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File: 1ce70f4cd770f10⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 800x400, 2:1, slide-mob-4[1].jpg)

df5039  No.15502861

So the game is out, but I've heard that board game it's based on is pozzed as shit. Help Dora figure this shit out, should I even bother with it?

df5039  No.15502889

Come on niggers, I need your opinions

2b8a39  No.15502906


I've heard it has stronk feminists and negroes

50a2b2  No.15502914


>Another Baldur's Gate clone

Just play Baldur's Gate or one of it's expansions/sequels. Or any Infinity engine game really.

fb5596  No.15502918

Surely somebody has the forum screencap where they shill for basic bitch social justice shit while telling everyone "we totally aren't going to fuck it up and do these very specific things nobody brought up yet haha what are you a shitlord?" in a very roundabout manner.

9c1a06  No.15502943



Just pirate the damn game.

This is the closest thing I could find.


df5039  No.15502945


>Just pirate the damn game.

Doing it right now.

c8cf4e  No.15502954


Probably not, there's fags and niggers all over.

fb5596  No.15502959

I should probably reiterate that I meant the developers of Pathfinder itself, not this game. Pathfinder was essentially patient zero for the faggot infestation in /tg/ stuff.

a6a92a  No.15502966


/tg/ was always faggots. There's literally no reason to play tabletop "games" past the year 1995. Computer games are superior in every way.

3249bb  No.15502967

>that art style

For whatever reason that brought up memories of that one scam that sold itself on diversity, anyone remember that old Kickstarter fantasy game that had the art style of avatar but all the devs talked about was diversity and the characters sexualities?

df5039  No.15502968


But art is actually good.

3ca1c6  No.15502980

File: 51eebf6376e8130⋯.jpg (150.16 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, gintoki.jpg)

inb4 Pozfinder: Cuckmaker, amirite /v/?

c6f411  No.15502995


>that forum ban

What is subtlety?

c8cf4e  No.15503007


From what I've seen of the development this is unfortunately pozzed too. It's a shame because these guys are former Nival devs and I loved Nival.

536a2a  No.15503009

I usually don't play RPGs on release date and wait for the patches.

df5039  No.15503026

File: 28c585df4557780⋯.jpg (88.77 KB, 689x354, 689:354, 15378935560860[1].jpg)

3ca1c6  No.15503027

File: 67ff4f2fa8b5b58⋯.png (349.04 KB, 955x872, 955:872, pozzfindercuckmaker.png)

So which version am I supposed to buy here?


It's already sitting on Mixed because of technical issues. It's not even funny how practically every RPG released nowadays which isn't developed by a very small studio always is optimized like shit.

df5039  No.15503028


>So which version am I supposed to buy here?

None apparently

d58658  No.15503045


Need moar

fb5596  No.15503056


And watch this comment be deleted by the end of the day.

536a2a  No.15503067

You know what, I'm having a craving for mages. If a full mage party is viable, I'm gonna try it. Anyone know if that's possible?

df5039  No.15503073


>Anyone know if that's possible?


43c65a  No.15503114

Wow after cheaply copying DnD paizo goes and cheaply copy games based on DnD

How thrilling

ceb196  No.15503157

I have basically zero interest in the actual game, but as far as SJW shit goes, the adventure path it's based on was made before Paizo dove head first into social justice.

a6ed5a  No.15503167


can't be, it's a review.

d58658  No.15503181

File: 68469529249f56b⋯.png (505.42 KB, 807x483, 269:161, dd-aow_screenshot_archenem….png)



>3 MMORPGs & expansions


>smattering of mobileshit/socialshit shovelware

>one console hack & slash action game

What exactly has Hasbro's licensing department been doing since 4e?

fb5596  No.15503208


>make the game more MMOlike, for lack of a better term, in a desperate bid to court vidyafags and tvtropers/tumblrians who pretend to like them

>don't even bother to make any games that would actually get their attention

They either have to be the dumbest guys in the business or someone is paying them off to keep them from being potential competition.

d58658  No.15503215


I was more thinking about radio silence since business against Paizo picked back up with 5e, but


Is a worthless abomination as an RPG system, but a goofy online skirmish combat game using the 4e ruleset would actually be pretty cool.

56d117  No.15503218


play stupid games, win stupid prizes


>want to play something not covered in an RPG

>homebrew something in a week

>improve it or drop it

<want to play something without it's own vidya

<spend years praying that somebody will do it

<spend all your money on kickstarter (when indie) or on microtransactions and suffer from buyer's remorse for the rest of your life

see, I can bullshit too.

db866a  No.15503220


I'll repeat myself.

There's an official Pathfinder adventure where there's a character that kills EVERYONE because he sold a FUCKING ANCIENT HOLY RELIC to a bunch of DEMON WORSHIPERS to PAY FOR HIS GENDER REASIGNMENT SURGERY and you're supposed to be rooting for him.

af1032  No.15503226





db866a  No.15503227


>4e is bad meme

Have you played 5e?

af1032  No.15503231


DDO is 4e based MMO. It's actually not bad.

d58658  No.15503240


5e is a mediocre RPG, 4e simply isn't an RPG at all, due to its ludicrous player-PC disassociation.


I was thinking of something using its actual TB ruleset. Realtime 4e would just feel like any generic MMO or Dragon Age.

df5039  No.15503244

File: 9450f519bbf6566⋯.png (50.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1507700770808.png)


Geezus crist…

d58658  No.15503263


>in a game that's had magic sex-change belt as a joke item since the 70s

Better yet, wasn't it written by the same ogress responsible for the tranny NPC in SoD?

af1032  No.15503266


>Realtime 4e would just feel like any generic MMO or Dragon Age.

No that would be Neverwinter. It's based on the Star Trek Online engine. So it's basically that but D&D skins. It even has all the same bugs/exploits etc.

d7bdbb  No.15503272

File: 5d5269ab362e636⋯.png (337.97 KB, 588x531, 196:177, 5d5269ab362e6362fe8fd5a98a….png)


>We just debuted the Pathfinder RPG’s newest iconic character, Shardra, the iconic shaman (a member of one of the new classes in the Advanced Class Guide). She’s the character we at Paizo will be using as our stand-in for shaman players in art, pregenerated characters, miniatures, stories, etc, going forward. She’s an awesome looking character, who, like all of our iconics, is depicted by artist Wayne Reynolds. Her Meet the Iconics story is written by one of our close friends and veteran freelancers Crystal Frasier. Shardra’s amazing and we’ll be seeing her adventures as one of the Pathfinder RPG’s iconic heroes for years to come.

>We’ve had iconics of many genders, ethnicities, sexualities, etc, but Shardra is our first transgender iconic. This might not be a big deal for you, but I expect it to be for a fair number of readers, fantasy lovers, friends, and fellow gamers out there.

>The Pathfinder Iconics have always been our stand-ins for player characters, for our readers, for the adventurers taking part in Pathfinder games across the world. We’ve purposefully made these heroes a diverse array of characters, not just for artistic reasons, but as an attempt to make sure that anyone can look through a Pathfinder RPG rulebook, adventure, story, whatever, and find a character who they identify them, whether it be a dashing fighter like Valeros, a lesbian cleric like Kyra, or a woman in tune with the spirits like Shardra.

Knowing nothing about the Pathfinder Rpg, I thought it was a D&D spinoff, is a plantform for SJW ideology.


df5039  No.15503279


>Crystal Frasier

Some tranny-porn name there

be0bd3  No.15503282

File: a2dd98ce1bbf507⋯.png (376.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1444134730614.png)


>is it pozzed as shit?

I was wondering that, too. I saw some gameplay from the prologue intro and there wasn't anything really bad there. Except maybe that it's a female lord that hires. Although, she does have a male advisor.


Got no proof aside from the users claim. Hell, I could see a mod banning it just to avoid the ensuing shit-storm. Besides, there a degrees to which something can be described as 'SJW'.


But was that the Kingmaker module though?

d7bdbb  No.15503290

File: 6c17717eda8216c⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 362x576, 181:288, Crystal_Frasier.jpg)


> Crystal Frasier

You're not off the mark, kek

df5039  No.15503299

File: 112965bd2cd238d⋯.jpg (494.01 KB, 1015x923, 1015:923, 1535878111433.jpg)



af1032  No.15503304


to try to trick young boys into being faggots

56d117  No.15503313


Games are getting popular, society in general creeps into games, therefore you get to see kike infestation of society. There's no escape.

d7bdbb  No.15503315

File: 930f8487b68128d⋯.png (207.84 KB, 390x390, 1:1, https _pbs.twimg.com_profi….png)


I just found a real tranny that works on the team as a writer. Here's an archive to its twitter.


ecdb8e  No.15503318

File: c2bd98f0aa0e72e⋯.gif (1017.18 KB, 500x250, 2:1, hhn.gif)


>real time combat with action pause

Either go go full turn based which is the only way to play a party based rpg or real time if the later is even possible;don't give me the retarded,half-breed abortion of a child of videogames and tabletop that was abandoned near a dumpster years ago after that one night stand because both parties involved realised their mistake moments after.

bfd8c4  No.15503338


>Shaman is the tranny

I mean, that's somewhat accurate though. South American shamanism is rife with trannies and supposedly has been for centuries.

It's almost like making the token black guy the thief.

d58658  No.15503365


RTwP is the best approach for larger fights, and also eliminates the need for separate combat/noncombat timekeeping systems required by most types of TB.

db866a  No.15503366


>But was that the Kingmaker module though?

Nah, Kingmaker is pretty open so there's no real poz in that unless the players themselves force it.

b58fa0  No.15503395


No, fuck you, RTwP is gay. Though the only turn-based 3.5 simulator that I've found so far is D&D Tactics on PSP, of all things and it's so slow that it's practically unplayable.

db866a  No.15503396


I mean, yeah, you have your one or two characters that are tranny bait but since the region you're in is mostly if not entirety built by the players as they play there is nothing really invasive. And if there's something your particular group doesn't like they can always call an inquisition or something.

ecdb8e  No.15503405

File: 0291725a1f8cecc⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 230x469, 230:469, 85765757.jpg)



It's an unholly abomination that has no right to exist and a blight upon both videogames and tabletop games

fb5596  No.15503410


Yeah I sure love it when the speed of a fight is entirely decided on how slow the developers felt like timing out the animations. At least some turn based games let you skip that.

be0bd3  No.15503412


Right, that's what figured.

Chris Avellone was the narrative lead, but as far as I know, he doesn't have any SJW-reputation.


Burn degenerate, burn!

d58658  No.15503420


You didn't like ToEE?


There's absolutely no reason you couldn't put a speed slider in an RTwP game. That's how most sim games from SimCity to Dwarf Fortress do it, not to mention Paradox's 4X stuff.

3ca1c6  No.15503422

File: 9daf0922066c073⋯.png (226.02 KB, 750x1091, 750:1091, pissworld.png)


Around the 80's, fantasy has turned into a vehicle for people to self-insert themselves into so they can be whisked away to some magical land of mystery and adventure in the body of a ten foot barbarian warrior or a wizard who can nuke planets at his whim. Tabletop gaming played on this by giving people the tools to roleplay (more often than not as themselves but with a bigger dick) a character in this magical fantasy land, and it being played primarily by capital-N NERDS naturally resulted in a lot of generic knights, edgy rogues, brash barbarians, and honorful barbarians. So when women and "women" entered the tabletop gaming sphere, it comes to no surprise that they want to roleplay as lesbians or as trannies (read: as themselves).

That's what fantasy is for the masses: a reflection of the audience's desires wrapped in a blanket of familiar clichés. These clichés being derived from fantasy fiction or settings written by more creative people who used fantasy as a means to explore the unknown or to draw a parallel to the real world in order to make a point. Not being a vehicle to show off how cool and unique your characters are, and to inject your horrible fetishes and desires into the story. That's why in Western fantasy you end up with a cast consisting of a higher percentage of bisexuals and other gays than in most Western countries, and why Japanese fantasy, or isekai as that where it's at nowadays, completely drops the pretense of the world being anything but a plaything for the main character, who himself is nothing but a bland vehicle for readers to self-insert themselves into. Only difference is Western fantasy likes to ape Tolkien and/or D&D whereas isekai likes to ape Dragon Quest and MMORPG's.

56d117  No.15503430


RTwP is really good for X-COM style games, but it doesn't have a place when you know all the variables.

fb5596  No.15503433


>There's absolutely no reason you couldn't put a speed slider in an RTwP game.

Funny how you cuckolds never give that same benefit of the doubt when it comes to turn based games. Of course you'd be sucking it's dick regardless if that was the choice for developers because you just flew in here from tumblr.

3254ba  No.15503435

File: 183efae5ee5f85d⋯.png (186.24 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, no nazis or anime allowed.png)

>be me

>they can't possibly be that pozzed

>go to the official Kingmaker discord

>see pic related

d58658  No.15503446


This. And note it's not restricted to "leftists", given paper thin fetish shit like Gorn or Sword of Truth. Same is true for SF especially since the advent of "transhumanist fiction" around the 90s.


Cranking the speed up for RTwP sweeps unimportant events under the rug, but cranking the speed up for TB sweeps EVERYTHING under the rug. Fights in big town maps in Fallout 1/2 are basically unplayable no matter the speed setting.

b58fa0  No.15503448


The interface is far too clunky. If you could make D&D Tactics run faster and stop lagging to death every time there's more than 15 characters on the screen, it'd be GOTYAY because.of how great the interface is. Unfortunately, it remains a piece of shit.

6a4280  No.15503449


Yes. Amber something or other. She was fired from Paizo for her garbage modules that nobody liked but it doesn't change the fact that they let her make them in the first place.

fb5596  No.15503454


Except for that little window where the redheaded camelfaced bitch was plastered as the face of "women in tabletop gaming" but before trannies became as common as they are now we didn't have nearly as much of a problem with this. This is subversive infiltration, plain and simple.

ecdb8e  No.15503455

File: 79113618badfb47⋯.jpg (159.63 KB, 780x1109, 780:1109, 1458785367351.jpg)


>no racism

>no discrimination

>no harassment

>no loli bcuz loli=cheese pizza

<but have fun

goons confirmed

d58658  No.15503458


Hmm… Dare you try Incursion, the D20 roguelike? It's unfinished, but I found the depth of the rules adaptation pretty impressive.

fb5596  No.15503460


Fun fact: both Sawyer and Avellone are goons and used to post on SA frequently when the Pillars kickstarter was running. Threads would turn into circlejerks whenever they showed up.

ecdb8e  No.15503470


not that i would be surprised but i still have to archive where?

d58658  No.15503472


The difference is Avellone can keep it in his pants, but Sawyer has no self-control whatsoever, which is why he went full-Mr.-Shitface when the other BIS alumni left him in control of Obsidian.

be0bd3  No.15503474

File: 2b9a6682d1ef893⋯.png (6.14 KB, 715x72, 715:72, rulz.png)



Sorry, anons. But, thems the Discord rules.

a6ed5a  No.15503475

Every pronoun in character and ability descriptions are feminine.

d58658  No.15503484


Wait, Discord actually has global rules for private chat rooms that merely use their software!?

ecdb8e  No.15503486

File: 3530d215dde504f⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 340x343, 340:343, w7d3dfce619a46bd1f7c6869fc….jpg)



a6ed5a  No.15503487


The content is hosted on their servers, I don't see any reason why this is wrong.

b58fa0  No.15503495


Thanks for a recommendation, anon, gonna go try it.

be0bd3  No.15503502



It does indeed: https://discordapp.com/guidelines


Right. CP is illegal pretty much everywhere in the West and Loli skirts that line in quite a bit of countries.

My legal knowledge is limited, but I believe that server owners are partially culpable if they allow illegal activity, such as the sharing of CP.

fb9772  No.15503509


They basically amount to "don't be an asshole", is acting like a decent person really such a tall order?


e67af1  No.15503510


t. retard

It's literally impossible to poz something like GURPS. When zero games don't have mandatory feminist indoctrination sections straight from tel aviv you'll still be able to break out GURPS High-tech and basic and play a game as the SA during street fights with the communists in Bavaria.

3ca1c6  No.15503514


You can still be a discriminating harassing racist posting loli and be a decent person while you're doing it.

fb9772  No.15503522


How does that work out for you in real life?

56d117  No.15503523


there's nothing wrong with being an asshole towards trash people

29feeb  No.15503524

File: 4a618c70b78c6c2⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 500x746, 250:373, 4a6.gif)


Paizo, the Pozzfinder IP owner is pozzed to hell and back. If anyone will make a game out of their shit, it is a pretty sure bet they will force pozz into it.



Kingmaker module is mostly non-pozzed but it is pretty shit. The main gimmick and sell-point is the city building which you can cheese the fuck out of it by building mage towers and sell magic items they produce for fuckton of money and build points so you can have a utopia and a hugefuck army to go with it.

Problem is, even with your kingdom and fucktons of army. You still have to solve problems yourselves like a bandit raid even though you got guards in full-gear, still have to be out there in the ass-end of nowhere to explore. And also the game fucks your "freedom" it advertised. Enchanters who specialises in mind control and shit will come to fuck your mind hard and tell you what to build in your city what to do with heaven knows how high the save DC is to further someones else agenda.

No politics either which is anticipated with city building and being a kang. Enchanters comes only to fuck your mind and go. You just build a city as a toy side-project because you have to be there to supervise. Problem is, you need to adventure too because what the fuck you have 100k army and you cannot send them to do shit. Take too long and problems starts. By the end-game, war forcibly happens and if you adventure too much and did not build your city through calculated min-max formula posted on the net or no one in your group is an Anno games autist like me. Then fuck your city, it's sacked because plot says so. The end-game is a total ass pull. I can sperg forever about this overrated piece of hot garbage.

e67af1  No.15503530



I don't understand retards who don't like RTwP

e68b28  No.15503532

e67af1  No.15503537

Question: Why the fuck would anyone ever use a module?

29feeb  No.15503573


Preparing a TRPG game takes a lot of work. If you are not an autist, your best option would be to buy it and adjust it to like liking or use it as a base for ideas. Nobody runs a module exactly how they are written, at least the grognards did not. For pozzfinder crowds though, I cannot say exactly.

3c0113  No.15503580


Besides, many modules have extra content like extra rules, monster stats, maps and maybe even extra rules for character creation, also to help you with some lore and stuff.

d58658  No.15503662


>The content is hosted on their servers

WHY!? Datamining for adbux, of course. It's amazing to think that, as little as a few years ago, even Skype was just a P2P metaserver, meaning they had zero responsibility or obligation regarding anything said via their service.

>>15503514 >>15503523 >>15503532

>getting baited by pasta this stale


Yeah, they're best thought of as source material, rather than something you plug in and play, sort of like reusing other modders' assetpacks in your own mods. Some entire systems (looking at you GURPS) are infamous for their splatbooks being better suited to stripmining to run campaigns in other systems, than they are for actually being played in their own system.

a6ed5a  No.15503688


>WHY!? Datamining for adbux, of course. It's amazing to think that, as little as a few years ago, even Skype was just a P2P metaserver, meaning they had zero responsibility or obligation regarding anything said via their service.

Discord has a lot more scale than Skype. Skype was supposed to be used with like 10 people max in a group chat, Discord can have over a 1000.

Skype used to be a P2P service because it was a small start up Estonian company, they couldn't afford servers from the get go. Also explains why the old client was so good – it wasn't made by pajeets in microshit.

96a485  No.15503689

File: c6fc098af054ba7⋯.png (320.49 KB, 731x577, 731:577, 6541654865165.png)



i dont know if i want to ask for a magnet link to be able to play this game and infect you all with AIDS while I die of cancer for playing this game



>using discord


b65751  No.15503724


>Rule 1: Have no fun

>Rule 2: Have fun!! XD :^)

d58658  No.15503727


I'm sure there has to be some way to leverage distributed P2P tech for a massive group chat without too much lag, given that I've seen multiple live video streaming systems based on BitTorrent over the years.

095a27  No.15503847

File: 9d74721be9ba436⋯.png (52.06 KB, 884x625, 884:625, pathfinder cucking.png)

Likely the most pozzed cRPG out there.

b65751  No.15503969


How many unnecessary commas can one person inject into a sentence?

b65751  No.15504021

File: f9dec4ba9b6a90b⋯.png (74.06 KB, 884x625, 884:625, lawds.png)

b65751  No.15504050


You can just picture the smug scrawny rainbowhead writing that while rabidly chugging Soylent like the contents came out of a niggers dick.

a6ed5a  No.15504102



Devs are russian.

8dd557  No.15504159


I saw the game on a torrenting site and was considering pirating it, but after I saw this, no thank you, I will not willingly consume propaganda

3cdff2  No.15504200

File: 96f5d5c99974fb9⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 687x511, 687:511, 878jnh35wyb54y45n6y546y56y….jpg)



Pirate it, eat the shit for yourself, find out what shit taste like.

Good job OP.

a6ed5a  No.15504205

File: d972cb8296249c1⋯.png (285.35 KB, 999x190, 999:190, 4Qey9xM.png)

f12878  No.15504222


how about you make a good thread instead you cuckchan faggot

fb5596  No.15504224


>t. written by a "girl"

b4f59e  No.15504257


>DDO is 4e based MMO.

DDO is 3.5e, not 4e. It's a 3rd edition game by-and-far. It came out years before 4e. I don't know where you get 4e from.


>Amiri – the iconic barbarian woman who was exiled from her tribe for being a warrior rather than a housewife

She wasn't exiled. They tried to get her to solo a frost giant and die but she looted a dead giant instead and brought his sword back as proof. She then killed all of her tribesmen who were because she sperged out when they made fun of her, and then never returned. But I guess you can't spout SJW talking points as cleanly without tweaking the source material to make someone more of a victim.


>But was that the Kingmaker module though?

No. Kingmaker was one of Paizo's earlier adventures. Honestly, the earliest Pathfinder stuff wasn't really pozzed. They clearly had a bad wave of new hires or something. I mean, that SJW Guild Wars 2 employee that was all the buzz a few months ago worked at Paizo before that.

Hell, some of the core iconics were kind of cool until they started writing more stuff about them a few years ago that brought them up to SJW code. The fighter just wants to fuck bitches and make money, the wizard is a neet who lost his support when he was elderly and decided to stake out as a wizard, and the rogue is a loli by elven standards. Hell, even the black woman paladin is funny, because she became a paladin to attone for the fact that she niggered a paladin's helmet the night before a battle and he got his brains bashed out. You can see the pozz building up when the fighter becomes the dumb white male who deserves what he gets and the arabian cleric who has the opposite values of the rogue starts a lesbian relationship with her.


It's Pathfinder, so wizards, clerics, druids and sorcerers are going to be your most powerful party members. Prestige classes will let you hybridize your casters if you want, so you can turn a rogue into an arcane trickster, or a fighter/paladin/barbarian into an eldritch knight, or you can play the mystic theruge that gives you all the spells from both divine and arcane spellbooks so you can cast every spell in the game but slightly weaker.

I don't know what source books they've put into the base game, but casters are generally more useful in Pathfinder, depending entirely on what source materials are available.

3cdff2  No.15504259



a6a92a  No.15504270


It's literally impossible to "poz"why the fuck do you niggers use this word? MS-DOS games.

ecf7d4  No.15504273


>it's shit

d58658  No.15504300


Other poster was probably mixing DDO up with Neverwinter (not to be confused with either generation of NWN).


>newfagging this hard

fb5596  No.15504304


>Amiri – the iconic barbarian woman who was exiled from her tribe for being a warrior rather than a housewife

>She wasn't exiled. They tried to get her to solo a frost giant and die but she looted a dead giant instead and brought his sword back as proof. She then killed all of her tribesmen who were because she sperged out when they made fun of her, and then never returned. But I guess you can't spout SJW talking points as cleanly without tweaking the source material to make someone more of a victim.

Who are you even quoting here? Is this a bot?

095a27  No.15504313


He's quoting the pic I posted you complete fuckwit.

3cdff2  No.15504321


When is EU going to get permabanned from the rest of the world, when does that take effect?

df5039  No.15504448


No, you cuckchan faggot

ddae85  No.15504494

File: 5e220f9552fc956⋯.jpg (154.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lawfulchad.jpg)

095a27  No.15504505


The game fails because it doesn't let you use the pimp hand to put the bitch in her place. If it was made in Japan you'd get to fuck dick her and turn her into a pregnant housewife.

b65751  No.15504513


There's faggots in Russia too anon, it's a big old place.

ecdb8e  No.15504521

File: d797ac37cb507fd⋯.jpg (88.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 73isr6f3l4465456786q46oe55….jpg)



b65751  No.15504532


He says he 'highly suspects it' doesn't know for sure, Might as well pirate it to see for yourself, I think most people here are immune to poz by now, if it gets crammed in my face I'll delete it but I'd rather see first hand and perhaps highlight it for others so they have accurate info.

96a485  No.15504535


>If it was made in Japan you'd get to fuck dick her and turn her into a pregnant housewife.

there are only a FEW games that let you do that.

fb5596  No.15504548


I don't remember the game looking so brown in the previews.

b65751  No.15504550


Can she be ignored/bypassed?

576311  No.15504552

File: 43d3c47a5f705ed⋯.png (19.9 KB, 810x610, 81:61, fqTr0[1].png)

Bitching about poz in Pathfinder only makes sense because it's not unwilling to actually come out and say it.

Meanwhile no one bitches about poz in Forgotten Realms despite that Ed Greenwood's design document indicates that everyone's bi, there's a brothel in every town, and most festivals devolve into orgies. This is actually so thoroughly locked into his contract that if WotC mentiones that a town DOESN'T have a brothel he can take his entire fucking setting away from them


which adventure is that? The one in Wrath of the Righteous was just a sale of a relatively insignificant magic sword

And why do these stories not acknowledge that an elixir of sex shifting can be gotten for such an inexpensive price that you can afford one after 3 hours of dungeon diving

Also the twat that wrote Shardra Geltl, Wrath of the Righteous, and a good amount of other pozzed crap got fired for being a bitch. Turns out Lisa Stevens, the tranny head of Paizo, is more interested in making money than dealing with social politics

fb5596  No.15504559


Did you ever think nobody is complaining about Forgotten Realms because this thread isn't about Forgotten Realms?

576311  No.15504572



in fairness, this IS in keeping with her character's backstory. She always tried to one-up the men of her tribe

65418c  No.15504574

Can I have a CaC and make them an Eldritch Knight?

576311  No.15504580


>Did you ever think nobody is complaining about Forgotten Realms because this thread isn't about Forgotten Realms?

No, I thought no one complains about the poz in Forgotten Realms because no one ever fucking complains about the poz in Forgotten Realms. As in ever.

People complain about plenty of other things in Forgotten Realms but jewish tricks are never among them.

d58658  No.15504587


This. Greenwood was open about his degeneracy in the same gleefully depraved oldschool in-game way as the weeb games we love, SJWs on the other hand care more about spewing propaganda, even if it conflicts with prior parts of their own worldbuilding, than making any kind of coherent game.

fb5596  No.15504589


>because no one ever fucking complains about the poz in Forgotten Realms. As in ever.

Then you haven't been around here very long.

96a485  No.15504621

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, fact.jpg)


>indicates that everyone's bi

576311  No.15504626


here we go with the newfag accusations, which I naturally reply to with how I've been on imageboards for decades starting with halfchan right around 2006 or so to which you reply with a smug anime loli over my obvious butthurt

Been on /v/, /tg/, /co/ since forever. Seen plenty of complaints about Forgotten Realms–too many magic items fucking everywhere, became the de facto setting because it's superficially more interesting than Greyhawk and Krynn, etc.

Never once seen someone complain about its perversions. Meanwhile if you go to any NWN thread, the most recommended modules almost always include A Dance With Rogues

fb5596  No.15504635


>starting with halfchan right around 2006

You aren't fooling anyone. Go back.

576311  No.15504646


I cite the 1d4chan article on the matter, which in turn cites in sources


96a485  No.15504653

File: 587b84435071b46⋯.jpg (17.2 KB, 456x545, 456:545, 1429752297480.jpg)


>Bi-sexuality is normal


>indicates that everyone's bi



576311  No.15504659


yep, you caught me in a hyperbole. Woe is me

c1bcd1  No.15504677

I wish they would go full pozz. Everything is good when pushed to the extreme.

fb5596  No.15504686


A faggot character on the level of the guy from DQ11 would be pretty funny at the very least. Can't imagine no fun allowed CY+3 WRPG writers pulling that though.

59b6ab  No.15504687



It's no more or less pozzed than D&D. Some of the tabletop designers are cuntier than their WotC counterparts though.


>patient zero

Going to need a citation on that one. Not saying PF is an unlikely candidate but the original stated reason it exists at all is that autists that played D&D wanted a slightly different version of D&D.

Having said all that, as a CRPG this game certainly seems more promising than the latest Obsidian shit.

3cdff2  No.15504720


As an oldfag crpg fan, I have come to realize outside of the old major titles, crpgs are shit. Play tabletop games instead.

fb5596  No.15504729


If you can't make your own party to bypass the writer's pet peanut gallery then it's shit, regardless of the country or platform of origin.

c8cf4e  No.15504737





d58658  No.15504779


If I were to point to a patient-zero for poz, it would be White Wolf in the 90s, especially V:TM, ESPECIALLY their Mind's Eye Theater LARP. Paizo was poz-free (arguably a bit moreso than late-3e WotC) until the late 2000s, loooong after far worse things, like FATE-style rules-lite, and the Forge's narrativist bullshit games.

576311  No.15504802


It could be argued the abusability of the Mr Studd and Midnight Lady implants in Cyberpunk 2013 (1988) would be the origin of codified poz, but White Wolf definitely pushed the themes

df5039  No.15504831

File: 2dd7315ddb9c675⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 372x355, 372:355, 2dd7315ddb9c6750a2f03d2f25….jpg)

I will roleplay as total irredeemable chaotic evil "faggot" and kill whoever I want, I wonder if the game let me

d58658  No.15504851

File: 6e06503852751ca⋯.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, infiltration.jpg)


By "poz", I don't mean right-wing-SJW-/pol/yp "muh degeneracy" pearl clutching, I mean people who aren't gamers and don't care about games entering the hobby and destroying it from within. White Wolf's sloppy ruleset and tendency to court 2edgy5me goth (goths/emos were truly the proto-Tumblrinas of their day) grrrlz and fagbois that just wanted to act out their "lifestyle" fantasies through a lazy self-insert, rather than create imaginative characters and stories in a mechanically engaging simulation.

89e554  No.15504859


I do. I play P&P games every Sunday. Our wiki is gigantic. We've played for 8 years. But there are good ones, so it stands to reason there can be more good ones.

576311  No.15504863


in that case, White Wolf was definitely the origin

89e554  No.15504873


That also sounds like a very likely candidate to me. One of my tablemates is an experienced White Wolf fan and said the worst part about playing Vampire was "the amount of fags I had to play with." He said he lost count of the number of times he saw someone's character background and it's essentially Batman.

>master of martial arts

>very intelligent

>parents died

>get thrown in prison

>but it's okay because they're also rich

b65751  No.15504915


>Richfag roleplay

Is such bullshit, it's just an excuse to pull anything you like from your endless bag of super tricks so you can deus ex machina your way through every scenario presented. Very little narrative fun to be had with that sort, they almost need a DM writing for/against them to get anywhere and then it's an awful lot like stroking their ego.

b8c6a5  No.15504934


It gets worse in LARP's, or more to the point, in larger networks of LARP's.

>everyone worth knowing is strong, fast, and supernaturally durable.

>if you haven't been playing the game for years with the same character, said characters will splatter you without breaking a sweat.

>by its very nature, people form cliques with others they know/hang out with in game.

>these cliques can span whole regions as politics is a given because… Vampire.

>these politics bleed into real life.

>Congratulations, you're now playing High School, The Second Coming, but with super powers and politics with a global reach.

d58658  No.15504950

File: e2e876026299521⋯.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, 78:77, donut steel.jpg)


Except the entire table is composed of pic related


Another strong comparison is namefag forum ERP

b65751  No.15505043


>entire table

Release the woodworm and run.

26eb13  No.15505091

File: 53e330f2d3daa52⋯.jpg (677.14 KB, 1370x2000, 137:200, valeriy-vegera-concept-ami….jpg)

File: a5364e9ac639ba8⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 2686x3921, 2686:3921, Pathfinder_Kingmaker_09.jpg)

File: 0f1009803b18251⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 2686x3921, 2686:3921, Pathfinder_Kingmaker_04.jpg)

Any waifus or is it all shit?

d58658  No.15505191


>those ridiculous oversized weapons and overstuffed costumes

I can see the oft-mocked Liefeld/Nomura-esque obsession with pouches and belts, but I didn't realize Paizo art had shifted into Blizzard's realm. At least they haven't gone full pauldrons & eyebrows yet, right?

2612f9  No.15505195

File: c080308a032e8bc⋯.png (32.22 KB, 507x631, 507:631, 56dbba29c2327c1ff6f7d64723….png)


fb5596  No.15505214


>if we point out dog whistling then surely people will use it less often

Not to mention he was most likely just doing that "excessive quotation marks for the sake of ridicule" thing but with brackets considering that's what the other guy used. There's no reason to believe he was actually doing the echos unless they are paranoid about it.

5aacbf  No.15505219



This game isn't just "has feminists and negroes".

This game is full on liberal fantasy experience. It has feminism, nergoes and fags as a very core of its creation. The villains are the conservatives/nazis/drumpfs.

Just like the rest of Pathfinder.

058a23  No.15505244

File: 52c69af253f4e32⋯.png (407.16 KB, 680x511, 680:511, 1ee454185a4d16dbd310001f6f….png)

>nigger in the back

>stronk women

into the fucking TRASH

5aacbf  No.15505262

File: 4aeba0dab295e31⋯.jpg (178.57 KB, 1200x1039, 1200:1039, normal person.jpg)


>people who aren't gamers and don't care about games entering the hobby and destroying it from within


Why people who don't care about 8chan values entering 8chan and destroying it from within?

89e554  No.15505285


>Wouldn't you agree?

That phrase is forever tainted because of this image. Every time I hear it I instinctively think that the person who said it is an asshat, regardless of what is happening.

22d83c  No.15505309

Anyone else believe this is all the fault of the cucks they keep hiring to create content don't study the classics? It appears their only perception of reality is liberal inner city life and it doesn't occur to them for a second that all their beliefs are the consequence of a modern wealthy existence. Hell, even just studying anthropology and realizing how inconsequential faggots and trannies are to the human experience ought to be enough. To say nothing of injecting tranny shit into a setting when there's motherfucking magic. Just cast a polymorph spell, for fucksake.

d58658  No.15505316


GG was anti-idpol, fuck off back to /r/T_D.

b053dc  No.15505328


The PnP game it's based on was made for the retards who actually liked DnD 3.5e and were butthurt about 4e being actually good. They wanted retarded badly designed convoluted casted edition garbage (3.5e) and Pathfinder was made to deliver exactly that.


You can have just about any PnP game you want with minimal effort, either using a generic system or making your own, plus some worldbuilding (or use an existing setting), and then all you need is a good GM. Vidya? Costs millions of dollars and will get shit on to cater to NPCs, or maybe just not get made at all.

a911fb  No.15505338

can i be a female with a penis and fuck male orcs in the ass in this game

89e554  No.15505343


Hang on now, I won't have you going around stating that 4e was any better than 3.5e. If you want the tactical combat experience, play AD&D like a real man and calculate the transforming volume of a fireball in a hallway.

2612f9  No.15505349


Only if the orcs enthusiastically consent or are males, but not both.

e67af1  No.15505356


Wait, do you actually think AD&D is complex at all?

b053dc  No.15505357


Obviously AD&D and (IMO) 2e were much better than 4e but 4e was leagues better than the steaming pile of dogshit that was 3.5e.

576311  No.15505358


>The PnP game it's based on was made for the retards who actually liked DnD 3.5e and were butthurt about 4e being actually good. They wanted retarded badly designed convoluted casted edition garbage (3.5e) and Pathfinder was made to deliver exactly that.

4e is a skirmish wargame more than an RPG and Pathfinder makes melee far more viable (though it is still subject to high level caster supremacy)

b053dc  No.15505372


And 3.5e is more an idiotic exercise in designing a deliberately imbalanced and overly convoluted system designed to offer players tons of "trap" bad choices so that just sorting through all the trash to figure out viable builds is a major part of the "game", than it is an actual RPG.

d58658  No.15505391


>complaining about "trap" bad choices

>while apologizing for the game whose players coined the term "feat tax"

89e554  No.15505392


Uh, do you not? Have you actually read the spell rules?


If you scroll down on that page you will find the spell descriptions for lightning bolt in AD&D 1 and 2. These are wargame rules.

e41f23  No.15505414


>Another twitter tranny who whines about Drumpf and nahtzees while begging for donations.

What did I honestly expect?

bfd8c4  No.15505420


Let me consult the bait tables before I answer…



forgot about that one..

Yup, the Bait DC is 2.

b65751  No.15505424

Women - Fine they're gonna be in the mix in games like this, pretty standard but a reasonable penalty to warrior class should be expected, naturally as compensation they could have a plus to rouge skills for having slits and tits.

Niggers - Fringe characters ogre like from 'far off lands' only plz

Trannies - GTFO

Every other person the game could be a faggot as long as they don't fill a screen and a half telling us why they suck dick and call themselves Shirley now. They could, like anyone sane, keep that shit to themselves,

fb5596  No.15505443


I would imagine the vast majority of their fanbase only heard about old games from tvtropes or somethingawful let's plays. It would explain a lot.

b053dc  No.15505453


Where have I apologized for 4e? Saying it's better than 3.5e/PF isn't praise, it's just saying it's nowhere near the level of shit that they are.

d58658  No.15505491


3/3.5 was broken, but it was so large and full of fun bullshit in its myriad splatbooks, and it was still basically D&D. 4e was a random meme skirmish game, with a garbage rules-lite "RPG" stapled on, and "D&D" painted onto it, along with a horrendous retcon lore rape of the Faerun setting. Also, while I feel the choice to do it in the first place for D20 was a bad idea from a business standpoint, the OGC was a source of much great material and goodwill, and clumsily obliterating it with the switch to 4e was an even worse blunder on both a fandom and business level.

4e was the Windows Vista of D&D. Fuck 4e forever.

132854  No.15505501


just posted loli on discord

try to stop me

bfd8c4  No.15505519


>3.5/PF are shit meme

hello fa/tg/uy

4th ed was indisputably the worst edition. 5th is also pretty bad.

>muh balance

No one cares. That's not what these games are about and it never has been. In fact, trying to balance shit is what makes a TTRPG into boring hot garbage.

The point is to have fun with your gaming group and that's it. The excessive pandering to outsiders and noobs is what made 4th edition and 5th edition less palatable and enjoyable for grognards and neckbeards who actually spent time and money on RPGs.

now fuck off back to /tg/

e67af1  No.15505524


So it does [level]d6 damage, has a few shapes, has range of 4+[level], if the room is too small to fit a shape it reflects back to the caster.

Do area spells automatically hit in AD&D? I can't recall.

Here's a similar spell in GURPS (well, DFRPG which is supposed to be slightly simplified GURPS for a D&D type game)

Explosive Lightning


Creates a lightning bolt that explodes on impact. This has

Acc 3, 1/2D 50, Max 100. Roll against Innate Attack (Projectile)

to hit. Can be thrown at a wall, floor, etc. (+4 to hit) to catch

foes in the blast – see Attacking an Area (Exploits, p. 45). Damage

treats metal armor as DR 1, and injury stuns as explained

for Lightning (below).

Also an Air spell.

Cost: Any amount up to twice your level o f spellcasting

talent per second, for three seconds. For every two energy

points in the spell, the bolt does 1d-1 burning explosive damage.

See Explosions (Exploits, p. 46) for rules for rules for

explosive damage.

Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds.

Prerequisites: Wizardly: Lightning.

So you have a variable cost and cast time, a set bonus if you aim (which you can improve further by aiming longer), a distance at which damage is halved and a maximum distance, a specific skill (based upon an attribute) to hit, the option to throw it where something is instead of at the thing for an easier shot, behavior vs armor, and a stunning effect.

GURPS is FAR from the most complex system, and I would only call it kind of complex. AD&D isn't shit, it just tends to have tables instead of calculations making it impossible to memorize.


Was that actively designed to make you seem like a gigantic faggot?

0328c1  No.15505526


Balance and fun aren't mutually exclusive.

bfd8c4  No.15505550


>Plays GURPS

>Calls other people faggots

Oh. I thought it was bait, but you're actually just retarded.


You're right, they aren't, but D&D isn't supposed to be a competitive game. It's a lot harder to make a game that is internally balanced and also fun without stripping out anything interesting about it.

89e554  No.15505551


>Do area spells automatically hit in AD&D? I can't recall.

Save for half damage.

>throwing a thingy that explodes is just as complicated

Did you just deliberately ignore the part where you can change the shape of the bolt to a number of forms which depend on your level? And that you have to figure out how the bolt rebounds?

>oh well you just have to consult the rulebook constantly

Well no shit, the net effect is the same. You're spending time referencing shit to crunch the rules instead of progressing the game. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a programmer so I enjoy arithmetic. But to say that AD&D isn't towards the "complex" end of the spectrum is just silly. That article I linked even explicitly goes over how the fireball and lightning bolt rules were basically lifted wholesale from Chainmail rules. Wargame rules are definitely not the median when it comes to rules complexity when you're talking about RPGs.

96a485  No.15505902


Dont worry, I forgive you.

4315c9  No.15505924


Yes you can kick her from your party right then and there. She's actually stuck up for you multiple times before this so the dialog is pure cringe writer insert.

c8df16  No.15506072


Didn't vanilla Baldur's Gate 2 have a F2M or M2F or something? I was too young to understand that I was supposed to kill it with fire.

d58658  No.15506116


It's a gag item dating back to the original 1970s D&D:


065cf2  No.15506192


Hell yeah.

c8cf4e  No.15506223

File: 0f1ca6f3fd28f8b⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 567x425, 567:425, 1494804706516.jpg)


This is disgusting.

ceb196  No.15506583

c8df16  No.15506611


>remember that Xan wanted to wear the girdle because he was a fag

>look around the internet

>that wasn't part of the game

I guess I just hated Xan

e67af1  No.15506622

File: 845eed5ae4ed031⋯.png (72.84 KB, 445x480, 89:96, yfw.png)

>Think I'm being retarded in the starting area after you disarm the traps and open the cache because I can't find my way forward

>Try to jump back over the wooden beams that any child should be able to step over but there's no option

>Comb the walls for five solid minutes

>There's a black area on the left wall in the hall before the cache area with a huge door that's totally hidden from view, the only way to see it is by pressing tab which gives you an outline

9bbbc2  No.15506627

File: 9ac0033a8b9821f⋯.png (163.11 KB, 288x300, 24:25, dd.png)



Did /v/ ever played Divine Divinity?

47977a  No.15506641


You're probably thinking of Edwin. In his personal quest he got cursed in BG2 and became a woman. You have to help him reverse it.

ceb196  No.15506643


>4th ed was indisputably the worst edition

Only among people who suffer from serious braindamage.

9d6e74  No.15506646

File: 1995948cfd48f6d⋯.png (65.63 KB, 250x600, 5:12, Kazuma-anime.png)


kazuma, what could have been…. Too bad the author self inserted and forced megumin relationship rather than him having a harem and becoming king.

43d7d4  No.15506651



Your tastes are not only super-gay, but completely unsubstantiated.

Turn-based and RTwP both have their pros and cons. Only a UTTER COMPLETE, SELF-ABSORBED RETARD would claim total superiority of one.

1b5a05  No.15506662


>the edition practically designed to be converted into a tactical rpg video game… that never fucking got a tactical rpg video game.

Yeah, fuck off, 4e was trashed in less than four years and replaced with a "we're sorry, we put everything back in, so please come back" edition for a reason. The solution to caster edition was never "turn everyone into a fighter that has only two attack options and needs a wish list of magic items to function".

e67af1  No.15506666


Oh and

>Game assigns me a party of three women, two of which are generic strong independent etc, the other seems to be an elf priestess which doesn't seem nearly as forced

43d7d4  No.15506671


The middel one is OK. The last one could use a smaller scythe, but otherwise OK

43d7d4  No.15506705


>>she killed all of her tribesmen

By poisoning the well?

b39938  No.15506839

File: 36a01fcd54e33f2⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 209x241, 209:241, images (17).jpg)


sometimes one girl is enough cuz she is the right girl

9d6e74  No.15506855

File: 8d590effeda1528⋯.jpg (34.51 KB, 689x622, 689:622, 1368337979268.jpg)


but she's not. she's just some autist

727d0d  No.15506858


I'm pretty sure the Konosuba author is female.

>KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! (Japanese: この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! Hepburn: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!, literally "A blessing to this wonderful world!") is a Japanese light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki.

9d6e74  No.15506861


yes she self inserts as megumin

727d0d  No.15506869


>she self-inserts as some autist who loves a trashy and scummy asshole

Somehow I doubt that. It's more like she recognizes Megumin as the most popular of the three and she wants to give the audience what they want.

9d6e74  No.15506907


>as the most popular

she self inserts faggot

megumin hasn't done anything to make her stand out more than the others.

she ruined it by self inserting and caving into loud minority of retards.

ecdb8e  No.15506919



>she self inserts

do you have a picture of her for comparison or are you just talking out of your ass?

3254ba  No.15506922


>megumin hasn't done anything to make her stand out more than the others.

That's wrong though, Megumin isn't retarded like Aqua and she isn't a freak like Darkness. She's good because her only fault is her autism.

bed918  No.15506932

File: a96716a314891c4⋯.png (886.8 KB, 1100x1556, 275:389, 89bf5dc52662534049f69af976….png)

9d6e74  No.15506933


>you need to look like your self insert to self insert



ok whatever you say fucking idiot, megumin is the most boring one in the group, her autism is not a +

All she does all the time is blow shit up and act cringy wow so much depth!

The only reason she works is because of the supporting cast

727d0d  No.15506937

File: 121db0cf2470b8f⋯.png (458.02 KB, 512x644, 128:161, Untitled.png)


>she self inserts

Again, you don't really give yourself any ground to stand on. Let's say Megumin is a really bad character. Why would anyone want to self-insert as a bad character?

>vocal minority

Pic related.

b58fa0  No.15506938

File: 562c7eb8ef30f17⋯.png (267.19 KB, 866x537, 866:537, 687e7f13a1156cbb5ab311a801….png)

>shitty poz-ridden garbage thread turns into a konosuba general

Thread salvaged.







ecdb8e  No.15506946

File: 4c18f3bd20b9832⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 770x435, 154:87, 4592258.jpg)

File: 5988a057323dc0a⋯.jpg (191.74 KB, 1430x645, 286:129, 21232936.jpg)


<you need to look like your self insert to self insert

It's one of the requirements needed for self-insertion yes,but not the only one.You're the one making a claim you can't prove even on that basic level

So once more: put up or shut up

9d6e74  No.15506952


>It's one of the requirements needed for self-insertion yes

No you don't you fucking moron! go fucking kill yourself and learn what self insert even means before you rope youserlf!


because the author is a retard who wrote a shitty lite novel and it was saved by the anime.

d40365  No.15506979


>wanted to be little girl as long as I can remember

>videogames let me be little girl


>"tranny" filth decides I'm not allowed a fantasy life and must be as ugly and twisted as they are

When the fuck did being a transsexual mean you become a transsexual and not the closest approximation you can get to the desired sex? The whole fucking point of transitioning in the first?

If we had the medical technology to completely switch someone's gender they'd find some reason to ignore it and still turn themselves into these attention seeking freaks. God it pisses me off.

9d6e74  No.15506992


I would be completely turned off from the oposite sex altogether if all of a sudden men could make themselves into women.

would rather nuke this planet and find some alien to have sex with or be with a robot waifu.

90e269  No.15507004


When's the next season of this, man? Why are japs so mean?

9d6e74  No.15507007


the production company isn't doing it anymore and another company is taking over, all the funny shit was created by the production company and voice actors who improvised most of the dialogue and had nothing to do with the lite novel or manga.

727d0d  No.15507020


Out of curiosity, what scenes did you find funny from the anime?

7f9ff8  No.15507039


<I won't cook hides and watch meat!

Sweetie, the bard and cleric can just cast Hero's Feast, and the mage can cast Mage's Magnificent Mansion. I don't think anyone will need your incompetent ass burning their food.

<Abloo bloo I'm barbarian hear me roar

Oh, cute, a martial class character, and a bad one to boot, is being uppity. How about I Dominate Person you so I can easily rape you, Polymorph Any Object my familiar so It can tentacle rape you, or 'Geas/Quest'' you to "search for the being with the biggest dick in all the Material Plane and anally service it"?

df5039  No.15507107

File: 5f5b7b194dc4b0c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.96 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 9eac6c5e36c0960bf1f750ad3f….png)


I have no problem with that

89e554  No.15507213


The barbarian has actually been around forever. She is one of the "main characters" used to promote the franchise and you can find her in promo art going all the way back to the initial core rulebook. Having said that, PF has a niche for the person who likes oversized weapons – it's in the game rules. Her weapon is actually a "Large" Bastard Sword, meaning it's a weapon for a Large creature like a troll.

b47c94  No.15507288

Alright I've played this game for a bit. Here's my impression.


>mechanics are fleshed out and accurate to the system

>prologue takes very little time, even less than NWN1

>has a wealth of build options, not every class is there but the amount that is there is satisfactory

>also a wealth of assets and inventory items that are all accurate to the rules

>UI is serviceable and not unresponsive

>the party AI seems decent so far and you can turn it off

>voice acting isn't terrible

>alignment matters for party members and dialogue tests it regularly


>some of the alignment tests are weird. my guy is apparently more evil now because he made a cynical statement about how rulers tend to treat their subjects

>animations look like shit

>obvious missing icons in the rules



Overall I'm enjoying it, it seems like the rare Kickstarter project where the money was funneled more or less responsibly. I just really want some goddamn sound effects.


That tripped me up as well.

b47c94  No.15507293


Oh yeah, that's another pro I should have mentioned: you have full control over your party, but I haven't seen anything that lets you create your own companions. But if you find someone annoying it's easy to kick them.

6cf764  No.15507295

I'll give the game a try if I can play as a fairy or have one as a familiar/companion.

75cfde  No.15507297


Chris Avellone wasn't a narrative lead on this game. AFAIK he wrote only one companion character, maybe 1% of all the writing in the game.

163f8f  No.15507397

File: 771436ad9e0b2bc⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 600x255, 40:17, Jesus christ how horrifyin….jpg)



Anybody that uses this word, just throw them into the trash. Not worth reading the rest.

a4b92b  No.15507450

File: 5c778f5d9a9b907⋯.png (457.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kono.png)



must be great act to do this then.

a6f216  No.15507477


All you had to do was add some bigger tits on the first barbarian gal and it would be top tier waif material outside the likely shit writing

At least the asian one is cute

a6f216  No.15507481


Damn shame

796c67  No.15507499


>commas killed my family and raped my hamster

The most petty and inane critique I have seen this month. Commas exist and are used to better structure sentences when you need to post anything longer than a post on a chinese cartoon imageboard. I don't like the content either but there is nothing wrong with the form.

2b8a39  No.15507522


this post gave me HIV

727d0d  No.15507539


I got tricked by a feminine name, I'll admit it.

b5e475  No.15507555


Wrath of the Righteous right? That one's particularly bad even by Paizo standards. I mean it's not possible to even fight the big bad; you avoid that fight all together or you lose. This is while you're level 20 (effectively level 30 with the 'mythic' mechanic) and 'the chosen ones' of the Athena ripoff.

ecdb8e  No.15507612

File: 6354c5f08000df7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.79 KB, 512x384, 4:3, rr01.jpg)



a positive opinion in this thread

9626c0  No.15507662


Didn't the divinity team become cucked or something?

000000  No.15507866


If it is based on pozzed shit, it is shit.

3254ba  No.15507972


>I am incredibly butthurt about my shit taste

Megumin's autism isn't a plus, it's the least negative.

Darkness dreams of being raped by monsters

Aqua is Aqua

Who do you think the protagonist should go for then if you're so intelligent.

e67af1  No.15508680



I must say this is by FAR the best nu-RPG. It seems miles better than Pillars of Equality, Wasteland 2, Tranny, or Tormutt

095a27  No.15508719

Someone should dig a little on the developers. They're ostensibly Russians, but I bet you anything they're nearly all Jews. I can't imagine any other reason why this vile shitpile of a game got made.

And to think a few years back I had high hopes about the cRPG revival, when in truth most of them have been complete and utter dogshit.

8422a1  No.15508743

File: caa7d9811ee000c⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, caa7d9811ee000c5883d0a5c97….jpg)

megumın is best cuz she is flat and flat is justice and she is small and tiny that is a plus and dont forget the fact darkness is a thot and aqua is retarded there is only one option here..ROMANCE MEGUMIN LOVE HER CHEERİSH HER MARYY HER FUCK HER !!

d58658  No.15508771


>lumping WL2 in with those

>not mentioning Age of Decadence or Underrail


095a27  No.15508796


WL2 was garbage. Fallout Tactics is the better game anyway.

6b7387  No.15508798



>Implying you can't just ignore someone that's shittalking you (or shittalk them bad) because being a decent person means jackshit because you're an adult and more important shit needs to be done than worrying about feelings

Go back to



you useless lummox

e67af1  No.15508826


AoD is a choose your own adventure novel.

I can't get into Underrail because I get nothing out of it narratively and the gameplay seems worse than Fallout

3d13f2  No.15508886


This. Online, people have all the tools they need to block people who are bothering them. So, moderation and rules - which can and WILL be abused dependant on the whims of the mods - wouldn't even be needed, yet there they are. Whereas in real life, blocking people can be downright impossible and the moderators are 45 minutes away. It's all fucking backwards.

c1e212  No.15508892

File: 16aa974e9c01054⋯.png (301.42 KB, 620x895, 124:179, L.A. HIV.png)

File: 22b61dbbc302db4⋯.png (153.51 KB, 640x340, 32:17, Lovecraft.png)


Well there's that then. Good on CromX.

I really want to play another game like Divinity:OS 2 but I can't find any that aren't hardcore oozing poz loads.

3ec279  No.15508907


One of its iconics is a tranny dwarf who is struggling mightily with how they aren't the right sex in a setting with belts of gender change in it. Paizo isn't just pozzed, they're stupid.

fe7c2a  No.15508910

File: 71a182842449943⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 71a1828424499436b91922f04e….jpg)


Also not true, if the pathfinder boardgame autist who made a review is any indication. Game doesn't allow a bunch of builds from the board game because they outright didn't add in spells or don't let stats stack like they do in the board game.


And you're a blatant glow in the dark commie. Fuck off back to whatever cesspit you crawled out of. You're not welcome here.


Because it's not like everything else they've corrupted yet. It's not enough they have their own spaces, they must try and take everyone elses too. They're obnoxious, corrupt, degenerate and complete wastes of life. SJWs have never contributed anything worthwhile to the world or culture. They're just corruption and a disgrace to anything related to them.

095a27  No.15508923


>Paizo isn't just pozzed, they're stupid.

You have to be an oxygen starved retard to be a leftist.

26eb13  No.15508941

File: ecb3f3d28e4ad7e⋯.jpg (201.65 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, CZBXULHWkAIQTW_.jpg)

File: bd0e65a25a06242⋯.jpg (94.44 KB, 350x525, 2:3, sxxdndbmimmuixsmxccmwkpbtq….jpg)

File: 0db17b9b6acb7c5⋯.jpg (223.28 KB, 490x1000, 49:100, GenCon2015-CC-Amiri.jpg)

File: 3cb4fbb96411520⋯.jpg (249 KB, 932x1000, 233:250, 20160105-ScarlettCostuming….jpg)


Amiri is popular because of her skimpy armor

96a485  No.15508965

095a27  No.15508968


She still looks like complete and utter shit. Subhuman Western developers can't even do barbarian musclegirl right.

ddae85  No.15508972


It looks sloppy and amateurish. I'm trying to find good portrait but they all seem to suck and aren't in HD.

d58658  No.15508978


Two of my favorite examples of this were Eclipse Phase:

>the game takes place post-scarcity post-singularity, nearly all characters are just pieces of software riding around in manufactured bodies that can be essentially any shape or size

<so idpol isn't an issue anym…

>NOPE, we have all these important stories about sexism and racism and…

<Oh, okay, I see there's a faction of strawman "bioconservatives", I guess you could use them fo…

>NOPE, our focus is on the brain uploads.

And Numenera:

>The future is brown, due to racial mixing, there are no white people

<Your setting takes place a billion years in the future, that's hundreds of times longer than the entire evolutionary history of humans from monkeys. Also, why are there black people?

>Er, um, er… "Humans" in our setting might not be evolutionarily descended from modern humans at all, but may instead be the result of some unknown future event, created entirely from scratch.

<Oh, so that means there's white people?

>NO! Racemixed away!!!

The icing on the cake is, both systems and their settings were written brand new by these people. They just can't help fucking up.

ddae85  No.15508983

File: d0f41defbbdec98⋯.jpg (46.85 KB, 564x742, 282:371, t63wAIX.jpg)

File: becf3c05252de82⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 736x998, 368:499, pTyENPO.jpg)

File: c00cdf8254023e3⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 357x598, 357:598, e49fad56280b5b4844a01299dd….jpg)

File: cc29af655722c79⋯.jpg (50.41 KB, 499x755, 499:755, dpERvnB.jpg)

095a27  No.15508992

File: 264fc25ec547ed9⋯.png (46.94 KB, 649x732, 649:732, Torment 1.png)

File: 7628ae1b054409d⋯.png (51.07 KB, 644x809, 644:809, Torment 2.png)

File: 56806938b64e913⋯.png (52.4 KB, 600x815, 120:163, Torment 3.png)

File: e68676f68da1339⋯.png (11.03 KB, 586x153, 586:153, Torment 4.png)


Don't forget how the Eclipse Phase developers lost their shit over Men's Rights and banned anyone that dared to bring the issue up.

>They just can't help fucking up.

The real kicker is how the dumb cunt that wrote that Numenera garbage actually claimed it was all very scientific. This is what you get when you put science next to social. Pics related is the dumb bitch vomiting just how utterly dogshit her setting truly is.

ddae85  No.15509009

File: 182768e5a6a450b⋯.jpg (87.02 KB, 655x655, 1:1, ravenmarch_21_by_winona_ne….jpg)

File: 8982aa2e0475292⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 655x655, 1:1, ravenmarch_07_by_winona_ne….jpg)

File: cd8225f5c4156c9⋯.jpg (57.28 KB, 530x810, 53:81, l32ca8j.jpg)

File: 9d87a2b5c158e57⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 564x820, 141:205, wUnKJVP.jpg)

File: c241dd85a12b9a4⋯.jpg (56.09 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, aYpLsJN.jpg)

fd1688  No.15509065



These all look good except the fantasy/hollywood trope of warriors using shields with plate harness triggers my autism.

e67af1  No.15509069



I don't know for a fact that's a mage, but I really hate how a mage armored like that would suck horribly in D&D and its clones (like pathfinder) due to flat spell failure chances. I love how natural the penalties for armor in GURPS are; you don't invest much in strength as it gives you no bonuses in combat as a mage. Weight in general causes you to tire faster, and your fatigue is what you use for spells so if you tire yourself too much with spells you could physically damage yourself with your weight-based exhaustion.

095a27  No.15509123


I'm more triggered by the fact the shields are apparently made of metal.


One thing I never could figure out in settings such as D&D is why everyone wasn't running around in enchanted bathrobes.

3254ba  No.15509173


Magic items are supposed to be rare and expensive. Supposed to be is the key word here.

fb5596  No.15509179


It's one thing to not allow the depth of a tabletop game in vidya but it seems like time and time again they go out of their way to axe anything even remotely interesting from any rulebook or setting for the sake of the blandest shit possible. You can probably still count the number of RPGS, modern or otherwise, that let you play as a monster on a single hand for example.

e3665b  No.15509196


>One thing I never could figure out in settings such as D&D is why everyone wasn't running around in enchanted bathrobes.


>Magic items are supposed to be rare and expensive. Supposed to be is the key word here.

Honestly for adventurers, nobility, and PCs? No real excuse. Way out of the paycheck for peasants though. IIRC Eberron is the setting closest to that being possible.

b47c94  No.15509213


I'd be really surprised if it weren't possible. They included a bunch of the PF specific hybrid classes as well such as Magus and Inquisitor.

I really wish it had Flight, the spell. More CRPGs need Flight since it's a landmark spell in the P&P game. One of my favorite magus concepts was a bastard sword user that cast flight and haste on himself, got a feat that gave him bonuses to charge and was basically a divebomber.

095a27  No.15509218


I don't much care to play as ugly races, but what I would like to see is a better take on choices that doesn't always boil down to shitty binary choices of good and evil. I'd rather be given two (or more) choices that are both appealing to me instead of having to play some pathological altruist and some Coldsteel tier retard that thinks bullying puppies is the height of villainy.


>Way out of the paycheck for peasants though

Yeah, I'm fine with that, but they really should figure out a good reason why all those knights, nobles and adventurers aren't running around in them.>>15509196

>Way out of the paycheck for peasants though

ffdd9f  No.15509225

File: a59fda2740911ef⋯.png (97.06 KB, 669x399, 223:133, EP muzzies 1.png)

File: c855eed049238c0⋯.png (197.58 KB, 662x488, 331:244, EP muzzies 2.png)



>Eclipse Phase

Don't forget this shit.

b47c94  No.15509250


>Yeah, I'm fine with that, but they really should figure out a good reason why all those knights, nobles and adventurers aren't running around in them.

Most adventurers are losers. This is something not addressed adequately in most games, with the noted exception of AD&D and its retroclones. And indeed most knights and nobles do have magic items, hard not to when you can just commission one from a wizard. What setting are you even talking about? Faerun/FR has magic items pouring out of your ass.

3254ba  No.15509254


Why specifically enchanted bathrobes? An enhancement bonus to armour helps plate armour just as much as said bathrobes.

53ccb0  No.15509273


>Christianity and Judaism couldn't adapt to new ideas

<But fucking Islam did

This is the most insane nonsense I have ever read. Has a single leftist ever come into contact with a Mudslime and lived? Why do they fetishize this backwards desert religion that hates everything they stand for?

fb5596  No.15509291


Because daddy yelled at them to get ready for church when they were 12 and they've been asshurt ever since.

53ccb0  No.15509310


But Islam is daddy raping you before forcing you to get into your garbage bag before killing your gay little friends. How the fuck can they not like Christianity but also like Islam?

fd1688  No.15509317


Because Islam is practiced by non-whites.

b65751  No.15509321

File: b9516682c0b86ef⋯.png (7.73 KB, 856x68, 214:17, hoor.png)


Amiri is annoying within seconds of starting, her voice is interminable within 3 lines, I better be able to leave her behind.

53ccb0  No.15509328


But so is Christianity that's why the church is constantly trying to bring more and more niggers and mexicans to white countries.

fe7c2a  No.15509350


Such as vtmb where you can play as a vampire so monstrous, humans just seeing you violates the masquerade?

Also, the homogenization in my opinion is due to them wanting to "balance" the game and oft-times having a bunch of interesting spells allows you to abuse the game mechanics in unintended and interesting ways. Frankly, i'd rather just let them have fun and find ways to break things down and make themselves incredibly powerful, rather than remove all innovation from the game myself.

b65751  No.15509361


Tartuccio is also fucking annoying, this is a gr8 start.

e67af1  No.15509369


She died defending the trading post for me

Any early additional companions? Currently it's just me (a rogue) and the death inquisitor. The lawful neutral or whatever fighter got captured by slavers which I assume I need more people to capture with.

Also, holy fuck there's only one male potential starting companion out of what, six?

Dwarf is a man

Barbarian cunt, death inquisitor, gnome or whatever bard, mercedes from DD but less shit at fighting

Holy fuck

576311  No.15509386


Shardra Geltl's writer was fired for being a lefty bitch on the forums, so at least there's justice

And the real problem with that character isn't that it's a tranny dwarf struggling with a sexual identity crisis in a setting where it costs 2500 gp to get a genetic fix.

The real problem is that the backstory involves doing some very undwarvish things. Bitch cannae call 'erself a proud dwarven lass, not when she goes against 'er family like that

fab9a2  No.15509390


Because, back in the days, magical items could kill you if you were the wrong alignment for it.

Take the Robe of the Arcimagi, basically the best bathrobe in existence.

You're the wrong alignment?

Take a shitload of damage.

Magical items are supposed to be rare, incredibly expensive (a noble would have to spend their ENTIRE fortune just to get a chance to create it, let alone have it) and if you're not the creator possibly dangerous and/or cursed.

As opposed to Pathfinder's "lol I craft boot of licking dicks I get +5 to diplomacy".

d58658  No.15509403


At least under 3.5e/PF:

>Creating magic armor has a special prerequisite: The creator’s caster level must be at least three times the enhancement bonus of the armor. If an item has both an enhancement bonus and a special ability, the higher of the two caster level requirements must be met.


>In addition, not every town or village has a spellcaster of sufficient level to cast any spell. In general, you must travel to a small town (or larger settlement) to be reasonably assured of finding a spellcaster capable of casting 1st-level spells, a large town for 2nd-level spells, a small city for 3rd- or 4th-level spells, a large city for 5th- or 6th-level spells, and a metropolis for 7th- or 8th-level spells. Even a metropolis isn’t guaranteed to have a local spellcaster able to cast 9th-level spells.

So spellcasters capable of making armor with a magical AC bonus higher than +2 may be rare or nonexistant in the entirety of a campaign setting. Whereas mundane full plate goes up to +8, and tower shields +4 or full cover.


Most tabletop RPGs allow you to play as monsters. For instance, D&D lets you play as practically anything intelligent enough to be conscious of its own choices, though with a level-adjustment penalty depending on how powerful the creature is.


Armor penalty to dex, duh.

b65751  No.15509410

File: 50a68b73a038252⋯.jpg (225.64 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, why.jpg)



Dwarf guy is a mewling fag

Linzi is anachronistic Valleygirl voice irksome

Amiri is sun-snu level speech but totally eloquent which is jarring.

3254ba  No.15509434


>penalty to dex

Armour doesn't penalize dex, it puts a cap on effective dex.

If you build a str/con fighter with no dex, there's literally no penalty for him to slap on enchanted armour.

ddae85  No.15509435

File: 41ff9b745c55364⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 564x797, 564:797, 9e99476bfce53da465833c38d7….jpg)

File: 7380b23bc1b8ba6⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 736x770, 368:385, ec603ad102c37c354327b2329d….jpg)

File: abdacd173bb2fa4⋯.jpg (74.69 KB, 736x894, 368:447, dNiXc5X.jpg)


>that picture

Yes, it is SJW stuff, a.k.a propaganda. Yes, women are meant to be submissive and subservient to men. Hispanic women are most happy with their man in their country, in places where there is supposedly the most equality, there is the most un-equal in terms of economic prosperity (Scandinavia) due to women choosing fields that align with their nature such as nurses, caretakers, etc. What modernity is doing is trying to fixate, lie, and brainwash people into reversing the sexes.

There is a reason why American women are depressed, angry, bitter, and on anti-depressants.

f08734  No.15509458


You do suffer the penalty to skill checks for swimming and the like though

fb5596  No.15509461


Being dense for the sake of it doesn't make for good conversation anon.


I meant more in terms of really anything nonanthropomorphic but yeah even vampires and werewolves are somewhat rare.

ddae85  No.15509469

File: e47bf3f27d869f2⋯.jpg (131.52 KB, 736x1179, 736:1179, 1525890183385.jpg)

File: fcb88bb78bae3fe⋯.jpg (202.05 KB, 1000x1272, 125:159, 1965603_566550522400_31150….jpg)

File: fef2c7c62f2d852⋯.jpg (137.48 KB, 736x1063, 736:1063, 6Exqv2n.jpg)

File: f829c3c7b83c2f1⋯.png (317.1 KB, 683x350, 683:350, 5ubbTik.png)

File: d71020fb293be6d⋯.jpg (98.19 KB, 736x986, 368:493, d0f1a306d721c52df0c9078fa1….jpg)

b47c94  No.15509470




Nigger those VAs are hilarious, I laughed my ass off when Amiri yelled "BLOOD FOR GORUM!" It's like I'm playing NWN1 again. This game has weak points but it's definitely not the VAs.

ddae85  No.15509510

File: 491c468498dc25d⋯.jpg (364.61 KB, 1920x2716, 480:679, -720.jpg)

File: 418b238e5babd09⋯.jpg (261.09 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, cc06b2559a06b396a6d2f43033….jpg)

File: d71020fb293be6d⋯.jpg (98.19 KB, 736x986, 368:493, d0f1a306d721c52df0c9078fa1….jpg)

File: 82980c2f7141ba2⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 413x604, 413:604, Ccv0OmXVAAARBCx.jpg)

File: 248235d2b0bd26d⋯.jpg (180.03 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, a743a98dd0ee49a4bc9e790abb….jpg)

d58658  No.15509516

File: 4c9846b2aeefc3f⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 355x558, 355:558, dyuna-roman_0.jpg)


Probably also a healthy dose of thoughtless plagiarism from Dune, failing to realize that the wacky Muslim heresies in the setting were part of a broader "Arabs in spaaace" motif that tied into themes of Herbert's worldbuilding and allegory. Note that this is in no way approval of Dune. Do not read it, it is dumb, the writing is packed with asphyxiating purple prose, and the story is gratuitously convoluted.

ffdd9f  No.15509568


It's especially dumb because it just gives up on what could be interesting worldbuilding about how these religions changed. They could have had Mormons becoming the most visible branch of Christianity because they believe technology will make them into gods (I didn't even have to make this up, it's a minority belief among Mormons but it's real: https://transfigurism.org/ ). Judaism could have come up with all sorts of restrictions on how they can use new technology that look weird to outsiders but don't actually hamper their ability to participate in society, just like they do now.

b65751  No.15509575


You'll never be the Kwisatz Haderach with that attitude.

fb5596  No.15509587


>They could have had Mormons becoming the most visible branch of Christianity because they believe technology will make them into gods (I didn't even have to make this up, it's a minority belief among Mormons but it's real: https://transfigurism.org/ ).

Battlestar Galactica kinda beat you to that by 40 years.

d58658  No.15509607


Even regarding Hinduism, there's the DBZ-tier lazor fights between UFOs and transdimensional giants.

0dc5b8  No.15509622

File: 1c49681e9bffd36⋯.jpg (142.75 KB, 874x914, 437:457, Those_Who_Sacrifice_Speed_….jpg)


Not everyone is a fucking goon, people can be SJW faggots without ever visiting SA.

Anyway SA is dead, Goonsquad in Eve is dead, you give them way more power and notoriety then they deserve when you scream goon at everything, retard.

b65751  No.15509644

Fucking archers can shoot arrows through walls for fucks sake this is heading to the bin at this rate.

0dc5b8  No.15509646


>Dune is bad

Oh your a nigger, opinion discarded.

9f66f2  No.15509691


balance is all over the fucking place

rng everywhere

enemies rarely miss

you can be fighting a kobold and take 2 steps and get steamrolled by some wolf things a second later

the fucking game is a mess atm

b6e022  No.15509695

This game is too fucking difficult. Some of the early encounters are way overtuned even on Normal mode, especially if you are playing as a caster.

b228d0  No.15509713


It's pathfinder. What did you expect?

d58658  No.15509749

File: 7add000d21a082c⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 498x274, 249:137, read a book.gif)



>complaining about rng and low-level powercurves

Have either of you ever played a D&D game before?

b6e022  No.15509784


I have, but our party members that we're given at the start are very suboptimal, especially the fighter.

89e554  No.15509787


I've had zero problems playing with "core" rules as they were in NWN, meaning as in tabletop. Then again I have played D&D and PF for a cumulative total of way too fucking much. Playing as a caster is hard mode at level 1, that's just how the game is supposed to work.

d58658  No.15509791


Is there an (official) option to go full Icewind Dale and fab an entire party from scratch?

b65751  No.15509804


Doesn't look like it, seems like you're stuck with the cunts it throws you.

89e554  No.15509809



I'd be a little surprised if there wasn't an NPC you could talk to to generate companions–seems like a really easy opportunity. It might have to wait until you get your kingdom or something.

fb5596  No.15509815


More games need to do what Ultima 7 part 2 did and let you kill your companions and put their souls in robots.

b6e022  No.15509830


Yes but you need to buy the extra party members, and it is extremely expensive and not a real option in the beginning.

89e554  No.15509839


Is that what the person in the inn does who you can ask for more "experienced fighters?"

d58658  No.15509849


I thought it was hilarious in KoTOR, when you'd recruit somebody well above their intended character level, instead of having prescripted builds for each level, the game just gives them a ton of XP, and you can just fill in all their level choices at once yourself.

b6e022  No.15509862


Yeah I'm almost 100% certain, I haven't managed to save up 2000g yet.

b65751  No.15509873


That was quite handy, made for easy specialisations on the fly.


Ah good.

90e269  No.15509929

Is there a respec system in the game? I just booted it up and have no idea what I'm doing. I'll probably fuck something up during play if I haven't done so already. I'm trying to make a wizard. Any tips?

d58658  No.15509954


>is there respec


>charop in d&d

Kek, you're in for a ride. Either enjoy the fumbling of a newb the natural way, or start here:


b65751  No.15510109


Well annoying Bard girl and crap dwarf fucked off with the Purple dick, so that's good but Amiri has a RAGING hard clit for me it seems, ffs.

b4f59e  No.15510155


>Christianity spreads across the world by applying christian philosophy to peoples lives and by absorbing everyone's pagan holidays and flexing to fit peoples needs so much that there are 30,000 branches of christianity

>Try to write it away by saying it wasn't flexible while saying the people who are exploding themselves were the true champions of flexibility


I'm pretty sure she's also popular because she's incredibly easy to cosplay, requiring a common hair color and having flexibility in the body type due to the way the armor is shaped. About half of the women I personally know could probably pull it off.


>Paizo isn't just pozzed, they're stupid.

This goes deeper than most people think. They're absolutely incapable of handling gameplay mechanics anymore. The Pathfinder ACG is a clusterfuck of cards with inconsistent rules. Starfinder is a giant booked filled with "ask your DM" that was missing basic rules on launch and still is. Pathfinder 2.0 is such a disaster that, on top of the incredible failures of the system, they're dumb enough to put it out there right before the first CRPG based on the original Pathfinder releases. Their stupidity has gone beyond bad writing.

They're so helpless nowadays that I expect them to all die to a gas leak.

89e554  No.15510192

File: 6c98f104c663962⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 435x571, 435:571, 6c9.jpg)



Here's the skinny:

You have the most powerful and versatile control and utility spells in the game. Straight damage is for simple minded dumbfucks. Area of effect is your key virtue as well. Sometimes, using an area of effect damage spell is worth it if enemy density is high enough, but ideally you should keep the fireballs to scrolls and wands and save your memory for the encounter ending control spells.

Your hitpoints are bottom tier, stay as far away as possible unless you multiclass into something with a non-shit hit die.

Don't lead groups ever, always walk in formation so you're not the one who sets off traps. In fact, make a habit of stopping at hallways and walking through with your rogue or barbarian first.

You should be able to learn spells by copying them into your spellbook from a scroll. This is unique to wizards. Make sure you copy all the arcane scrolls you can so you don't have to waste your level up spells on anything simple.

Examples of key spells that give wizards their classic D&D reputation of being smug, unlikeable assholes (learn these):


>Color Spray

>Magic Missile (because it bypasses all forms of evasion and armor and resistance)



>Stinking Cloud (moreso in the past when it fucking PARALYZED NIGGERS)

>Fireball (tends to annihilate everything with 3 or less hit dice in a huge radius, also the setting things on fire bit is key in P&P)

>Ghost Visage (or whatever it's fucking called)

>Black Tentacles

>Any summoning spell past the 2nd spell level

That should get you going.

fb5596  No.15510226


>Color Spray

He's playing a wizard not a faggot, anon.

89e554  No.15510264


If there was a gay rights movement in this game's setting, they wouldn't use the rainbow flag due to how much murder has been committed with the help of Color Spray. The WEAKEST FUCKING EFFECT you can get on Color Spray is "stunned for 1 round." On a 1st level, area of effect spell.

d58658  No.15510266


Also Judaism:

>no afterlife

>not evangelistic

>originated decentralized, centralization at the temple happened later, and decentralized sects persist to this day

>talmudic tradition means religious scripture is a living document open to constant reanalysis and scrutiny

>intermittent history of messianic cults such as christianity regularly shakes up religion

>kabbalaic mystery cults already broach the idea of material universe being a degraded prison made by an idiotic demiurge that can be broken through by the enlightened

b65751  No.15510284


Pride Spray

97b43d  No.15510442


No idea. Even in my most liberal days I never fell for the peaceful Muslims meme. To me they were just fundies who lived in the Middle East.

868988  No.15510456

>game based on a D&D knockoff

>it's not turn based

I hate every game that claims to be based on pen and paper systems, but then pulls this shit.

89e554  No.15510506

File: 328e619f5cfa474⋯.mp4 (425.25 KB, 360x360, 1:1, [screams_into_cup].mp4)

Well, my opinion on this game just soured for a very straightforward reason. I can't load any of my save games because I'm playing on Linux.

No archive because I'm getting server errors.


So much for starting to enjoy a fucking video game, I guess.

fb5596  No.15510509


Literally all they'd have to do is rewrite the initiative rules to allow for multiple and successive terms based on stat modifiers, equipment, downtime on moves used and whatnot and they could make a game where you can play full turn based or RTWP with absolutely zero differences but that's too much work and can't be done with simple scripts.

89e554  No.15510523


They did that in AD&D era, it was called "speed factor" or some bullshit. Most people thought it was too complicated so it only achieved meme status and nobody actually used it. Also it severely asspained cheeto-encrusted caster players because spells took a long time to cast and they could get stabbed by a greasy lowlife like two or three times in the interim.

bfd8c4  No.15510540


>Dungeons of World of Warcraft was good at all

It's people like you who make this world a worse place, every time you draw breath.

fb5596  No.15510549


> Most people thought it was too complicated

In a paper setting it honestly is but with vidya there's practically no excuse. It's essentially what the ATB was in Final Fantasy just without the clunky going through each character slowly shit to pick who you wanted to actually act.

d58658  No.15510570


RTwP adaptations of D&D from Infinity to NWN handled timekeeping perfectly. The objection most people have to RTwP is that some amount of AI is required to interpolate between queued player orders, especially for positioning.

I personally find the advantages of RTwP relative to IGOUGO TB generally outweigh the maluses, but I'll admit that an occasional TB adaptation does have its own unique flavor that's refreshing to play occasionally.


Speed factor had to do with RoF on ranged weapons, you're probably thinking of "segments" in 2e.

bfd8c4  No.15510578




>Penalty to skill checks

>Cap on DEX AC bonus

>Arcane spell failure chance

>Slows you down

don't get me wrong, I do like playing armored mages, but it's a lot of extra work when a magical bathrobe and some spells can keep you pretty well protected.

e67af1  No.15510588

So once you find the nature cleric can he heal you like he says he can? There's no option to do so, only buy scrolls I can't use.

868988  No.15510598



D&D has Standard, Minor, and Move actions. Attacking is a Standard action. Some classes/builds can perform multiple attacks in one turn if they don't move. Most spells can be performed in one Standard action. There's no reason why it can't be a straight turn based translation from the pen and paper rules.

89e554  No.15510606


>Speed factor had to do with RoF on ranged weapons, you're probably thinking of "segments" in 2e.

I don't know the name at all. It assigned a speed value to each weapon on a table, if I recall rightly, and I think one of the Gold Box video games actually used it.

89e554  No.15510617


The thing about armor is that only classes with martial proficiencies can use it, and the only real benefit you get from the armor is its inherent AC bonus. On the other hand, if you have a robe of blur or concealment that gives you 50% chance for all attacks to miss, then it's not like you really give a shit about 8 AC. The benefit of enchanting armor is very limited both in scope and in who can benefit from it.

fb5596  No.15510620


Yes but I'm talking about specifically fixing their own self made problem, not bypassing it entirely like a normal person.

bfd8c4  No.15510662


>Christians explore and conquer the entire world

>But they won't be able to do it in space because REASONS


>700 years of darkness and regressions


Fucking retards don't know the first thing about religions.

70eead  No.15510673

File: 73a6d04841817a3⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 500x860, 25:43, 73a6d04841817a31fb601b523e….jpg)

File: 192bb6fe5d2ebe2⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 258x960, 43:160, 192bb6fe5d2ebe2030b5f98436….jpg)

I see fucking nigger in the promotional picture.

It says all I want to know.

Also post Dora porn.

d58658  No.15510699


>in space

Not just that, humanity was rendered basically extinct, pretty much everyone is just a piece of software uploaded into manufactured bodies. Essentially, everyone are soulless golems.

Granted, Christianity wouldn't really be any worse off than most other religions I can think of insofar as bullshitting up a theological excuse.

c7e68f  No.15510720

File: ad39c65f96ba09f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 276.61 KB, 1045x745, 209:149, 1928502 - Backpack DareDem….png)

File: 187fbd0de175677⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 348.77 KB, 1012x758, 506:379, 1945694 - Backpack DareDem….png)

File: 86a0e5064fbdf99⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 321.71 KB, 1403x992, 1403:992, 2168354 - Dora_Marquez Dor….png)

bfd8c4  No.15510747


Christianity has demonstrated it's mental agility to justify it's existence in pretty much any context, even in direct contradiction to it's own texts. Muslims can't even eat pork without going to muzzie hell.

e67af1  No.15510770

So I'm trying to rest before a battle, but after resting I'm exhausted. I keep getting a dream event, is that related?

90e269  No.15510810


Thanks, anon. I thought they made this thing computer friendly by dumping the vancian magic system. If I had known earlier I'd have rolled for a martial class instead.

8016d4  No.15510820


>Christian finds contradiction between scripture and reality

<"your interpretation of the scripture is wrong"

>Muslim finds contradiction between scripture and reality

<"your interpretation of reality is wrong"

>blows up

I highly doubt your average Christian or person with an IQ above 90 wouldn't have problems with transhumansm, anyhow.

bfd8c4  No.15510828


You have to go to this crossing south of the Oleg's inn area and there's an event there that advances the dream plot.

d58658  No.15510831


>problems with transhumansm

This wasn't willing, the backstory was that generations of people were backing up their minds online for centuries, just in case, then the earth was destroyed. The backups are basically all that's left.

04aab2  No.15510832

File: be9f519e998f41b⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 238x228, 119:114, чому.jpg)


чего блять

bfd8c4  No.15510835


There would be some weird hold-outs.

>muh mark of the beast

But the vast majority of the faith (who arguably are heretics anyways) would be fine with it. Especially if it was introduced gradually.

89e554  No.15510845

File: 57037996911dbe6⋯.jpg (35.02 KB, 660x660, 1:1, 57037996911dbe6bfadeb9826d….jpg)


Small update on this issue for the laughs. Apparently yesterday morning the official Owlcat Games Steam account posted in the main Steam thread for this issue saying that they'd work on this issue all day if they had to. Then they went on a livestream and said it's more complicated than they thought and that they're waiting for other devs to help. Jesus Christ. I simply can't imagine that it's that difficult. The IO library for Unity is not rocket science.

d58658  No.15510857


There are some "fake realtime" games, like Summoner and The Dark Eye, that are actually just WEGO "simultaneous resolution" TB, but that removes the benefit of higher time granularity from RTwP.


>game written in unity

>has crossplatform problems

I think that's the point in your career as a programmer when you're supposed to livestream you and your entire family's suicide out of shame for failing so hard at life

89e554  No.15510870


Someone in the Steam thread linked to another stackoverflow knock-off thread about some Unity code to save multiple files at once not working. He was getting the exact same exception that Pathfinder: Kingmaker is throwing at me. Turns out the dipshit forgot to serialize his data and close the file handle. I sincerely hope it's not that ridiculously stupid.

811d2c  No.15510917

>another UNITY engine game overheats 1080Ti to 80-90C



ccbe59  No.15510931

why cant i kill the spider swams in the stupid berry cave


fb5596  No.15510932


>not having a solid carbon dioxide heat sink

868988  No.15510934


Are you using area attacks?

ccbe59  No.15510944


i dont have any

im only level 2 my party is me, angry woman with big sword, angry woman about being pretty and little dirty orphan girl writing her fan fiction about me

db866a  No.15510974



Welcome to tabletop. There is literally no way to attack a swarm without AOEs, I suggest if you cannot cast magic (what the fuck are you doing?) you buy a fuckload of alchemist fires

ccbe59  No.15510980


so a group of all barbarians isnt viable

db866a  No.15510984


I'm kinda mad they fucked magus. Like they have both graces but they don't have darvish dancer, fucking dropped.

db866a  No.15510995


In Pathfinder (both the tabletop and the videogame) a magic caster outclasses a martial class in every aspect.



>Range damage


>Melee damage


89e554  No.15510998



You're supposed to use torches. The game starts you with at least one. But yes, swarms are immune to weapon damage. This is why any dungeoneering Fighter or Barbarian worth their salt carries oil flasks. "Alchemist's fire" is just a bunch of bullshit they came up with to make it seem less mundane in later editions.

8016d4  No.15511002


something something water balloon fighters

db866a  No.15511010


I mean, I don't suppose you can do the low money molotov meme in the videogame. But yes, ideally if you don't have a magic caster you gotta have some rags, a torch, some flour, 50ft of rope, some copper pieces and a 10 foot pole in every dungeon you're going in.

89e554  No.15511021


>I mean, I don't suppose you can do the low money molotov meme in the videogame.

That's what alchemist's fire/acid flasks are for. They're very common in the game and not expensive. I just don't get why they felt the need to make them seem "more magical" by changing the name from "oil flask."

>some rags, a torch, some flour, 50ft of rope, some copper pieces and a 10 foot pole in every dungeon you're going in.

>no mirror

>no silver mirror because you picked a race with infravision so you can look around corners with infravision


db866a  No.15511023


Damn I forgot the mirror.

9f66f2  No.15511049


a good game


but is the gameplay good? no. If i wanted 1 to pnp I'd be playing pnp. Even still its just not good.

89e554  No.15511104


There's a methodology to playing the game and enjoying yourself, it just requires some stumbling until you gain knowledge of the class mechanics. As a long-time veteran of 3rd edition schlock and its derivatives, it's objectively not very good all-around but there's a ton of content for it and it just doesn't want to fucking go away. 3rd edition was actually designed for you to be very likely to fail before you can learn the game mechanics and succeed. This was due to their ivory tower game design philosophy, basically WotC saying "let's copy Magic the Gathering" after buying D&D from TSR.

If you want enemies to miss less, understand how the average to-hit roll works and what kind of armor class your party members have. 10 is the "baseline" AC with no armor and no penalties or special stat bonuses. You will probably get hit unless they roll poorly. 20 AC is what you can expect out of a guy with full plate armor and a shield and no special stat bonuses. 28 AC is what you might expect out of a buffed cleric/warrior with magic items.

e67af1  No.15511116


Yeah, that was obvious enough, but I didn't realize the nightmare was causing my exhaustion until I'd wasted 3 days.

3254ba  No.15511701


Concealment? You mean that thing that gets removed by a single cast of faerie fire? The level 1 spell?

bc1d4e  No.15512252


I thought armor enchants were permanent.

1b5a05  No.15512254


I was pissed when I noticed quarter staffs don't seem to work with weapon finesse in game, so my plan of making a bad ass wis/dex pumping staff using cleric/monk won't work.

1b5a05  No.15512261


>gets removed by a single cast of faerie fire?

depends does the game the same bullshit AI as the old BG game had where the npcs always know exactly what spell to cast to fuck you over, even when they technically shouldn't even know you're there?

000000  No.15513400


>the party AI seems decent so far and you can turn it off

I've heard a lot about party AI being terrible and unresponsive tbh.


>AoD is a choose your own adventure novel.

This is too true. Still, it's one of the few RPGs I find myself replaying over and over. It's a flawed gem, but still worth playing, especially compared to the shit being shoveled out by AAA RPG developers.


That ain't "Get Woke, Go Broke" though. That's just paizo being paizo. They were always fucking terrible at mechanics. These guys used to run Dragon Magazine for the 3.5 D&D line back in the day and they were positively infamous for the amounts of busted content they would shit out, to the point that hearing someone wanted to play something from Dragon Magazine made you worry what munchkin bullshit they were pulling out.

In Pathfinder Core they just tweaked mechanics a bit and switched things around, and during the playtest they banned anyone who posted serious analysis and criticism of what PF was doing wrong. Stupid design decisions made their way through in the game and questioning them was verboten because the devs were prima donnas who refused to accept they could've done anything wrong. The main reason PF did so well wasn't that Paizo was a brilliant company. It was that Paizo knew how to publish this shit and people fucking hated 4E which WotC discontinued. When paizo made PF (which they advertised as 3.5-compatible even though it wasn't really, again: fail) all the 3.5 players who hated 4E switched over to PF instead, since PF was still making content.

There was so much shit they could've fixed when they released PF, instead they copied over many of the 3.5 failings and made a good number of them much worse than they ever were in 3.5.

e67af1  No.15513420


>>AoD is a choose your own adventure novel.


>This is too true. Still, it's one of the few RPGs I find myself replaying over and over

I never said that it was a bad game. It's very good at what it does. What it does, however, doesn't feel like an RPG to me.

000000  No.15513434


I still rate it as an RPG, but I know what you mean.

000000  No.15513486


That's for the tabletop game, not the videogame, and it's out of date to boot.

000000  No.15513868


In Pathfinder you can ignore crafting prerequisites by adding +4 to the crafting DC. It's a key part of how you can make a candle of invocation at level 5 and cast a game-breaking spell you shouldn't have access to before level 17.

4315c9  No.15513962

Games at 64% in reviews and sold so poorly it didn't even make front page. This is the quickest get woke go broke story to date.

e67af1  No.15514049

File: c5148a886f3a7b6⋯.png (365.76 KB, 652x786, 326:393, IWF4GUa[1].png)


It's the top seller currently

It's less pozzed than PoE and possible W2

4315c9  No.15514452

File: 7012e6d62891823⋯.png (631.07 KB, 978x867, 326:289, not according to mine.PNG)

File: 18a65a9cb7c72fa⋯.jpg (301.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180927160635_1.jpg)

File: b79a5c2e061c4aa⋯.jpg (311.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180927160725_1.jpg)


It's not even on my list or my brothers. Probably only on yours because you have it in your wishlist.

As for less pozzed the writer doesn't even know the difference between Agnosticism and Atheism (self projection) and writes this garbage tier projection. This whole rant was about how she shouldn't have to put up with men fauning over her.

e67af1  No.15514473

File: e50594d119a1c60⋯.jpg (6.73 KB, 159x175, 159:175, Susan.jpg)

>Find a trap in a room full of giant spiders

>Lure a spider onto it

>The spider doesn't trigger it

e67af1  No.15514490


Well I removed it to check and it won't stop saying it's on my wishlist, so I don't know. I'm probably wrong considering that.

a9602d  No.15514779

Game is fine. There is, sadly, some pozz in there which surprised me considering the devs are Russkies but it's certainly less obnoxious than, say, Pillars or Tides of Numama.

a9602d  No.15514782


That's been the case since BG.

a9602d  No.15514784


Plus I'm fairly certain a fucking spider would be immune to web traps anyway.

e67af1  No.15514884


Doesn't make it less retarded

Does anyone know how the mercenary levels are decided?

I have the greencoal burner rogue/wizard and since my MC is a rogue I want a pure wizard. I already got a cleric mercenary and he started off at the same level everyone else was at, but at the minimum experience level for that. So now he's a level below. If it's the level of the MC I should probably get a wizard now, otherwise I should probably wait until the cleric is leveled up.

a9602d  No.15514894


From what I gathered, merc are generated at the level of the MC at 0 XP. So get them when you level up.

e67af1  No.15514908


Sweet. Means I can replace all of these shit characters with optimized guys named after friends. I guess the undead chick is interesting enough to keep, but holy shit I hate everyone else.

a9602d  No.15515147


For some reason the devs managed to optimize fuck-off trash mobs but didn't bother with the actual companions. Valerie with 15 Cha and 9 Int, wut?

d58658  No.15515490

File: 47f0d5d0870d03e⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 969x962, 969:962, PZO9202-SymbolGroetus.jpg)


I've often heard Ultima VII described as something of a VN, too. That seems a bit extreme, I'd draw the line at PS:T





Actually, since she fully acknowledges the existence of gods, she is neither. Gnosticism itself (rebellion against the divine) would actually be a closer description. She's future Groetus chow either way.

4315c9  No.15515578


Depending on what definition you use for either phrase that is a fair assessment.

Starting a new series demonstrating the cringe.


89e554  No.15515612


Yeah, monks are still gay unless you use fists or certain monk weapons. I really don't understand why Paizo passed on the opportunity to make quarterstaffs cool and not a useless joke weapon.


Depends on the game. Neverwinter Nights for example doesn't have faerie fire and concealment is really fucking annoying in that game.



It's been a rule since OD&D that monsters don't set off traps, and only when 3rd edition (if I recall correctly) came out were there monsters that couldn't see in the dark. It's just one of those rules you make to make the GM's life easier.

b6e022  No.15516666


The poor reviews are not because of SJW shit; while it certainly exists in the game it's not blatant and it's in such low doses that it's ignoreable. The poor reviews are because there is no way under the sun that this game was fucking beta tested.

000000  No.15517119


>physically attactive

That thing looks unambiguously like a man.

>most […] orders,

How the hell can an entire order be attracted to an ugly thot? And this in a pozzed universe where every order probably has a 50:50 male/female split.

>and genders

<most genders are attracted to ugly women

This is a completely retarded statement on multiple levels.

74cad8  No.15517370

>decide to play spellsword

>make eldritch scion

>get to progressively wear heavier armor at no spell failure

>get to use touch spells with my sword

> get to improve magic weapons with more enchant bonus and damage/keen/unholy

>abyssal bloodline

>get tensers as a bloodline spell, 6 STR from leveling and level 9 summons despite only getting level 6 spells

Why am I minmaxing by putting 20 levels into a core class

e67af1  No.15518376

Some things I found on steam forums

>Act I encounters were balanced incorrectly, AC 20 bandits being some of the weakest enemies was an unintended thing according to the devs

>the RNG may be completely disconnected from D20 and the rolls shown falsified, some dude claims to have a data set of 1000 where a 10% CTH (hit on 19 or 20) was hitting about 40% of the time.

>Latest patch may or may not fix early encounter scaling but breaks merc recruitment

e67af1  No.15518807

So a level 2 companion costs 2k gold while a level 4 one costs 8k. Holy fuck.

d24998  No.15520345


Fuck, I thought it was a flat 2k. There's no option to get it underleveled is there?

ca59e4  No.15520657

File: 15d3cdbc8dd72b4⋯.jpg (205.71 KB, 1500x938, 750:469, infzbk.jpg)


I´m done with trying to invent plausible scenarios for these commie treasonous scum.

They know very well how fucked up muzzies are (especially the lesbotron feminazis). they also know Muslims are the arch enemies of the MEN OF THE WEST.

It´s as simple as the old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Liberals and Communists are our enemies, the quicker that sinks in the more time is saved.

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