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File: 3ea13dd8dfe711a⋯.jpg (615.39 KB, 1920x810, 64:27, pathfinder.jpg)

File: 43c2bcbd1e739f7⋯.jpg (349.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pf.jpg)

File: ced363b20eedd46⋯.jpg (357.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pf2.jpg)

File: c6291a4f110a01b⋯.jpg (412.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pf3.jpg)

File: 97d73a336b49092⋯.jpg (91.67 KB, 1075x839, 1075:839, pf4.jpg)

e1f70b  No.15534916


>Pathfinder and not some retarded shit like PoE or Torment's made for the game yet still shit rulesets

>Moderate-high difficulty

>mildly interesting plot thus far

>no purple prose

>A lot of difficulty sliders to customize different aspects of difficulty

>The least leftist taint in a nu-CRPG

Neutral for me but some people may be autistic about


>not 100% accurate to pathfinder especially with monsters even with all the difficulty sliders set to pen and paper accurate


>there is still some leftist taint despite it being a fucking russian game (there is a bisexual half-orc and a human or half-elf woman in an open relationship. The half-orc will hit on you)

>Bethesda quality Q&A, bugs everywhere, some gamebreaking (I haven't encountered any) especially on linux

>devs have stated early game encounters are scaled incorrectly but haven't said when this will be fixed

>Recruiting not-gimped mercenary companions who you create is almost exorbitantly expensive, 2000 for a level 2, 8000 for a level 4, a level 7 is around 24000 IIRC

>Dice rolls may not have even probability as some people have claimed after a hundred or so tests 10~% CTH for enemies hit 40~% of the time with roughly opposite results for the player and similar results for saving throws (AI always seems to succeed, PCs rarely)

>At the start there are 5 companions 2-3 of which will join you and the rest your rival depending on your choices, 4 of which are women, all of which are complete shit compared to an optimized character (the fighter has fucking 14 STR)

>The fucking halfling cunt with the kike hair can't be dismissed and laughs at you whenever you try to kick her out of your barony

>Magic weapons more common than BG which felt too common for me

>long loadscreens constantly

Recommend you pirate it for now as on a technical level it's very poor. The content thus far is pretty decent to the point where I may buy it on sale for $10 or less.



Unpatched version from TPB


Patch 1.01


Patch 1.03


Some portraits (mediocre-low quality) and instructions on how to make your own. As far as I know you can't do it for NPCs, including story or existing companions.

771f7e  No.15535031

Just play divinity brah

edd3e4  No.15535041


maybe read the rules before posting next time


ac048a  No.15535134

>game has an actual world map and travel times are an important factor to the game unlike a lot of previous D&D crpgs.

>for some reason the game still lacks flight or teleportation spells for player controlled casters

Why?! Why the fuck can't I be teleporting or flying all over the god damn map once I reach higher levels? While am I still walking all over the place at level 7?

ac048a  No.15535146


and for that matter why can't I use any of the dozen damn spells that are entirely based around making camping an easier/safer/more pleasant experience? I can't even cast my own alarm spells or summon guardians like the npc casters get.

85817a  No.15535152


Divinity is unfunny garbage.

490082  No.15535266


Whether you pirate or buy this shit, it isn't worth time/dosh right now. Wait a real long while. Bugs everywhere mate and not an exaggeration. I try to, but second chapter done it. Quests chains get broken, quest resolutions are a mess (did a best end, but npcs behave like I did a shit end), NPCs to report quests to are missing, etc. This on top of unbalanced shit and no escape from battle option.

If you run one save mode and run into elder fire elementals random encounter at level 2 near starting zone. Shit out of luck mate. It's pozzfinder alright, down right to retardedly high DCs to pass a check at under level 4 to pass a good resolution for a quest and not even a min-max characters can survive easily.

Also seriously nigger? A fucking spider summoning dryad summoning a doomspider with 30+AC which you encounter at level 4 alongside it? Did I mentioned that it can stunlock your entire party within 5 seconds. Inquisitors have high WIS and natural will save progression and still will fail that hold person save 100 times out of 100.

Campaign feels true to the module, except it feels like you're playing with the worst GM ever and other players are THAT guy or totally retarded.

771f7e  No.15535696


Still better than pozmaker

c1a06c  No.15535776


>half orc wanting to fuck anything that moves

sounds right

19690f  No.15536576

File: 3c1d819f0aac48a⋯.png (178.62 KB, 500x358, 250:179, kill me.png)



There's a whole lack of reducing travel as a whole. Want to get to the throne room to the world map? You gotta walk all the way through town. Want to speed up time so you can get to point A to point B faster? Not even a feature. And don't even get me fucking started about traps that slow you outside of combat.

fba3c8  No.15536607

File: 4d540da2246ff52⋯.jpg (31.11 KB, 896x349, 896:349, 06b01623db0b589674bb745171….jpg)

>you will never cum on some fat lipped cow titted orcess abs

964e64  No.15536686

File: 04dcddfac7719bc⋯.png (82.54 KB, 644x527, 644:527, 0xdfyy.PNG)

Finally, the permanent solution for Pathfinder - Caster Edition.

d29d8a  No.15536766

>10 minutes of loading to start playing

Have any of the patches fixed the long ass loading times/lag yet? It's making the game unplayable

e1f70b  No.15536866


Three loading screens, each about a minute long, each time you want to go from kingdom view to the world map is just fucking insane.

daeac6  No.15536871

File: d1df2197d541cc6⋯.png (313.41 KB, 500x688, 125:172, 1434138987679.png)


>Check hub to see all the bugs

>Find thread complaining about ethnic cleansing of mites/kobalds

ffd0d9  No.15536910


>The fucking halfling cunt with the kike hair can't be dismissed and laughs at you whenever you try to kick her out of your barony

this is a dealbreaker for me

d18c70  No.15536920


Can't be killed/not allowed to join in the first place?

e1f70b  No.15536933


I assume since she's a companion she can be killed. No clue what would happen then.

Did I mention she steals from your treasury and you can't have her executed for it? And 3/4th of the options involve instantly forgiving her?

d29d8a  No.15536938


She has a ring which can't be unequipped that will save her from dying. She literally can't be gotten rid of in any way

e1f70b  No.15536947

File: b8bde714c45f2b5⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 934x580, 467:290, dFPe7bO[1].jpg)


Jesus fucking Christ

6b30ca  No.15536949


>it feels like you're playing with the worst GM ever

Even on gay difficulty it's fucking hard work in places. It's like joining a campaign 3 levels behind what's expected of you. The first couple of patches fixed some of the issues but


The unwanted companions end up infesting your town and she has a 'lol I libs forever' ring. She's like an invincible rat.

c68193  No.15536955

File: 543a617b539ed2e⋯.jpg (377.94 KB, 960x1800, 8:15, 1264875938817.jpg)




I almost bothered pirating this despite the poz rumors. Guess I won't waste my time after all.

d29d8a  No.15536964


One thing you can try, but I doubt will work, is to let her join Tartuccio at the start (I think you need to choose the evil option and get Laethal for that). Then when you go under the Old Sycamor, don't rescue her at all, just get the keys and kill Tartuccio then leave

6b30ca  No.15536972


The 'annoying bard as narrator' trope taken to unfortunate lengths.

d18c70  No.15536990

File: 244fee5bdf771e8⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 405x650, 81:130, 244fee5bdf771e8d8e92b1fa60….jpg)



literally fucking deus ex machina

6b30ca  No.15537034


>No option to chop off finger


e1f70b  No.15537078


A deus ex machina solves a problem though

d29d8a  No.15537101


Dying can sometimes be a problem

e1f70b  No.15537115


Not if it's that cunt

e1f70b  No.15537147

File: 6160f8258f34af0⋯.png (752.22 KB, 1256x323, 1256:323, SdkY6MY[1].png)

Oh, I found a nigger by the way. He's an actual african (the VA sounds nigerian or some shit) and is only in the area to kill a troll.

Still not letting a nigger in my court.

d29d8a  No.15537164


>Add nigRanger

>His pet is a dog who he hates and threatens to hit all the time


d18c70  No.15537170


At least you can tell him to fuck off.

d29d8a  No.15537188


Ekundayo is great though, he just wants to perform a bit of ethnic cleansing of inferior Kobolds and Trolls, including their children.

His alignment is fucking retarded though, there's no way in hell Ekundo is anywhere near 'Lawful good' that nigga is lawful evil, or lawful neutral at most,

e1f70b  No.15537191


>that nigga is lawful evil, or lawful neutral at most,


76cdc8  No.15537407

how/when can you add new council slots?

fba3c8  No.15537433


We wuz Númenóreans an sheeit nukka.

e1f70b  No.15537461

You know, I feel like this kingdom management would suit a game closer in style to Dwarf Fortress. It doesn't mesh amazingly well with the CRPG elements.

5705e0  No.15537468

Muh based poz breathes life back into the CRPG genre, this time with the aid of infinitely progressive Russian developers. It's super effective!

d29d8a  No.15537488


The Kingdom management doesn't even affect your party, it's entirely pointless, just a numbers game you need to play so that you don't just get a game over because some trolls attacked.

You can't even visit any city except your capital, so fuck you if your empire spans the globe because you can't rest at any of your villages.

d57896  No.15537498


>all of which are complete shit compared to an optimized character

This has been a thing with crpgs since time immemorial. NPCs are built for roleplay with a mind for usefulness. I see why one would rather build a fully optimized autimal mongoloid who's really good at their one thing and nothing else but it kills a lot of the "character".

e1f70b  No.15537529


The thing is that the companions actual characters are obnoxious and the monsters are much stronger than they should be according to PF bestiaries. They generally have a lot more AC and to-hit than what they should, and many intelligent enemies (such as kobolds) have multiple levels higher than their name suggests. And they aren't just mediocre, a fucking fighter has 14 STR. They're utter shit.

5705e0  No.15537555

Can I get gender reassignment surgery in this game or do I have to wait for DLC?

102d8f  No.15537564


The fighter isn't really good at anything else either though. She hasn't the intelligence to take combat expertise, her dex is too low to go for a finesse build, and both wisdom and charisma are lackluster. She ends up pidgeonholed into the tank role, but again the lack of combat expertise hurts that and her damage is too abysmal to go for a more DPS focused role.

d9e441  No.15537576


The devs didn't touch the ACG so no elixir of sex shifting. You'll have to hope they included the cursed girdle of opposite gender

e1f70b  No.15537583



So does it just change how others write down pronouns involving you or did you mean sex?

fba3c8  No.15537587



Um, sexist much?

d9e441  No.15537602


PF uses gender in it's original, pre-John Money form. So it means sex, not pronouns

But a cursed magic item that switched your pronouns would be fucking hilarious. Must remember that one

658742  No.15537677

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6b30ca  No.15537708


As soon as you get the town started they're in a tab in the map on the table in your throne room.

e1f70b  No.15537735

File: d525df9e4b9a0d2⋯.png (212.69 KB, 994x132, 497:66, 12rOuGk[1].png)

>tfw no goddess mommy to make you eat all the eggs

fba3c8  No.15537758



Is he in a hospital or something?

e1f70b  No.15537765


He's tied to a pole

fba3c8  No.15537770


I prefer my interpretation.

e1f70b  No.15537784


Why would a goblin be in a hospital?

fba3c8  No.15537798


I don't know, that's why I prefer it. It's more out there.

2fbe84  No.15537885


Dunno, he should be in a fucking ditch somewhere. Beats me why anyone would carry green filth into a hospital.

e1f70b  No.15538109

>find a merchant's corpse with a letter from his wife

>Later on meet his wife who is going to live with her sister allegedly but was knocked up before the merchant left

>She's supposed to have another son who she never mentions

>turns out there's some issue with the pregnancy which healers say mean it will be stillborn so she resorts to a dark goddess of beasts, apparently of the opinion that a beast-child is better than nothing to remember her husband by (besides his first son who she still won't say what happened to)

She cries for you to let a priestess of the cult live long enough to corrupt the babby so babby isn't dead

That's six kinds of fucked up. I wish there were other ways to help out

fba3c8  No.15538123


I hope you gave her a boot delivered loss.jpg.

e1f70b  No.15538127


Your options are to let everyone involved go free, let the cultist perform the ritual (it involves fucking animals and mutilation) then execute her, execute her immediately, or execute everyone involved including the mother.

d665a5  No.15538140

File: 38daf570c0e7d81⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 256x352, 8:11, thalmor watches a low leve….jpg)


He plays RPGs for cringy jokes

d665a5  No.15538160

File: f2e4568e52a7935⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 366x343, 366:343, KILL.jpg)


Why is it even a choice? The answer is obvious

fba3c8  No.15538171


When you say do the ritual and then kill her do you mean the priest or the mom?

e1f70b  No.15538190


Let the priest perform the ritual on the mom

2fbe84  No.15538192


The priest performs the ritual, not the mother. Obviously.

fba3c8  No.15538196



So you can't tell them both to fuck off and get a new demon baby as a party member?

e1f70b  No.15538197

>Kill a hydra

>112 experience

>Convince a goblin to give you a necklace and then give it to a woman

>960 experience

871b83  No.15538354


That better be the first and best printing press ever invented because heads have rolled for far less.

Seriously does she not understand that money’s pays for the soldiers and the rest is kept in case of disasters like famine, emergency repair, etc.

2566f9  No.15538405

File: ba0aa8d203e9dc3⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 368x357, 368:357, 03f9675a875a0197d04ba4ef6d….gif)



Better yet, let her have the beast baby, then sell it to slavers for an illegal fighting ring for some good money. It's like you guys don't even want to make money.

fba3c8  No.15538411


>sell it

>not becoming its manager

e1f70b  No.15538422


Only if it isn't cute enough to be called a monster-girl

2566f9  No.15538607


>waiting 18 years to raise and fuck a monstergirl

But why?


Too long of an investment imo. Unless you can give it to the stablemaster back home, I guess?

3c81b9  No.15538685

File: 6c14c073999f8c4⋯.jpg (69.96 KB, 376x437, 376:437, e23ceebc679df7cb2146faa43f….jpg)


>Towershield Fighter

<14 Strength so will never be a particularly good Fighter

<9 Intelligence so they can't take Combat Expertise

<15 Charisma for some reason but not LG so can't roll as a paladin

Guess we're turning you into an Eldritch Scion, or maybe more hilariously some kind of a extremely meaty Bard. At least her starting feats are fairly benign except for that exotic weapon proficiency. I think she'd fare pretty well as an Abyssal Bloodline Eldritch Scion though since strength of the abyss can make up for her lack of strength and one more point in charisma puts it at "okay" for the archetype.

871b83  No.15538776


Made an elf magus with 18 in dexterity gave him an elf scimitar and the weapon finesse feat. Elf now doing 9-11 dmg a round while she’s at 5. So it’s going to be one of those games.

8175eb  No.15539041


Her backstory is so stupid too. She trained her whole life to become a paladin, then not only left the order but even rejected the goddess she would have sworn herself to. Are you expecting some big tragic character defining tragedy or event for why she would do this? Well too bad, she actually just decided that particular group was just too faggy for her tastes, and that the goddess of art and love was dumb. But she also apparently wasn't willing to straighten her ass up enough to join some other more proper religious order instead.

000000  No.15539045


Make her an Archaeologist Bard, faggot. You know you want to.


Give him an agile weapon and he'll do more damage. But he also needs to spell combat regularly to increase his DPR.

8175eb  No.15539124


She doesn't have the Dex to survive as a melee bard. She needs something that can eventually wear better armor while casting spells and unfortunately Inquisitor/cleric doesn't have a cha based sub class option.

e1f70b  No.15539151

>See one or two enemies

>Attack them

>8 more materialize in the middle of the room

This has happened like 10 times now, it's getting old.

000000  No.15539157


Once she reaches level 4 of Bard she can cast spells like Blur and Mirror Image. You can also upgrade her dex by 1 point and equip a shield as a Bard. Bards can even swing Tower Shields if they have the proficiency, although tower shields tend to penalize attack.

000000  No.15539170


Oh, forgot to mention this, but mithral armor counts as 1 category lighter for all intents and purposes except proficiency, so Valerie can equip a mithral medium armor no problem as a Bard (she already has medium armor proficiency).

3c81b9  No.15539236


That's what makes making her into a bard hilarious.

She does at least have a reasonable backstory though. Shelyn Paladins are top tier faggots of the loosest sphincters. You don't really need some sort of defining event to be able to figure that out.


That was pretty much my reasoning. If bards could function in heavy armor or if she had enough dex to utilize light armor, I would have made her into an archaeologist in a heartbeat.


Her attack is already low enough with her low strength so taking a tower shield on top of it doesn't help that at all. It sounds like a lot of work to make her into fairly sub-optimal bard. It also makes her MAD as hell. At least with the eldrich scion abyssal bloodline you can skip the dex because you'll be able to wear heavy armor, you can skip the strength because you get strength of the abyss, and instead you can just put everything into charisma to make a fairly decent magus instead. You probably will never see that shield again but we're trying to recover a poorly made character not justify every bad decision she made.

000000  No.15539260


Aren't there +6 str+dex belts in PF: Kingmaker? With 14 dex she can hit up to 20 dex with one of those belts no problem, which is enough to max out the AC bonus from a mithral breastplate. A regular shield would boost AC further without penalizing attack. Also, check if Bards get Dance of a Hundred cuts in this game. It's a bard-only self-buff for melee combat.

As for low attack & damage, Archaeologist's Luck gives her an extra bonus to attack & damage.

000000  No.15539261


Dance of a Hundred Cuts is a bard-only lvl 4 spell, to be clear.

78ffc0  No.15539293



Can u, leik, plz not?

Nothing I do will ever erase the stain on my soul for the neologisms I wrought in that place

b94b0f  No.15539324


>>waiting 18 years to raise and fuck a monstergirl

If it's part beast, then it should also age like one, so after about 3-4 years she should be the equivalent of an 18 year old woman, thus fuckable.

dc4f98  No.15539375

the faggots playing this game, post more pozzed pics of it.


>The content thus far is pretty decent to the point where I may buy it on sale for $10 or less.

stop bieng a fucking faggot, OP.


>Ekundayo is great though, he just wants to perform a bit of ethnic cleansing of inferior Kobolds

I prefer to party up with kobolds than niggers.


>>waiting 18 years to raise and fuck a monstergirl

>waiting THAT long to fuck her

smh tbh fam

d9e441  No.15539433



>Can u, leik, plz not?

The word dates back to the 1500s. Like it or not, it's perfectly valid English.

e1f70b  No.15539517

This fucking act 2 boss is fucking bullshit.

>every hit has a DC 31 fortitude throw or be stunned for two rounds

>You have to fight it with half a party

>It heals and needs fire to finish it off

>It has 29 AC and 20 to hit

>It has 10 DR

>When you beat it you're immediately thrown into the next fight with no chance to save

e1f70b  No.15539526


Oh its to-hit jumped up by 8 for some reason.

3c81b9  No.15539629


I'm pretty sure the modern/common use of "trope" is derived from the metaphysical terminology, which use dates back about 60-70 years, rather than the rhetorical use.

8608a9  No.15539649



>E-kun da yo!

Is this nigger's parents some kind of weeboo?


490082  No.15539806




Lorefag here. If it is what I think it is, then kill all parties involved. It is likely that it is the priest of lamashtu (which its followers should be killed on sight) and there will be no kawaii beast-children to hug or fug. It will be something like mutant straight out of Umbrella labs, and it will spawn more of it through unholy fuck and kill and slaughterfuck more people to make more of it.

69bdf6  No.15539926

File: b5d8d88ad5c33a6⋯.jpg (334.41 KB, 1560x725, 312:145, qPGvhUY.jpg)

File: 8568d2e18bf4b04⋯.png (62.5 KB, 311x340, 311:340, QLcLitI.png)

found these on another site.

d9e441  No.15539975


This. Kill all Lamashtan adherents except Nualia in RotRL, if you think you can redeem her. Unless you're a paladin of Sarenrae, in which case you view only the followers of Rovagug as irredeemable.

b48a8d  No.15539994


She breaks out on her own.

c6e8d2  No.15540000






Jesus Christ, hopefully a mod pops up so you can kill the bitch but this is insufferable.

ac048a  No.15540007


the blacked meme doesn't work here so well since the fantasy nigger is clearly the one being cucked. Granted, they were both slaves, so the bastard's lucky he was some class that actually needed his balls attached or else they probably would have snipped him for screwing other merchandise.

c6e8d2  No.15540014


He's having sex on the side too with anything that moves so he's as much as a cuck and his girl is a cuck queen.

1325e4  No.15540041

File: 0aafc1e66b048e8⋯.jpg (151.95 KB, 1366x712, 683:356, 13567776744.jpg)

daeac6  No.15540042

File: 4261720520eccdd⋯.png (131.39 KB, 325x257, 325:257, 1378365225290.png)


>how can you say you love her if you don't let her fuck other men?!

ac048a  No.15540052


she's the narrator, even if you could kill her in game you'll still won't shut her up.

305665  No.15540064

File: beed6c023aa121d⋯.jpg (86.78 KB, 419x410, 419:410, Suikoden2_NA.jpg)

Are there any waifus in this game? can you get married or what?

c6e8d2  No.15540065

File: 652b99de9aa11ac⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 499x368, 499:368, 652b99de9aa11ac1c30237c1a3….jpg)


>her yapping reaches beyond the veil of death

ac048a  No.15540294


the only character's I've seen that have any romance dialog seems to be the pretty boy healbitch cleric, the slutty wizard girl, and cuck half orc.

305665  No.15540503


Fug, how much content does this game have?

871b83  No.15540569



There's four companion romances


Use your imagination anon you're a Baron, peasants and ladies will soon try to jump your bones. Provided you can survive the year.

40hr for main quest possible 80hr if you add in sidequests.

305665  No.15540618


Thank you anon

580cc9  No.15540639


I'm astonished they didn't throw in the frigid zombie elf as an option so they could boast about having the first asexual romance option in a crpg.

b31b02  No.15540774


Thank you lore fag, for being the voice of reason. Incidentally how does that choice translate to the alignment system is killing evil monster baby and stupid innocent mother a lawful good or lawful evil act.


Last thread someone said the writer doesn’t particular like writing romance unless it ends tragically where both of em are forever apart. Of course the fact that we have retard paladin, the cuck couple, and one pure boy leaves me wondering how true that statement was.


Gotta be honest I wanted to be a sorcerer or wizard but hearing all those bugs scared me off.

2db764  No.15540789


Chris Avellone is no longer a real writer, he writes one character for many games so they can plaster his name on the cover.

Try finding one character who seems better written than the others and that's probably all he did.

490082  No.15540922


Pozzfinder IP is owned by about the most pozzed team in TRPG industry, Paizo. And their concept of morality is a mix of tumblr, teenage edgelord, and fedoras. Lawful Good in their universe are Lawful Stupid deus vult LARPer-tier shit and Chaotic Good are often "socialist, freedom, love and hugs". But sometimes they can pull really tough moral shit in their modules like this.

I have not been to that point yet so I don't know how devs played this out. If you go cloth-hanger then they pretty much will slap a "abortion is good" shit on you and people calls you a monster for killing a future rampaging monster that can eat a town for breakfast; if you let go they will call you good until that monsterbaby eats a city then they will call you fucktard. Overall lose-lose unless you pulled a consorting with an evil priest = death law, then you exterminate all parties involved but some people will be pissed.

Remember this. Lamashtu is an evil deity whose end-goals are exactly this. Mutated monstrosity born from griefing widows, its clergy will play feminist cards and other espionage and saborage bullshit to pull a Raccoon City except this time with slaughterfucking monster-babies and overrun the world. There is a reason people kill lamashtu clerics and worshippers on sight. They bring disasters and tragedies on equal measures.

8175eb  No.15541049


I've been playing a sage sorcerer arcane trickster and about the only major class related bug I've run into is that the magic ranged trap disarm ability always seems to auto fail and set off traps and the ranged unlock just flat out doesn't work at all.

b31b02  No.15541079


Ima be honest with you anon I don’t like anyone in the party. so far they’re either annoying, stupid, or a combination of both.

>annoying bard who can’t die

>stupid fighter who gave up paladinhood and became atheist instead finding another patron god

>cuck couple


Yeah I noticed their fucked up morality within the first hour.

>break into armory for a shield

>choose lawful good I needed the equipment to save lives I’m sorry

>teared a new asshole for flaunting the law and apologizing

>save the lives of some soldiers instead of rushing into battle

>bitched out for not rushing to save her first

The fuck is wrong with you assholes, does the concept of foresight and greater good mean nothing to you.

>raccoon city

Welp fuck the widow, her demon spawn, and the priestess. Thank goodness i didn’t choose a LG paladin.


>webbed for hours

Man that was irritating, didn’t help that the barbarian had shit saving throws.

e1f70b  No.15541116


Later on you get a goblin and he's fucking adorable

305665  No.15541133

I hope mods for better waifus come out soon

daeac6  No.15541139


Is anyone even working on them? I know the devs said there wouldn't be mod support but they also said they didn't know about dlc in the same post so who knows.

305665  No.15541143


Well I'll just have to hope the DLC has some good waifus then

45ce5e  No.15541146

File: 312af0beb060edf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.11 KB, 669x500, 669:500, 1432327825862.jpg)


>nigger being cucked



so what? he is having sex with whores and slut on the side. how is that saving his cuck status?

490082  No.15541148


Mod support or not, modders are prepping their .inis and stuffs since release so chances are that modders are going to do it regardless, but they might hit a technical wall so hard they cannot just do it without.


Yeah… Pozzo characters are straight out of fanfics. Been the case since the earliest days of their module due to setting being a clusterfuck of kitchen sink and laundries of the most fantasy cliches ever. There were interesting things and bits here and there, yeah, but the CY team are pozzed alright.

fba3c8  No.15541154


It's a Unity game so I can't imagine fan additions would be too terribly hard to do.

490082  No.15541163


Can be if the devs locked their shit tight like a virgins asshole.

4e8a25  No.15541195


> does the concept of foresight and greater good mean nothing to you.

I was more horrified that apparently the "I saved the guards from burning to death so we have more people to help fight off the invaders" response is actually treated as the *evil* dialogue option and retard warrior girl actually gets angry at you for saying you helped people because it was the sensible thing to do instead of doing it because your heart is full of sunshine and rainbows. Yet this is the same npc that will later complain about how her old paladin order were pussies for not just killing people who surrendered.

e1f70b  No.15541227

So according to a reddit link I saw on the steam forums each enemy difficulty level adds +2 to all their ability modifiers as well as to-hit, AC, saves, and skills. Since dex/str give AC and to-hit this means each level gives +4 to those. Normal is the zero point, but the base stats are still the game's own and not core pathfinder. If you set them to easy (-4) some enemies will be at core pathfinder and some won't.

8175eb  No.15541265


There's not even an underwear clothing layer, I'm not sure how you could lewd them up aside from replacing their portraits.

What I miss are the easily edited 2da files for all the stats and rules like the bioware games always had.

6d82f2  No.15541266


>Who cares that it has great gameplay, MY LAUGHS

99a1d3  No.15541293

File: 6dcc05ad2c9ac94⋯.png (306.93 KB, 398x350, 199:175, ClipboardImage.png)

871b83  No.15541394


if only multiplayer was a thing, id replace all of these characters in a heartbeat. im not saying my friends wouldn't be making mary sues either but at least i can laugh at how op we are.


Apparently hes actually written by Chris Avellone


I still don't understand how it was the evil choice, I wanted to save lives so we can all fight together as comrades.

000000  No.15541432


I wouldn't be surprised if killing 'em all was the lawful good option. Usually there's a death sentence for colluding with Lamashtu's cult. Still, fuck if I know. Alignment is always a hilarious crapshoot.


Chris Avellone normally does more than that.

What you're referring to is one of those backroom deals with Obsidian where Avellone himself didn't realize he was being used as a marketing gimmick when he was just contributing a bit of work. No seriously, Obsidian got paid cash for that and didn't really cut in Avellone or even clue him in that he was being used like that. It's part of the hilarious drama between Avellone (who was technically an owner, but mostly worked as a writer) and the guys who were calling the shots.

2db764  No.15541445


Then what about for Prey, don't tell me he wrote any of that abortion of a story.

871b83  No.15541454


Reading some interviews Cgris did. Says he worked on nok nok and amiri.

> Alignment is always a hilarious crapshoot.

see >>15541079 and >>15541227 being a pallie must be suffering in DND Pathfinder

490082  No.15541460

>Assigned kikelet Grand Diplomat because literally no one else

>Pitaxian (country known for spies, scoundrels, and scums of all sorts) hunters cross the borders on accident

>"Just let them go 'kay?" said the kikelet

>"Nein, we double border patrol now"

>"What you awful meanie just turn the other eye"

If you are going to pull a narrator, at least don't put them in the fucking party dang it!

305665  No.15541482

Do any of you have picture of the goblin companion?

555de7  No.15541494


>A full orc party

kill yourself


>being a pallie must be suffering in DND Pathfinder

And I love playing paladins. Everything I hear tells me I should stay away.

e1f70b  No.15541500

File: 75d9185c875cade⋯.jpg (275.04 KB, 1831x876, 1831:876, 8RyqHar[1].jpg)




It's not mine, but 6 Orcette snu snu baits would be great

305665  No.15541512


Thank you very much anon.

871b83  No.15541527

File: a2433e27d957693⋯.jpg (226.18 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, uglyborders.jpg)


>Assigned kikelet(who's also from Pitaxian) Grand Diplomat

Yeah see that was your first mistake, no matter how much she claims to hate Pitaxian, her conversation imply deep down she still cares a great deal about it.

Also looking at this border, im beginning to see why no one can hold onto it for long. You're sandwiched between 3 kingdoms and usually the one in between is always divvied up. The only way to survive would be to play the other three kingdoms against each other and not let anyone see any weaknesses like say a weak border.


don't let it deter you ive had tons of asshole friends who forced grey moral choices onto me so i could become a fallen paladin.

e1f70b  No.15541531


No problem.

I just unlocked the warden position but don't have anyone who can actually take it. Does anyone know who can take it, and where to get them? That isn't the bownigger?

490082  No.15541553


Talk to Kesten, he's in the throne room right in front of you. Ask him which advisor position he wants to take if he was to take one and he will says he wants to be a warden.

69bdf6  No.15541560


hello sargon

871b83  No.15541563

File: 3eddbf6704e9ac6⋯.jpg (160.76 KB, 639x979, 639:979, 09a0ec720a27ea15fa3bb2d14f….jpg)

File: 3eddbf6704e9ac6⋯.jpg (160.76 KB, 639x979, 639:979, 09a0ec720a27ea15fa3bb2d14f….jpg)


Them and kesten garess the fallen noble who tried to catch the halfling from pitax

7608ca  No.15541566

how are the non combat dialogue options? can i resolve some situations through superior charisma?

e1f70b  No.15541650


He died while assaulting the womb of lamashtu

bd04f0  No.15541707

File: 540c06a24b034d5⋯.png (45.56 KB, 212x183, 212:183, 48989465651165.png)


>we are in an open relationship!

>HA, HA!

7d69fa  No.15541710

Can I play the game with only 2 party members or fully solo?


I'm still asshurt you couldn't bang Malady.

c6e8d2  No.15541783


Impossible to play solo, not because of content difficulty but because it is literally impossible to kill or remove one of your companions. See >>15536947

Don't know how viable it is to just play with your character and the midget hellspawn though.

e1f70b  No.15541806


You can choose which companions you bring with you and which wait in the cuckshed. I don't know if you can have less than the maximum, though. I'm pretty sure you can.

Regardless, you absolutely can't because of the content difficulty unless maybe if you minimized all difficulty sliders.

c2da53  No.15541840


>Literal open relationship cuck garbage in a cuck game

It's like cuckoldry and other such blatantly degenerate acts of weakness is the only way these soy riddled children can even see the world and so they try and normalize it by projecting it into their shitty games. Anything else is literally evil hitler racist nazis.

Daily reminder that you, yes, even you scare the living shit out of cuckolds by just being alive. Even more so if you are one of the few here who have a normal, healthy relationship with a woman. The very fact that someone is willing to protect and defend their woman is a frightening concept to these meek faggots, simply because they have never had to defend or fight for anything in their miserable existences. They are filled with so much weakness that they will try and normalize their inane cucky shit into games in order to create an environment that they are not outright shaking in their boots over because of their pathetic excuse of a sex life.

155c86  No.15542241

Can you make a royal harem in this game?

fba3c8  No.15542253


God damn I love being white.

2bf580  No.15543203

e1f70b  No.15543554

>Do companion quest for cucknig mcgreen and problem hair mccunt

>3200 experience

Fuck, the best I've gotten prior was like 960 for finishing a quest. I think I got a +2 scimitar from this quest too and I build a crit fighter around scimitars so that's great.

e1f70b  No.15543591

File: 2cf32ef7fec0e82⋯.png (133.24 KB, 990x84, 165:14, QzCWXd3[1].png)

So are hellknights literally just Teutonic knights?

d9e441  No.15543757

File: 8b7e1173bb4fd79⋯.jpg (133.23 KB, 714x958, 357:479, Lady_Audara_Drovust[1].jpg)

File: 251b4a592ea6395⋯.jpg (184.76 KB, 813x1000, 813:1000, Maidrayne_Vox[1].jpg)


The Hellknights are an order of knights (or more accurately a collection of orders of knights) based principally out of Cheliax (LE devil worshipping nation) who are wholly concerned with the spread of law and order. They are not strictly evil (members need be any lawful), though their methods may be brutal and if they're in control of an area you can consider it under martial law.

Due to their impressive ability to actually keep shit in line, they are often invited to other nations and city states for the purpose of helping to maintain the peace. Getting them to leave once the job's done is another matter.

490082  No.15543772


To add to that, they are liked by many because chaotic good fucktards cannot utterly do any shit but complain about taxing is evil, law is evil, anarchy is good, and begging for free gibs and complain more when denied.

That is why LG forces loses against LE in-universe a lot. Chaotic Goy often hamstring them and rally against force of good because muh free utopia. LE gets shit done and keep shit tight.

9925e6  No.15543775

File: 3eb1b0d7fa369bd⋯.jpg (219.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Kingmaker 2018-10-04 16-58….jpg)

Okay, wow. I just had to fight a fucking demilich with a lv 5 party. Which is a monster intended for a party at least twice that, has an AC on 25, damage resistance, and is immune to basically every fucking thing a caster would have at this level. (and to add insult to injury when my sorcerer managed to damage him with a magic missile the fucker then cast shield on himself.) That's utter bullshit.

e1f70b  No.15543792


Are you sure that isn't a will'o the wisp or however it's spelled? It has the same model.

d9e441  No.15543795


lower right hand corner says "Viscount Smoulderburn"

647e94  No.15543822


The ancient will'o'wisps do use the same model and are in the swamps… low effort indeed.

e1f70b  No.15543829


Yeah, he's definitely a will etc


If he was a demilich I'd agree, but he's not.

8af941  No.15543845

anyone have a torrent of the hotfixs?

e1f70b  No.15543853

File: 4fb416e5d82dcca⋯.png (30.57 KB, 393x180, 131:60, DbrJ3tb[1].png)

So I was googling around to confirm Smoulderburn was a willowisp and a cuckchan archive was one of the first results. What the fuck is wrong with them?


All the available patches currently on TPB are in the OP

d904bf  No.15543868


It's possible I suppose, if they use the same model it would be hard to tell the difference as they're both basically magic immune and nearly unhittable assholes

e1f70b  No.15543873

File: a163285caf1b4b4⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Naamloos-2[1].jpg)


A demilich would skullfuck a level 5 party though.

647e94  No.15543885


They just recycled the same model. There are 2-3 identical floating skulls which pop out of a well but they are treated as wisps or something.

I stopped playing once I read about all the people losing their games because of event timers on kingdom destruction each chapter, but I was getting pretty sick of having to rest every few screens and was already playing on story mode to avoid the ridiculous RNG. Game is cancer in its current state… easy to see what happened - they only listened to their Kickstarter beta testers who were all P&P Pathfinder sperglords and once they released it to real players the balance and design problems immediately came to the fore.

84f008  No.15543902

Some leftist taint my ass. Op is a fucking cock sucking liar. In just the first chapter you can view the major events here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gaY7kqo6YmBEPVOVNXHNn2CoA_VHAZZ but here's the rest of the details

>very few male characters

>nearly 90% of characters you meet of importance are female aside from the vile toxic masculinity Stag Lord.

>your nation is a multicultured melting pot featuring a gay couple with a kid

>mites vs kabolds mite queen is smart stoic and the male kabold leader is stupid and easily fooled.

>female dating options are: Fucking Male Gaze looks like a fucking dude, and no man owns me. Male dating options are: badboy with anger issues only you can cure and conservative religious boy.

>every female character has something pozzed to say no matter how insane it may sound

As for the game

>combat is broken

>relies on you missing 80% of the time

>enemies hit frequently

>stat modifiers don't work

>half your abilities are fucking useless

>overpowered enemies are the games only difficulty, everything else is boring cakewalk

>combat when not shit is just boring as there is little you need to do for the majority of the fights, you just sit back and watch

>story is low effort relying on people being intentionally vague to generate any suspense.

The game was downward tracking to below 60% so they started spamming fake reviews. Dozens of "It's a masterpiece" reviews that are the only reviews on that account. They bragged in the kickstarter that Avellone was going to write the game and the moment the kickstarter was over they brought in tumblrites to write the story and Avellone was sidelined. Devs openly boast about their identity politic inclusions and enjoy banning people.

Why so bitter? Even not super hyped for this game it still managed to ruin the one thing I was looking forward to.

e1f70b  No.15543928


>Very few male characters

Very few male companions*

My general, treasurer, captain of the guard, high priest, warden, whatever position the priest in white robes qualifies for is called, both craftsmen I'm trying to get to operate in my castle, and basically every foreign noble I've spoken to are all men. The stronk wymyn shit is very front loaded thus far, although it may get worse. I addressed in the OP how weirdly loaded with women the companions are and I've bitched about companions in general (except nok nok he's adorable) the entire thread.

>nearly 90% of characters you meet of importance are female aside from the vile toxic masculinity Stag Lord.

Completely wrong

>your nation is a multicultured melting pot featuring a gay couple with a kid

On the first point that's not the only problem. Who the fuck are the people living there prior to you taking over? What is the population base you're operating with? Is the entire barony composed of settlers and refugees from who the fuck knows where? As for the second I haven't seen any fags other than the cuck couple, but it wouldn't surprise me after the shitfest that is those two.

>mites vs kabolds mite queen is smart stoic and the male kabold leader is stupid and easily fooled.

The mite queen isn't smart, her entire plan is to be smug about being right and get someone else (the PC) to fix it for her. The kobold chief isn't any more stupid than any other kobold, he's just under the sway of the shaman guise.

>female dating options are: Fucking Male Gaze looks like a fucking dude, and no man owns me. Male dating options are: badboy with anger issues only you can cure and conservative religious boy.

I have no comment here as I never do romance options in RPGs. They are universally shit from what I have seen.

>every female character has something pozzed to say no matter how insane it may sound

Do you mean every female companion again? Because that's probably accurate, but it certainly is nothing like accurate for every female character.

>combat is broken

It's balanced improperly but other than dex AC applying under basically every circumstance I can't recall any major bugs or anything.

>relies on you missing 80% of the time

They gave blanket bonuses to enemy to-hit and AC, and each difficulty level changes it by 4 each with normal being the 0 point. Besides this however enemies base stats aren't pathfinder standard but inflated beyond that and then further modified by difficulty.

>stat modifiers don't work

Unless you care to elaborate I'll assume you're just wrong again. Dex gives AC, str gives to-hit, con gives hp etc.

>half your abilities are fucking useless

Most spells are useful, my melee characters basically just autoattack and protect my casters so I can't comment on combat maneuvers.

>overpowered enemies are the games only difficulty, everything else is boring cakewalk

Actually a lot of overpowered enemies are also cakewalks because the game hands out enchanted gear like it's going out of style. mid 20's AC bandits and shit become cannon fodder at 4th or 5th level that you can kill in droves because of how insane your stats will be by that time. You also didn't mention the fucking astronomical saving throw bonuses some enemies have, so you have shit like mages tanking reflex and fortitude throws again and again and again.

>combat when not shit is just boring as there is little you need to do for the majority of the fights, you just sit back and watch

If you have non-armor casters then you'll always find yourself babying them as the enemies like to spawn in a circle around you in every single encounter.

>story is low effort relying on people being intentionally vague to generate any suspense.

I haven't got that effort at all. I have got the feeling though that everything feels extremely disconnected until you get to the first world. Then it seems contrived. Could you be more specific about these vague NPCs?

658742  No.15543953


tank him with your front liners and then throw alchemist fire on him. You'll need 30+ potions but he'll go down eventually. He can't do a lot of damage so you should be able to keep your front liners up while you whittle him down.

d6ef98  No.15543960


Against wisps. Use protection against energy: Electricity and you’ll be fine.

ac4b75  No.15543987

Tristian is so pure I want to protect his smile. No homo.

000000  No.15543998


is there a wallpaper of this orc wetness?

643001  No.15544002


This thread is crawling with shills lying about the pozzed state of this buggy heap of trash dubbed game. I hope the devs go broke, CRPG's are not supposed to be an outlet for their gay fantasies. Let's see how Black Geyser handles the story and setting.

000000  No.15544009


nvm found. it turns out to be from wow

https://don't use link shorteners/images/2eDcmY

8175eb  No.15544017


The problem was the game never actually told me what kind of damage I was taking from it.

b4fed7  No.15544021


> Is the entire barony composed of settlers and refugees from who the fuck knows where?

Yes. Like, LITERALLY yes, the River Kingdoms are a lawless shithole precisely because they are a dumping ground for the rejects of basically every other nation in the region.

490082  No.15544041


Later on you will find wisps ambushing you from all sides, firing lightning bolts. Will likely one-shot your entire party unless you prepare communal protection from energy, then they will do 0 damage and you can whack away.

871b83  No.15544082


Hope you enjoy his diamond because thats all i fucking got

ac702a  No.15544170


The gamebreaking Linux bug was fixed 2 days after release. Not ideal, but I'm able to play the game just fine on Linux without issues.


This annoys me too. I did see a loading screen tip about flying enemies or something so maybe flight is possible at some point? But yeah the lack of Greater Teleport or any form of travel spell has always annoyed me in these D&D based games.


Are you just making shit up? I haven't had any of these problems and I'm level 6 with my barony.

>he complains about the Doomspider encounter

That only took me like three tries. I'm on all tabletop values and normal crits. Get good.

ac702a  No.15544182


>I've bitched about companions in general

I like the gnome author/alchemist. The rest are mostly meh. I could have done without the half-orc winking at me. I find Amiri to be cute in the way you'd find a pouting 9 year old girl cute and her VA is amusing to me. But the gnome alchemist is the only one whose dialogue I've liked for non comedy reasons.

490082  No.15544203

File: 57dc351ec0c819c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 484.54 KB, 1021x320, 1021:320, i_fucking_called_it.png)

I fucking called it. That cunt cults of lamashtu are not going to hand out cute beast babies, but going to raccoon city the whole kingdom through mutating fetuses into monsters Umbrella will be proud of. I will also call that the kikelet and every vagina except strong womyn and miss zombie are going to bitch about this when I give every single one of my citizen a coat hanger.

0b5685  No.15544317


Quarantine and kill em all then hunt down the cunt priests for calling down this plague on you. Fuck em this is a chaotic neutral choice at worst. Keep us updated

53815b  No.15544755

So my top issue with this game is the morality choices. They're inconsistent and usually too specific. Most Lawful Neutral actions should just be Lawful and shouldn't necessarily shift you to neutral, for example. But let me give one of the worst examples I've seen. There's a nigger ranger you get whose family was killed by trolls, and his quest is to avenge his family by killing a particular rock troll. Fair enough, nigger hates trolls and so do I. We do this quest and as we arrive at his lair, we encounter the trolls' two kids. There is a (rather poorly written) exchange where the troll kids (who already know Common for some reason) acknowledge that we're here to kill their dad. Now you get to choose a response, and for some reason attacking them is Lawful Evil. Except they know we're here to kill their dad, which is not evil, and they know about it, so literally the only thing you accomplish by letting them live is giving yourself TWO rock troll enemies that hate your guts and are smarter than normal trolls. This is bad enough but to make matters worse, there is another dialogue with a group of trolls not ten minutes prior in which stating "I won't suffer troll scum in my lands" and attacking is the LAWFUL GOOD option. Now I appreciate that they understand LG takes an absolutist stance and eradicates evil, but this is just glaring inconsistency.

fba3c8  No.15544770


Smells like too many writers syndrome.

490082  No.15544820


Anon, what if I tell you that you can save both Jhod and Kesten. You go to womb first, save Kesten from XL owlbear, then back to capital and save Jhod from XXL owlbear. Then you come back to the womb and give it a punt. I hope you still have that save.

fad0df  No.15544834


Nothing wrong with a good shortstack.

She, however, is an abomination.

53815b  No.15544885


He probably has a foot fetish. I wonder how long until we see her oversized hairy feet in fetish art.

f9feb5  No.15544939

This undead female elf looks good. Too bad we can't fug her.

Does she say SJW retard shit too?

53815b  No.15544960


Not as far as I'm aware. She implies that she is well over hundreds, maybe even thousands of years old. I don't understand why they don't give you companions like this later so their class levels align more closely with their stated age. So I doubt she cares about identity politics. She is an inquisitor who was raised by the evil god of undead. I like her personality more than the others but I don't have much of a place for her in my battle roster. Maybe when we're higher level.

f9feb5  No.15544990

Is Paladin/Sorc/Dragon disciple a great class like NWN? Do I get to grow wings at lvl 10 of Dragon Disciple like NWN? Can I pick the colour of the dragon? What is the spell list like do we get Bigby's and other top shelf spells?

Gold/Silver Dragon Disciple would be so godly..

53815b  No.15545002


I don't know how good DD builds are because I never ran them in NWN, I always thought they were too DeviantArt for my taste. However, you can choose your bloodline any time you pick Sorcerer or Magus. No idea about the wings. Gold and Silver bloodlines are definitely in.

>top shelf spells

My party is level 6, cut me some slack. I will say that they buffed Hold Person massively from tabletop rules, I think, because it works on more creatures. You can use Hold Person on trolls. So I suggest everyone prepare that on their clerics.

dcbd8d  No.15545038


You could just be a cha based Magus and take the dragon bloodline with it. You still get the furry shit like claws and wings. You'll probably end up with a higher caster level by the end of it, you can actually wear armor and a shield while casting, and you'll probably do more damage than you'd get from the DD's str boosts..

490082  No.15545039


There is a feat called wings for aasimars, and you can pick draconic bloodline along with the colour. Spell list is kind of gimped for combat like NWN. The length however… I easily imagine 60~80 hours. If they could polish the bug, write better with less shitty characters like Cuck King and Queen, I would not mind more of their other modules.

Speaking of cuck queen and king. There is some amusingly scary bit from TRPG game Vampire the Requiem. Not the pozzed writings that is scary but the story itself. A pair of vampire, guy and girl called Honeymoon Hijacker. They do exactly that, kidnap couples on their honeymoon, each cuck the other of the pair in front of the other until they give into pleasure/mind break then drain them dry of both blood and sorrow. They fuck each other and cuck each other and others pairs on regular basis. Yup, a literal terror on legs for vanillafags.

f9feb5  No.15545048


So Magus is a gish? Does it get full BAB and Sorc progression?

53815b  No.15545057


Uh, no. You get Alchemist-esque progression, which is spells cap out at 6th level (if I recall correctly). You choose less new spells than Sorc and from a more limited pool. You still get spontaneous casting and bloodline spells, but the class is designed for damage dealing. They get a special that lets them deliver touch spells through a weapon.

0b5685  No.15545059


Level 4 magus what level should I switch to another class

490082  No.15545065


Not full BAB, 2/3 BAB like a rogue or cleric. Spell progress is like a bard. Max at 6th level.

53815b  No.15545066


What kind of question is that? You need to have a build goal in mind before you change class. It also depends on which subclass you picked. Just look at the table and cut it off after a good milestone if you don't want to go full Magus. Pathfinder has level 19 and 20 "ultimates" for each class to make it more monoclassing friendly.

f3e18c  No.15545075

File: d31366452a9e488⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1200x1670, 120:167, 3c9b8d63b7e488d7289e1fcf61….jpg)


damn right

f9feb5  No.15545100

Hmmm. Would the classic 4 Fighter/ 16 Monk be able to solo this game with ease?

What weapons do monks get unarmed bonus for?

490082  No.15545109



You masochist?

dcbd8d  No.15545116


Monks suck ass regardless. I'm pretty sure straight fighter would even better than monk anything.

f9feb5  No.15545122



Are they bad? On NWN they are straight up DBZ if you take 4 levels of fighter for weapon focus. Like a Kaze Kama build or something.

dcbd8d  No.15545141


Just stay Magus. It's a pretty solid class, especially in a crpg where the pure casters have such a massively cut down spell list that you basically have nearly the same 1-6 spell options they do. (Though it's total bullshit the magic archer version of the Magus doesn't have access to the hurricane bow buff)

Maybe if you don't mind losing a caster level and you're not being a weapon finesse Dex whore for some reason, take just the first four levels of DD to squeeze out a little more str

490082  No.15545181


Monk is utterly ass in PF. Mind you this is not NWN1/2 which runs on 3.0/3.5 DnD system. This is 3.75, an attempt to fix a mess which is 3e which made monk and rogues utterly rubbish, at least on tabletop.

Here though, a lot of rules of handwaved and weaved into the game flow for ease of play. Anyone who played that mess will recognise. Just a warning.

f9feb5  No.15545198


Maybe I'll just make a Greatsword/Scimitar fighter gish or just pure fighter.

Or an extended divine power cleric could be good. Are Clerics still tier 0?

2db764  No.15545241


How about a Magus/Duellist combo?

Duellist requires you to one hand a weapon, which you do as a magus anyway.

In return, it gives you an AC bonus that scales with your Int, a precision damage bonus equal to Duellist level, full BAB to help you reach 4 attacks per turn, more initiative and some other minor bonuses.


>which made monk and rogues utterly rubbish

You mean the rogues that get dex to damage, ac and AB for free? Those rogues?

I agree with monks though they are good for one level dips.

Scaled fist monks get an AC bonus based on Cha, so a sorceror can dip one level for a huge defensive bonus.

53815b  No.15545262


There has been a pretty big shortage of monk weapons so far. Not sure if they show up later but I haven't seen any. >>15545241

Wow, rogues get Dex to AC like everyone else, AND they get to use their primary stat for attack and damage like any halfway decent character??? Such incredible features, where do I sign up?

fba3c8  No.15545268


Surely you can just dump some crafting skill points into a throwaway character and make your own, right?

e1f70b  No.15545274


They also get 1/2 level d6 bonus damage on 99% of attacks since "flanking" means "engaged by two enemies"

33073b  No.15545278

After the bugs are patched out i plan on starting over. Didnt make it too far anyway. I'm trying to make a melee abyssal sorc who uses claws/one handed + buff spells like transform. Any tips on stats and feats?

2db764  No.15545285


Grease is also a good way to help a rogue get sneak attacks. Since anyone who actually makes the save still counts as a SA target.

Plus rogues have good reflex saves, so friendly fire isn't that terrible.

d7411a  No.15545292



Take your normalfag garbage back to whatever social media shithole you blew in from, faggot.

75a349  No.15545339

I've been playing on the default challenging difficulty. Ended up making a full mercenary team on my first playthrough and I don't regret it. I haven't liked any of the companions and they're all pretty poorly optimized. That, and there are so many options for characters to play. I ended up playing just as an update came out that made spell lists invisible so I was accidentally level 1 when I hired mercs.

>Fighter 1/Wizard 2

>Paladin 2

>Armored Hulk 2

>Cleric of Cayden Cailean 2

>Rogue 2

>Druid 2

So far, the Eldritch Knight-in-training and the Armored Hulk are the stars of the show, with their fauchard and falchion crits. The main character is the planned Eldritch Knight due to both his 25 point buy and the fact that I wanted him to have the knowledge skills. I'm building the Paladin to use a longsword since I know better, and expect there to be lots of great magic or holy longswords like every game has. Maybe Shelyn would have been a better diety, because they won't stop talking about Shelyn and paladins of Shelyn. I'm not prepared for a holy glaive. The developers apparent fixation with dex-based fighting made me pick a cleric who would use rapiers, since I expect to find good rapiers, and I wanted the charm and travel domains anyway. I have only found magical dueling swords and estocs so far, so I might have eaten a sweaty dick on that decision. Crossbows automatically have rapid reload, and since flanking is apparently automatic and even affects ranged attackers (ranged sneak attacks), I planned to give the rogue two hand crossbows, which I assumed were in the game since they are referenced by his proficiencies and have the weapon focus option for, yet I haven't found any yet. When I get a pair, I'm expecting all of that to combine with rapid shot and TWF to just torrent liquid shit at whatever he shoots at. The druid doesn't need explaining. I don't actually like druids as much as I like having a viable party.


I felt like that map was erratic with the levels of everything in it. I just cleared it, except for the shambler who straight up killed one to two party members each swing.


It really depends on how optimized your main character and second companion are. Your main character has a 25 point buy, while if you optimize a mercenary, it has a 20 point buy. You would certainly lose a ton of action economy, so it'd be a real challenge. I imagine bringing characters with animal companions would make it much more doable.

490082  No.15545348


Rogues do get dex to damage later when they release a Unchain patchbook to their core rulebook to fix shit (and only applies to one type of weapon only). Monks though, still dead in the ditch because Sacred Fist archetype for Warpriest eats them for breakfast any day. Why settle for Monk when Sacred Fists can do it a million time better.

Also Slayers are a bit better than Rogues, but Rogues beat them in some niche circumstances.


No longer CoDzilla for PF, bro. Still a solid tier 1. Bathrobe faggots (wizards) will still own anything though.

53815b  No.15545627


The sneak attack is the biggest boon to the class, for sure. The main problem is that most of your other stats are kinda shitty and the "Rogue Talents" are also kinda shitty. So you end up with an appealing class that falls short on its own. Octavia's rogue/wizard touch attack sneak build isn't too bad though.

e1f70b  No.15545692


Well if you can stack enough to-hit on a rogue and give him 20 dex to start with and TWF he can get enough attacks to make it worth it. At 8th level you get 4 attacks per turn I believe (two base, +1 for TWF, +1 for improved TWF) so that's 4d6*4 per full attack. If you've got a priest you can give him +2 or +3 with buffs he'll probably outdamage a fighter and he can do dex skills. I just wish ACTUAL sneak attacks worked. If you sneak up on an enemy alone you get one ATTACK surprise not one turn, and they still get their dex bonus. So if you make an actual effort to sneak attack an enemy your rogue will probably die.

I installed NWN because I was tired of 20 second load times on my SSD. It seemed OK at first until I realized that you could never have more than one normal follower. What the flying fuck?

I'm going to try to get ToEE to work now because I really want a not-BG CRPG that doesn't run like shit.

53815b  No.15545719


I found a +1 Agile (adds dex bonus to strength, partly invalidating yet another otherwise decent Rogue ability) Rapier before even killing Stagfag so I think you're fine. How'd you get enough money to roll your whole party? They're 2k a pop and thats at level 1; it's 2k per level, per person.


That sounds fine, my main issue with Rogue is that there seems to be a recurring theme with trying to make their normally exclusive advantages available to everyone, as I mention with the rapier above. In tabletop I played with a guy who rolled an Archaeologist Bard (essentially an Indiana Jones archetype). Literally the only thing it did not do better than Rogue was sneak attack damage. As for NWN, I think have to play HotU to get multiple followers.

e1f70b  No.15545734


Oh, how many levels of fighter would a rogue need to get four base attacks? Would 19 rogue / 1 fighter get four? I don't understand precisely how bab is calculated but looking at the tables it might need 18 rogue /2 fighter but 17 rogue/3 fighter still only needs one feat to max out sneak attack and gets you armor training so you can get 9 dex bonus with padded armor. I don't know if that last bit matters though, as armor bracers +4 or +5 will have more AC anyways and going naked or robed has no dex limit. Does help your saving throws a bit.

>As for NWN, I think have to play HotU to get multiple followers.

It's per-module, right? I guess I'd just need to find which modules are worth playing and then cross-refference that with which have multiple companions.

>They're 2k a pop and thats at level 1; it's 2k per level, per person.

I think a level 2 is 2k and a level 1 is 500, so if he found one decent enchanted item at level 1 he could turn that into companions.

53815b  No.15545749


>dex bonus to strength

Wow, I meant to say dex bonus to damage. What a retarded thing to say.

53815b  No.15545753


>500 at level 1

Oh sweet, I must have been 2 before I talked to the merc captain. I'll have to do this on my next playthrough.

2db764  No.15545762

>monsters have auto blur and haste

Well this explains a lot.

53815b  No.15545786


The fuck difficulty did you choose? I didn't see haste at all until after I became baron.

75a349  No.15545812


>How'd you get enough money to roll your whole party? They're 2k a pop and thats at level 1; it's 2k per level, per person.

The guy told me it was 500 gold for each recruitment. I had about 1,000 gold at this point. After I hired two people, I checked my inventory to see about equipping them with some things I held on to, but I was only missing about 200 gold. He was only taking 100 gold for each recruit instead of the 500 he told me, so I filled out the party for the lump sum of 500 gold.


>Oh, how many levels of fighter would a rogue need to get four base attacks?

You get an attack every time your base attack bonus exceeds another 5, so at 6, 11, and 16 are when you get extra attacks. You have to subtract 4 rogue levels and take 4 fighter levels in order to gain a base attack of 16 at maximum level to have all 4 attacks.

e1f70b  No.15545827

File: 04d96296c6f6fde⋯.jpg (15.37 KB, 201x247, 201:247, 1329261439191.jpg)


If you have to have 4th level fighter then that would make me want 5th for weapon training

When does it stop

75a349  No.15545869


At least you can qualify for weapon specialization at 4 and get back one tier of sneak attack with another feat. I haven't seen what advanced rogue talents they put in the game yet, but that's the only thing you'd skip if you went rogue 15 instead of rogue 16. If you're okay with only three advanced talents and are already giving up 4 levels to fighter, you might as well.

It stops there unless you're wearing heavy armor because weapon training 2 is too far off and would cost you two more tiers of sneak attack.

6b30ca  No.15545990

Jubilost is John Oliver

6b30ca  No.15546035


and he's the Barony's Jew as well, I'm leaning towards kill more and more.

e1f70b  No.15546040


Well you need a replacement jew first. Has anyone found another?



>Crashes randomly

>Order a full attack a step away from an enemy: Lose your turn doing nothing

>TWF with two weapons attack once in a turn with a full attack that does connect

>Cleric level 1 with a mace attacks twice

I just don't understand

ac702a  No.15546045



He is very useful at the moment you typically get him, which is just before genociding trolls, since he has both fire and acid bombs.

e1f70b  No.15546052


I fucking hated how 1/3rd~ of the trolls ate fire because I had just got a bunch of fire spells for my wizard.

ac702a  No.15546076


Octavia's actually really useful here because she can sneak attack with acid splash if you go for 3 levels of rogue like I did. Really cost efficient way to shut down their regeneration and kill them.

e1f70b  No.15546086

It's frankly impressive how technically awful Kingmaker is. I don't know if I'll continue playing until it improves somewhat with patches.

fba3c8  No.15546118


From what's being said in the thread it sounds like it has the stability of ToEE to the power of vanilla Stalker.

6b30ca  No.15546133

File: 1ba5f1b15779afd⋯.jpg (231.13 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, stuck.jpg)

>NPC Fag: 'In three months something bad will happen' (done with 40 days to spare)

>NPC Fag2: 'In a month bad thing will happen' (actually starts 2 weeks early and is a piece of piss)

>NPC Fag3:"There's these trolls right? and in a month…."

So far they've presented piss easy hurdles like they're the end of the world and ragtag gang of farmers lads with pitchforks could sort half this shit out.

Rill-and-Spill bugged for anyone else? My lot are stuck in the edge of the map, dunno if it's essential for anything. Remember when they used to do play and bug testing and didn't just chuck out broken shit for the players to stumble though, lazy niggers.

6b30ca  No.15546515

Every location being a big square is getting old quick

d94638  No.15546565


>ragtag gang of farmers lads with pitchforks could sort half this shit out.

To be fair, aside from monsters with various types of DR, a large gang of farmers with xbows could solve most low level tabletop quests entirely on their own as well.

000000  No.15546576


>You mean the rogues that get dex to damage, ac and AB for free? Those rogues?

And then there are Rangers that get better BAB, better armor, hitdie, spells, and get all their two-weapon fighting feats for free while ignoring feat prerequisites, allowing them to go full str, on top of shit like Favored Enemy and the animal companion. Or Paladins who have Divine Bond, Divine Favor, and Smite Evil to boost their attacks something ridiculous. Or just compare them to Fighters who have shittons of free feats while collecting attack and damage bonuses from weapon training on top of their full BAB. Or compare them to Barbarians, who hit for brutal amounts of damage in general and have several power-ups while raging.

Hell, you can even compare them to fucking Bards, who basically get everything Rogues do and then some, with the sole exception of the unreliable sneak attack and dex-to-damage (although they can still get dex-to-damage by taking Weapon Finesse and equipping Agile weapons), while tossing out huge party buffs and collecting a ton of spells. And let's not forget that Bards still get large amounts of skillpoints and are much better at stealth than Rogues because Bards have lovely spells like Invisibility and Greater Invisibility unlike Rogues.

Eldritch Scoundrel is the only Rogue that works and that's because he's basically a shitty Wizard with a slightly better BAB and a ton more skillpoints. But even then Vivisection Alchemist 1 + Wizard 3 (throw in Accomplished Sneak Attacker) + Arcane Trickster 10 does it way better than the Rogue would've.

fba3c8  No.15546582


I misread that as xboxs and nearly had a heart attack laughing.

6b30ca  No.15546589


The solution to oh so many quests is right there at their fingertips and instead they sit in their barns beshitting their pants, waiting for 6 people with the wherewithal to come and hoover up the easy XP. I think just realised the average RPG group is like a ye olde/fantasy SWAT team.

d9e441  No.15546634

File: af4664ee9c3ab0a⋯.jpg (115.84 KB, 910x613, 910:613, skeleton[1].jpg)


the very essence of the funnel campaign

d94638  No.15546722


Yeah, even Pathfinder basically had to put out an improved Rogue class called Ninja that fixed a lot of the rogue's issues.

d9e441  No.15546735


>You mean the rogues that get dex to damage, ac and AB for free? Those rogues?

that would be the unchained rogue, a revision of the class that ends up being quite a bit of fun to play if built well. It gets free weapon finesse and free agile with 1 weapon type 3 times throughout its leveling path

the core rogue has to blow feats and dosh on all that, but it has a few qualities that the unchained variety does not. To begin with, the rogue talent that grants a ki pool cannot be taken by an unchained rogue. This means the UR can't get the better ninja talents without dipping in ninja or monk. The UR is also missing some of the higher end abilities of the core rogue

8e8915  No.15546742

File: 76fcf117a27a741⋯.png (2.16 MB, 775x1010, 155:202, SOTSS.png)


>To be fair, aside from monsters with various types of DR, a large gang of farmers with xbows could solve most low level tabletop quests entirely on their own as well.


000000  No.15546862


The Ninja didn't really fix the Rogue's issues, but at least it was an upgrade, and this is the Unchained Rogue, which is supposed to be a "fixed" Rogue, but the Ninja is still better. The Rogue's deal is that he basically has godawful feats, shitty BAB, no reliable way of avoiding AoOs (PF destroyed tumbling to prevent Rogues from achieving that) to get into flanking position, trouble with using items (PF nerfed Quick Draw to prevent rogues from throwing a lot of Tanglefoot Bags or Alchemist's Fire or shit) and is expected to melee for his sneak attack (PF nerfed Blinking so Rogues could not use Ring of Blinking for guaranteed sneak attack anymore) while having lousy hitdice, weak AC, and needing to maneuver into position for sneak attacks. Basically what happened was that while Pathfinder Core was in public beta FrankTrollman (from tgdmb) decided to post an analysis on how casters have it so much better than martials and posted a Same Game Test analysis (given the exact same challenge, how well could various classes handle these issues as a way of isolating the capability, niche, and overall value of a class) and demonstrated how mundane classes were shafted and Rogues were pretty much the only "non-magical" class that could handle challenges well (by leaning on Use Magic Device with a Quick Draw feat to cast shit, tumbling into flanks for good damage, as well as using Ring of Blinking with Quick Draw with alchemist's fire flasks to do a lot of ranged touch sneak attacks for damage). Jason Bulmahn, the PF lead designer, was somehow deeply offended by the builds in this well-intentioned and constructive analysis on the caster non-caster disparity, banned FrankTrollman from the forum, told him they weren't interested in his kind of feedback, then proceeded to nerf just about fucking everything that was used in that build to make the Rogue decent with a vengeance (nerfed Quick Draw with alchemical items, nerfed Quick Draw with magic items, nerfed Tumbling, nerfed sneak attack with alchemical items, nerfed bandoliers, nerfed a ton of other methods to get enemies flat-footed too while he was at it).

PF's designers are fucking prima donnas and the only reason PF was successful is because they took 3.5 D&D, put a new coat of paint on it, fucked shit up as they moved numbers around, and sold it as a "fixed" 3.5 at a time when D&D was rolling out 4E and no one wanted it.

And they printed their own version of the flask rogue too, called the Alchemist with a Fast Bomb discovery. He does more damage than the Rogue ever did in much the same way. But that's okay because the Alchemist is a spellcaster yo while the Rogue is not. As for the Rogue's useful skills and shit, with the way PF handles skills and skill points, their skillmonkey status doesn't really count for shit anymore since anyone can skill pretty much anything they want. They'll just miss out on a +3 class skill bonus at best.

So overall the Rogue has no niche. He's just a mundane dude with shitty BAB, shitty hitdice, shitty armor proficiency, which is expected to run into the middle of a pack of monsters without tumbling to flank for his sneak attack. He gets a ton of skills, but anyone can skill up anything now. Damn near anyone else can do the Rogue's job better than him overall, esp. if they have spells. And that's a major problem for the Rogue. The only unique perk he had was disarming magic traps and that was always a fucking terrible way to require parties to have a Rogue in there (but there were tons of other classes with archetypes that got that feature too), which is why PF: Kingmaker just lets anyone do it.

Anyway, Rogues a shit, and PF designers are fucking retarded prima donna morons.

I have no idea why this dev chose PF as their system of choice, honestly.

490082  No.15546877


>PF designers are fucking retarded prima donna morons.

Yup, one particular sperglord goes by the name of Shawn K. Reynoalds. IIRC, he spreged out against fans on Pozzo forums about splash attacks and crossbows and what passes for real life and what is not. Then he abruptly made a statement that in the fantasy world where everything is magic of course monks and rogues are going to get gimped, what else do you expect? Fighting a monsters with bare fists, lol, get a magic sword you dunce. Sneak attack? Lol. Everything has blindsense and immune to flank and flat-foot.

Pozzo fired that retard, as he went jobless he got into WoW during panda days and was like "woah shit, monks are awesome" and backtracked his retarded statement.

PF2E open playtest came out. It was a fucking mess. Everybody thought it would be a match made in heaven between 5E flow and simplicity combined with PF options and variety. It turns out 4E on a 5E system. How the fuck someone managed to do that is beyond me. And bloody fuck the page arrangement is atrocious.

d9e441  No.15546879


>no reliable way of avoiding AoOs (PF destroyed tumbling to prevent Rogues from achieving that)

you mean d20 + acrobatics vs enemy CMD? How about the withdraw action, which negates all AoOs on your starting square except from invisible enemies>

6e61f2  No.15546889

would this game run on my toaster? I usually give these modern crpgs a try but I had my pc blow up on me so all I have is a laptop that's not very powerful

d94638  No.15546904


>PF's designers are fucking prima donnas

Yeah, their refusal to do anything to fix the core issues of the monk, like accept that the class really needs full bab since it's not a caster, that spell like abilities generally scale like shit for a player class and they should just finally have the ability to enchant their hands and treat them like weapons for the purposes of buff spells, was extremely annoying.

Plus now they're trying to push a 2nd edition that will backfire on them worse than 4E did on WoTC.

d9e441  No.15546919


>PF2e playtest

Ye gods, that shit. The whole thing seems designed to address an issue of balance in PFS play and kill interesting builds. It's a mathematical impossibility that any 2 non-randomly rolled characters at max level will have more than 11 points of difference in a given skill or attack without a wish or something dramatically augmenting their stats

Meanwhile, the last 3 things that ability scores are used for (weight capacity, max spell level, and max negative HP) no longer use them so you may as well generate a character using just the modifiers

Fuck, I ranted for a good long while on the Paizo forums about it and somehow didn't get banned. Probably because I started with how terminology like TEML was obfuscating the math

All I wanted from PF2e was being PF1e with rules clarification, a list of creatures that are vulnerable to Shatter (the more you know about chemistry, the more the word "crystalline" means), and a feat point system to help negate Timmy traps (1 point per level, cost for a decent feat being 2 points. I wouldn't waste 2 levels on improved trip, but I might do 1 if my build favored it)

I do like some aspects of PF2e's magic weapon system; plus one damage die for each +1 really does make it feel like an upgrade. A pity that for the sake of "balance" they completely forgot how a fucking bastard sword works (it's a piercing weapon now)

d94638  No.15546943


>dev chose PF as their system of choice,

I'd assume for much the same reason Pathfinder was existed in the first place. To lure in the people who wanted another familiar feeling D&D crpg since Pillars of Eternity and Torment had to have their own rulesets.

Though it's a crpg so the old class tiers are all scrambled anyway. There's basically no tier 0 grade classes at all. Spontaneous casters are nearly 1:1 with prepared as there's just not that many of the situational type spells, that make prepared caster excel at the the game, even in the game. You don't have to ever worry about fast flyers with long range attacks or some obscure DR type that really fuck over non casters. Plus they hand out magic items and potions like candy, to the point that even a pure fighter can be turned into a nearly unstoppable chainsaw that will brute force through any thing in front of him.

75a349  No.15546960


>Plus now they're trying to push a 2nd edition that will backfire on them worse than 4E did on WoTC.

I hope it actually kills Paizo. They've abandoned the core too frequently and the quality of their content is worse than the average homebrew from the shittiest of DMs. None of their rules are consistent and they hate their own community. I know they claim to have made bank with the Starfinder release, but I'm under the assumption that it's already dead, since I have seen dozens of Pathfinder groups yet not one single Starfinder game. But I haven't played Pathfinder since the nigger incident.

1f002c  No.15546971

File: 07daf44f2306a58⋯.jpg (3.35 KB, 201x159, 67:53, 07daf44f2306a58e05fd57c435….jpg)


>nigger incident


75a349  No.15547161


Okay, but it's not that great of a story.

>Get invited to play with a Pathfinder group by a long time friend

>Him and I are the only ones who have played any pen and paper RPG before

>Tell him I'm not DMing

>He insists they have a "very experienced DM"

>Accept his offer because I thought it might be fun to play with a complete group of casuals who have never played it before

>Build a NG bard to support the party since he tells me I am the sixth player and that we have plenty of martials and casters and the game is CRB only

>Fast forward to the first session

>Players changed their characters 10 minutes before I arrive

>Party is a generic dickass rogue, a barbarian mongoloid, a great axe fighter who was also a gay prostitute and gay sex activist, a druid whose only spell was produce flame, and a strength-based rapier fighter

>About what I expected

>Barbarian and druid were female players, druid and dickass thief were married in real life, fencer was my friend, and fag fighter was sweaty over the druid player even though he had his wife hiding in the next room with her (not his) son

>DM is a huge, fat, sweaty nigger with a greasy pony tail

>He almost looks like he came from My 600 Pound Life

>He "helped" everyone make their character

>Starting town

>DM waits for players to introduce their characters

>I play a song in the tavern everyone is at to get things started

>Suddenly a mosh pit that turns into a zombie infestation

>We quickly form a party and escape into the street

>Party sees a shady man and decides to chase him

>In the dark with no light

>Busy city street was actually trapped and the fencer fell into shitty punji sticks

>Fish him out while shady figure escapes

>Walk to next town because this one is fucked

>Get jumped by a dozen goblins in the road

>I cast sleep while the rest of the party cut through them

>They retreat, trying to drag the sleeping goblins through a bush to escape

>Dickass thief and I are the only ones willing to give chase

>Their "hideout" was a wooden trap door in an open field that lead to a Vietnamese tunnel system

>"If you kill those goblins you will be evil"

>Fag fighter comes and knocks on the trap door

>Goblin peaks out

>He pays him reparations for the goblins we killed

>Continue walking to town without food

>Mounted goblins holding weapons ride into town

>Prepare to attack goblin at range

>"No bard you will become evil"

>Arrive and see a goblin trying to buy land from a guard with the reparation money

>Guard sticks goblin and laughs at him for being a goblin

>Fag fighter and druid turn this into a social justice issue and pick a fight with the guard

>Guard bitch slaps druid

>Suddenly 50 guards around us

>Aggressively spinning in circles while playing my lute and singing songs

>A guard dies and the DM said it was because the barbarian was ugly

>Try to buy groceries with the tiny bit of gold we have left before getting kicked out of town due to the barbarian being ugly

>It wasn't enough to get us to the next town and we go hungry

>Arrive at walled city

>Refuses to let us in because a carrier pigeon from the last village told them our barbarian (and associates) was criminally insane

>Every town on the continent got the same message

>Goblin who got paid reparations shows up and gives fag fighter a steak

>He agrees to lead us to "a cool place" and takes us to a cave

>10 wolves with 2 HD attack our level 1 party

>Half the party hides while the other half fights

>I barely live after spinning in circles trying to sling the last wolf to death

>Rogue lives because he's up to his neck in mud inside the cave

>Fencer lives because he's hiding from the wolves behind the rogue

>Goblin lives and is still following us because the fag fighter keeps giving him reparations every 5 minutes

>A goddess from early D&D shows up in our Pathfinder game and revives everyone who died

>We dive into the cave

>Literally, there is a well and we explore it and find gold and gems, along with an exit to a small cave lake

>DM claims that nobody can hold their breath for more than 5 rounds

>Everyone struggles to make it to the other side but we do so while pocketing some money

>Ancient abandoned underground city

>Session ends


75a349  No.15547163

>>15547161 (Cont)

It's important to separate this last session from the first two sessions, which I combined because I don't remember where they separated. These sessions were each 2 weeks apart.

>Arrive to next session

>Someone bought KFC for everyone to eat

>DM shows up almost two hours late without warning anybody

>DM picks up a bucket of chicken and sits down at the table

>Session begins

>DM auto-pilots us into the city

>Everything that happens until I say otherwise was done by the DM while nobody was allowed to participate

>We apparently looked through multiple houses and found nothing but a big altar

>Druid was tied up and surrounded by cultists at the altar and nobody knows how she got there

>The party approached the altar

>Our bodies were possessed by gods that erupted from us

>Cultists had gods erupt from their bodies

>"It's like a DBZ battle and some sheeit"

>All during this, chicken bits are falling out of his mouth and into the bucket in his lap while he stuffs the last of the chicken in his mouth

>Goblin was actually a goblin diety in disguise

>Teleports everyone to an open field filled with wheat and then disappears into the sun

>We now have control of our characters

>Leveled up because gods left some of their juice in us

>Nobody has eaten yet

>DM points out that we're hungry and says the wheat is called iron wheat and it isn't edible

>Meet a stranger in the field who is a cleric and 7th player who just joined this session

>Walking in wilderness looking for town

>Suddenly we were in a desert

>Graboids from tremors attack us

>Sitting next to DM due to seating shortage

>Notice that he doesn't look at die he rolls and looks up and makes up what he wants to happen every time he rolls

>Watch enemies succeed natural 1 saves and natural 1 attacks

>Kills the guy playing the cleric "just because he can"

>DM puffs his chest mounds out and blurts, "I AM YOUR GOD AT THE TABLE, YOU DIE BY MY WHIM"

>Fag fighter is lamenting that he is not adjacent to an enemy and doesn't have his weapon out

>Tell him that he can move and draw his weapon at the same time

>DM looks at me with rage in his eyes and yells no

>I looked at him puzzled and don't say anything


>Everyone just stands still and waits for the graboids to go away because we're level 2 and they have more than 10 DR and nobody has a masterwork item or above or any magic that can affect them

>Cleric springs back to life from actual death

>DM reminds him that he lives by his whim as well

>We find a desert town and I find a merchant

>Apparently food doesn't exist in this world nor do we need it to survive anymore

>Selling non-descript items and auto-dispells detect magic

>Start to leave store when DM stops the game and gives a speech about how he's not some cunt who would cheat us

>Merchant sells me a belt that he described as a charisma booster

>DM tells me it's a plain belt that does nothing

>Druid asks merchant for directions

>Merchant is suddenly a large-sized obese man that is 15 feet tall and black-skinned

>Teleports the druid to the dimension of hot springs

>Takes the druid's beanie off of her head and eats it while raping her

>DM is getting sweaty while describing to the druid how her character is being raped by a large nigger and eating her beanie while the player is screaming no and tearing up

>"It's like a black porn star raping a midget, but it's not rape because you're mind controlled so you want it"

>Barbarian and fag fighter players getting visibly excited

>Leave session

>Never go back

>Decline every future invite by friend to other groups

That was the entirety of every event that happened in that game. My friend kept going to the sessions despite everything that happened because he was desperate to play, and assured me that it got much worse. All that I remember him telling me was that he died and rerolled a cleric, fought a bunch of skeletons that were immune to positive energy, and then they "found the dwarf place from lord of the rings".

d9e441  No.15547221



>Suddenly a mosh pit that turns into a zombie infestation

Well at least that fairly cool sentence got said

It almost sounds like your GM was black Chris-chan on a bender. My condolences

Alas, my own experiences cannot remotely compare; the worst a GM's gotten at my table is failing to follow the cave-behind-a-waterfall rule (if you create a potential alternate path, put something, anything, there to be found)

2db764  No.15547249


>Barbarian and fag fighter players getting visibly excited

The other chick? How ugly was she?

490082  No.15547316



Pozzfinder tends to attract THAT kind of crowd mate, my sympathies. Your best bet to play any TRPG without bullshit like this is to play with bros, yeah, anyone know that. But sometimes bros just don't want to play what you want to play.. Shadowrun.

3316ce  No.15547320


That's because that combat system is a clusterfuck. I love how lethal it is though.

ac702a  No.15547337

File: 47db227f1c37a48⋯.gif (479.84 KB, 241x233, 241:233, 47db227f1c37a487e5352ba258….gif)



This is why I gave up trying to play in person after college. Now I just play online with people that I've known for eight years. It helps that we're willing to try other systems too.

490082  No.15547343


I like combat in that game, call me a noob but I like 5th edition because I don't need to roll 60d6 for one pistol shot. And a combat in that game means "you niglets fucked up, run and gun the fuck outta here pronto" instead of kill everything and loot all the buildings like fantasy games.

ac702a  No.15547345


That's not necessarily true, the encounters go all over in this game. The fight with the troll king and the kobold sorcerer is just absolutely ridiculous. I did the whole rest of that dungeon on level 6 but that fight is basically impossible for my party because the sorc has 33 AC and well over 100 HP and the troll gets 5 ish attacks after he has Haste cast on him. I simply could not fucking stack enough numbers to match this, the tower shield cunt has 32 AC after I cap out on buffs and the troll has like 29 AB. Also the troll is invulnerable until you kill the sorcerer and the sorc spams 9th level Magic Missile until he dies. If anyone has tips, I'd appreciate it. I'm probably making the game harder by using companions.

ac702a  No.15547351


Just use digital dice rollers. 5th edition is gay and doesn't understand how wireless communications work.

490082  No.15547355


Didn't look much into the matrix and astral combat. Want to play a modern ice mage or a non-cybergeared sam. What happened with the 5th edition wifi hacking shit?

3316ce  No.15547358


The point of dice rolling is to feel fate in the palm of your hands then hear the distinct tapping as they hit the table.

ac702a  No.15547374


It's been too long since I read the rules, but their description of how wi-fi signals work fundamentally is flawed, if I remember correctly. I'd have to check the book again to remember why it pissed me off.


Whatever faggot.

43006f  No.15547399

File: ac2ac42fa4996e4⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1065, 128:71, Smilodon.png)

Druids are fucking OP. Not because of their debilitating spells or their own damage (wildshape or no), JUST because of their animal companions.

Not all animal companions are equal or balanced. Wolves absolutely suck, with their only saving quality being their automatic trip attack (it still gets a CMB/CMD roll). Smilodons however have 4 fucking claw attacks +bite, so they hit like a train. At level 9 those attacks do 1d8+12 with a +11 hit bonus for the bite, and 1d6+12 with a +11 hit bonus for all the claws, which is just a bit less than a fighter, but the buffs are what really make it special.

The following buffs have a 1minute/level duration or better and grant their full effect to the pet. Note that many of these (like mage armor) are useless or mostly useless on non-pets due to equipment:

>Animal Growth (1min/level)

+8 strength (size bonus) +4 Con (size bonus) -2 dex (size), +2 existing natural armor,

Cannot be cast on huminoids

>Bulls Strength (1min/level)

+4 Strength (enhancement)

Conflicts with Strength belts

>Cats Grace (1min/level)

+4 Dex (enhancement)

Conflicts with belts

>Greater Magic Fang (1hour/level)

+2 attack (enhancement, 1 per 4 levels)

Cannot be cast on huminoids

>Acid Maw (1min/level)

Bite attack gains +1d6 acid

Animal companion only

>Heroism (10mins/level)

+2 Moral to attack, saves, and skills

Anyone can use

>Shield of Faith (1min/level)

+3 Armor (Deflection 2+1/6levels)

Conflicts with Ring or Protection

I don't actually have Heroism right now, so I just use Bless instead (+1 attack). I'm sure there are some more buffs at 1min/level or greater, but all I can find are situational like "your weapon becomes good aligned" or "protection from energy type" (VERY useful spell in communal form)

Final stats are as pictured. I actually don't know why the Smilodon is level 8 when the druid is level 9, but it is what it is. If it weren't for the low Will save and Hold Animal (or Hold Person if you have Serpent Bloodline), this thing could eat my whole party for breakfast.

225188  No.15547424


all undone with a single dispel magic spell. plus by the time you're done casting everything, the first few spells have worn off.

also 3mb for a 19x1 image, lol

43006f  No.15547425


Trolls have low will saves. I won that fight casting Hideous Laughter on the troll (which is made possible by Serpent Bloodline, otherwise it won't work on Monsterous Humanoids). Just find some kind of will-based debilitate (hold Monster would do) and throw it at the troll, then all you have to deal with is the Sorcerer. Some kind of Protection from Energy (communal) will probably help there if you can't kill him very fast.

43006f  No.15547428


First, I've never seen enemies use Dispel Magic in the game. They might have it, but I haven't seen it yet. Second and more importantly, Dispel only removes ONE ongoing effect per cast. A lucky roll would remove Animal Growth, otherwise it's no big deal.

43006f  No.15547430



And as you can see, those are 9 minute or higher durations. I don't fuck around with 1 round per level buffs. It takes less than a minute to cast everything, at which point you can clear an entire map in the remaining 8 minutes.

ac702a  No.15547432


Actually, Hold Person works on Trolls in this game, I've used it several times. However, I can't ever seem to land a spell against the troll king and he always makes a will save. The one time I did succeed he was mysteriously still able to attack me. I don't even know what is a bug and what isn't anymore.

ac702a  No.15547436


>all undone with a single dispel magic spell

Dispel magic fucking blows. If your enemy wastes time casting that garbage spell, you've already won.

490082  No.15547439


>I don't even know what is a bug and what isn't anymore.

This made me lol'd harder than I should.

43006f  No.15547448


I don't know, I think I was level 7 when I fought him and had no problem at all. Hideous laughter worked flawlessly and I stomped the Sorcerer in like 2 rounds.

Also the other thing that works wonders in this game besides the druid's animal companion is a knife master rogue. Technically any rogue or vivisectionist should work, but knife masters have that nice 1d8 per 2 levels sneak attack. In this game unlike tabletop, a creature is considered "flanked" any time 2 or more enemies are attacking it in melee, therefor Rogues can sneak attack simply by attacking the same target as your tank, without having to walk around behind them (no micromanagement). The result is hitting for 30+ damage every attack with each weapon every round. The only problem is that you can't give your rogue enough armor to survive more than a couple rounds if the enemy targets him.

Speaking of Flanking, those two teamwork traits regarding flanking are really fucking good for this reason. Give all your melee (assuming you have at least 2) Outflank and Precise Strikes. Outflank gives them +2 extra Hit as long as they are on the same target, AND a free attack of opportunity whenever any of the others crit, and Precise Strikes adds an extra 1d6 damage. Both are essentially free damage for your rogue/fighter(/monk/paladin)

ac702a  No.15547467


>I don't know, I just had access to one more spell tier

Well that kinda explains it. Maybe I'll just come back later.

43006f  No.15547470


If I did I didn't need it. Buff up the party, disable the troll and go to town on the sorcerer. You should have Haste already. I probably only used Haste, Bless, and Protection from Fire (communal), and if he only uses magic missile like you said the latter isn't necessary (I assumed he'd fireball like the first time you faced him).

ac702a  No.15547477


I don't have Haste because I'm using the companions. I'm stubborn about thoroughly seeing all the dialogue before I dismiss companions as shit (although to be honest it seems all over the place, like they drew names out of a hat for who should write the dialogue and arc for each character including non companions) and I wanted to see the dwarf cleric's dialogue. Unfortunately he is mostly useless in my roster. I have a scroll of Haste, but I was hoping to save that so Octavia could copy it.

490082  No.15547486

>Leveled Octavia as a Rogue because I already play a bathrobe faggot (Wiz)

>She sits on the bench for now

>Got Nok-Nok

>Still want to go with Octavia because I don't like CE getting triggered by me solving shit without killing

>Her AI is still wizard

Why can't we retrain and set our own AIs.

43006f  No.15547494


Well that sucks. Linzy should be able to get Haste at level 7. A sorcerer would have it at 6 and a Wizard at 5. I personally have a custom Paladin (main) druid, rogue, and sorcerer, with only the fighter and dwarf cleric being pre-gens. I know the fighter is low-str, but she's high AC/Con which is what I use her for anyway. Cleric is just for buffs and heals. Paladin is actually an archer-style. The rogue and animal companion do all the real damage while everyone else plays support somehow or other.

Anyway, I loaded up my save right before the Troll boss. He gets +7 to will saves, which against my 20 at the time save DC for Hideous Laughter (+6cha, +2 greater spell focus enchantment, +2 spell level). It's not "guaranteed" but he has to roll a 12 or better to save, which is good enough since all I really need is to knock him out for 1 round. Hold Person would have a 21DC because it's a level 3 spell.


With "AI doesn't use expendable spells" setting selected, there really is no such thing as "wizard" AI. They just pick a target and auto-attack, that's it.

ac702a  No.15547505


She autocasts acid splash because she gains sneak attack on it. There is no reason for her not to use it unless you get a really good bow. Touch AC is way easier to hit.


Hold Person is a 2nd level spell.

43006f  No.15547508


It's 2 cleric, 3 sorc/wiz

43006f  No.15547516


> she gains sneak attack on it

Really? I didn't know you could flank from ranged without the "Ranged Flank" feat (requires BAB+11), or that Ranged Touch attacks could be considered for flanking/sneak attacks at all. Maybe that's just the game and not standard, I don't remember seeing Ranged Flank on the feat list so my information here is from PFSRD.

Correction: I didn't know you could reliably sneak attack from ranged. Obviously you can sneak attack without flanking at all if your foe is Flatfooted (disabled, first round of combat, attacking from stealth). Flanking is just required to sneak attack continuously.

d94638  No.15547536


I could swear PF's rules for SA was you can SA with a ranged weapon right out the box as long as you're not over 30ft away from the target. At least I would hope it's that because this bullshit game already all but forces ranges characters (even casters) to waste two feats on point blank shot and precise shot. Granted it could also be a special arcane trickster thing.

43006f  No.15547545


I just noticed that the feat I was looking at was a third party feat. It's possible that you are right and whoever wrote that feat doesn't know how the game works normally.

ac702a  No.15547548



I don't remember the PF rules off the top of my head but it's 30 ft. in D&D.

43006f  No.15547552


You ARE right about the 30ft limit. Specifically from the Rogue Sneak Attack page: "Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet." That's always a requirement of Sneak attacks.

The problem is with this part: "The rogue’s attack deals extra damage anytime her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her target." Normally Ranged attackers do NOT count as flanking, as Flanking is a melee ability. Therefor Rogues would only be able to ranged Sneak Attack when the target loses its dexterity bonus.

43006f  No.15547564


From http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/combat#TOC-Flanking

>When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner.

Melee, not ranged. The Flanking rules say nothing about ranged attacks, they go on to talk about reach and large creatures. It can be assumed that ranged attackers do not normally flank targets.

However, I will point out that Pathfinder: Kingmaker is explicitly different on flanking rules. In Kingmaker a target is said to be flanked any time 2 or more enemies are attacking it (in melee? I'm not sure). They do NOT have to be on opposite sides, they can both be in front side by side and still count as flanking. This is ostensibly because of the RTWP rules in order to minimize the amount of micromanagement you would need. Not only would you have to constantly manually maneuver the rogue, but you'd also have to toggle her ability to avoid AoOs in the process, making rogues a fucking nightmare to play. On the flip side since they are basically ALWAYS flanking (unless you do something stupid like having a 1-melee party or split up poorly), it makes melee rogues a little TOO strong.

If characters can "flank" from ranged combat by default in Kingmaker, that's a (deliberate or accidental) departure from the default ruleset. I'll need to test this, fortunately there's a spell that specifically gives wizards/sorcerers/bards (personal target) the ability to sneak attack, so it should be easy to set up when I get the chance.

3cabae  No.15547570



IIRC Neverwinter Nights also had ranged sneak attacks at 30 ft with no special requirements, so it may be possible that they did it that way simply because they liked Neverwinter Nights (they certainly made a lot of choices like that in relation to Baldur's Gate).

43006f  No.15547582



I can confirm that ranged attackers do NOT gain Circumstance Bonus: Flanking. In fact they take the penalty "-4 [Shooting into Combat]" under the same circumstances (enemy is engaged in melee with any target). Still can't test the Sneak Attacks however, I'd need to switch up my party for that.

3cabae  No.15547600


I've seen Octavia roll 18 damage on Acid Splash, and it says "sneak attack." There is no way that's possible otherwise.

43006f  No.15547610


The enemy could be flatfooted or disabled. First round of combat before your initiative comes up you are always flatfooted, and I think any kind of snare spell should disable dexterity.

3cabae  No.15547633


Except it happens every single round consistently and enemies almost never seem to be flat footed unless your party is invisible.

43006f  No.15547675


Well it shouldn't, but given how strong melee is in this game I think it's pretty fair to give ranged/casters a little bit of extra help that way.

Yes, I just said that Casters are weak in this game. Good for buffs and occasionally crucial for debilitates, but it's the melee that does all the actual work.

8b6861  No.15547684


Does pathfinder have any spells like Ray of Stupidity? because that'd fuck your shit up.

43006f  No.15547708


Intelligence damage I'm guessing? Contagion (Cleric 3) can do Int damage, but it's a Fortitude save so you would be up against a save of +16 at least (more if I had Heroism). I don't know of any other spells that do int damage, I'm sure they exist but I doubt they are in the game. Anything that did Int damage with a Will save would be ideal, but then again anything with a Will save will already fuck my pet up.

8b6861  No.15547712


Yeah 1d4+1,and it only needs to hit touch AC no save at all.

43006f  No.15547727


I cannot find ANY spells in the core rules that do Int damage directly for any of the core spellcasters (clerics, wizards, or druids). I mentioned Contagion, which has the option to do 1d4 int damage (fort save) via inflicting a disease, but that's indirect and impossible to search for.

d94638  No.15547735


this makes me wish they had tried to add the summoner class instead of alchemist

43006f  No.15547741


I don't know how Summoner works, but I highly doubt it would be able to outdo the druid here. You would need a permanently summoned minion with pretty insane base stats and some unique buffs to apply to it. Just summoning fodder with whatever class equivalent of Summon Monster and applying some quick combat buffs/support spells won't do it.

d94638  No.15547746


They didn't add the Feeblemind spell to kingmaker? That's an odd omission, it's a classic SRD spell that's been around for decades, and just a simple straight stat debuff. I know both NWN's had it. The only problem I could see is if the engine can't handle characters temporarily losing spell slots or something.

43006f  No.15547749


Feeblemind does not do DAMAGE, it sets intelligence to 1. The whole point of doing int damage is to get intelligence to 0 or lower, which causes unconsciousness.

8182c7  No.15547790


Trolls were immune to fire after I got fire gear I should be pissed but I have acid for days.


There’s a paladin armor called bless In the troll dungeon. Sun disc is s, moon is fish.

d94638  No.15547791


Pathfinder's Summoner is the class that gets a permanent pet that literally has an a la carte list of attributes and abilities you build the creature with… Or you skip playing a pokemon trainer altogether and take the class option that turns you into a super powered sentai character with your own living power armor instead, but people (who don't understand how the action economy works) will scream that class build is too OP

d94638  No.15547800


>Trolls were immune to fire after I got fire gear I should be pissed

Granted, the bard flat out mentions the part about them being fire proof in the quest description. Though I can understand why you'd avoid reading that as she's an annoying kender wannabe bitch.

8182c7  No.15547836



Holy shit were you anons right I thought the pozz would be bearable but it’s just faggots and more faggots every time I advance and take a new quest from the cuck couple, to male faggots, to the fey/human lesbians.

Fucking crazy bitch killed her own father because he was trying to keep the town from infighting over the lesbian fey marriage. Then got killed by her own fey wife when she hulked out. Try to point that she deserves some of the blame and the game is like no it’s pure love. Fuck off people are dead because of this.

43006f  No.15547843


The whole town died because her jealous lover cursed the fey. Both she AND the lover cursed the father, so I kind of glossed over the fact that she had some guilt there. The blame for the rest of the town is 100% on that other dude.

43006f  No.15547849



Really given that it's with a Fey the fact that it's a lesbian couple really shouldn't matter. Fey being gay isn't even pos, it's just the sort of thing you'd expect.

I'd like to make the counterargument that the only prominent nigger in the game is specifically foreign and this fact is pointed out explicitly in conversation. The game didn't try to go with the "diverse" (human) cast, player portraits notwithstanding.

43006f  No.15547855


Also as far as the whole "coexistence" narrative implicit in the human/fey village, it's sort of torn apart by the obvious danger of the fey going nuclear and murdering everybody, so I think the game has a properly balanced approach there too. Overall I'd say that the game seems pretty politically balanced, which is a lot better than one would expect for something in pozzo's setting.

8182c7  No.15547864


I said she deserved some of the blame, Both of them were following instructions from another fey. They were both to blame for the problem.


I have nothing against ranger nigger my point is the crazy bitch killed her own father and the NPCs are screaming about how pure her love is instead of being a retard.


She Mentioned that I should take invisibly potions when I visited the nymph in the journals. Didn’t read it at the time but Thank goodness I always keep that spell prepared.

fba3c8  No.15547872


Balanced in this case seems to mean 50% complete retardation.

43006f  No.15547878


>Both of them were following instructions from another fey

I totally missed that part, probably because I didn't talk to the lover until I'd already solved the curse so I never got his explanation. That makes the whole thing more interesting because now you can shift the blame onto the fey instead. I still don't think the girl deserves anything for destroying the village, JUST for her father, and he'd probably forgive her anyway since he feels like it's his mistake that led to the whole mess.

>take invisibly potions

That helps escape the hydra, but you still have to fight the Redcaps because of the Glitterdust+Entangle traps. It's a pretty bullshit encounter, but if you weren't suspicious to begin with even without the journal comment there is something wrong with your brain.

43006f  No.15547886


50% of people are completely retarded. To build a good setting/story you should show how stupid people are, and then how badly it affects them, THEN give the player the opportunity to form his own opinion, even if it's equally stupid.

fba3c8  No.15547894



You're really bad at shilling. Just letting you know.

f9feb5  No.15547900

Starting to regret making a Scimitar fighter. How much better is a Greatsword 2 hand fighter?

490082  No.15547905


At this point I am not even sure if all the pozz are deliberate but failed in presentation or a massive deconstruction by Avelone here. The strong womyn got chewed out for trying to be a third-rate men just to prove a point to the point of screwing over all the other women in her tribes to do so. Shows no remorse, knows that she is fucking dumb and cannot do shit then lashes out with rude gestures and more killing.

That fey case is one of good fantasy case of why people shouldn't mess with the fey in anyway and why you should keep a supply of cold iron handy. They are presented right here, no fairy-grandmothers here. Only sociopathic hedonists who crave emotions like drugs with magical power interacting with humans like toys do pass their eternity over. Even love has to be taken with magic because they cannot love for shit.

Long story short. Man and Woman loved each other. Fey loves the Woman. Fey charms the Woman to love her. Man and the Father are pissed but can't do shit but cuss and curse. Man mad at Father for he can't do shit. On wedding day someone hexed the Fey into monster and kills the whole village. Woman thought it was Father or Lover and decided to fuck both of them to undeath eternity through dying curse.

The fucking catch is that in a village like that nobody is a mage let alone a powerful one so who the fuck has the capabilities to hex a fey. The answer is another Fey faggot so high up the hierarchy who looks at this affair like a good TV show and thinks this drama is fun and could use a surprise just for lulz who got away scot-free while people are cursing each other for nobody's fault.

Burn the First World first chance you get. No survivors.

43006f  No.15547915


What I'm really bad at is completing my thoughts before hitting post. I'd just be playing the game right now but I need to finish something else first and I'm procrastinating. Call me what you want, I know the studio must be pozzed as fuck but I think they made a good game regardless.


The benefit to Scimitar is crit chance. It has an 18-20 base crit range, and somewhere around level 8 you can pick up improved critical which bumps that to a 15-20, of course you still have to confirm the crits, unless you also have something like bless weapon (vs evil). I don't think I've found any good scimmys though.

Two handed is OK, but instead of Greatsword I recommend either an axe or an earthbreaker. The latter is sort of rare but I DID find one with good damage towards the mid-game, I've found several; decent 2hand axes.

43006f  No.15547930


The actual curse power coming from some elder fey is a great explanation and I believe it. Are you sure about the Charm though? I think the Father lied to the Lover that the Fey charmed the Girl (he admitted doing so), and I think the Fey and the Girl were actually in love, and the Girl never actually liked the Lover at all.

15e00f  No.15547933

I was thinking of pirating, but now I'm not sure if it's worth even that, with all the bugs and pozz.

490082  No.15547937


>I know the studio must be pozzed as fuck

The IP owner Pozzo is, but I do not know about the actual devs (Owlcat Games) here. I think they used kikestarter to fire this project up and are huge fan of this module (which by itself ifaik is not pozzed because it was made long before idpol erupted iirc). I surmise that the pozz are pressured in from Pozzo. Need some infoanon to snoop around the devs to make sure.

43006f  No.15547943


It's possible. I just assume that ANY gamedev in this day and age that isn't Japanese must be pozzed to some degree, and not even the nips are completely immune.


Bugs are overblown. I haven't actually run into any that I've noticed. I'm not saying they don't exist absolutely everywhere, I've heard some shit about quests bugging out completely and such, but there's at least a chance you can play the game without issue, and the patches seem to be coming pretty fast too.

Pozz is mostly a combination of the setting and people trying to read too deeply into things. There are some real issues, but if you take issue with every little thing you won't play any games ever

490082  No.15547960


The entire case is ambiguous (in a good way which makes it interesting) because all leads are cold and people lies. You can check your facts and compare notes with the Swamp Witch if you run enough errands for her. That summary was what I came up with, I may miss something. But given the whimsical and inhumane of the fey…

8182c7  No.15547979



Father isn’t even pissed he just couldn’t give his blessing without a political shit storm ensuing. He’s the only one with brains in the situation.

>daughter might be charmed

>if I take her back I offend the fey queen and doom my town

>daughters ex is pissed

>if I offend him the the town will suffer

>tell the ex the truth the fey took her

>ex is still pissed but isn’t going to fuck over the town or attempt to hurt my daughter

>I can’t attend or show that I support my daughters wedding because her ex might take it the wrong way

>daughter takes it the wrong way and curses him.

Dumb bitch doesn’t even realize he was shielding her from harm that’s why the curse was laid on him and not his daughter. The father shouldered all the blame so she could be happy and his reward is to be killed by his daughter.

That’s fine, that’s just storytelling misunderstandings make for great stories. But when the NPCs begin talking about how pure her love was when she murdered her pa even when given evidence that’s some pozzed bullshit.

490082  No.15548084


Pretty much why I said I am not even sure if it is a failed pozz presentation or a deconstruction of a mad love that was written and told by the guilty party so sweet when in fact it went so horribly wrong in every way possible.

3cabae  No.15548240



Feeblemind is a similar spell but much more powerful. I believe it effectively turns you into a drooling retard. I don't think I've reached the spell level for it so I'm not sure if it's in.


Yeah, casters are made almost entirely by their spell lists. Even with their highly pruned spell lists casters tend to dominate these types of CRPGs though. Buffing rogues seems to be an interesting counter-trend that occurs when the rules make the jump to the computer though.


>permanent summon with insane buffs and stats

That is literally all the summoner does. Imagine a druid or ranger except all of the class features that aren't buffing spells or summon spells are removed and you get to take feats for your companion. That's summoner and they are notoriously broken. There's an even more broken archetype of it called synthesist that effectively allows you to gain all the advantages of your summon, which turns you into a combat monster if you have any basic understanding of which summon feats to take. One of my tabletop buddies rolled one in our old PF game where we decided to roll all aspects of our character randomly; he rolled summoner and thought synthesist seemed cool. By the time he was done building, he had something like 24 AC at level 1 with mage armor, two claw attacks at d4+1 with 10 foot range, and the ability to climb on walls. He decided to reroll because of how absurd that seemed.

2db764  No.15548252


The problem with Synthesist is while it has amazing stats, it's one character instead of two. Two characters can take twice as many options.

43006f  No.15548264


Feeblemind reduces the target's Int and Cha to 1. While that can be devastating to a caster, it does not cause unconsciousness or death the same way that Damaging an attribute to 0 can. When we are talking about using the spell on an animal with int 2, Feeblemind won't do jack shit.

I looked up the Summoner on the PFSRD. They don't have nearly as many buffing spells as you might expect. They are basically wizards with half the spells, but Wizards already have the worst general-purpose buffs out of the three main casters (clerics and druids are better).

>20 AC at level 1 with 2d4+2 damage and reach

Not that impressive tbh. It's not bad, but not so overpowered you should consider re-rolling.

43006f  No.15548296




I finally got around to doing some testing. It looks like ranged attacks do not flank by themselves, however the game treats an enemy as "flanked" any time two melee attackers are on it. If the ranged-sneak attacker then attacks the already flanked enemy (within 30 feet), she gets sneak attacks.

I don't believe this is how tabletop is supposed to work. Flanking is a bonus the attackers get, not a penalty the defender gets. so it doesn't transfer any benefit to attackers who aren't part of the flanking pair.

8182c7  No.15548302

what level is everyone st right now I’m eight everything seems like an uphill battle savescumming and resting every two battles.

Reading all of you this made me realize magus might be best class. I was going to roll a cleric or a paladin. Too bad there’s few rapiers just greatswords, bastards, and dueling swords

75a349  No.15548334


Barbarian was 5/10 servicable, single and obviously has mileage. Better body than face. Druid was 5/10 standard small town gamer girl. She looked like she tried developing fish face, but didn't have danger hair.


>I actually don't know why the Smilodon is level 8 when the druid is level 9

It's the animals HD and not their level. I realized this when my animal companion was "level 3" when my druid was level 2.


You can sneak attack at range freely in Kingmaker. It's why rogues are actually really good in the game. Flanking is simplified to needing only an ally near the target, which works with ranged combat as well. My rogue tends to out damage other party members by sheer virtue of rapid shot sneak attacks. I don't know if the 30ft sneak attack range matters in Kingmaker, because anyone I've shot from that distance was on turn 1, and the distance gets closed due to charges or point blank shot positioning.


High threat weapons like the scimitar and falchion are some of the best weapons in this game. If you want to use a two-handed weapon and keep the high threat, use a falchion, or an elven curved blade if you're an elf fighter for some reason. If you really want to use a feat to get an exotic weapon, fauchards are high threat reach weapons, and falcatas might have an average threat range, but it's x3 multiplier on top of it's 19-20 means that it will grow to become one of the strongest weapons around levels 8-12, provided you're wielding it with two hands instead of one. The falcata is what you use when you want numerous, high quality crits, whereas a normal high threat weapon is what you use when you want frequent crits.

One of the benefits of having a high threat weapon in this game is charging into a pack and instantly killing two or three enemies. Four of my party members are using high threat weapons, and they are melting anything in sustained melee. There is also the benefit of two-handing a weapon, which gives you an extra 50% of your strength bonus and power attack bonus to damage. That damage is enough to put most enemies in the realm of being one shot.

43006f  No.15548345


I found a couple good rapiers early on.

Level 9 right now. I tried Magus and it sucked. The "standard" magus is just a big "hit me" sign thanks to how the game does defensive casting. Defensive casting in this game is different than in normal Pathfinder/3.5. Defensive casting is where you attempt to avoid attacks of opportunity while casting in melee. In the standard rules, you claim you are casting defensively and then roll a concentration check based on the spells level. If you pass the check the spell is cast normally and you do not provoke an AoO. If you fail the check the spell is wasted. In this game, the check is always done whether you want it or not, but if you fail the concentration check the spell is still cast, provoking an AoO instead. That's a quick way to get killed in melee combat, especially since this version of PF does not have Concentration as a skill you can improve directly.

I then attempted to try the Eldrich Archer magus variant. However, I found that Magus simply did not get enough spells to make it worth the attack bonus loss. Magus is a 3/4 BAB class, meaning you have +15 at level 20, furthermore Magus spell-combat imposes an additional -2 penalty. I was effectively playing a ranged fighter who got an extra shot per round with +1d3 damage at the cost of about -4 hit. Actually using non-cantrip ranged touch spells was something I rarely could afford doing because of how few spell slots I had. Furthermore, the Magus's spell list is pretty pathetic, so you don't even get any really useful utility spells to make up for the poor damage performance.

Instead, I decided to switch to a Divine Hunter variant Paladin. Actually that's a lie, I used a regular paladin variant and specced it for ranged combat. This gave me full 1/1 BAB, access to the Divine Weapon Brand special ability (similar to the Magus's arcane pool for weapon enchanting), and lots of extra Healing for my party, which you've probably already learned is EXTREMELY vital in this game (even later on). The reason I used the default Paladin instead of the Divine Hunter is because that gave me Heavy Armor by default (turned out to be unnecessary due to my 20 dex), and Aura of Courage and Aura of Resolve, which the DH loses in exchange for Shared Precision, which sucks.

If you want to use a spellcasting fighter, the Vivisectionist Alchemist or the Eldrich Scoundrel rogue might be better picks. I haven't tried either one. Personally I recommend a paladin or ranger, depending on if you want healing or an animal companion. Druids have better companions but with the right feats rangers can be just as good, if a little behind in terms of buff spells.

43006f  No.15548356



I said I was level 9. My party consists of a ranged-paladin, a knife spec rogue, a cleric, a fighter, a druid, and a sorcerer (serpent bloodline, very important). For the most part I can just cast Haste and walk over everything, I usually don't have to rest but once per large map. If I want to get fancy I can break out all of the 9-minute buffs. Savescumming only comes into play if the enemy crits a lot or decides to focus fire the rogue.


As I just explained here >>15548296 you can't quite sneak attack "freely". You must have at least 2 melee characters attacking the target in order for a ranged rogue to sneak attack. Personally though I like my Knife rogue better anyway, WAY more damage at the cost of being more vulnerable.

3cabae  No.15548357


Falchion builds are one of my personal favorites. One of my tabletop characters was a chaotic evil half-orc fighter/cleric with the Destruction and Murder domains. Murder gives you Keen Edge at 3rd spell level, so I brought cleric to 5, taking fun and themey spells along the way like Death Knell and Deadly Juggernaut. His defining moment was being devoured whole by a purple worm and immediately slicing his way out with multiple crits. Not a super optimized build but fun and themey.

Another important thing to factor in with two handed weapons is Power Attack. Your damage bonus goes from +2 per BAB to +3. This creates a highly amusing situation where the actual damage dice of your weapon are nearly inconsequential by the time you get to around level 9 or 10.

d665a5  No.15548365

File: 7a559c27015445e⋯.png (48.04 KB, 336x280, 6:5, wide question.png)

Did someone make a mod that allows you to make a custom party for free yet? i don't want the default gimped companions

43006f  No.15548366


Problem is I don't think I've seen any decent Falchions in the game. I might have come across a single +1 so far, that's it. I hope that they let you craft your own weapons later on.

8182c7  No.15548367


Been playing for awhile an anon told me to go for scimitars and rapiers but scimitars are non existent for me. Any idea where to find one?

Also you picked the right time to bail it could have only gotten worst from there.



Sweet, I think Ima tough out magus to see if it gets better once he can wear heavy armor and see his full spell list. Did you get the paladin armor from the troll dungeon yet?

3cabae  No.15548376


>Magus sucks

Eh, the ability to shit out elemental damage rapidly is pretty good in a lot of scenarios, especially the wererat cave near the beginning. Doesn't Magus get the ability to cast without provoking in this game? At least that's how it seems to me, since I don't turn on defensive fighting and he doesn't seem to provoke AoO, but maybe I am missing something. Much conventional wisdom about build choice is turned on its head in this game due to wonky encounters.


It really isn't hard to get the money you need before hitting level 2.

43006f  No.15548379


Posting is giving me trouble.

I said that the problem with Falchion is that I don't think I've seen any decent ones yet. I think I found one +1 recently (I'm level 9), but that's it. I hope you get to craft your own weapons later on, with how many weapon types they've included it would really suck for the "best" end-game weapons to be limited to only a couple types you have to guess at.

43006f  No.15548383


Yes buying one Merc right when you hit the trading post is ideal, plus you only have 4 party members at most (including yourself) so that fills a free slot rather than replacing a "suboptimal" NPC. Mercs start at the base experience for their level, so you want to buy one right after you level up, and you probably level up the moment you hit the trading post so it's the perfect mix.

Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to afford a second one at such a perfect moment, but being a couple thousand XP points in deficit isn't the end of the world. Make sure you buy all the mercs you need ASAP though because that price keeps going up exponentially.

43006f  No.15548400


I did get that armor, and then promptly sold it because I found I got more AC from using the mithril +2 breastplate found in the same area. I don't use smite evil much. 2 uses per day (4 with the armor), but it only affects the paladin vs a single target and you have to guess whether that enemy is even Evil to begin with. Just not worth the effort when everything explodes into chunks the moment my rogue looks at it. Keep in mind the Charisma bonus doesn't stack with helmets that grant charisma, so I didn't even benefit from that, and none of my other party members were both Good aligned and able to wear heavy armor.

43006f  No.15548413


I explained how Defensive casting works in the quote you posted. It's always on, there's no choice, and there's a chance to fail and provoke an AoO no matter what you do. Magus doesn't really "shit out" that much elemental damage either, not with how few spell slots they get. All they can do is spam Ray of Frost or Acid Splash (which only the Eldrich Archer benefits from with Ranged Spellstrike), but 1d3 damage isn't going to make a damn bit of difference unless you happen to be up against something like a Troll or Swarm where you NEED that elemental type.

2170a1  No.15548422

Is Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor any good?

3cabae  No.15548425


>It's always on

Oh. That's… retarded.


You realize that you're supposed to use touch spells like Shocking Grasp? The half orc magus companion had five casts per day when I found him at level two I think. He was the guy who allowed me to power through most encounters with DR in the early game.

8182c7  No.15548428


Kek, I’m also using the Mithral but only because i have no paladin and the magus just got his medium armor profiency

43006f  No.15548438


Yes I realize actual spells are ideal, but even with 5 spell slots that's still basically 2 fights at most. 90% of the time you'll be stuck on cantrips unless you rest every fight. Even dedicated spellcasters have to rely on area buffs like Haste, Bless, and Protection from Energy (communal) to get any real mileage in this game.


For me it was because of the +7 dex bonus she already had, mythril armor gets a +3 max dex bonus over normal, so it was 8+5 vs 10+2. Paladin Archer is something of a niche build though, if I was a normal Strength build it would be great stuff.

af4321  No.15548454


I don't know if the correct Magus Arcana is in the game, but there's an Arcana called Wand Wielder that lets you casts from a staff or wand for spell combat.

43006f  No.15548457


Yeah I saw that. Could be interesting, but expensive. I personally hate using consumables at all, but I won't argue that they can't be powerful.

8182c7  No.15548476


There is but wands are expensive and not really worth the bang for the buck

490082  No.15548490

>All these gems

>No item crafting

I smell a corner cut/wasted potential.

af4321  No.15548497



It's more efficient than a potions or scrolls by far since you should be getting 50 charges a wand. Hence why wands of CLW are pretty common in PF campaigns.

43006f  No.15548507


I'm hoping the Artisans you acquire in the kingdom building thing are able to craft items to order. I know they craft you things and you have at least some choice in what they make, but I doubt it's full on custom items. I AM glad that I don't have to worry about keeping every little gem and other piece of shit loot I find.


All the wands I've seen come with between 5 and 20 charges, and they seem to be in limited supply, but it's possible I'm just not looking in the right place. Like I said, I don't normally use consumables at all unless I'm up against a wall.

3cabae  No.15548523



>not using consumables

What else were you going to do with them? Use them as anal dildos? This game shovels wands and scrolls. I can't even use them all and I'm actually trying. I did actually get the wand wielder talent but unfortunately I haven't been able to get much use out of it yet – no touch spell wands so far.

3cabae  No.15548541


That's how loot gen generally works in D&D/PF. Money frequently comes in gems and trinkets instead of coins so you can use your appraisal and haggling skills. Wands get lower than max charges to reflect the possibility that the adventurer who dropped it used it.

43006f  No.15548595


I know you are right, but if I use them when I don't actually NEED them I might end up not having them when I do, that's the mentality. It's just that what I need is far less than what I get, usually

e1f70b  No.15548703

So after playing ToEE I now fully understand why people say


ToEE's combat thus far (and I've only fought bandits and giant woodland creatures) just blows the water out of every other CRPG I've ever played. The wheel is a great concept, although having to select spell then which class even if you only have one class is obnoxious. The visual threat ranges, the 5 foot step being a thing, the turn order being visual at all times instead of having to pause and look at relative numbers in pathfinder, being 100% sure you're doing a full attack after movement to get your extra hits, casting area spells on moving targets, it's all just so much fucking better, holy shit. The fact that you create your party is just icing on the cake. I'm going to force myself to go back to P:K today though because if I don't I'll probably never play it again and I do want to finish it. Going back to minute long loading screens will suck, though.

43006f  No.15548733


The problem with ToEE is it's so goddamn slow. In that system, chapter 1 would take longer than the entire game does right now, and Kingmaker is NOT a short game. It's a good system for the more interesting fights but it's REALLY fucking tedious in the long term.

e1f70b  No.15548741


Here's the thing

Just remove the trash fights

43006f  No.15548751


"Trash fights" actually have a purpose when it comes to resource management. Without them you end up in the realm of overpowered wizards. Not to mention you have to fuck with the XP to get the game to advance properly.

43006f  No.15548762



Also there's a matter of pacing. It gets old quickly when every fight is a huge struggle. You NEED the easier shit to unwind between the big bosses. I've played enough turn based SRPGs that don't seem to get that, and I haven't finished any of them.

e1f70b  No.15548775


>Resource management

In one or two cases when you can't exit the dungeon for whatever reason. Otherwise you can rest after every encounter.

43006f  No.15549286

Anyone else really HATE prepared spellbooks? Spontaneous casters are fun, but managing exactly which spells to memorize ahead of time is a huge pain in the ass and always feels kind of pointless anyway.

e1f70b  No.15549440


People always say that wizards are OP but don't sorcerers get more spells per day on top of not having to prepare them?

I guess to really make a wizard shine you have to buy and copy scrolls, otherwise it's just a worse sorcerer who can do int skills.

43006f  No.15549482


Wizards have 2 benefits over Sorcerers. One, they gain higher level spells slightly faster. On average the Wizard unlocks his next level of spells one class level sooner than the Sorcerer. Two, Wizards have a wider variety of spells to cast. Even if the wizard never copys a single scroll, he still has something like 4 times as many different spells just from leveling up. A sorcerer is lucky to have 4 spells for a given level, and often only has ONE for his highest spell level.

Sorcerer spell choices are pretty tight so you really have to know what you are doing in order to get the best bang for your buck. HOWEVER, it's not uncommon to only ever memorize one or two different spells for a given level and never EVER change them, so if you pick the right spells and don't mind being a level behind, Sorcerers generally get more done without all the headache of trying to plan every encounter individually. In Pathfinder, Sorcerers also have their bloodline abilities which include effects that a wizard will never get at all, so there's that too.

43006f  No.15549498



In Tabletop, the list of spells is ten times longer than what you see in a video game, so potentially having access to the whole list instead of only a few spells from it can be largely beneficial, ESPECIALLY when it comes to "utility" spells that you probably won't need all the time but make a huge difference when the situation calls for it. Tabletop isn't supposed to be all combat, so prepping your Wizard to deal with whatever out-of-combat problem faces the party is a good plan.

That's really where the Wizard's "power level" comes from most of the time. In general combat they actually kind of suck and sorcerers aren't much better. There are specific scenarios where they are absolutely invaluable and it always pays to have a good arcane caster in the party, but where a wizard really shines is solving out of combat problems. Often a Wizard is a lot like a glitching speedrunner in a tabletop group, finding ways to bypass whatever the DM wants the party to do and skip straight to the "win" without ever actually fighting in the first place. They have the power to nuke entire plots, even if they maybe aren't so good at actually slaying the dragon.

6b30ca  No.15549637

File: ce8e511b065e753⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 389x158, 389:158, pothfonder.jpg)

If you tap backspace with nothing in the town name field pic related happens.

6b30ca  No.15549641


There's cheatengine tables that work

d1997d  No.15549711


What did they mean by this?

1f002c  No.15549927






OwlCat confirmed /ourguys/! :^)

43006f  No.15550080

Stinking Cloud + Delay Poison (Communal) makes a pretty nasty combination. Anyone in the cloud must make a fort save vs poison every round or become nauseated. A nauseated character cannot attack or cast spells and is only allowed a single move action per turn. This effect lasts as long as they remain in the cloud +1d4 rounds after they leave.

So here's how this works, you make your entire party immune to poison, throw a stinking cloud wherever you are fighting, and every single round the enemy has to make a fort save or they are out of the fight for the full duration (enemies never attempt to move out of the cloud unless you do). Even high-fort enemies aren't likely to make multiple consecutive saves, so while you might not be able to disable them in the first round they WILL stop eventually. Meanwhile your own party is completely immune thanks to Delay Poison (which lasts for an hour, so rebuffing isn't an issue).

Stinking cloud also grants total concealment, so that slows down combat a bit buying you time for the enemy to fail its fort save. I recommend the Blind Fight feat, it halves your miss chances due to total concealment so you have an advantage in the cloud even if the enemy never misses a save.

ac702a  No.15550220

File: 907b38b922899b1⋯.png (278.96 KB, 1018x716, 509:358, f0c4b15b662182c5effb9d2a21….png)

So after fucking around with the Hargulka fight about 50 times and then laughing my ass off when I saw what his heavy mace does, I am pretty sure that freedom of movement is bugged to fuck, at least on the Linux version. I was able to get Hold Person to work on him with varying success by restarting the game client several times.


>head into random cave littered with bones by the river

>entire cave is filled with bones and armor

>walk forward about 40 yards

>crag linnorm standing there like a 40 foot tall retard

>walk to the side https://startpage.com/row/searchof the room and sneak with rogue

>acquire extend metamagic rod



ac702a  No.15550226


>that url

Well, I don't even know what to say, I must have somehow pasted my search engine into the text body. Talk about spaghetti.

305665  No.15550253


Is the search engine good though?

43006f  No.15550255


You could do that, or you could throw up Protection from Fire and shit on him. Just make sure you have a cold iron weapon or it'll be like fighting a troll without fire/acid.

ac702a  No.15550273


Startpage? Yeah, can't complain. It uses Google's databases without feeding them data.


Yeah, I don't have one yet, but I do have the energy resistance spells. I'll come back later.

305665  No.15550291


>Startpage? Yeah, can't complain. It uses Google's databases without feeding them data.

Thank you anon

ca1ba8  No.15550298



cheat engine tables. It's a bit awkward to use but it will let you adjust all their stats and skills. http://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7964

and a very simple character editor that will let you adjust your party's stats, xp, money, and walking speed. Unfortunately not their starting aliment or feat selection though.


ca1ba8  No.15550335

File: 38486c31b15cf4e⋯.jpg (39.52 KB, 474x243, 158:81, casteredition.jpg)


can sorcerers even change their spells on level up in this game? Or is it in, but the mechanic is just not mentioned or even highlighted in any significant fashion? Like how meta magic is buried in it's own UI panel in the spellbook and even sorcerers have to "prepare" their meta magic spells beforehand, which defeats one of the only good advantage sorcerers had unless you want to spend an hour making every possible metamagic combination of all the spells you might ever want in advance.

43006f  No.15550340


Sorcerers can "prepare" their metamagic in combat, it just takes extra effort and sometimes it won't show up on your UI because bugs. As far as I know there is no way to repick spells.

f9feb5  No.15550955

Hmm I feel like I gimped my character picking scimitars. They were king on NWN and now there is this Falcata and Falchion… Damn.

490082  No.15550969

Whoever did the story pacing between Chapter 3 and 4 needs to be high-fived with a chainsaw.

ca1ba8  No.15551031

>In the middle of huge multquest map area

>after a fight mc gets some bullshit condition called death's door that requires either a motherfucking 7th level! spell to fix or return to the city to sleep.

>keep on trekking to try and finish map area before I leave, while keeping character's HP maxed out, even throw on a deathward buff just for the hell of it.

>5 minutes later MC just drops down dead (still at full health) from a failed random death check, and I loose ten minutes or so worth of progress.

This is such utter bullshit. I should not be seeing this sort of crap at level nine and there's only one god damn city on the whole damn map I have access to. Why do I even have a god damn cleric on my team if he can't fix anything I might get hit with or rez my ass if I die? This is JRPG level bullshit.

ca1ba8  No.15551043


I think you're underestimating the cha subclass version of magus. Not only does the class get spontaneous casting, which works far better for it's main combat gimmick, but more importantly it gets access to all those stupid sorcerer bloodline abilities that are *normally* considered useless because they have a bunch of melee buffs for a cloth caster class. I took the advice from these threads and turned the stupid fighter woman into a eldritch scion magus with the abyssal bloodline for the Str boosts and now she's a combat monster who has saved my ass in several fights. She's basically had to solo some of those damn fire proof trolls and only gotten me through the fights thanks to her acid touch spell strikes

Also, as far as I can tell, the game doesn't actually track if you have a free hand for casting, so there's *no* reason a magus shouldn't have either a 2 hander or a shield.

490082  No.15551045


Welcome to Pozzfinder at high level. It will get even more ridiculous.

>Save-or-die on a constant basis

>Over 9000 AC/DC

>Monsters that drain 4+WIS on attack like a deadbeat downs his whiskey.

>You need to exactly geared/spelled to counter everything for one particular enemy in the encounter

>All this while your companions are subpar

>But if you don't do their story right/well (read: do exactly this complicated set of actions/dialogue) they will either betray you or die for story reason.

>Kingdom management is a clusterfuck. Out there saving the world when this letter arrived? Lol, it's lost forever.

>Chapter 3 left you with a fucking mess, then not even a day passed Chapter 4 will start even your entire party are level drained to 1 and you need to fix 5000 quests within 1 day or fuck your kingdom

ca1ba8  No.15551064


it's more I'm pissed that the game falls into "dead MC = game over" trope despite this being in a setting that actually has honest to god resurrection magic that the party readily has access to. If I had known about this "fuck you, you should just park your player character at the front of the dungeon and use the actually expendable characters to play the game" feature in advance I would have cranked the death rules down to the easiest mode possible.

ca1ba8  No.15551083


>>All this while your companions are subpar

The dwarf cleric, the wewuzstridersnsheit ranger, the slut wizard/thief, and the cuck orc are actually okay. That's most of a solid party right there. The zombie elf is decent as long as you remember not to heal her. And even the damn kender bard isn't mechanically terrible if you can put up with every other aspect of the character.

490082  No.15551150


Decent, but not against the late enemies. Problem with pozzfinder module is that whoever wrote the module expect you to know the future and build your shit to specifically counter whatever they throw at you.

43006f  No.15551322



Meanwhile I'm level 10 nearing 11 with my bow paladin/knife rogue/druid/serpent sorc and I haven't had any trouble with anything. The rogue and druid pet do SO MUCH damage and the sorc can shut down everything with a well placed stinking cloud or hold monster, plus haste for the party at all times. The paladin is actually kind of questionable, but a consistent bit of ranged damage and a decent amount of party healing aren't bad. My last two slots aren't THAT important, I just need a front-liner so I usually take the Fighter with her high AC and teamwork feats.

The prebuilt ranger is absolutely awful for one reason: His animal companion is a fucking wolf. Wolves only get ONE fucking attack (bite) and they don't have any kind of compensatory stats either. Most animals get 3 (1 bite, 2 claws), and the Smilodon gets 5 (bite 4 claws). If he had a Smilodon pet it would outdamage him 3 fold.


I just hit chapter 4 (I think, after the Bloom). It started like 2-3 months after chapter 3 ended, and I haven't yet been hit with the level drain you speak of or any kind of kingdom-fucking clusterfuck, but that doesn't mean it isn't on the horizon.

ac702a  No.15551686


>level nine

>turned on a setting that he doesn't understand

>doesn't save even though he has the death condition he explicitly turned on

>blames the game

There's a lot of flaws with this game, but no anon, this was all on you.

ac702a  No.15551693


>Also, as far as I can tell, the game doesn't actually track if you have a free hand for casting, so there's *no* reason a magus shouldn't have either a 2 hander or a shield.

It does, it's just buggy as fuck. The casting behavior changed completely when I changed my Magus' light weapon into a longsword.

75a349  No.15552278

File: b8482c68e3edd4d⋯.png (143.6 KB, 192x480, 2:5, dead.png)

>level 5 party in challenging mode

>exploring a dungeon

>locks me in so I can't leave and rest

>having a fun time managing my resources, making perception checks, disarming traps, finding treasure, and fighting undead big packs of undead that are stronger than me

>lone warrior

d1b94b  No.15552301

valarie's companion quest to go duel her old friend keeps autocompleting failure on the return to castle section. is this a bug or is my game just fucked? i just want to romance this big shielded bitch.

e1f70b  No.15552528

305665  No.15552552


Anon. It's page 13 when you can make a new thread my dude

75a349  No.15552809


I'm actually surprised to not have found any scimitars at all. Not yet at least. Especially since they give you a cleric of sarenrae who isn't built for melee combat at all, so I figured they'd have done something stupid like give you lots of things to trick you into getting him killed over and over.


Well, if you two-hand the scimitar, the difference in average damage is less than the damage you'd get from weapon specialization when compared to the falchion, if that makes you feel any better.


Don't forget that wizards (and clerics, and other prepared casters) can leave spell slots unprepared in the tabletop. When you need a utility spell, you can stop and prepare the spell without a full rest. That doesn't seem to exist in Kingmaker, or at least, I haven't been able to do it, and I have all core rule prepared spell lists in my party.

That being said, spell variety seems to get rich around third level spells in Kingmaker. A sorcerer would probably be a direct upgrade to a wizard until they reach level 5, where magic variety wins again.


>it's more I'm pissed that the game falls into "dead MC = game over" trope despite this being in a setting that actually has honest to god resurrection magic that the party readily has access to.

It could easily be explained by the storyteller's tale of Jamandi Aldori being in a party with a paladin who was supposed to be the ruler when she was much younger, where the paladin died, and it took them weeks to get him revived, where he returned to life with a new bandit lord already taking his place. But that wouldn't explain anything once you reach a level where you can just cast revive.

920abd  No.15553446

File: 00d918675ad1339⋯.gif (363.09 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 00d918675ad13399dab5325042….gif)

>start looking through wikis to see what features are there

>no unchained variants

>no crafting feats, in a campaign with months of downtime

>no other apparent downtime/retraining rules

>only a few prestige classes

>tons of base class/archetypes missing(oracle/witch/warpriest/summoner)

>very limited archetype packages

>aasimar but no teifling race

>no alternate favored class options based on race

>vital strike chain but no furious finish feat, lots of missing feats critical to most builds

>many metamagic feats missing, namely intensify(necessary for magus) and widen

>grease, flight, PROTECTION FROM EVIL, shield other, and many other staple spells missing from spell lists

Tell me somebody has found a way to mod the game already. My autism can't accept this with all the other bugs I'm reading about.

8175eb  No.15554003


>Protection from evil

Protection from alignment is in the game. But yeah, the lack of flight or teleport even if its just as faster travel options still pisses me off, especially since they do the bullshit bioware trope of having the bad guys constantly teleporting away. And something as basic as wand and scroll crafting should have at least been in.

ca1ba8  No.15554063


>so I figured they'd have done something stupid like give you lots of things to trick you into getting him killed over and over.

>not using cheat engine to give him a single level of monk and the higher dex he should have had in the first place to slightly help keep him alive.

Also, am I just getting shitty loot rolls are does this game not have magic robes at all? That's utter bullshit if true

e1f70b  No.15554099


I've got two magic robes (both elemental resistances) at 10th level

ca1ba8  No.15554313


okay so the loot gen has just seen fit to give dozens of chainshirts and breastplates and no robes then. Same way I have a back full of weird magic exotic weapons but only gotten like one magic long bow ever.

e1f70b  No.15554413


And I got 3 magic long bows before I got a magic scimitar

ac702a  No.15554748


I have received no less than two named longbows and at least 3 magically enhanced ones and I'm fucking level seven. Guess that answers my question of whether the loot is procedurally generated.

0a41a5  No.15554854


Important named npcs drop static loot. Like the stag lord will always drop his bow, helm, armor etc, while chests and mooks drop random shit.

0e62b7  No.15555091

OK, pirated it. First impressions:

Portrait selection is poor. A low number of portraits and they are oozing "diversity".

You can use custom portraits, but whoever programmed his bit needs to die - you have to cycle trough them individually instead of getting a nice spreadsheet. Speaking of which, there are 2 decent portrait pack on nexus.

Most party characters are utter retards, with thought processes of an amoeba. The most in-your-face so far is that stupid barbarian. Forced into your party and to switch her out you need to loose 3 days because you're out in the field when she decides o force herself in.

0e62b7  No.15555099


>>no crafting feats, in a campaign with months of downtime

fuck crafting. That shit infests RPG's. You're an adventurer, not a blacksmith!

e1f70b  No.15555117


>He doesn't know

In D&D (and I presume PF) crafting takes money, a base item, and experience.

It's a strategic decision early on, and later on it lets you complete whatever you might be missing or upgrade to the highest tier something you haven't been able to find. It isn't like in modern games where it's the focus of the action.

0e62b7  No.15555231


It's shit.

Crafting legendary items is for master smiths and mages who specialized at that.

If you're that good a making le epic items, why are you adventuring and when did you get the time to master both? No. Stupid. Stupid.

0a41a5  No.15555756


It's fucking d&d, you get the XP and feats to become a master crafter by killing goblins. Same reason why wizards wander through caves fighting shit instead of spending all their time reading books in a tower.

ac702a  No.15556224


>what is a wizard?

43006f  No.15556796

I'm considering going back to right before I finished chapter 4 (the one with the undead cyclops) and doing kingdom building shit for a few in-game years. Will this fuck me over in the long run?

0e62b7  No.15556930


I don't give a fuck, it's stupid shit.

43006f  No.15557003

The benefit to having full crafting in a game like this is you don't have to rely on pre-gen loot. If you want to make a scimitar build and there aren't any good scimitars, you are just shit out of luck. With crafting you could vendor all the dualing swords and bullshit you can't use in order to make a good scimitar instead.

This is mainly a problem because loot is NOT random in this game. If the developers didn't think to place a scimitar, you don't get one, ever. Unless you are on your second playthrough though you have no way of knowing that, so you go in with a scimitar build and get fucked. If the loot was random at least it would only be RNG screwing you (with the potential to savescum if you want) rather than lack of foreknowledge.

Examples based on truth, Scimitars are pretty fucking rare. I found a good one for Magus (+2, additional +2 when a touch spell is charged), but nothing for martial crit builds. Longswords are also suspiciously absent, usually one would assume those to be the single most common weapon type. Instead you get lots of random exotics like dualing swords, elven curved swords, estocs, earthbreakers etc.

9a5b18  No.15558424

File: d67a7a82892dbc6⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 689x693, 689:693, Cheeki Breeki.jpg)


>there is still some leftist taint despite it being a fucking Russian game

Lol, OP fell for the RIDF psyop. Russia is full of druggies and is just as pozzed as the US is. Putin is basically Russia's version of a Neo-Conservative, a politician who appeals to the religious crowd to justify Russia's Military Industry. This doesn't mean you should disregard Russian games like the weebs do to US games, but pretending ex-commie central is free of poz is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

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