A Transformational Experience

Karvtrak delivers a superior skiing experience every time. Ski stronger and longer!!


Why Karvtrak?

Karvtrak delivers a performance-enhancing support and control system improving the experience from the first run to the last.

Many of us experience the frustration being slowed down by age, sore muscles and various other aches and pains when enjoying any activity.   Karvtrak has designed a performance-enhancing tool to solve for this issue when we snow ski.

Collecting a team of experts in skiing, kinetic body movements, engineering and more, we set about realizing this vision and Karvtrak was born.

Today, our mission is to enhance the skiing experience for all by delivering technology that is proven through university research to lower fatigue, improve stamina and increase enjoyment.

Karvtrak is searching for skiers of all ages and skill levels to help us complete our testing.

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