dragon, and the Lantern King himself, are NOT immune.

26c9c2  No.15957537

File: 788f7a188b6d7a7⋯.jpg (123.84 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, low level adventure.jpg)


>I can't for the love of me remember an actual post release thread

I was thinking of:



<thread 2


<thread 3


<thread 4


>your starting party

There have never been mechanically sound prewritten characters in an RPG. The main reality check people new to it make when confronted by D&D is the fact that being a level 1 party is HARD compared to pretty much any other CRPG.

6988ed  No.15957543


In this game, half that shit doesn't exist and the other half is shit. I DID try playing a certain type of conjurer. I had a Monster Tactician-archetype inquisitor in my party for almost the entire game, and his monsters did NOTHING.

Monster tactitians have the following abilities related to summoning:

>Summon Monster spell as a spell like ability, number of times per day equal to 3 + Wisdom Modifier

>Above ability increases by 1 spell level every 2 inquisitor levels, becoming summon monster II at level 3, and eventually summon monster IX at level 17

>Casting time of this ability is one standard action, instead of one full-round action

>Monsters summoned through this ability last for 1 minute per level, instead of 1 round per level

>All summoned monsters gain the benefit of all of the Inquisitors Teamwork feats.

This is in addition to standard inquisitor spell progression and bonus feats. It seems really powerful. There ARE a number of cheesy strats revolving around it and summoners are always a prime candidate for solo playthroughs. HOWEVER, compared to the rest of the party, especially with 3 animal companions, the summons just suck. You also can't directly control them, which leads to them not really doing anything useful anyway.

c89070  No.15957567


>There have never been mechanically sound prewritten characters in an RPG.

Can you name one in say BG that's not mechanically sound? Probably. But Edwin? Hands down the best mage in the game. Except Aerie which is even better. Viconia? Bitch is even minmaxed. Korgan? He gets grandmaster axe + zerker kit + stunty saves and the best axes in that part of the game are right there. And that's one game. Frankly it's easier to name games that don't have sound NPCs you can take along.


Have you tried playing sorcerer? Extra summons + even more summons + even more fucking summons and all with native DR. Then you plop your broken as fuck aura and a mass buff or two on top. In two-three rounds half the screen is covered with your pissed off minions hopped up on whatever buff you threw before the fight ended. Or you can just use your free tenser's and your native STR, BAB and AC/DR gains and beat down anything while Valerie is back at the keep rethinking her life choices.

As for blasters in this I admittedly haven't gone too far but there's some amazing possibilities going from what's available. Arcane sneak attacking + extra damage per spell per die used in that spell. That makes even something as paltry as flaming hands do work. I do miss my sequencers something fierce

c89070  No.15957569


>beat down anything

Mind you, that's beat down anything with your bare hands because why shouldn't some robed pansy have hands that count as flaming magical armaments? You also get free cleave and power attack if you so chose as part of the abyssal kit. For some reason.

6988ed  No.15957900


The problem with Arcane Trickster is that just basic rogues do the same thing with less effort, and you absolutely do NOT want your idiot fighter running into the line of your spell 2.5 seconds after you start casting it, sneak attacks apply to them too.

Worth mentioning, afaik they never fixed the bug with Suprise Spells (arcane trickster 10) that allows your non-attack roll spells (eg burning hands, or fireball) to sneak attack. According to RAW, Surprise Spells is ONLY supposed to work against flatfooted targets. That means surprise round+first round if you win initiative. In the game, it applies whenever you would be able to sneak attack normally (including for example: when you are invisible, when the target is flanked, when the target is paralyzed etc). Furthermore, I don't think they fixed the bug that cause multiple damage type spells to do sneak attacks for each damage type, meaning that Ice Storm is worth 2 sneak attacks against everything, instead of just one, and Hellfire Ray is worth a total of 6 sneak attacks instead of 3.

Even with the above though, I still don't really recommend it. That playstyle is a lot of work in wrangling the AI of your companion characters. You'll absolutely have to turn off AI, which means pausing everytime anything happens in game in order to assign them a new target or move order. Battles that could have been over in <20 seconds and one or two clicks now take 5 minutes and about a hundred clicks. It does WORK, it's the only viable blaster playstyle, but it's awful to try to use and still only equally effective to a generic rogue.

c89070  No.15957951


There's no maneuvering needed. If it took your fighters "less than 20 seconds" and we're talking mid to late game, then you should either end it with a fireball or two tier nuke or you should reevaluate how you're playing and building your character.

>Arcane Trickster

It's more of a let's see just how much I can break the game vs this shit is a must.

>friendly fire

Surely an advocate of buffing knows to buff his idiot frontliners before a scuffle? :^)

a84828  No.15957965

File: ce73c03a6695bae⋯.webm (566.85 KB, 540x360, 3:2, fucking_degenerate.webm)


>even those who rail against its leftist slant

>game including a bisexual couple in an open relationship.

>If you like yuri heroines, your only choice is to share her with a half-orc.

6988ed  No.15957970


> your only choice

Nyrissa is also an option

6988ed  No.15957988


>buff his idiot frontliners before a scuffle

Of course, but 30 fire resist vs 17d6 fire damage (fireball sneak attack at level 15)? It helps, but they still take huge damage from that. Even worse when you are using something like Ice Storm which does 10d6 bludgeoning + 9d6 cold

Besides, <20d6 damage isn't even that much when your rogue can do (1d4+20)xcrit+2d6+8d8 per hit, up to 5x per round, and this game is VERY lenient about full attack actions. That's just comparing 1 character though. What your mage essentially has to compete against is ALL your martials and ALL their pets if left alone to do damage. The arcane trickster with his AOEs might outperform one of them, but since ALL your melee including pets have to sit out and wait for the fireball to land first, it's not worth it.

Also, you aren't going to "end it with a fireball". That ~20d6 damage is nice, but the enemies have over 200hp regularly, many of them have over 400hp. It's gonna take 4-8 of those to actually kill everything. Meanwhile, your martial characters (keeping in mind that there's more than one of them) just go in and chop everything up in a round or two no problem.

c89070  No.15958066

File: 0e6a1d379078f87⋯.jpg (317.13 KB, 879x654, 293:218, 5.jpg)


Tell you what, at this point I'm pretty sure you just suck at playing offensive casters and you prefer bitching rather to admitting, or even better remedying that. If your PC can't outperform the NPCs; the lame, mediocre NPCs in this game in particular or any game for that matter, absolutely after you're given a chance to grow - keep to playing the buffer fluffer.

No amount of stacked math or moon logic will change that. Especially not something as cheap and disingenuous as purposely comparing an early game spell with what's a late game rogue.

>B-but it's 20d6 fireball

Yeah, it's also a level 3 spell and I very much imagine that comparing a sorcerer or even better a specialist wizard against what I assume is a single class rogue capable of making five attacks with his main hand deserves equally powerful spell from his arsenal. At least metamagic that fireball so it's several per round you cunt.

6b9183  No.15958077


>genocidial maniac murdering maybe millions since thousands of years

>just forvie me tee-hee

c89070  No.15958080



>but 30 fire resist vs 17d6 fire damage

And this shit right here is what pissed me off. You're not interested in having a chat or exchanging builds, ideas or whatever. You want to roleplay a fa/tg/uy and you think that involves treating everyone as retarded. Why would I use something as piss poor and low level as that if I'm at a point of being capable of dealing that much damage? And best of all, suddenly casters are capable of dealing damage. But only when it's presented in a way to prove your point. Fucking wew.

My God, man. Can you or can you not make an argument without stacking bullshit?

6b9183  No.15958086


? Enemies get massive boni to their saves, thus they almost always pass fortitude saves, Player group gets penalties on the other hand.

6988ed  No.15958202


Stack save DC. You can actually get the DCs up over 40 by the end of the game. It requires you to build your character specifically for one function (overcoming save DCs on a specific handful of spells), but it's well worth it. Even if you aren't quite maximized and only come out with a ~30 DC on stinking cloud though, it's still enough to win at least ~25% of the time. On stinking cloud that's great, because you get so many chances to win the roll and only need to win once.

All of this is before considering throwing save maluses on the enemy. Enervate is an amazing spell for this reason. It rolls against touch AC, but has no saving throw. Negative levels stack and reduce the enemies saves (and other things) by 1 each, so toss a couple of enervates at something you just barely can't CC, and then you can.

Also no, the player group does not have penalties. They use rules as written.


One, the enemies have more HP than you do. There are also more of them. Two, that IS the high level solution to fire damage. At low level it only gives you +10 resist. The other option is to use Protection from Elements rather than Resist, which is a bit stronger against the first hit, but probably won't do anything at all against the second.

Doing roughly 30 damage to your own entire party is crippling. Doing less than 60 damage to the enemy is tickling.

6988ed  No.15958221


Chain lightning works better because it won't hurt your party, but it doesn't really do much more damage, for the level 6 slot. You are probably going to use more of that and some controlled fireball (level 4), but the net result is that for using expendable spell slots you are still only barely keeping up with melee party members. Remember that time is a very limited resource, you can't just rest after every combat to keep those spell slots up.

Also I feel the need to point out that level 15 is the earliest that this even works. You need Rogue 1/Sorc4/AT10 in order to get surprise spells with a sorcerer. You could bump it down to 14 with a wizard, but you really don't want to be using a wizard as a blaster.

5 attacks was main hand + offhand. Obviously you'd be dual wielding kukris with a knife master archetype, assuming you ran a pure rogue at all. Anyone else? Maybe they do a little less and have some other kind of appeal, doesn't matter. Just about every martial class can be built to do good enough damage.

> If your PC can't outperform the NPCs

Don't use them. I use an all merc party for this game. The NPCs are shit both mechanically and as characters.


Yeah that depends on how you choose to look at things. I mean she was essentially a (mostly) soulless monster being used as a tool by an even greater evil, and you cure her of the "soulless" part Up to you whether or not you think she deserves forgiveness after that though, I'm just saying it's an option, and a hell of a lot better than any of the companion characters./

c5a8e3  No.15958236



>not degenerate

nice double standard you have there

60821f  No.15958304


Source pls

01dfe1  No.15958406

It's an excellent game right up until the last two chapters.

6988ed  No.15958513


What problem did you have with the last two chapters? It took them longer to fix the bugs, but otherwise they were fine. Or were you too bad at the game to handle the Wild Hunt and the Lantern King?

01dfe1  No.15958526


What a nicely loaded question you fucking retarded nigger.

Ever notice how the game turns into a completely straight path with no possible deviation? Notice how there is zero meaningful dialogue after that? No choices, no consequences*, just one copy-pasted group of Wild Hunt after another. That shit is worse than IWD, a game that also ended on a huge relatively linear dungeon.

* I know how to redeem the Nymph, it's convoluted bullshit that requires very specific choices starting from Ch1 so I won't count it.

01dfe1  No.15958539


Oh and let's not forget that the devs just used the exact same map TWICE with the House on the Edge of Time to stretch the endgame out for no real reason and against how it was described in the actual adventure path.

6988ed  No.15958602


The house isn't really the endgame though, that all comes after. You don't have to fully redeem Nyrissa to get the real ending where you faceoff against the lantern king. There's a TON of meaningful dialog both with Nyrissa and after the House, if you didn't get the shit ending.

01dfe1  No.15958619


Meaningful =/= Relevant

The endgame starts once you enter the House because there is no going back after that point.

If the House was anything like Pitax you'd be able to convince at least some of the Hunt to leave you alone or even help you fight. You might be able to turn the Witch and the Wriggling Man against their mistress. It would have been a clever reversal for the party to enter Nyrissas "kingdom" and destroy it with the same underhanded tactics she uses against you the entire game.

Instead you get hallway after hallway, room after room of shitty fights that you're more or less supposed to cheese.

6988ed  No.15958649


The Wild Hunt are essentially just monsters. The witch and wriggling man I can kind of see your point. They sort of try to play you that way, but then they turn on you and you have to kill them anyway. Don't know if solving the mirror puzzle first has any impact on the wriggling man or not, probably not.

For the most part, barring dialog options with Nyrissa, the end game is more or less the consequence of earlier options rather than more options. That's especially true for the parts after Nyrissa where basically all of your previous choices in the entire game, even side characters, have some minor impact on something. Almost every notable character you could conceivably have saved or spared shows up somewhere if they are still alive, even that weird spider in that one generic wilderness zone. Many of them help you, some of them fight you if you killed them before (eg Armag)

01dfe1  No.15958668


I know that.

The problem with the returning NPCs is that they immediately get fucked by the Wild Gaze. I made buddy-buddy with Armag and he got paralyzed the instant he spawned in. Not exactly the sort of epic fight you'd expect. This is probably more due to the last act still being fucking unfinished.

The Hunt are not mindless monsters. The SRD makes this rather clear. They could in theory be reasoned with, especially since they are just mercenaries, not loyal followers.

084e3f  No.15966614

>Free an Orc and Elf from slavery.

>They are interracial homosexual cuckolds.

Wow, this game is really progressive.

7a56e0  No.15966935


If there's any degeneracy to be had I can understand it being related to halfbreed (ex) sex slaves.

02449e  No.15967003


But what about the half naked barbarian chick?

7a56e0  No.15967017

File: 822c9af703f3745⋯.jpg (111.56 KB, 641x904, 641:904, b737b3ca3a9e45caff82d64eb2….jpg)


Sounds gay.

2eed13  No.15967173


7a56e0  No.15967230

File: 77d689d6082bdff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ry57h.jpg)


>current year

>still no dragonrider game

On the bright side at least you're not the cuckold.

02be56  No.15967241

File: e201f1708fa401b⋯.jpg (39.4 KB, 500x822, 250:411, 1543362611.jpg)


You disgust me.

5a1ce6  No.15967279


She's the worst kind of barbarian girl anon. She's always pissed off at FUCKING MEN to the point of tedium and never softens up showing a hint of femininity (but only to you) if you choose to get closer to her.


Now that's what I'm talking about.

7a56e0  No.15967282

File: b748d3ae946db0f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.23 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, t858h.jpg)


So, what you're saying is dragonlance setting is underused? :^)


OK, shitposting aside I've gotten a different vibe from her. Daddy issues will bend over backwards for you to accept her as opposed to femynist stand behind and bitch all day. I half expected her to go full deredere here's a bento but it's not like I like you or a-anything VN on me after certain points. You did make her your cook, didn't you? :^)

02be56  No.15967283

File: b85e042d1bab8d6⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1391245083193.gif)

7a56e0  No.15967294


I'm sure I could find a wolf one if you're so inclined. A dolphin, maybe? Perhaps talk about the actual game to get the ball rolling while we accommodate your fetishes?

95ee14  No.15967314

File: a23e133c4b98a8b⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 500x347, 500:347, 7A56ECA30A974742824D66B9CF….gif)


i uninstalled it. kingdom management is too tedious and companion ai is too dumb that you will literally pause the game every half a second to ensure your team does not die. If you auto the kingdom management, the game is literally the most boring rpg of all time and enabling it bores you to death. Tyranny was and still is the best modern CRPG of our century

c7a92d  No.15967429


>Tyranny was and still is the best modern CRPG of our century

Well, that certainly explains why you can't handle real CRPGs.

7a56e0  No.15967464

File: 877eb4c580e9af2⋯.jpg (171.81 KB, 900x1308, 75:109, 0c9301a82aea6fc34fe314807f….jpg)


That's some shitty bait but in all fairness it could've been a decent enough game if they actually finished it. I mean, who doesn't like becoming an evil deity or creating magical skills?

Remember the Lionheart game or that Argonaut mass effect clone? Same thing, decent enough premise and or gameplay but they pull the plug just when it gets interesting.

95ee14  No.15967514

File: 17a814653870950⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 429x547, 429:547, laughing_christ.jpg)


>real CRPGs




the world building and story/plot from tyranny is top notch compared to the competition. im hoping they'll make a sequel

7a56e0  No.15967541

File: cca83b61145e0a8⋯.png (482.82 KB, 1071x403, 1071:403, 56888.png)


I don't get it. If you want to be a tool there are perfectly fine venues available; youtube comments, twitch. Cuckch, obviously. I get shitposting now and then but can't we have a nice chat about vidya in between?

c65acc  No.15967581

File: 355e3e0d0141d89⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 308x500, 77:125, funny_cat_pictures_20.jpg)



<defending tranny

Pathfinder has enough degenerate elements and plot holes to interest people like you too. If you'd have said Divinity OS you might have retained a piece of credibility. Here's your (you) anyway.

abb985  No.15972041

Kingmaker is a poorly cobbled together mess with infinite loading screens, a broken/pointless kingdom management section which the damn game can manage on its own (so why is it there other than to fuck you over if you enable it?) a fag orc, an annoying stronk, a painfully twee narrator, 'advisors' who're are half retarded, oh and absolute GARBAGE towns. The story is so meh I suffered nearly all the way through, got to the last sections but just could not be bothered to finish it and uninstalled.

It's not truly abysmal, I've played much worse but it's certainly not worth the effort.

26c9c2  No.15972454


>companion ai is too dumb that you will literally pause the game every half a second to ensure your team does not die

<actually controlling your party in a party-based game instead of sitting in your main character while everyone else is on autopilot all the time like diablo


Have you ever played anything other than ARPGs and MMOs before?

7a56e0  No.15972483


Have you actually played the game? Yes or no?

6b9183  No.15972492


>Also no, the player group does not have penalties. They use rules as written.

That's wrong though. It was proven on the forums that the player party gets penalized, it's in the game files. And it's not a flat handicap.

00474f  No.15972500


I just wanted to rule as an undead god king and got rng pseudo events instead with copy pasted villages I have to visit constantly for quests.

7a56e0  No.15972515


Remember Storm of Zehir? Hell, remember the keep from the MC? That was neat. This is a fucking chore in the vein of PoE; five fucking loading screens just so you pop some event that causes some stats to change that don't even matter in the end.

00474f  No.15972610


The only time I felt I accomplished something was when the capital changed but that wore off in ten minutes when I realized it was just a paint job.

There were tons of things they could have done better, sure the little cyoa story was nice but it doesn’t mean anything if nothing happens. For example your economy stat. Maybe every rank you get a bonus like say more weapons/armor or a discount.

7a56e0  No.15972689


I didn't play too much when it came out it being a buggy mess and all but right now I'm regretting playing at all. It's just a chore on every level. That faggot shittalking about the party control? Bitch, I either pause every half a second or they go full three stooges on me. I swear I hear the whoopwhoopwhop sounds each time they get stuck on geometry or even better: each fucking other. I shit you not, first time I've seen four units bug out and get stuck on each other while attempting to engage in an open field via a straight line. Like, what, you all charged and critical fail headbutted each other or something? And what intern asshole designed that inventory screen?

>the difference between a +5 and common soiled armor is this tiny barely visible colored outline

>hope you've able to afford eye surgery! :^)

>let's randomly mix in vendor trash with consumables

>random trash with a slightly off-shade outline can be sold to some elf cunt for x50 times it's value

>no one bothers mentioning that

00474f  No.15972725


Cheated my way to victory at ch2 have no regrets. It was a buggy shit and cheating was the only way to advance and make the game fun, I’m not being sarcastic either I had to teleport characters to get the game working.

Then I chained lightning all the mobs to last boss.

abb985  No.15974113


The whole thing is a grind, 3 loading screens to get to your bedroom another to open the Kingdom table full of retards and pointlessness ANOTHER to get back to the throne-room then just 2 more fucking loading screens to get back outside past an eternally yapping dog you can only silence through deleting its sound file. I stopped playing this months ago and I'm still pissed off about that cunt dog. At most it needed one short loading screen, especially considering there is never anything particularly graphically taxing going on, how they coded this or however its instances are managed and loaded is fucking rotten.

The only way to get a good team is to hire mercenaries you can spec as you please, Linzi is a shit who taints the whole tone of the thing, Jubilost is John Oliver, Orc's a fag, Ivoretti is a fag, Pitax is empty and virtually pointless, Tristian is useless, Octavia is a roastie, Amiri is a pain in the ass. Tartuk is a garbage cartoon villain.

Half the damn collectable sets have pieces missing or made inaccessible if you pick an option the game doesn't like gr8, just spend forever fruitlessly looking for some fragment of shit that's not even in the game. Some of the fights are just ridiculously tough and until you've played it through or read up on cheesy tactics it's nigh on impossible (or was during the first few patches) to succeed and this is compounded by the Kingdom table where your stats can and will be sapped by repeated failed 'missions' you didn't even know you'd received over a few days WHILE YOU'RE OUT ACTUALLY KILLING THE FUCKING THINGS THEY MENTION AHHHHHHHHH! Playing it was a maddening beta test

6b9183  No.15974197


gid gud scrub

a137b9  No.15974424

File: b13329267cdb262⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 646544896451.jpg)



>mammal breasts

you sick fuck.

abb985  No.15974714


no u

Games a shit, gittan gud at this would require me to have a lobotomy to think installing it again was a passable idea.

7f2344  No.15974836


Shit game, garbage companions, insane loading times, worst kingdom management ever seen.

4bc609  No.15974859


Thats not PoE

64a609  No.15974865


A dragons scute-like belly scales must be so thick and dense. Where is best to hug dragonic waifus so they can feel my love?

7f2344  No.15974870


PoE being absolute dogshit doesn't make pozfinder good.

4bc609  No.15974977


And whats good kingdom management for you that isn't an old as shit game that has good management but dogshit everything else?

d84eee  No.15975032


>that isn't an old as shit game

>old games are worse by virtue of being old


4bc609  No.15975066


>gee billy I want to play a modernized rpg with visible UI and not shit font with not an atrocious WoW-styled

>go back to cuckchan

I didn't said old games are bad I said give me a suggestion that it isn't an old as shit game you dumb nigger

7f8ad3  No.15975142


Kingmaker is a hybrid game and the kingdom management part is heavily reliant on RNG so you'll not find much that would play the same. If you want management then pretty much all management type games either have that "we want the phone" audience freemium shit, or it's a game with a Tychoon like interface regardless of it's age they're all the same, or Sim city type game, or finally it's a 4x game so the game can be anything from pure spreadsheets to actually fully fledged 3D models. If you want the same RPG gameplay then Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Divinity Original Sin II, etc. are the only games that can be recommended to you because they're the only type of games that play the same.

>but dogshit everything else?

Sounds like an insult to me.

6009c8  No.15975219


I can understand /v/irgins now knowing this, but Paizo is uber-pozzed and they do not deserve your money. Pirate only.

4bc609  No.15975222


It's not an insult, old hybrid games tend to have good aspects but they're also surrounded by bad ones as well, and usually those manage to put people off, also I kinda played all the ones you've mentioned.

9bba92  No.15975600


Have you tried Thea: The Awakening?

7f2344  No.15976003


Baldurs Gate 2 simple keep management is two orders of magnitude better than pozfinders despute being almost 20 years older. A fucking porn game like Rance has better kingdom management because it is fun and doesn't feel like being stabbed in the balls by bullshit hidden behind 3 loading screens.

605a97  No.15976109

Haven't bothered to download the latest version, maybe it's playable now, but i doubt it. The game is broken, unbalanced and heavily based on RNG. To name just one example: statchecks are RNG dependet, which forces you to savescum.

1/10 - Dont even pirate

9bba92  No.15976119

File: 17394286e3e8374⋯.png (44.15 KB, 603x222, 201:74, 17394286e3e8374b7ccf8d84c3….png)


You need to be at least 18 to post on this site.

6988ed  No.15976144


>Pitax is empty and virtually pointless

Not true. I heard something like this was the case originally (I never made it to pitax on an early patch), but currently the palace is a fairly long and detailed dungeon. The city outside is kind of basic, but it has a decent number of NPCs to talk to with different outcomes depending on what you've done to that point, plus at least one major sidequest starting from there. Also collectables.


>Half the damn collectible sets have pieces missing

All of the sets are currently fully findable. You CAN miss pieces, generally by not fully exploring an area before it becomes inaccessible, but that's on you. I don't think any collectables are really tied to conversation like they are in some games, so you aren't going to miss anything just by picking the wrong dialog.


>Some of the fights are just ridiculously tough

Git gud. You sound like the type who thinks anything short of rushing in and auto attacking/spamming fireballs is "cheese". All those other spells exist for a reason though, including the likes of web and stinking cloud. If you aren't using that sort of thing, you just suck

"Cheese" in this kind of game is attacking something through a wall that you aren't supposed to be able to attack through, or abusing an AI that can't decide what to attack if you position your characters just right. Kiting enemies through web/entangle is very much an intended use of those spells.

9bba92  No.15976195


>Also collectables

God, if you're going to have collectibles in your game do the honorable thing and make a separate tab for that junk. I can understand current year dnd being shit and I get understand unity being laggy garbage by nature but there's zero excuse for having a bad UI.

6988ed  No.15976201


There is a separate inventory category for it though. The "important" filter is what you are looking for.

9bba92  No.15976216


It doesn't work on everything. Trust me, I checked. And if definitely doesn't help when your foodstuffs are mixed with vendor trash or when the game decides not to stack potions or scrolls. Yes, I obviously tried different autosort options. It's a sentiment I've seen repeated by multiple fags ITT but it's amazing that you'd market to fans of classic crpgs and muck up the UI as badly.

What's wrong with individual inventories and maybe having some henchmen or mules for the extra garbage? Would even help with the immersion.

6988ed  No.15976238


>What's wrong with sorting through 15 different inventories to find what you want

I think you might be retarded anon

9bba92  No.15976269

File: 22129511b1e56ca⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1400160477101.jpg)

File: e9bdd8b1f9b3870⋯.jpg (93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 264024-inventory1.jpg)

File: 5a486e299e1a859⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 1047x720, 349:240, 1400157120053.jpg)


Individual, as in per person. With nice big images and descriptions that add some flavor to the game.

6988ed  No.15976290


Yes, I knew exactly what you were talking about. The shared inventory is a massive QOL improvement over that shit.

9bba92  No.15976377

File: 80901f8521006a3⋯.jpg (530.98 KB, 1273x955, 1273:955, 1400157120053.jpg)


You lead a sad, sad life if you consider that an improvement. No personality to it, no real benefit to the form and definitely no improvement to the function, either. Now I'd get if you had like dozen characters at any given time and you changed their gear once every blue moon but this gives you all the eyestrain and none of the pros of using excel tier chart that supports tiny .png images.

6988ed  No.15976400


Between a full party of mercs, extra mercs with different classes to sub in, and all the shitty companion characters that I had to use at least for their own personal quests, I probably had 20+ characters all of which I had to modify gear at least every "blue moon". Especially the companions used for advisers since their adviser bonus stats are determined based on their attributes after gear.

Being able to quickly sort and filter a single inventory rather than tabbing through that many of them, AND not having to worry about mules and storage space that way either, makes the game a LOT more managable than it otherwise would be. Baldur's Gate is a good game, but its inventory is fucking shit, and somehow the bags of holding only make it worse.

6b9183  No.15976420


Don't argue with this retarded autistic dweeb, he'll just crap out his idiotic drivel since he's unemployed and has nothing better to do than make shitposts here.

9bba92  No.15976433


Alright, you've got me intrigued. Why do you feel there's a need for that many characters? My PC handled most of the shit out there by himself with the others being mostly buffers and mules.


You forget you take your medicine?

6988ed  No.15976439


Because I like running with a full optimized party and occationally trying different things/party compositions? Plus I had to do every quest and max out my kingdom bullshit which means maintaining the companions as well as the mercs.

ccdcc8  No.15976448



I knew /v/ had shit taste, but this is something else.



Oh look, there's the degeneracy. All we need now is someone to spam shitty fox sluts and it'll be a regular /pfg/

9bba92  No.15976455


I was thinking more along the lines of what you ran with? 6 members with almost every class being a hybrid, why so many subs? Especially if one of those 6 is a summoner and you have additional animal companions.

6988ed  No.15976466


My main party was Sylvan Sorcerer, Defender of the True World Druid, Monster Tactician Inquisitor, Thug Rogue/Traditional Monk, Hospitaller Paladin (with bow), and Knife Master Rogue.

Subs were mainly things that didn't work out. I had among others a Ranger, a Cleric, a Sensei Monk (would have been good if the class abilities weren't bugged), an arcane trickster, a CMB (trip) specialized fighter, a vivisectionist, and a mad dog barbarian, just for what I can remember. Later on I also remade the monster tactician into a sacred huntsmaster, and the Hospitaller into a default paladin.

9bba92  No.15976495


I don't suppose you've tried a classic gish? Double rapier with all the damage perks I could get out of vivi/abys sorc was something to see. Now add a Theurge sylvan summoner with an animal companion and it's just unfair.

32dc50  No.15977089

File: 2afac91d97de5c2⋯.jpg (572.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Kono Subara….jpg)


fc058f  No.15980580


Oh shut the fuck up you stupid nigger. The fact that you can't take 10 on skill checks in this game on anything but Archaeologist is bullshit.

af0d8f  No.15987142


Have you tried not sucking? I heard it helps.

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