Web Hosting

These are available electronic services available for requests:

WordPress hosting (EWH 2.0)
vTools.WebInABox hosting
HTML hosting (EWH 1.0)
Virtual hosting

WordPress hosting (EWH 2.0): Content management system with blogging features. Easy to get started and easy to manage. For video tutorials on WordPress, visit Youtube and download the WordPress Editors Guide (6Mb).

-> WordPress hosting request form.

-> IEEE plugins list (password protected).

Some features of WordPress includes:

  1. Integrated web analytics (no need to sign up with Google Analytics)
  2. Official IEEE WordPress themes compliant with IEEE web presence guidelines (no need for complex HTML templates)
  3. Easy Integration with social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  4. Page and blog post version control
  5. Simple password protection
  6. Photo gallery
  7. Blogging
  8. Secured login
  9. Domain support (e.g., http://www.ieee-section.org/)
  10. Sitemap generation
  11. Spam protection
  12. Easy table creation and management
  13. Google Map integration
  14. Meta Tag Manager  and more.

vTools.WebInABox hosting: Wizard to assist officers generate simple section websites in an automated fashion with no dependence on webmaster availability. You must be an IEEE Officer (e.g., Section Chair, Webmaster or vTools Coordinator) in order to use this service. Visit project WIKI page for more information or Start using the tool today.

-> Start using vTools.WebInABox today.

Generated websites provide seven tabs:

  1. Home Page –  with a customizable welcome message, auto expiring announcements, and a custom banner image.
  2. Calendar Page – which lists events from vTools.Meetings
  3. Officer Information Page – lists officer information from the IEEE Business Management System (BMS). Volunteers can specify what officers’ information should be shown: name, position, e-mail, phone, etc.
  4. File repository with auto-expiring files and password protected access control.
  5. Blog Page – pulls information from your blog on EWH 2.0 or elsewhere.
  6. Links Page – a number of IEEE links plus custom links specified by volunteers.
  7. Other Units (e.g., if your Site is a Section Site, then other units would be Region, Chapters and Affinity Groups).

hosting (EWH 1.0): Web sites that are actively maintained and highly customized using HTML/PHP are best served on EWH 1.0 (HTML).  The IEEE Corporate Web Team has recently introduced html versions of official IEEE Web Site Templates which can help in establishing a professional  website for your OU.   One note of caution, these sites can prove difficult to maintain in an efficient, timely and secure manor.  It may become more advantageous to move to either vTools.WebInABox or EWH 2.0 (WordPress).

Virtual Hosting
: You can use your own domain to forward visitors to your IEEE-hosted websites.  please contact ewh-webmaster@ieee.org details.