Technically Art: Issue 1 (18.01.2019)


Hi there! This is the first issue of “Technically Art”, which is a (hopefully) weekly collection of interesting tweets about 3D art, technical art, shaders, VFX, code and everything in between! The point for every issue is to contain tweets that serve as inspiration, useful resource or to just promote the creator’s work. Therefore, the content might not always be 100% consistent.

My main problem is that I happen to come across a ton of awesome stuff on Twitter and I don’t usually have an effective way to store them and they end up getting lost in the void of Twitter. What I do have is some online space and unlimited blog posts to make.

Keep in mind that the tweets in these posts won’t always be new, but they might be new to me, or something that I had stored somewhere else way back and came across it again. But I thought that having some (again, hopefully) weekly issues of these collections will be a nice reference point for me and anyone else interested. I am also pretty sure that at some point I will share a tweet that I have shared before. Just wait.

Now, if you read my blog on shaders, you’ll know by now that I’m kinda lazy, and, thus, this chain of posts won’t always have text like this. Most likely I’ll just open a draft and add tweets whenever I find something interesting and post the resulting post (hopefully) every Friday.

I’ll embed tweets that obviously contain the author, but of course if somebody is not ok with me sharing their tweet like that, they’re free to tell me so and I’ll take it down. I’ll also let the creators know that I shared their work so that they don’t find out about it randomly.

Finally, if this catches on ( = I bother to do more than one of these), I’ll look into having some sort of index or any efficient way of going through these collections, cause a date probably won’t be enough.

I hope this goes somewhere and you have as much fun going through these tweets as I usually do. Enjoy!

These posts will never go behind a paywall. But if you really really super enjoyed this post, consider buying me a coffee, I drink a lot of them!

Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

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