#FakeHistory – U.S. School Histories Falsified Through Pro-British Propaganda
Balancing In- & Inter- Dependence (Animation)
V Bee Adventure (animation)

Because we’ve all got far more to unify us than to divide us.

Because the world’s religions, mystery schools, and science teach Love first. Violent extremism might be a footnote or contingency.

Because people should be allowed to Love themselves and others with consent, absent harm to others.


Because there are millions of people to save today from systems ‘controlled’ by ‘representative governance’.

Because as we individually express more Love through the world, our aggregate expression could safely survive our technological evolution.

Because there’s a stranger who could use a kind smile or nod today. A dog or cat could use that opposable thumb scratch.

It’s not a zero-sum role playing game. Your Love will multiple to/in/through others.

So #LovelUp!

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The 'War of Terror' is terrorism. It started decades before in the form of bombings, invasions, and covert ops against sovereign nations (without democratic authorization).

#EndAllWars including the domestic ones, e.g. #RepealPatriotAct. The military is at least half of the federal budget, so these lethal things really should be at least half of political focus, debate, and skepticism.

Ending the 'War on Terror' will of course not be enough to stop radical violence towards 't...he west'. Western (mostly Anglo-American) imperial forces must leave those nations, and stop interfering with them (after at least a hundred years). Our democracy is clearly still not safe enough to export (by force).

Even if you don't question the official narratives of 9/11 and other watershed tragedies (like all debaters), the daily drone bombs must stop.…

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