Kapon Affordable

Kaponaffordable is our campaign for low-cost neutering. Kapon = neuter, made affordable for everyone. Neutering is a decision that every pet owner should make in owning a pet. One of the most common reason owned pets are not sterilized is because the owners cannot afford the cost, we do not want this to be a hindrance towards our goal of rabies-free and stray-free Philippines. Through Providing low-cost neutering, every pet owner will have the access and opportunity to have their pets neutered.

Our kapoaffordable is available at the PPBCC Neuter Clinic every day.

We are able to provide low-cost neutering by subsidizing the cost of surgery, this is where your donation and support goes. You can also help us to continue to give low-cost neutering by sponsoring a cat or a dog every month.


DROP OFF  9-11am

PICK UP - 6pm (Sundays 4pm)