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  • Lucky guy

    Happy new year to all our customers and thanks for another great year for Mototo. What better way to celebrate it than with a video of the luckiest motorcyclist in the world, or at least on Youtube. Check out the video below for the fully story.

  • How to park your motorbike in London

    If you’re a London motorcyclist like me you will know the perils and frustration of trying to park in the busy bays of central London any time after the rush-hour hordes have deposited their bikes in the few motorcycle bays available.

    So what tactic do you go for in this battle for you space? Do you cram it in and create a space at the expense of your paintwork, do you wait patiently for someone to leave and hope no-one sneaks in first, or do you adopt the skills of this guy and just nail the whole parking thing with speed and style?

    Check out this video and see what you think. The only problem is that you will probably have to get through a few motorbikes just practicing this technique but there’s no doubt it’s a pretty cool way to park. Clothing appears to be optional.

  • Ever wondered what happens when you ride backwards?

    If you’ve recently been getting bored on your daily commute or weekend ride you’re probably in need of something to pass the time and add a little danger in to your day. A new twist which brings back the excitement and fear of riding a motorcycle that may have gone missing in recent years. Well if this sounds like you, then try riding your motorcycle backwards without a helmet on and see what happens. Just make sure that you’ve got someone filming first though as it would be a shame to not share the results with the world.

    Luckily YouTube has revealed someone trying just this, so take a look and see if it’s for you. Click 'read more' for the video.