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File: ae18947d060802f⋯.jpg (631.4 KB, 1920x810, 64:27, pathfinder_ds_banner_OUTNO….jpg)

7d01ae  No.15522404


>Pathfinder and not some retarded shit like PoE or Torment's made for the game yet still shit rulesets

>Moderate-high difficulty

>mildly interesting plot thus far

>no purple prose

>A lot of difficulty sliders to customize different aspects of difficulty

>The least leftist taint in a nu-CRPG

Neutral for me but some people may be autistic about


>not 100% accurate to pathfinder especially with monsters even with all the difficulty sliders set to pen and paper accurate


>Bethesda quality Q&A, bugs everywhere, some gamebreaking (I haven't encountered any) especially on linux

>devs have stated early game encounters are scaled incorrectly but haven't said when this will be fixed

>Recruiting not-gimped mercenary companions who you create is almost exorbitantly expensive and was broken in the 9/28 patch, not sure if that's been hotfixed yet

>Dice rolls may not have even probability as some people have claimed after a hundred or so tests 10~% CTH for enemies hit 40~% of the time with roughly opposite results for the player and similar results for saving throws (AI always seems to succeed, PCs rarely)

>At the start there are 5 companions 2-3 of which will join you and the rest your rival depending on your choices, 4 of which are women, all of which are complete shit compared to an optimized character (the fighter has fucking 14 STR)

>Magic weapons more common than BG which felt too common for me

If they don't cuck out worse I'll probably buy it when it goes on sale for ten bucks or less. I recommend a pirate for now.


Unpatched version from TPB, I've heard that patch 1.01 or maybe 1.02 breaks merc recruitment which is mandatory (recommend getting one at level 2, costs 2k gold, get it as close to as soon as you level up as possible) which you absolutely must have.

3c3599  No.15522470


Thanks, anon. By the way, any money from direct game sales goes to Pozzo? (Pozzfinder IP owner). If yes, then sorry, it isn't worth it.

7d01ae  No.15523070


I would assume so. Anyone know what kind of split these licensing deals normally look like?

3494b5  No.15523088


Fuck off with this shit game

7d01ae  No.15523145


Is there a better CRPG that came out since NWN2?

Please say yes I need more

83b447  No.15523183

File: 3f9934a99683e79⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 1200x755, 240:151, 3f9934a99683e79470309091c6….jpg)



a54f27  No.15523198



I heard good things about Age of Decadence as well but it's post apoc also so if you're into just fantasy there really isn't many choices.

9ab949  No.15523234


it sucks. there are only certain builds that are viable

42ad6b  No.15523332

Can you build a royal harem?

7d01ae  No.15523346

File: cc402253393e492⋯.png (209.5 KB, 998x138, 499:69, kBXmKid[1].png)


You can't even throw this little kikelet out of your throne room.

583d18  No.15523374


>Gives you a choice to make them leave

>It doesn't actually get rid of them


a54f27  No.15523399


It's an ugly dyke I take it?

7d01ae  No.15523439


Looks like the chick from DMC5

ebe72d  No.15523479

File: 95db2c185f615be⋯.jpg (169.64 KB, 1045x664, 1045:664, 178gugngjhf8585jgfjfiei486….jpg)


>Hahaha look at our super pozzed kike game, but its to hard for drumpf nazi scum because we have no fucking clue how D&D/Pathfinder mechanics work and can't balance shit.

Fuck off.

7d01ae  No.15523483


I don't even think the game has niggers in it and I've only found one gay

ff22f3  No.15523512

I really wanted to give this a solid go but it's testing my patience now, saving after every damn thing that doesn't kill me is getting old, every bastard encounter that isn't some soft bellied pile of shit is raping at least one of my skanks before they're dealt with, shields run out fast, spells too, this means potions, which quickly means no potions, which means shopping which means backtracking or finding a new store which means wasting time which is apparently at a fucking premium, gr8 stuff games on timers can suck my dick.

So you stock up and RNG your way to barley managing to kill some half tasty cunt but 3 of your team are royally fucked up so your potionless asses have to rest but then your anus gets a nocturnal raking over the coals by whatever shitheel decided to start crit stabbing your sleeping mates for a chuckle. It feels like this game hates the player. I've got fuck nothing done on the 'build a damn town' front, saw the little purple cunt once but he ran off, the gangs are NAILS as fuck, gotta go killing everything weak to get anywhere it seems, at this rate I'll have to find a way to reset the clock.

7d01ae  No.15523525


What are your difficulty settings at? I made a custom setting because 'normal' has modifiers below PF and "challenging" has modifiers above it. You have to manually make everything PF baseline. It still isn't baseline but it's closer that way.

By the way I finished the first part with the 90 day timer in 30 days, so don't sweat the timer.

4e06c9  No.15523530


isnt there a tranny in this game?

2a87fa  No.15523539


age of decadence is an amazing game with some excellent writing. it's also a weird take on post apocalyptic. it's post apocalyptic imperial rome

7d01ae  No.15523546


I haven't heard of this, but it's entirely possible. Are you sure you aren't talking about the tranny from Pathfinder P&P modules that was discussed in the first thread? I have no clue if that character is in this game or not.

ff22f3  No.15523549


Yeah I set everything to normal/1:1 too but I am a Wizard, I may have ventured too far into the shit and need to back up.


Not seen it yet if there is.

7d01ae  No.15523551


>I'm a wizard

Well no shit things are hard at first and second level.

a93255  No.15523633

The trailers looked good, the setting seemed kind of interesting (I did not know what Pathfinder was at the time) so I made a mental note for 9/25. After reading a few user reviews and snippets of SJW banter, I made up my mind.

I fired up Baldur's Gate and made a new character. See ya!

9bbf9a  No.15523767

File: da207771b238245⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 350x489, 350:489, linzi.jpg)


Is the game fun? Im hearing thats its very difficult but that really doesnt matter only thing that matters is is it fun and is the story good. Also depends how much social justice garbage is in the game.


Nah just a halfling or dwarf

a93255  No.15523789



Only if you are a fan of beta testing, anon. Haven't played it myself but just going through the threads on Steam makes me feel sorry for the players.

9bbf9a  No.15523805


Welp all i need to hear maybe in two years when its on sale and probaly not even then if something better is out

a93255  No.15523823


Black Geyser seems to be in the same vein as this. I have bookmarked Blasphemous as well (although it's not a CRPG) because the setting has caught my fancy. Other than that I don't know what to look forward to next as far as this miserable genre. Read books I guess.

e4f1d5  No.15523834

Is wizard the best class?

9bbf9a  No.15523837


Ever since Rust ever developer has been releasing half finished garbage all of which are bigger than 10gbs.


Its been awhile but wizards are always the best class in dnd

a54f27  No.15523843



Depends on the game really. Sometimes clerics are clearly the best and every now and again it's monks but in general wizards are, yes.

e4f1d5  No.15523848


I hope so, because I've started with an wizard elf. I've picked conjuring as main and necromancy and divinity as opposite. I thought that I can start by summoning a dog to help me, but nope. At the start the summoning spell isn't charged.

a93255  No.15523863


Admittedly RPG's, especially those that come with vast overarching quest lines and lots of freedom of choice are prone to bugs but the onslaught of bug reports on freaking launch day has left me bedazzled. Professional reviewers are going to eat them alive.

a54f27  No.15523870


>Professional reviewers are going to eat them alive.

I wouldn't bet on that really.

a93255  No.15523880


I hope I am wrong for their sake. Only 65% of Steam user reviews are positive at the moment.

9bbf9a  No.15523893


Have fun and good luck anon

Tell me if its as buggy as steam and anon is saying.


How could i forget about clerics, Detect evil to find out if my quest givers are evil then:


>quickened inflict moderate wounds

Fun times, that and raising dead friends.


Im willing to expect bugs ever now and then but it seems for awhile now all i do is bug test peoples games ive begun to run out of patience.

7d01ae  No.15523900


>The most SJWy tripe you'll see is a couple that is into an open relationship and makes it sound precisely like the cuck thing with their bullshit overcompensation.

JFC where? I want to see if I can kill them/fuck them over in some other way. I assume they're your subjects?

7d01ae  No.15523905


>Tell me if its as buggy as steam and anon is saying.

It is.

>Sleeping bandits get dex AC

>dead bodies chasing you

>Skeletons in the sky

>Invisible doors

>quests not updating correctly

c22772  No.15523913


>dead bodies chasing you

>Skeletons in the sky


7d01ae  No.15523914


Oh and I found an "alpha wolf" which appears to be below a dire wolf. Dire wolves have +2 dex AC and +3 natural AC. Alpha wolves have 4 dex AC and 8 natural AC.

9bbf9a  No.15523917


Sleep bandits being able to dodge hits and invisible doors id understand.

but dead bodies following you and skeletons in the sky are pretty damn heinous.

a93255  No.15523923


There seems to be a time limit on one of the main quests too. You'd need to pay me to give this a shot.

7d01ae  No.15523930

File: bc2d92b1a653cac⋯.jpg (91.86 KB, 1075x839, 1075:839, FdA3C0e[1].jpg)


Oh I forgot about this one, it's pretty fun.

If you put the undead autism elf in the "special" position the game says two undead champions will defend you if you're attacked. This seems to only happen 1/10 times or so, but when it does pic related happens. They all leave bodies too, so you can get their equipment. It's all standard quality, so it's only 100-200 gold, but it's pretty funny.

5b1103  No.15523954


This. Does anybody even remember how INSANELY, borderline unplayably buggy today's classics like all of the Infinity Engine games, Fallout 1/2, ToEE, Arcanum, etc. were?

7d01ae  No.15524022


PoE, Torment, and Tranny will never be good though.

a54f27  No.15524036


That gives them less of an excuse, not more. 20 years later we shouldn't be making the same mistakes.

7d01ae  No.15524063

>Find a giant statue with a treasure trove locked by three cogs entrusted to three dwarven guards who looked after it for over a century

>Inside I find an enchanted suit of full plate armor, hundreds of gold, a magical belt

>and a recipe for onion soup

7d01ae  No.15524072

File: 95dc37685ff4171⋯.jpg (14.67 KB, 157x225, 157:225, 1513121243002.jpg)


>Give lady thunderthighs the fighter the suit of armor which has a max dex bonus of 1

>She now has 1 AC from dex

>Give her the belt which gives 2 dex str and con

>she now has 2 AC from dex

Quality programming

7d01ae  No.15524082


If your standards are low enough to play through nu torment and tranny then you should love this since it isn't shit.

5b1103  No.15524083

File: eb5d97876313e4e⋯.png (178.72 KB, 500x726, 250:363, ill-just-warn-you-now-dont….png)


The underlying problem is that RPGs require an inherently problematic workflow. In most other genres:

>programmers create engine

>artists create audiovisual assets

>mappers create environment

>writers create story/fluff

>designers create reference docs

>tiny amount of scripting is either hardcoded using automated tools or specially requested for programming team

In RPGs, on top of this:

>massive amount of scripting needed

>designers, writers, mappers, absolutely have to pepper everything they make with custom scripts

>these people either can't program or aren't aren't very good programmers

>even with a tightly defined subset of a really dumbed down language like lua or python, the inevitable result is mountains of amateurish spaghetti code

The only solutions I can imagine are either tremendously more powerful SDKs, or forcing half the team to take a crash compsci course before development even starts.

7d01ae  No.15524087

File: 02dc23eff3ace05⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 312x445, 312:445, 1333176888386.jpg)


And some people's are better than others

7d01ae  No.15524103


It's a russian game retard

7d01ae  No.15524122


Which changes nothing about your sentence implying the game is American. Could you please learn English before attempting to insult your betters?

a54f27  No.15524129


We have IDs you spastic goon.

1d946a  No.15524133

File: 831380455135495⋯.png (3.37 KB, 255x223, 255:223, 1532641156632.png)

I just wanted to be an attention whore and express my full hatred for the first swarm encounter and the fucking wererats.

ff22f3  No.15524136


Amiri might as well be one now I think, she's obsessed with emulating what men do and carries a giant phallic feminine penis weapon, shout-talks like a retard, probably covering up some severe daddy issues and needs a deep dicking but my Wizard (in ever sense) sure as fuck ain't doing it.

7d01ae  No.15524146


The swarms get easier if you realize you can control target some AoE attacks so you don't hit your fighters when you use them. Generally though that's a horribly balanced encounter.

ff22f3  No.15524190

File: 60d98a8fcb83033⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 224x137, 224:137, you.jpg)

a1c30b  No.15524255

File: 80081798d684880⋯.jpg (669.98 KB, 1668x3437, 1668:3437, Pathfinder 'realism'.jpg)


>If they don't cuck out worse I'll probably buy it when it goes on sale for ten bucks or less

>giving money to people who celebrate putting tranny characters in ther rulebooks

Do not buy anything with the Pathfinder name on it. Go to /tg/ if you want more concrete examples of the devs' autism and poz, because they're full of it.


>>Skeletons in the sky

>I can go twice as hiiiigh . . .

>Take a look!

>It's in a book!

>Bleeding rainbone . . .

5b1103  No.15524393


The poz and the 'tism are separate problems, the former postdating the latter substantially.

>dat skr pic

The thread about tethered pistols and his attempts to evaluate it with his flabby body is my favorite

02b8d1  No.15524410

File: a9c2c5a219a434b⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 960x919, 960:919, attention.jpg)

So can I fuck the amazon barbarian warrior in this or not?

5b1103  No.15524471

File: 17e6a3b3d8084fa⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 678x447, 226:149, Romanceable companions.jpg)


God I hope not

9bbf9a  No.15524529


been reading some reviews doesn't seem likely seem she's a "iconic" character taken from the books and the creators specifically stated they didn't want her to be romanceable.

These are the only option


Both the orc and the female mage are in a relationship and are also Bi.

8c1ca2  No.15524540

>pros: pathfinder

but pathfinder is shit

8a2bf2  No.15524549


At least it isn't 4th ed, an MMO system or a simplified system like Skyrim.

Isn't it great that we live in a world where being pathfinder is a pro?

c22772  No.15524550

File: 845d1b6a5f60900⋯.png (84.57 KB, 418x421, 418:421, confusednepgear.png)

Did the Romans not use gladius as their primary weapon after the pila?

7d01ae  No.15524559


It's mediocre I'd say, but it's probably the best thing related to D&D.

57aa28  No.15524565

File: 65449e833110108⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 600x848, 75:106, scarlessriader_by_yanmozha….jpg)

File: 42c66bedda59619⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 564x725, 564:725, 0ec7d9a67613574bc2b03ed135….jpg)

File: f2fc954e900de65⋯.jpg (158.03 KB, 1043x1600, 1043:1600, 1538177708950.jpg)

File: 2a91db139386935⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 750x937, 750:937, ca52fe558e79e5264ddbe5fb1b….jpg)

Here's an archive of 21 character portraits I just prepared, including some zoggin orcs:


9bbf9a  No.15524569


He's complaining about Bows being better than crossbows anything he says is shit.

If that was the case crossbows would have never been built in the first place.


They did eventually they switched over to spears.

a54f27  No.15524594


I always figured bows and crossbows were situational things.

5b1103  No.15524595




Both are in pretty radically different contexts:

>classical era

Cavalry didn't exist, because there were no stirrups nor reigns. Instead, there were only infantry in light armor and (later) chariots. Order of battle was bows, javelins/slings, short spears, then swords, marching with tower shields (discarded when in sword range) in tight formations.

>middle ages

Cavalry was used to harass and break up tight formations, so instead line infantry was used with long (>15') pikes to ward off cavalry, and heavier armor allowed the use of smaller shields with more powerful close range weapons.


Is primarily about individual combat in close quarters, not mass engagements on open terrain. As such, sword/axe/mace & shield/main-gauche has a massive advantage over spears or two-handers. And ranged weapons of any kind aside from offhand thrown weapons are completely unrealistic

85b3e8  No.15524626

>vancian casting

Into the trash, m80.

7d01ae  No.15524645

File: e51a158efcba647⋯.jpg (12.03 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1327631876426.jpg)

File: ba3546ce9df86d8⋯.png (217.29 KB, 300x384, 25:32, 1322080954520.png)

File: 83c5afd9d27dd4b⋯.jpg (333.36 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 1315247890132.jpg)

File: 5433c3474f7934b⋯.jpg (43.15 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1321412301775.jpg)


>Cavalry didn't exist

42ad6b  No.15524653


Sean K. Reynolds left years ago (possibly fired) and his replacement is a guy who wrote optimization guides. Company is still shit though, and the beta test for their new system is horrifically bad. They went to a D20 Modern/Saga Edition/4E style approach where classes had no fixed abilities and you picked from a talent tree every other level. They missed the point of that design entirely (admittedly of the three examples only Saga Edition pulled it off. D20 Modern had talents that were almost all retarded in design. "You get +1 to a skill" and "You can add your intelligence to your to-hit on the second round onward" were equal, 4E was shit) and it forces you into a single tower depending on what you want to specialize in. Except you still have fixed abilities on top of that, so characters are still shoehorned into a role.

81dd9b  No.15524667


What about AD&D?

9bbf9a  No.15524669


It was, crossbows were sometimes used in more urban places. The problem is in that pic the person was complaining about how crossbows were inferior in every respect.


Confused D&D with Late Medieval Ages man i feel retarded.

f764af  No.15524673


>the straight woman is a gruff male stereotype

>the straight man is a softhearted female stereotype

>you can save the degenerate elf and orc's relationship by sticking your dick in the middle of it

7d01ae  No.15524702

c7a722  No.15524718


Is there a loli mod yet?

5b1103  No.15524727


Not in its later sense, no. Due to the unwieldiness of horsemanship prior to the invention of better riding gear, horse were generally restricted to scouting and skirmishing.


My point was that using the tactics and weapons of the mass battlefield, from any era, to evaluate the usually indoors one-on-one combat in an RPG is silly.

7d01ae  No.15524739

File: 358bf5b4eb614a0⋯.png (22.69 KB, 742x571, 742:571, Battle_of_Cannae,_215_BC_-….png)


>Due to the unwieldiness of horsemanship prior to the invention of better riding gear, horse were generally restricted to scouting and skirmishing.

Please, just stop talking. Yes, of course cavalry was much less of an emphasis in the classical period compared to afterwards due to the advances you mentioned, but that does not change the fact that cavalry most certainly did play a major part in the classical period, and to say that it did not exist is literally the least intelligent thing I've read all day.

e4441e  No.15524777


It's the same system as 3.0, except the math is reversed.

c28346  No.15524801


>Horsemanship wasn't popular before the invention of better riding gear

>A combat skill that has been widely used since at least the bronze age, used everywhere from ancient Greece to ancient China and nearly every nation in between and never dropped since its adoption until the advent of motorized transport.

If you said something intelligent like it was rarely utilized prior to the classical period because the cost of maintaining a cavalry was unfavorably high in most circumstances, you wouldn't have sounded like a complete retard.

11d2a8  No.15524804


>wizards are always the best class in dnd

that's not always true in crpgs since casters lack a lot of their really crazy cheese powers like scry, flight, long range teleportation, and dumpster diving through monster manuals for broken creatures to summon or transform into. Plus CRPGs tend to hand out magic items like everyday is Christmas which drastically increases the effectiveness of non casters.

I mean, hell, Druids in NWN2 were considered a low tier class and fighters were a solid high middle, while in tabletop D&D Druids were considered obscenely overpowered and fighters were just above fucking monks at the bottom of the list at the time.

11d2a8  No.15524818

Just accept that swords and bows are always going to always be > than spears and crossbows in fantasy games due to rule of cool, and horses will always be downplayed because horse archers would completely break 95% of encounters.

5b6a90  No.15524821

File: 7fa3e7654792d87⋯.png (173.77 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 7fa3e7654792d877840b59c587….png)


>new game thread

>magnet link in OP

>actually gives insight and opinion on game instead of just asking other people what's there's

>well thought out balance between good and bad aspects

Newfags take note, this is a great fucking OP who is not a faggot and definitely not a shill. 10/10 thread OP.

c4e424  No.15524824


>The least leftist taint in a nu-CRPG

paizo are on the bleeding edge of fantasy RPG cuckery, schlomo, you aren't fooling anyone

a54f27  No.15524826

File: eb8e52e0eca92a1⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 231x218, 231:218, rare promotional of a canc….jpg)

9bbf9a  No.15524860


please cut be some slack i was remembering some old dnd games.


> horse archers would completely break 95% of encounters.

i don't know why but i raughed far more than i should

c4e424  No.15524861


i suppose that's a fair assessment. as long as no tranny characters are forcibly holding you down and telling their brave story to you it's not the most pozzed crpg out there. paizo are still commie fags though

d4f2e2  No.15524899


>the only nations with a good alignment are white, mediterranean-esque at best

>the noble savages of Garund place an emphasis on savages rather than noble

>the most famous gypsies are a distinctly evil mafia

>etc etc

Compared to Numenera, Pathfinder is downright redpilled

>but the trannies, the poz

When it comes right down to it any longterm tabeltop player, regardless of their politics, will create a character that crosses the line into liberal territory and occasional fetishism. D&D's supported this since forever ago with the girdle of masculinity/femininity, the dark elf bondage queens, etc. Degeneracy is just where the game goes sometimes.

When we consider the modern fanbase, who are unfortunately the hot market, we basically get a bunch of dumb-as-dirt motherfuckers who not only won't think of an option unless it's distinctly spelled out for them but will actually protest loudly and uncontrollably until they get their way and even for a little while after.

The existence of Shardra Geltl, Yoon, and the occassional hermaphroditic tiefling are all answers for normalfags wanting to get into the game who lack the creativity to make their perfect snowflake without the word of God directly supporting their actions.

ff22f3  No.15524913


I've had 3 crashes to main menu so far, all loading problems though nothing repeatable, yet. Of the few tolerable crowd sourced game I've played *all* have had crashing issues.

57aa28  No.15524935

File: cb371a3f0441d16⋯.jpg (441.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180929225721_1.jpg)

File: 7edf81a029be8c5⋯.jpg (428.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180929225728_1.jpg)

File: 26ebcab857cee99⋯.jpg (414.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180929225821_1.jpg)

File: 97cca1aebeddf1d⋯.jpg (436.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180929225843_1.jpg)

File: 206c3b5e96a5c59⋯.jpg (407.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180929225905_1.jpg)

Rate my boyz

ff22f3  No.15524950


The sex change belt was always a comedy/fringe/reroll item stuck in some vastly obscure corner if someone went off reservation enough, now every twittercunt millennial faux-nerd hipster wants one in whatever nerfed shitbox game they shit up so they can play tranny powers at will and YES–homo fuck each other in-game.

There is a broken faggot generation that needs purging for this shit.

7d01ae  No.15524953

File: 8675be05425cee0⋯.png (427.91 KB, 545x425, 109:85, 8675be05425cee033a514549c0….png)


>Those orctits

I can see where she got 16 CHA from

d4f2e2  No.15524977


true, but that's more the fault of the player than the game

a54f27  No.15524982


And when the developers start pandering to these fucks it then becomes their fault. Just kill them all to be sure.

5b1103  No.15524992


At least D&D hasn't descended to the level of GW fans taking grimdark seriously

9bbf9a  No.15525022

File: 9daf0922066c073⋯.png (226.02 KB, 750x1091, 750:1091, thisbutwithfags.png)


I don't know i've always been ambivalent towards the belt if you wanted to be a faggot all power to you so long as it doesn't get in the way of saving the world. The problem is when they get to here

>nerfed shitbox game

>homo fuck each other in-game.

Like this comic except im the DM forced to nerf everything in name of fun and they're trying to seduce every fucking npc, then that becomes a real fucking problem. I hated that one faggot with his sick fetishes but I didn't want to be called a homophobe so i killed em all.

Im convinced some of the other players were secretly thanking me.

42ad6b  No.15525025


>didn't scroll down so we can see the choices he actually made

Only choices we can actually see are retarded.

>TWF on non-Paladin

>improved initiative in a system where it only effects moving first, not acting first,

>non-7 odd scores in non-highest ability scores that aren't strength on two characters (No reason for your Barbarian to have 15 dex and 7 int instead of 14 dex and 8 int, rogue has a con score of 13 instead of 8 strength 14 con or 10 strength 12 con)

>blaster caster in a system where debilitating beats HP damage


34f82b  No.15525033



>20 int

Immersion broken.

7d01ae  No.15525039


>>TWF on non-Paladin

Are you implying rogues, who get a flat bonus from sneak attacks, don't benefit greatly from doubling their hits early?

Additionally initiative does effect acting first.

Also monsters almost always make their saves because the RNG seems heavily weighted, so HP damage (HP is also inflated) matters a lot more.

57aa28  No.15525044


I know blasters aren't optimal but an orc isn't going to be subtle with magic.

fbb235  No.15525056


Don't you see, they're actually noble savages who are just misunderstood and dindu nuffin.

42ad6b  No.15525071

If anyone is looking for non-retarded builds

>Sylvan Sorcerer with Boon Companion at level 5

>Rogue 1/Wizard 3/Arcane Trickster (take accomplished Sneak Attacker at level 3)

>Paladin 2/Sorcerer 3/Dragon Disciple 4/Eldritch Knight 10/Sorcerer 1


Rogues are horrible at TWF because the accuracy penalties are too high for them to actually hit anything while doing it. Paladins (and Rangers who can ensure their Favored Enemy is always their target, which is impossible to do in a video game) can TWF because they have a high enough BAB and charisma to hit to actually hit while doing it, have bonus damage on smite (Paladin level always applying>half level times ~3.5). Depending on what options they implemented a Fighter could also be decent at it (They need Gloves of Dueling, but can make it work if they have them).

Half the point of Improved Initiative is being able to target enemies that are in a cluster, which doesn't work in RTWP.

7d01ae  No.15525081


>Rogues are horrible at TWF because the accuracy penalties are too high for them to actually hit anything while doing it

-2 is too high?

>Half the point of Improved Initiative is being able to target enemies that are in a cluster, which doesn't work in RTWP.

Yes, it's better in turn based, but in the implementation of this game (non-synced timers) it does have an effect and that effect is noticeable. It's especially noticeable on things like debuffs, so it would be more useful on a sorcerer or something. It's marginally useful on damage dealers though, due to killing the thing before it can kill you back.

48b166  No.15525085

File: 22ee5db2ce8f7e6⋯.jpg (91.81 KB, 800x800, 1:1, what.jpg)

Its kind of bizarre you guys are actually into this game. Tell me what you enjoy about it, op is an obvious shill

>I'll probably buy it when it goes on sale

d4f2e2  No.15525121


that actually is potentially true for the half-orcs

the full orcs are full on nig-tier in canon though

57aa28  No.15525122


It's actually a good game.

57aa28  No.15525124


>not 'avin brutal cunning

b17eb9  No.15525134

I really wanted to like this game, but in the first 10 mins one gigantic glaring issue becomes obvious:


>click a button, any button, loading screen

>enter map, loading screen

>leave map, loading screen

>open inventory, character sheet, levelup, loading screen

>click kingdom manager, loading screen

>save/load game, loading screen

Evrything you do in this fucking game has a loading time, is there any way to get rid of these infinite loading screens? If i downgrade the graphics or something, will it load faster? I'am so fucking tired of waiting 20secs every single time a click a door to enter a new area in the map, its so immertion breaking…

d4f2e2  No.15525140


it's a CRPG interpretation of the best Pathfinder adventure path with additional content provided by the community (as the community sometimes does with APs. There's a metric fuckton of fan content for Rise of the Runelords, for instance)

gameplaywise, while real-time-with-pause has its flaws, many of us do have fond memories of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights. So the gameplay isn't a total turnoff (thou I'd have preferred turnbased on a grid).

7d01ae  No.15525147



Kys your yourself

Also I got tired of it enough to clear out my SSD. It helps, but not much.

42ad6b  No.15525148


That's 10% lower to hit chance, and a Rogue already has a low chance from medium BAB.

5b1103  No.15525154




>dat autocorrect

Phoneposters get the bullet

42ad6b  No.15525157


Blame unity.

b17eb9  No.15525160


gtx 960, 8gb ram, i7 4.0. Game runs well on high, the problem eally is the constant, long and annoying loadinging screens everytime you fart

7d01ae  No.15525164


>Auto correct

What? Have you never seen that?

Here, follow this advice:

>Kys your yourself

8b7191  No.15525179


>Can make orcgirls


c28346  No.15525208


Wasn't the point of TWF on Rogues always the extra sneak attack dice for a full round attack?

5b1103  No.15525211


More detail. What gen of Intel CPU, what speed of RAM, most importantly what speed of mass storage device (HDD/SSD).

5b6a90  No.15525229

File: 2ef8b970a5533ae⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 402x548, 201:274, 2ef8b970a5533ae6262db01511….jpg)


>links magnet in post

>more negatives listed than positives


7d01ae  No.15525235


Those are not default portraits, there is like a dozen or two default, so you'll have to mod more in.

11d2a8  No.15525280


Granted the default portraits don't even contain a single white human woman who looks like a normal adventurer.

42ad6b  No.15525281


Yes, but you connect so little it barely matters. Paladin or Fighter with the gloves will outdamage them.

b9a9ea  No.15525286



Anybody got any good portrait packs or sources then?

11d2a8  No.15525287


I thought SA is a static damage dice addition based on level, you don't get any extra SA damage from TWF or using a larger weapon

c28346  No.15525310


You get sneak attack bonus on all attacks during that full round attack. That's what made vivisectionist alchemist so retard strong, because with the right feats and discoveries they can get like 5 attacks causing sneak attack damage per round giving you like 50d6 damage every full round sneak attack. Larger weapons don't really have any bonus, it's all about quantity over quality.


>-10% chance to hit

>Barely connect

>Not worth multiplying your damage by huge amounts

You already have to be flanking or catching things flatfooted to get a sneak attack off in the first place. That's already making up most of what you're losing by not being a full BAB class. The to hit loss is barely noticeable compared to the huge bonus you get from getting off more sneak attacks in a round.

1e280b  No.15525322


Thanks for the review OP. Always looking for a good RPG that isn't cucked as fuck.

42ad6b  No.15525327


It's not "huge amounts", it's ~3.5 damage per hit every other level (1.75 every level) if certain conditions are met, which generally takes an extra turn to get going. That's assuming you get through DR to even make sneak attack damage. Paladin gets 1 damage every level while everything except skills is just flat better (they get spells, martial weapons, d10 HD, divine bond, lay on hands and some other shit. Almost all the rogue talents are garbage.). Paladin smite damage is also multiplied on a critical hit while sneak attack is not.

f33476  No.15525331


>like 5 attacks causing sneak attack damage per round

Seven actually, shit's nice.

7d01ae  No.15525340

File: 8cbbba1d8fb7a55⋯.png (310.18 KB, 344x431, 344:431, xH1STK6[1].png)

File: f2090fb79180336⋯.png (292.38 KB, 334x427, 334:427, jQB1E6A[1].png)

File: 61b64c29b81e130⋯.png (325.98 KB, 344x431, 344:431, URJmGfT[1].png)



How is that not huge amounts of damage?

7d01ae  No.15525347


Oh and flanking gives you a bonus equal to TWF's penalty as well. I really think you're overblowing the -2 penalty. The BAB being shit is a much bigger deal.

7d01ae  No.15525353


>Triple posting


I misread in >>15525340

I don't have any human women in my party, just the dead elf, so I have no clue. Wouldn't surprise me.

c28346  No.15525379

File: df536030f1b9067⋯.jpg (39.4 KB, 500x336, 125:84, df536030f1b9067c5465a442e6….jpg)


You're also forgetting that in most cases having two attacks at a -2 is still statistically more likely to hit at least one attack than just having one attack a a +0, while at the same time having the potential to boost your damage by huge amounts if both attacks land.

Another thing about Sneak attacks are they are untyped damage so they punch through just about anything as long as the dude is vulnerable to sneak attacks. I agree they're not the best, especially in pathfinder later levels when just about 50% of what the game can throw at you is immune to it, but that's largely dependent on your DM, and on the things that it works against it absolutely deletes whatever the fuck you're attacking. I don't know what they throw at you in this game, but I doubt they're playing dick DM.

And you say iif certain conditions are met, yet same goes for smite evil since that only works on Evil. Doesn't do shit on wild animals or anything neutral aligned. You also only have limited number of smites per day. And +20 damage at level 20 doesn't hold a candle to a TWF rogue's 40d6. Even if you miraculously rolled a 1 on every d6 you'd still have twice the bonus your smite gives, and you can use it all day every day.

>Almost all the rogue talents are garbage

So you're actually retarded?

7d01ae  No.15525389

File: ef54a1abe96f2fb⋯.jpg (104.15 KB, 663x497, 663:497, visible confusion.jpg)

I killed a monster trying to help a ghost, talked to some fey I thought were unrelated, extorted money from them to kill the dead monster, and then had the option to collect the reward twice

f33476  No.15525406


>later levels when just about 50% of what the game can throw at you is immune to it

You're thinking about 3.0/3.5. In pathfinder only creatures of the Ooze type, the elemental subtype, and a tiny handful of very specific one off monters are immune to sneak attacks.

b698c0  No.15525409


FYI, getting 3.5 average damage per even level is actually a lot of damage when dealing with Pathfinder, or similar games in general. That's your prize for trading down your hit die and having a harder time managing an acceptable AC. For reference, a two-handed fighter gains 20 damage at max level when using power attack, in exchange for 5 attack. Pathfinder also did away with the sneak attack immunities for things like golems and skeletons, so you actually get to claim that bonus all of the time.

If you have at least two melee, you should be flanking regardless for the attack bonus. If you're not flanking, you're not claiming a free bonus. You can't complain about having to flank to get a bonus if you're supposed to be fulfilling that condition anyway. Also, Pathfinder doesn't use the stupid-ass scaling in Starfinder or Pathfinder 2e, so you don't have to have a full bab just to have a 10% chance to hit anything.

c28346  No.15525422


Most undead as well as far as I can recall.

I was mostly going by number of unique monsters in the bestiary. Of course as you get higher in the bestiary, you start finding more and more nonsense and unique monsters; not really things you expect to encounter very often. It's only really a problem when your DM is being a jackass.

7d01ae  No.15525425


>Undead Traits (Ex)

>Undead are immune to death effects, disease, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, phantasms, and patterns), paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless). Undead are not subject to ability drain, energy drain, or nonlethal damage. Undead are immune to damage or penalties to their physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects. Undead are not at risk of death from massive damage.

I don't think you remember correctly about undead. That would be huge.

c28346  No.15525442


You are correct. I thought it was more of a case-by-case with undead. It looks like it's really just incorporeal undead which are a bitch and a half to deal with anyways.

7d01ae  No.15525447


So like ghosts? That makes sense.

Where the FUCK are some decent shortswords? I have a masterwork shortsword and a vanilla shortsword still at level 6 for my rogue MC. I've had +1 glaives, all sorts of dual enchanted hammers and axes, +2 longswords, but not even a second fucking masterwork shortsword.

20ab72  No.15525459

Downloading now.

Can I make something like my Fighter/Wizard/Weaponmaster on NwN?

Or a Paladin/Sorc/Dragon disciple?

20ab72  No.15525466

Wait is there no BaB on this game? What?

57aa28  No.15525469


There is, it's just difficult to find in the interface.

7d01ae  No.15525470

File: c58db054d941e77⋯.png (17.76 KB, 192x47, 192:47, MDDAk4U[1].png)

File: 91cb16b7f77966b⋯.png (28.17 KB, 277x97, 277:97, 5Q6Wlzg[1].png)


Brain problems?


Brain problems?

Press c, click the martial tab

20ab72  No.15525471


I'm still downloading the game just looking at the wiki.

It doesn't say BaB High/Medium/Low on the characters.

7d01ae  No.15525473


Yeah it doesn't show how it progresses either. It's very bad at showing progression in general.

57aa28  No.15525475


This game seriously relies on you knowing the Pathfinder ruleset before you start playing.

c28346  No.15525478


I imagine they're the same as the rulebook. I don't know why they would change it.


If that's the case it's really bad design.

7d01ae  No.15525480


I've literally been using a pathfinder wiki over trying to wrangle with what the game tells you.

20ab72  No.15525484

Its looking like NWN1 is still the best at least that explained the characters properly.

What is max level on this campaign?

5b1103  No.15525486

File: 4ab80f3e7d3e033⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, bg2.jpg)


>tfw no complete reprint of the PHB inside your CRPG adaptation's manual

11d2a8  No.15525536


Paladin/sorc/eldritch knight or Magnus/Sorc/Eldritch Knight (though you need to either get the subclass that make magnus use CHA or the Sorc subclass that makes them use INT for casting. Or you could go straight Magnus if all you care about is pure damage.

Never really saw the point of fucking over your casting by going DD

a17581  No.15525551


On NWN if you make a Gish you can get decent caster level and almost full AB. It's cool to be able to have a character that can do everything.

11d2a8  No.15525568

File: dca64a90571d6d8⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1035x1593, 115:177, pfhf.jpg)


Basically limited to these, though I didn't include the 'brownish monk chick with blond hair' portrait due to the glowing eyes and mother fucking literal halo kind of spoiling the "normal human adventurer" theme.

7d01ae  No.15525601


>one of the most cucked in all of tabletop

You are aware White Wolf exists right

157377  No.15525603

File: 98b0c91402dfc18⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 540x402, 90:67, 1ffdb5f4b60665dcd61d52e0ea….jpg)


>nigger druid

c28346  No.15525627


>Class that can't figure out metallurgy, fucks animals, spends most of its time foraging in the wilderness imbibing psychotropics and either lives homeless or in mud-huts.

>A nigger

I don't see the problem

82512d  No.15525629

I'm really bad a tabletop classes could someone give me a decent build to follow or atleast prevent me from fucking myself harder with the strange difficult curve the game has.

ed8266  No.15525673

File: eb27e6a9b213f5b⋯.jpg (595.97 KB, 1988x2236, 497:559, Linkola.jpg)


Fuck you. Druids are white. Cities are jewish.

a17581  No.15525676


I don't have the game going yet. But a pure class Fighter should be good enough as long as you use Scimitar or Greatsword.

Anything with full BaB should be easy, if you want have some diplomacy too for gameplay.

11d2a8  No.15525688


Pick a race with a Wisdom bonus, pick a cleric with the crusader sub class, raise your wisdom stat to at least 18, 12 for you dex and cha, and the rest in your strength score. Get the biggest fucking armor, shield and one handed weapon you can use, pick all the spells that say they buff your damage, ac, or stats cast a few of them on your self at the start of every fight and remember to rest every so often to refresh your spells. There, you have about the most powerful, idiot proof build possible.

a17581  No.15525691


I never liked clerics as beginner classes. Maybe as an introduction to casters.

c28346  No.15525707

File: 4b09ad0bb357c4e⋯.png (143.68 KB, 428x428, 1:1, 4b09ad0bb357c4e96fd98635d8….png)


>Civilization and technological progress is Jewish

t. Nigger

11d2a8  No.15525718


you get your entire spell list by default, you can change your prepared list daily so even if you pick dumb spells one day you can change it the next, solid armor and weapon proficiency, shields, the ability to cast in armor and medium HP and attack bonus. You don't even have to prepare healing spells in advanced, you can just cast them whenever. Sure playing a full caster is a bit complicated, but any mistake you might make early on can be corrected later as you get more system mastery.

It's only weakness is it's skill list. And you can fix that with some domain choices. Or use party member as you pet skill monkeies

91e6e0  No.15525719


I rate it exterminaus/heresy.

ed8266  No.15525723

File: 691282078343a21⋯.png (64.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, eiilmettä.png)

a17581  No.15525733


Medium Bab is bad too. Do you get divine power on Pathfinder?

11d2a8  No.15525741


You do have it in table top, I don't know if the spell is in kingmaker or not

06d36d  No.15525743

I did not read the thread yet but let me guess : /v/ hates it.

c962d8  No.15525744

File: 7a7315e57805bb0⋯.jpg (53.65 KB, 512x512, 1:1, benis_in_colour.jpg)


Take this nice recolour.

06d36d  No.15525747


Yep. Lots and lots of retards ITT. Thanks Mark, this is the /v/ you helped create.

ff22f3  No.15525750


Middle one looks like that kid in school who's convinced he 'has powers' and then gets his ass kicked repeatedly. School shooter optional.

a17581  No.15525752

Just thinking if Monk gets UBAB for Quarterstaff coulden't this lead to some insane Fighter/Monk build?

6af24b  No.15525754

File: eedf2f471ee9c64⋯.jpg (224.26 KB, 1777x956, 1777:956, jmjmi.jpg)



looks more like the kid that did the beating

f3487b  No.15525758


>the biggest fucking armor, shield

Ah yes and get fucked over by DIVINE spell failure. Who the hell let that one bug in I wonder?

11d2a8  No.15525759

File: 721ab7ab17d474c⋯.jpg (133.09 KB, 400x566, 200:283, 3e sorcerer.jpg)


he's a male sorcerer. They always look like edgy fuckboys

d4f2e2  No.15525760



this board has IDs you know

06d36d  No.15525762


Amiri is the iconic barbarian character straight from Paizo. So I assume all the retarded shit she says comes straight from them. Oh and she is of course canonically bisexual. It isn't called Pozzfinder for nothing.


Agreed. By all means, pirate it to test it out. You need to not be a mouthbreather to succeed at this game.


Initiative actually does something in this game, unlike NWN. Do you want your disabler to wait 6 seconds before acting?

a17581  No.15525763


>DIVINE spell failure

What?!?! That was the only reason to pick faggy time Clerics to get free still spell ha ha.

06d36d  No.15525764


I am replying to myself to reference what I just said you illiterate shit nigger

06d36d  No.15525766


There is no divine spell failure.

11d2a8  No.15525767


kingmaker doesn't even fucking have still spell as a feat choice

06d36d  No.15525769


Pathfinder has some of the worst official art I've seen in a PnP game. Be glad the devs went for their own style, even if the portraits are just copies of images they used for npcs.

a17581  No.15525771


That's really shitty…

Can you even cast Acid sheath or Maximized IGMS? any of the good spells?

d4f2e2  No.15525772


>Amiri is the iconic barbarian character straight from Paizo. So I assume all the retarded shit she says comes straight from them.

Pretty much. She always had to be stronger than the men of her tribe out of a sense of personal pride. There's a wiki for this stuff

>Oh and she is of course canonically bisexual. It isn't called Pozzfinder for nothing.

All of the iconics are canonically bisexual, but not for the reason you're thinking; Paizo's staff knew fujoshits and the like would write slashfiction, so rather than force the issue with a canon straight character and deal with a million angry hambeasts they just went "yeah, sure, whatever"

06d36d  No.15525785


That's hardly an excuse.

That said, the devs kept the degenerate shit comparatively contained. Octavia and Regongar stand out, sadly. At least none of the characters IMMEDIATELY try to jump your dick / cooch after you meet them.

d4f2e2  No.15525788


Pathfinder doesn't have Acid Sheath. That's 3/3.5

d4f2e2  No.15525793


>At least none of the characters IMMEDIATELY try to jump your dick / cooch after you meet them.

and just like that it's already superior to Dragon Age

If Shardra shows up in the game and doesn't immediately talk about how fucking trans he is, then we can just outright declare the devs to be vastly superior to Bioware

11d2a8  No.15525803


Missile Storm was a Bioware's creation, not the D&D books. You can tell because it was an evocation spell that did an amount of damage you'd actual care about and 3rd edition wasn't suppose to have that. Direct damage spells were suppose to be flashy trap options whose main purpose was distract new Wizard players from casting the overpowered SaveOrDie and SaveOrSuck spells that actually ended fights.

a17581  No.15525811


Well what does it have instead?


It make my caster a gundam, very cool spell (also does 250 dmg)

ff22f3  No.15525814


Bottom left looks like a flamboyant tranny tbh.

11d2a8  No.15525820


> doesn't immediately talk about how fucking trans he is

Who the fuck would even care about being trans in a D&D world. A wizard could turn a person into a perfect version of the opposite sex at like level 5.

ff22f3  No.15525822


So far it's not been full of poz though, you're carrying too much baggage from the tabletop cuckrules and auto applying it to this. I'm not saying you're wrong cos I don't know yet but you're jumping the gun.

06d36d  No.15525829


That's exactly the point. The perfect tranny fantasy, switching gender at a whim.

The game keeps close to the Kingmaker adventure, so if no other iconic characters are in that, they probably won't be in the game either. And thank God for that. Wait until you meet Jubilost, Owlcat are perfectly capable of writing characters that will make your blood boil. Although considering how much of a grade A shitter he is, some of you might feel a certain kinship.

d4f2e2  No.15525833

File: 69a36bb8039393d⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 736x350, 368:175, Baldur1[1].jpg)


>Well what does it have instead?

rather than comb through many sourcebooks and wiki articles, I'll just point you to the srds and let you research on your own:




see, you're asking the right questions. And yet, pic related still happened

also, you'd have to be level 9 to make it permanent reliably (Elixir of Sex Shifting) or, yeah I guess a level 5 could accidentally create the cursed Girdle of Opposite Gender

f3487b  No.15525850


There isn't but the game somehow applies the (arcane) spell failure chance of heavy armors to divine casters.

06d36d  No.15525851


I sure hope you didn't touch PoE or Numanuma then.


Haven't noticed any spell failure.

t. Crusader

d4f2e2  No.15525854


is there a chance you were casting a domain spell that normally appears on the arcane list?

11d2a8  No.15525858

File: 21ed4bd641fb818⋯.jpg (138.21 KB, 846x1500, 141:250, pfbarb.jpg)

File: 3e7d5248e097b9b⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 731x1000, 731:1000, redson.jpg)


>The stronk womyn barbarian cunt

She basically just a weeb'ed up Red Sonja. Though they've definitely covered her up a lot more since the first PF book

5b1103  No.15525859


>CoDZilla can't cast in heavy armor

This can't be real, can it?

06d36d  No.15525864


What is it with PF art and those retarded oversized feet/boots?

d4f2e2  No.15525868


Golarion might have greater gravity than Earth, creating a tendency toward broader feet

or it might just be how the artist does things

06d36d  No.15525870


Don't be faux reasonable, I'm enjoying my anger.

c28346  No.15525873


We can tell.

You've done little more than bitch the whole time you've been in this thread and yet you blame Mark for shit thread quality.

11d2a8  No.15525876

File: e0aecdeaafc8fc3⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 556x680, 139:170, 0a2620_a52ba8c412bc45ccb58….jpg)


Blame Wayne Reynolds. Everybody else in PF is just copying him.

06d36d  No.15525885


Wrong. I've engaged the reasonable posters. Yet if you look at the first few posts in this thread you'll find tons of one-and-done "lol SJW garbage" shitposting.

8f3d13  No.15525890


Foot fetishists.

a17581  No.15525897

Shit they've made blind fight into 3 feats. Some of these new feats are cool.

Still I am not seeing Devastating critical here.

a17581  No.15525908

>Rapier 2d4 18–20/x2

Hey that's pretty good is this in the game?

a17581  No.15525910

91e6e0  No.15525922


Those "gauntlets" look terrible.

71b88f  No.15525959

lol SJW garbage

728cf1  No.15526003


Learning gamescript isn't nearly as hard as actually learning to program. It's far more limited in scope.

a54f27  No.15526060


>weeb'ed up

Please learn what words mean before you use them.

dcf2c1  No.15526074

File: 15393dafd4a8d4c⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 210x330, 7:11, Dwarf.jpg)

File: b93ccfb4a75c3be⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 210x330, 7:11, Old Mage.jpg)

File: c92d6634f07207a⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 400x600, 2:3, paladin.jpg)

>tfw you will never have a game with ultra-badass portraits again, like Icewind Dale

ff22f3  No.15526101


Most egregious thing about her is her VA who is a premier ham. It's a shame there doesn't seem to be a way to dodge her joining but you can kick/not use her. Whatever I ain't defending this, just giving it a chance.

ff22f3  No.15526105


>weeb'd is a word

8f2e58  No.15526153

File: c99338ab84c18e6⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 467x490, 467:490, 1338092469106.jpg)


>I'll sit in a tavern and write

do these people people think taverns are like Starbucks?

a54f27  No.15526160


This campus isn't big enough for the two of us, shitlord.

06d36d  No.15526218


Perhaps she means "In between whoring myself out."

028769  No.15526264

File: 1010829c08c94c8⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2150x1641, 2150:1641, tavern.jpg)


Almost every tavern in fantasy games is some kind of Nordic beer house or a fucking inn, that sells wine on the first floor and secretly buys weapons from adventurers.

028769  No.15526269


When Incase/Shadman art of that human skinned goblin?

11d2a8  No.15526395

File: 3c4cb38ac92fc01⋯.png (389.53 KB, 1324x739, 1324:739, 3c4cb38ac92fc0169f4b191442….png)


>human skinned goblin

Just call her a "kender", it's easier that way and it means the same thing.

8f2e58  No.15526529


This must be the race they intended for that guy's girlfriend when he insists she plays with the group, them and free inhabitants/sovereign citizens. What system is this a part of so that I may avoid it wherever possible?

06d36d  No.15526558


D&D, although nobody uses the Krynn setting anymore.

29576a  No.15526564



I thought that was rift or some shit

29576a  No.15526573

a54f27  No.15526594


>literally "mom said it was my turn to play the xbox" the race

06d36d  No.15526645

File: ec5977c75948b09⋯.png (208.12 KB, 534x352, 267:176, silkysmooth.png)


I have all the major Dragonlance books.

They seemed like alright stories when I was 14.

29576a  No.15526655


Remember all the stupid shit you did as a kid that you cringe at the mere thought of?

Perceptions change anon.

b698c0  No.15527132

Can anyone who has played this please answer a few questions?

<Can you can change a party member's portrait like you could in Baldur's Gate, whether they are a custom character or not?

<Is there any way to re-stat shitty party members?

<Are the dialogues provided by pre-made characters worth having them around or do they only really have unique conversations before you add them to the party?


That picture is one of the iconic D&D sorcerers.

3494b5  No.15527286

File: 9e8fd63e283c258⋯.gif (970.68 KB, 500x490, 50:49, 9e8fd63e283c258af25f29db22….gif)

d27dfb  No.15527377

The impression I'm getting is that I should wait a year for the game to get patched up then play it, sound about right?

7d01ae  No.15527386


And see if they kike out on DLC

d27dfb  No.15527412


And that's why god invented piracy, amen

b698c0  No.15527638

File: 9cfbe5b1b42ee94⋯.png (14.87 KB, 607x101, 607:101, season_pass.png)



Well, we already know that they're going to stuff the game with a minimum of 3 DLCs. You could argue that it's implied they plan to do more than that. There isn't really a reason to play it right now unless you really, really want to play it right now, because you can play the patched and completed version in a year or two.

06d36d  No.15527653


There isn't too much companions have to say. You can't restat them without editing the game files. I don't think you can switch portraits on them.

7d01ae  No.15527703


By "kike out" I meant "make it gayer". I wasn't even considering nickle and diming, fuck.

f9a5f0  No.15527713

File: 0a0439c52d3c18f⋯.jpg (68.31 KB, 600x619, 600:619, 0a0439c52d3c18f21f39f84ddd….jpg)


>dead bodies chasing you

>skeletons in the sky

That sounds creepy as hell. Are there screencaps?

8187eb  No.15527767

will this run on a toaster?

8187eb  No.15527777

File: d607c51695df289⋯.png (79.72 KB, 689x505, 689:505, JEWS.png)


are they trying to sell DLC right out of the gate?

d88552  No.15527793

File: ba75703d4db7be6⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 809x553, 809:553, impressive.jpg)



6af24b  No.15527803

File: cd6f052caf0d0d7⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 450x290, 45:29, cd6f052caf0d0d7b17c4da3abb….gif)

274b56  No.15528958

File: 53da070ff753f6b⋯.jpg (371.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bodies in the sky.jpg)


I saw this posted on a forum.

1e9d29  No.15529000

File: b4d6401763c4297⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 474x1006, 237:503, pimplord.jpg)


><Is there any way to re-stat shitty party members?

Not that I've seen, you can't even control what feats and spells or even multi-classes they get when they level. Kind of pissed me off because I would have liked to push the fighter girl into the paladin class regardless of her fucking background story about being an art hating atheist because her stats would have supported it better, and have the zombie elf specialize into a less try hard edge-lord weapon than a fucking scythe.

a54f27  No.15529020


I don't know about this game but in NWN2 scythes were godlike for a crit based build.

5b1103  No.15529052

>>15529000 (trips voided)

>you can't even control what feats and spells or even multi-classes they get when they level

I can't think of any other D&D CRPG like that

8a2bf2  No.15529060


How can you make a crit build off a weapon with the lowest crit chance? A falchion is better for crit builds.

a54f27  No.15529079


>How can you make a crit build off a weapon with the lowest crit chance?

By grabbing the feats that increase your chance, duh.

c8c060  No.15529107

File: b658931c40b9e37⋯.jpg (110.37 KB, 460x690, 2:3, 1458773397833.jpg)

Can I make a custom party like in Icewind Dale? I don't much care for badly written characters with shitty backstories. That's why I had trouble getting into Divinity OS 2.

c8c060  No.15529132

File: 46e27873b4e678c⋯.gif (3.22 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1439138520497.gif)


Now read Wheel of Time again and see if you can stand Rand longer than one book.

The part where they collar women mage like dogs turned me on as a kid

8a2bf2  No.15529173


You mean the same feats that when used with a Falchion result in triple the chance of a crit?

3f8efb  No.15529181

File: 73724f232b0f426⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 690x460, 3:2, 73724f232b0f426373ddd4e431….jpg)


I used to read Xanth books by Piers Anthony from the school library… When I grew up, I realized that a lot of what Piers Anthony wrote, wasn't at all safe for kids nor teenagers…

a54f27  No.15529192


For half the damage, yes.

c8c060  No.15529207

File: 6f9cfad49e16c09⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 200x302, 100:151, Kushielsscion.jpg)


School libraries had some weird shit sometimes. I took a book titled Kushiel's Scion because the cover was cool and it was in some kind of version of France during the Renaissance and I fucking love that period of time. The book was weird as fuck, it was basically smut and the main character want to fuck his cousin, and does it. Also she's into bondage and it goes into great details how she is tied up and where the knots push in. I was only 14, this fucked me up.

000000  No.15529372


Are you a girl? Because that shit's porn for women. Guys tend not to read that.

8a2bf2  No.15529386


Which still ends up working in favour of the Falchion, since you have triple the crit chance.

How do you play any D&D when you're this bad at maths?

c8c060  No.15529389


Nah, I just wanted some fantasy book in a renaissance setting. Didn't know what I was getting into. If you forget the porn, it was a nice book. My twin sister recommended it to me

5b6a90  No.15529531

File: d2700681d27ea57⋯.png (166.19 KB, 387x385, 387:385, e3baef926f63b27ed484255f93….png)


>twin sister recommends softcore porn to her twin brother

Assuming you're not full of shit you better be picking up the hints she's laying down.

8f2e58  No.15529540

File: 2d9625423e3cff7⋯.png (255.23 KB, 258x386, 129:193, ClipboardImage.png)


>Didn't know what I was getting into

One time I read a book because it looked like good fiction: vampires and werewolves. This was before Twilight was published. It was written from the perspective of a female cop who was one of those two I can't remember which and it was talking about how every so often, all the people of her kind just flood the streets and fuck each other senseless like it was a mating season, and that they have to have something surgically inserted into their loins to prevent rampant pregnancies during this time.

Then she went on about how she hated the people of the other race and how they always smelled bad, but this one hunk always lingered on her mind. I didn't keep reading. It dawned on me that this was drivel and I picked out the wrong book. Then I read sea of trolls (which is a funny title to me after internet trolls became common vernacular) and it was great. I hated reading, and this book was more massive than anything I would dare to touch, but somehow I read it all, but all I remember was that a fucking madman of a wizard abandons his body so he could imprint his soul into a bird, and that somewhere along the line, the author just writes up a scene depicting the jack and jill nursery rhyme all nonchalantly (the MC's name is Jack and he's with this tomboy bitch berserker who gets her name changed to Jil or something gay, and the water they get is part of their quest. hundreds of pages amounted to this)

c8c060  No.15529548


This was 18 years ago bruh, The hints are long gone. To be honest I liked the book, it kept me hooked, once the main characters says fuck it and starts to travel it's interesting.

1e9d29  No.15529643


Sadly you can't, which is an annoying omission given how little interaction most of the npcs actually have outside of when you're resting at the inn/bases. I'd much rather of had the ability to make several characters and play with different builds.

42ad6b  No.15529695

c28346  No.15529719

File: 2f9935068f9c5c8⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 612x960, 51:80, 2f9935068f9c5c845e0cdc8c17….jpg)

So apparently all forms of spell focus aren't working for at least some Sorcerer bloodlines and archetypes. That's spell focus, greater spell focus, elemental focus, greater elemental focus, spell specialization, spell penetration, greater, spell penetration, etc. which makes up about 50% of your useful feat selection apart from the metamagics. Just a heads up for you sorcerer boys because I didn't know it was bugged until I was already a fair ways in.

I guess I roll something else for a while until the next patch drops and gets cracked.

0d5faf  No.15529745

how viable is soloing in this game? are you forced to take companions, and can you kill most npcs?

58e480  No.15529781


>>The least leftist taint in a nu-CRPG

<he forgot about elex, a game where you are a masculine white male and doesn't even have blacks

1e9d29  No.15529783


Yes, but elex plays like ass though.

58e480  No.15529785


No it doesn't. It just takes skill.

98cdb9  No.15529846


Talk to eight fingers in a tavern fucktard

98cdb9  No.15529848


That isn't a crpg

1e9d29  No.15529922


then it's bugged, because I paid her and no one showed up. I assumed it would be randomly generated shitheads anyway.

266bdc  No.15529935


But fixed in 1.03

122cfb  No.15529972


NWN 2 let you choose feats, skills and stat bonuses your party members got. In the expansions you could even change their class.

1e9d29  No.15530040


portrait pack mod if anybody cares about that sort of thing

5b1103  No.15530058


No, I meant the opposite. Even back in the AD&D days of SSI when levels in most classes provided no options to the player. The only CRPGs I can think of that prefab the build of party members are ones where they're not under full player control, like Fallout.

29576a  No.15531441


sounds amazing anon, will read at my next opportunity

7bb73f  No.15531633

please confirm:

number of fuckable girls in this game? (two according to their KS, is that still true on release?)

anyone found a way to replace portraits and images for the in-game NPCs?

7f595d  No.15531656


Age of Decadence is pretty neat but you need the double XP mod or you'll play as a one trick pony using all the time one single skill to solve all problems since the devs bought the muh specialists meme.

0f0668  No.15531708


About the only thing Wheel of Time has going for is that the protagonist gets himself a harem, but just like every awful harem anime not only is he a fuckwit that shouldn't be allowed to breed, but this being Western fiction all the women are shrill harpies that never get put in their place.

000000  No.15531728


Your 2H fighter for some reason started with 19 str instead of 20 and somehow he has 14 charisma. Seriously, dump the charisma and int into 7 each and boost the worthwhile stats instead. Fighters don't need that shit. Intimidate is seriously overrated if that's why you have cha and even with 7 int you will still have 3 skills/lvl. Leave the skills to the skillmonkey (Rogue)

Your Barbarian somehow does not have Power Attack because apparently you picked Improved Initiative instead…

Your Rogue has unnecessarily high int (What, 9 skills per level weren't enough? He needed 12?) and extremely bad str. He also has 13 con when he should really have at least 14. I'm personally partial to going high str and high dex on rogues so I can avoid bothering with bullshit like weapon finesse and agile weapons and spend those feats on better shit. I'd sooner play a Rogue with 20 str and 16 dex myself so it can actually hit shit.

Your cleric should have 20 wis, not fucking 16. Spellcasters get higher DCs and bonus spells from high attribute scores, you know. You always put their spellcasting stat at 20 (unless you can throw it even higher). Also Charisma is widely seen as a dump stat on Clerics. You fell for the channeling trap. Channeling is a fucking waste of time. Spells >>> channeling. Ditch the charisma (most Clerics take it to down to 7 cha or 5 if you're a dwarf) and invest in more valuable stats (like starting with 20 wis and boosting dex and con some more). Also destruction domain sucks donkey balls. Generally one of the best domains is the animal domain for the animal companion. Trickery and Travel are not bad picks either. There's more options but I cba going through all of 'em. In general you want domains that have spells clerics normally don't get instead of domains that give spells you do get.

Your Wizard has Point-Blank Shot (wtf??) and Spell Focus (Evocation) (noob alert). Blasting is among the worst uses of a Wizard's spells. Good spellcaster players know to debuff enemies into the ground instead of using them as a damage dealer. Find the spells that make enemies useless and focus on those. To tell the truth, Evocation is a popular choice for opposition school when you go specialist Wizard.

000000  No.15531746


Your 2H fighter for some reason started with 19 str instead of 20 and somehow he has 14 charisma. Seriously, dump the charisma and int into 7 each and boost the worthwhile stats instead. Fighters don't need that shit. Intimidate is seriously overrated if that's why you have cha and even with 7 int you will still have 3 skills/lvl. Leave the skills to the skillmonkey (Rogue)

Your Barbarian somehow does not have Power Attack because apparently you picked Improved Initiative instead…

Your Rogue has unnecessarily high int (What, 9 skills per level weren't enough? He needed 12?) and extremely bad str. He also has 13 con when he should really have at least 14. I'm personally partial to going high str and high dex on rogues so I can avoid bothering with bullshit like weapon finesse and agile weapons and spend those feats on better shit. I'd sooner play a Rogue with 20 str and 16 dex myself so it can actually hit shit.

Your cleric should have 20 wis, not fucking 16. Spellcasters get higher DCs and bonus spells from high attribute scores, you know. You always put their spellcasting stat at 20 (unless you can throw it even higher). Also Charisma is widely seen as a dump stat on Clerics. You fell for the channeling trap. Channeling is a fucking waste of time. Spells >>> channeling. Ditch the charisma (most Clerics take it to down to 7 cha or 5 if you're a dwarf) and invest in more valuable stats (like starting with 20 wis and boosting dex and con some more). Also destruction domain sucks donkey balls. Generally one of the best domains is the animal domain for the animal companion. Trickery and Travel are not bad picks either. There's more options but I cba going through all of 'em. In general you want domains that have spells clerics normally don't get instead of domains that give spells you do get.

Your Wizard has Point-Blank Shot (wtf??) and Spell Focus (Evocation) (noob alert). Blasting is among the worst uses of a Wizard's spells. Good spellcaster players know to debuff enemies into the ground instead of using them as a damage dealer. Find the spells that make enemies useless and focus on those. To tell the truth, Evocation is a popular choice for opposition school when you go specialist Wizard.

000000  No.15531778


>You need the double XP mod or you'll play as a one trick pony using all the time one single skill to solve all problems since the devs bought the muh specialists meme.

No you don't, son. You just need to git gud, not activate cheatcodes. You can go hybrid if you want. It's perfectly doable. You just gotta rack up sidequests and bonus SP opportunities. Hybrids can pick up more SP than specialists because they have a much wider array of sidequests and opportunities available to them. If you do it right you can make full-on do-everything builds in AoD. It's just that playing a hybrid is a more difficult run than playing a specialist since you'll want to keep a careful eye out on how you spend and accumulate those SP and trainings.

Source: I like to play turbo-hybrid do-everything characters in AoD.


Fucking doublepost, and I can't delete because tor posters are not allowed to delete posts, even though the password system already protects against impersonations. If a mod sees this shit, please delete this double post. It's a complete waste of space.

4326fe  No.15531782


Not all of these are better than nwn2, but they're worth the time to download them.

Age of decadence


Gothic 3 its been fixed for a while, though it technically came out 2 weeks before nwn2

Neo scavanger not exactly a crpg but its good game made in the west

Risen 1

Witcher 1,2 and 3


Two worlds 2


Pillars of eternity and Torment Tides are ok, though they felt very hollow.


My negro

5b6a90  No.15531795

File: fa457ea9741f375⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 800x900, 8:9, noosechan.jpg)



>tornigger thinks his opinions matter

7f595d  No.15531805


>git gud

If you go for anything specialist in this game you don't need to git gud, you just need to braindeadly push the same dialogue option all the time or just specialize in combat and solve everything through bloodshed. Let me spell it for you: the game is not hard at all if you play as intended, by monkey specialization.

Now, assuming you are not some sad human parody, real life NPC, and you want to actually extract fun from the game, you'll realize how idiotic is what you just said.

075b88  No.15531817


I thought that the main character's friends were cool too, but they were constantly neglected in favor of his whiny ass, the incredibly boring women characters, and war garbage that ended up just becoming a bunch of meaningless numbers. My breaking point was when the wolf guy, who was my favorite character before I gave up on the series, just didn't show up for a whole fucking book. Not once did we even check up on what he was doing. Seriously, handle your characters better.

4326fe  No.15531849


Brandon Sanderson is better than Robert Jordan at writing fights/battles, but Jordan is better at writing characters. young Siuan Sanche is best girl

0f0668  No.15531871


Fantasy peaked with Tolkien because everyone else is either a juvenile retard with no grasp of history, an edgelord making everything grim and depressing, and the protagonist is always a whiny nobody that gets everything handed to him.

It's kind of sad that the hacks writing 40k books have a better grasp of how to balance the grimdark (with the Imperium giving a big middle finger to the whole galaxy while going down fighting) than every fantasy author ever.

4326fe  No.15531887


Rand is an edgy shit so far up his own ass that he shouldn't be allowed to run a tavern, let alone lands the side of several nations, Perrin just wants to be left alone in a forge and for things to be the way they were and Mat just want sum fug and no responsibility. The characters aren't badly written, they're archetypes that many men never break out of, by the end of the books all three have grown up, somewhat at least.

0fa526  No.15531903

File: 6080b68a87e6449⋯.png (791.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1445315043753.png)


>responding to TORpedos to begin with

000000  No.15531905


Personally I have lots of fun playing hybrids in AoD. I agree that specialists are easy. That's why people recommend playing specialist to first-timers. However, you are not obligated to specialize. You don't need a double XP cheat either to make that work. You are just bad at the game. You can make regular hybrids just fine. And you can even make extreme hybrids if you are fucking good at it.

Hell, praetors are natural hybrids in AoD. Dude, you can hybrid everything. You can even play an Imperial Guard with diplomacy skills and get loads of actual opportunities to use them as an IG. You're just bad at the game if you need a double SP cheat to make your hybrids work.

Learn to fucking sidequest, explore, and grab trainings if you want the skill points to do multiple things.

2b2ed2  No.15531913

File: 468c382284e8d64⋯.png (198.9 KB, 282x350, 141:175, FOOKERFUCKFUCKFUCK.png)

ff22f3  No.15531920

Just installed the patches, levelled to 3, bought a bag of holding and some new weapons, shit seems a little less insane now.


Octavia and Linz if you're into loli who look like Richard Hammond but all you really see if their profile pics so if you're looking for something to jerk off too you're best off elsewhere.

0f0668  No.15531923


They're still fucking boring. I had more fun reading about Jorg and his edgelord escapades in Prince of Thorns than all the Wheel of Time books combined, mostly because Jorg isn't a bitch and actually plots shit and acts, instead of constantly reacting to what the antagonists are doing.

I gave up on Wheel of Time because it made me want to slit my wrists, that's how fucking boring and banal the whole plot was. Small blessings is that it petered out before fantasy got popular (and it features polygamy) so there's a very small chance it will ever get a TV/movie adaptation.

7f595d  No.15531927


Look you fucking moron, only way "hybrids can work" is if you go in dry and replay the game 15 times or read the whole wiki and plan the SP distribution beforehand accordingly, but using your autism superpower (not chan autism, real autism) to do that prevents thing from being fun for normal people. And before you sperg on let me tell you that yes, I could do that but I wont because it does not require any ability except the ability to be a moron because it is not "getting gud", it's plain idiotic.

7d01ae  No.15531941

File: a9a52ceec17e0bf⋯.jpg (358.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MJTUOUS[1].jpg)

It keeps happening

a532c8  No.15531950

File: 853129b0663c6ed⋯.jpg (5.62 KB, 200x211, 200:211, hmm.jpg)


It's not bug, but feature for upcoming Halloween.

4326fe  No.15532005


Recommend me some fantasy series that aren't shit. Top 5.

7d01ae  No.15532007


Kingkiller Chronicles are great, even if book 3 never ever

0f0668  No.15532012


I really have nothing to recommend. I gave up on fantasy and science fiction ages ago. I mostly read non-fiction nowadays.


Written by an absolutely insufferable liberal cunt.

7d01ae  No.15532017


Is he an actual liberal, a neoliberal, or a marxist?

7d525d  No.15532021



0f0668  No.15532025


>Is he a cuck, a cuck or a cuck?

A cuck.

000000  No.15532033


>getting salty that someone is posting through tor

This is a relatively new meme in the past year or two, I notice.


No dude, that kind of extreme planning is only for when you want to go do fucking extreme do-everything builds, which is what you do after you've done your regular runs and your hybrid runs and are itching for bigger challenges.

For ordinary hybrids, exploring, sidequesting, and accumulating trainings is good enough. If you have 7 Cha (the magic numba) you can get a lot of training from a lot of people. Even without 7 cha there are a lot of training opportunities. Also Lore is profitable in terms of SP, which shouldn't surprise you since investigating old shit is kinda a big theme in the game. And even without training and shit you can still hybrid up an extra skill or perhaps two to do different things from a pure specialist. A key to combat hybrids is figuring out how to win more fights with fewer SP invested into combat skills and then spending those SP they saved on other shit they want to do. Like, try using shit like aimed strikes, positioning, consumables, etc.

tl;dr: You are a fucking scrub. Git gud.

4326fe  No.15532034

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>what you read was shit

>not going to recommend anything that isn't though

I'm not going to call what you'd pick shit, or call you a faggot for picking it. I have a lot of free time now and want something decent to read.


Read a review and saw the word misogyny many times, sold.


But how goods the book though?????

9bbf9a  No.15532060


i am interested thank you.

>sorin markov from mtg

>Tywin for GoT

Well don't that beat all.

0f0668  No.15532074


>I'm not going to call what you'd pick shit, or call you a faggot for picking it.

Honest to God I have nothing to recommend. It's all fucking garbage. It should tell you something when a dumpster fire like A Song of Ice and Fire is the best the genre has produced in decades.

If you're really desperate try Prince of Thorns, it's mercifully short and Jorg isn't a complete waste of oxygen. On the other hand, you could try and read the Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion and Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne by Christ Wraight. Both are 40k stories that take place on Terra and focus almost exclusively on the Custodes, the Golden Throne and the Emperor and take place right around the Fall of Cadia, so important shit is happening and the overall plot of Warhammer is moving forward, plus, unlike that subversive kike ADB Wraight has a knack for writing likeable characters and not making the Emperor out to be a complete imbecile.

>But how goods the book though?????

I found it unbearably boring, the protagonist is an effeminate Gary Stu and whines endlessly.

4326fe  No.15532088


I'll give them a look but the 40k books sound right up my alley, I've read the first 3 in the horus heresy and they were decent, thanks.

0f0668  No.15532106


>I've read the first 3 in the horus heresy and they were decent

Much like with long running comics as the plot goes on it steadily starts going more and more shit. Sadly, since they all share the same overarching narrative you have to wade through the shit books to be able to understand what is going on in later titles. Then again, it's not like the authors are pretending it's high brow literature, but I prefer 40k over 30k since it's less about "muh daddy issues" and more "burn the fucking heretic".

7f595d  No.15532114


I did vanilla Dungeon Rats, retard. I'm probably leaps and bounds better than you. The difference is DR has actually well thought SP allocations while AoD does not if you want fun. The fact alone that you are telling me to git gud at AoD tells everything. You probably think you are hot shit because you can tie your shoelaces, huh?

tl;dr: retard.

783cd5  No.15532139

Too many cocksuckers ITT, if this is the type of people this game attracts then I already know it's shit.

85a7f1  No.15532166


Are you fucking retarded or just a liar?

You can multi-class and level them the way you want UNLESS YOU PICKED AUTOLEVEL COMPANIONS IN THE OPTIONS.

85a7f1  No.15532172


That is, unless the RAW disallow it like trying to make Valerie a Paladin despite not being LG you goddamn nigger.

c8c060  No.15532190


Underrail is pretty good too. I liked it.

000000  No.15532218


Stop being so asspained. This ain't a dick-measuring contest. You have no answers to any of the shit I pointed out other than bitching and moaning again.

I tell you to git gud because you were bitching and moaning about the lack of SP when in reality hybriding is perfectly manageable. And while Dungeon Rats strongly encourages maxing the shit out of combat skills (because they are the only skills you get in DR) if you want to hybrid in AoD it's better to figure out how to win combat with fewer skillpoints invested in that shit and use those SP so your character can do other shit than just fight. There are also tons of ways to get extra SP in AoD if you git gud. Which brings me to the fucking point: You don't need a double SP cheat. You are just bad.

3add07  No.15532245

i ended up with tank girl barb girl and dead elf and im a fighter too. everything is kicking my ass should i restart as a caster or something?

c8c060  No.15532264

File: 8b7004120be9388⋯.png (64.4 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1448420807073.png)


>plays Pathfinder

>Doesn't bring a spellcaster

Yeah you should.

85a7f1  No.15532269



Depending on difficulty even arcane casters won't help much.

Everything set to Normal PLUS Enemies to "slightly less powerful" is the closest you can get to PF rules.

7f595d  No.15532277


Look retard, I played my first AoD maximizing SP gains and it wasn't fun, no RP posibilities there since you are just a minmax whore. Yes, sorry to break it to you but the think you take so much pride on is trivial and boring for other people. I have humored you enough, should just have filtered you from the start like all the retarded torposters but I'll fix that now.

PS: retard.

783cd5  No.15532305


You just have to do quests, faggot.

7f595d  No.15532315


Thanks for untoring yourself so I can filter your real ID, retard.

c8c060  No.15532323


>filtering people that trigger you on a mongolian cave painting board.

While I side with you on the argument, you sound like a redditor.

3add07  No.15532328



I didnt know some of the companions would fuck off and leave me with a bunch of melee so i guess ill run a cleric or something to balance it out

000000  No.15532329


Pathfinder is called Caster Edition for a reason, mate. Yes, you're fundamentally fucking crippled without a spellcaster in the crew.


Dude. From the start, I've only said that you can play effective hybrids without cheating, and if you need to cheat, you are bad. Somehow you decided that must mean I am bragging about my skill level. I have no idea how the fuck you are this insecure but it's ridiculous.

And just to recap: Autistic min-maxing is only necessary if you are going ridiculously far in developing bullshit builds that try to do fucking everything (which is possible). If you just want to hybrid, it is perfectly doable if you're smart about it. Just remember that hybriding is more about having 1 or 2 skills on the side that are high enough to be good than having 3-4 skills that are low enough to be unusable.

Evidently getting corrected like this deeply offends you somehow.

783cd5  No.15532338


You gonna filter me too, bitch?

7f595d  No.15532340


I know. I could simply stop replying to him but the idea is to make my disdain more infuriating for him.

783cd5  No.15532343


Keep it up, boy

000000  No.15532364



I find that shit legit hilarious. Kid, I think you're the only one here who measures his self-worth by what other people say. How old are you, anyway? You sound like you're still in puberty.

783cd5  No.15532376


Fuck you

000000  No.15532394


You can, but you have to pay for custom party members since you have to recruit them as mercenaries. You don't get to start with a custom party, though, and it will cost you gold to recruit custom party members.


So what did your twin sister say when you talked to her about it?

Also, obligatory:

>twin sister recommends you read incest porn novel


Dude, are you seriously pretending to be me now? Not only is there a pretty obvious disconnect between your obvious attempt at shitstirring about how too many people liking the game being a sign that you should avoid it (grats on being a hipster, btw) and my in-depth analysis of a guy's party above, but if you wanted to do that you should've just torposted. Ever since Mark removed names and shit torposters can't hash in case someone impersonates you so it's easy as fuck to pretend to be someone else.

Like, if you wanted to pretend to be me, there's an easier way of going about it.

c8c060  No.15532414

File: 4b9b95b26fe4e44⋯.png (15.78 KB, 691x597, 691:597, 1341132292055.png)


There was not that much porn into it, it was enough for my young self but I think she may have been able to do abstraction of it and see the story and recommend me the book based on it. If I remember well, Imriel fucks his cousin the princess, a prostitute but it's alright because in Terre d'Ange (France) prostitution is revered, an italian mature woman (living the life) while he studies in not Rome and that's about it. I did end up reading the trilogy. The first trilogy is way more hardcore, it's about his adoptive mother who sense pain as pleasure, you see where this goes. It was easier to relate to a male character. Ok, she gets captured and assfucked with a spiky dildo in not India

42ad6b  No.15532431


PBS (and more importantly precise shot which requires it) and other ranged feats do work on ranged attack rolls. Not totally retarded in an environment with limited feat options.

783cd5  No.15532434


I don't know what you're talking about. You're a paranoid fucking schizo who thinks every anon out there is pretending to be you. Delusions of grandeur? Plain old insanity? I don't know the answer I bet you don't either, because you're not well. Something in your head has gone wrong. You stupid fucking bitch. I'd Roddy Piper the shit out of you. As soon as the bell rings, immediate nut shot. Just constant nut shots like I'm spamming the nut shot button. You want to box, you Pearl Jam entrance music using action hero? Eye pokes everywhere. So many eye pokes that a child version of Rousimar Palhares has his jaw on the floor as the cast of NYPD Blue dusts my fingerprints off of your iris. As soon as he tries to grapple. Boom, welcome to my incredibly greased body that feels like trying to grab soap off of a state pen shower floor. I'd have so much grease on my body that the lighting fixtures would give me 2nd degree burns as I slide to the ring like Silver Surfer, comic book verson. I'd be so hard to get a hold of that my opponent would think I'm Jimmy Hoffa's body. Going for your stupid sumo palm strikes? Say goodbye to your knee caps as I dropkick them in like a SWAT member busting down a door, wooden frame still intact, unsuspecting drug dealer sprinting through the back door. Want to over power me, DJ Jazzy Jeff? Look out for my newly cycled off slab of meat body with more holes in my ass than Interstellar has in it's plot. I'd lift you up like you're Simba in a VHS release of Lion King and slam you down like a pog on a schoolyard playground, chalk outline around your gi. I'd have so many drugs running through me that the CIA wouldn't know whether to open up an X-men branch or sell me to the Rolling Stones so they could snort me.

I'd last at least 3 minutes. No doubt in my mind.

000000  No.15532442


Yeah that's definitely porn for women. Still, how the hell did the inevitable conversation about what you thought of the book go down?


Alright, nevermind.

c8c060  No.15532456


I frankly don't remember, I was a sheltered autist back then so I might not even have talked about it. I'll ask her but I doubt she remember too. There are really not enough good fantasy novels set in the Renaissance. I enjoyed the trilogy. Then after that I started Wheel of Time.

783cd5  No.15532468



Don't just fucking nevermine me you piece of shit. Maybe you're the one following me around and copying me. That's why you're on TOR so people can't tell that your ID is theirs.

122cfb  No.15532479


Black Company

Start with the first three books. The latter 6 kind of drag on, but they are good enough if you enjoy the series.

I've heard good things about The Malazan Books of the Dead series, but I haven't gotten more than halfway through to the first book so take with a grain of salt.

c8c060  No.15532501

Oh yeah, I really recommend Black Company. I had a blast reading it.

000000  No.15532534


Yeah I can't think of any good Renaissance period fantasy novels myself. Hell, can't even think of bad ones. Maybe try fishing for recommendations from >>>/lit/.


Yes, but it's still a damn bad pick. Is he doing scorching ray build or shit that he needs precise shot for his spells? Blaster caster is not a good way of doing things. It's generally acknowledged to be the worst way to play a Wizard. Although there are ways of cheesing out the damage to make it a lethal build, but generally it is acknowledged among good players that you should leave the fighting to the fighters while your Wizard uses magic to debuff enemies, reshape the battlefield to the party's advantage, and provide buffs to allies. There's also summoning minions and shit.


Shit, you're on to me.


Fun fact, AoD actually starts with a quote from The Black Company:

>"That kind of thing is common around here. Conspiracies and assassinations and naked power-grabs. All the fun of decadence." -Glen Cook, The Black Company

Safe to say the makers were fans.

7d01ae  No.15532580

The troll king was fucking hard. I died about 5 times to him, and what finally won me the battle was confusion wasting like 3 rounds for him. He essentially could not miss my 31 AC fighter and did 2d6+23 damage. My party was 7th level but barely squeaked by.

ff22f3  No.15532658

File: 3ba9798e7e433b5⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 1051x230, 1051:230, OrcCommunity.jpg)

There is Orc poz, but then you see much worse here every day.

ff22f3  No.15532693

File: d2de4c35c2e0170⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 1053x231, 351:77, WheresTheBeef.jpg)


I cast Detect Roastie

081d7a  No.15532749


How about Fantasy that's also decent smut?

Amazon's Pledge series by Sarah Hawke. Decent world building, fast paced action, neat smut. Wizard mc adventures in company of 2 lethal ladies.

Way less smutty than above, but more action packed - Tamer: King of Dinosaurs by Michael-Scott Earle. normalfag gets dumped into Jurassic World experiment, has to survive with 3 monster girls. Starts off really… beta, but gets some spine hammered into him by the shit he faces.

There is also some good works to be found for free on Royal Road - lot of authors keeping up long running series there, with a decent tagging system to help with searches.

8fc997  No.15532848


>Gothic 3


Nigger what?

1d6c8f  No.15533004


can you purge the faggot?

7f595d  No.15533063


Sadly no as far as I know, but you can "accidentally" cast 10 fireballs on him and never resurrect his sorry cuck ass.

c28346  No.15533261



The problem is with the "Bloodline: Arcana" bloodline feature. Bog standard sorcerer with the arcane bloodline has this problem as well as eldritch scion with the same bloodline, but a sage sorcerer is exempt from it because the archetype replaces it with Arcane Bolt. I'm willing to bet it has something to do with the "does not stack with itself" or the "does not work on heightened spells" language.

5aac0a  No.15533287


Diversity hire at work!

c28346  No.15533298


More than likely.

ff22f3  No.15533309

I like how one of the 'fixes' in their patch notes was putting a 'Warning this games takes fucking ages to load' sign on the opening.


I just dumped him in some busywork role in the town and take out a different group, thankfully you can ignore the insufferable/useless ones and still have them be 'some' use.

Dead Inquisitor woman is semi useful as a trap tester/healer. Once equipped with a heavy flail Harrim isn't too bad and Amiri, while annoying, is useful for bursting people, they're ok as a front row. With a eldrich scoundrel and magus merc employed for the back I've got mostly evil/neutral chaotics in play while the twee libfags are in town making me look nice to the plebs.

5aac0a  No.15533344



Not that bitch again.

7d01ae  No.15533373

I would be upset with how my party is basically silent due to them all being mercs if the alternative wasn't both having insufferable cunts replacing the silence as well as them being flat out worse than mercs gameplay wise. If only mercs could serve you in the kingdom part.

7d01ae  No.15533667

>In throne room

>Go to kingdom view

>Realize I need to go to the tavern for a quest

>I now have to wait for the loading screen, close it and wait for the throne room to load, walk out of your manor into the city square (loading screen), and then go to the tavern (loading screen). Fuck.

5b1103  No.15533717



Is this storage bound loading that can be eliminated using fast SSDs, or something more retarded that pegs CPU/RAM?

4ada80  No.15533726


>but a sage sorcerer is exempt

Whoo score one for the virgin INT sorcerers over the chad CHA sorcerers

4ada80  No.15533731


At least it's not the fighter chick who literally decided to not become a paladin (after apparently already setting her stat array for it) because they were just too damn happy, cheerful, and merciful for her tastes

7d01ae  No.15533748

I'll make a new thread when this hits page 10.

Fuck Linzi by the way.

7d01ae  No.15533761


>she steals money from the treasury, buys a printing press with it, and when I demand she return the stolen funds (since there's no option to imprison or execute her) the game tells me I failed the quest

b698c0  No.15533818

Do you need to keep a party slot open for NPCs or anything? Asking because I need to figure out if I'm preparing 4 or 5 mercenaries before I start.


>Imagine the worst thing one person can do to another, and multiply it tenfold. That's what happened to me nearly every day in slavery.

She was tortured and then killed 10 times a day in slavery?

4ada80  No.15533835

If the boar quest is any indication, the game has the npc show up and force their way into the party regardless. And so far, the hafling bard and zombie elf are the only npcs I've seen ever actually make comments during the main questline.

7d01ae  No.15533855


No, I took on a quest NPC once and it gave me a party shuffling UI to replace one of mine with him.

7d01ae  No.15534237

File: 4a378bc2f824c41⋯.png (147.93 KB, 992x96, 31:3, 7frpoXv[1].png)

Why do russians do this?

>I'll find the proofs

7d01ae  No.15534256

File: cb3ea670f0a2575⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 85.5 KB, 389x124, 389:124, 4sxbDIA[1].png)

Is Yog-Sothoth even part of Pathfinder lore?

76b17e  No.15534350

6 druids w/leopards y/n?

fc145f  No.15534375

They've taken to spamming the game with a slew of fake reviews after all the negative buzz. Truly pathetic.

76b17e  No.15534395



8fc997  No.15534413



Who are "they"? And what negative buzz?

3f85fb  No.15534456


Her class gives her a higher dex mod to armor due to her training. Read her class features.

76b17e  No.15534465


Bugs and idiotic instant gameovers for doing the story missions in the wrong order, probably.

58e480  No.15534719


How isn't it? It's a role playing game on a computer. ARPG falls under the banner of CRPG too. CRPG isn't limited to RTWP and turn based.

7d01ae  No.15534729


>Another retard claiming a perfectly literal definition

I'm going to go play my favorite RPG, Ratchet and Clank.

58e480  No.15534757


But that's not a role playing game. If the definition of computer role playing game was limited to what original CRPGs were in the 80s then the only true RPGs are blobbers and Ultima.

f33476  No.15534769


There is an entire Adventure Path about The King in Yellow, so I assume so.

3f85fb  No.15534805

When does the next major quest show up after killing the troll king and kobold?

76b17e  No.15534816


I'm so sorry.

3f85fb  No.15534828


Good god, it's already fucking winter now.

7d01ae  No.15534833


Winter seems to be a color overlay. There's still lillypads in ponds, kek

76b17e  No.15534843

>level 1 merc is 500g

>level 2 merc is 2000g



4ada80  No.15534905

File: 244952c726aa43b⋯.jpg (70.05 KB, 655x1000, 131:200, elfbm.jpg)

If I had a party of all elves, can I just rest 4 hours at a time? Or is that expecting too much adherence to the actual rules by a crpg?

f6fc3f  No.15534910


You will their special characters, goy!


Is this the same one that decides to go with the creepy, evil gnome over you, just because you weren't ultra-polite when explanign that raiding hte armory was necessary? Even though you helped her save other guards from teh fire, and the gnome openly complaning about it?

7d01ae  No.15534918

76b17e  No.15534924

3f85fb  No.15534932


Nvm, hunting chapter started just now, fucking finally.

7bb73f  No.15535203


recently played Bard's Tale IV and they linked a bunch of dialogue to the voice selections. So even in an all merc party there is some constant banter - and there is even lasting sequences

(like the rowdy female making the shy one in my party cry once and than giving her a handerchief… and than later sperging out about the fun of slaughter and the shy one returning the handkerchief when she notices spittle on her face)

I wonder why Pathfinder team didn't do the same. Would cut down on any annoyance some players have with their stock npcs

76b17e  No.15535344

>take strength damage from spiders

>that one elf has a spell to heal it

>go back to inn, rest

>he doesn't fucking use it

>have to leave inn with him in party and then camp


783cd5  No.15539076


>4: That's fucked up.

76b17e  No.15539779


>people are apparently killing the stag lord at level 4

>they're doing this by diplomancing his lieutenants

>you're only allowed to do this by sparing an apparently irrelevant bandit in an encounter almost immediately after the tutorial

>if you don't, the boss fight isn't one boss fight, but at least four

>at once

>and all those bosses can instagib anyone in your party

I feel so bad for the people that paid for this garbage.

2937d4  No.15539810


How's the optimization? Pillars2 runs like shit on my PC

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