The name Wikit can be interpreted in two ways:

Both are accurate.

Wikit implements the Wiki Wiki Web collaborative web, a concept invented by Ward Cunningham, and can be used in a number of ways:

There is quite some information about wikit on the Tclers' Wiki (a very actively maintained public Tcl/Tk resource, itself an excellent showcase of a site driven by wikit, by the way). One way to find relevant pages is via a search request.

See the What is a Wiki? article by Nathan Matias for an overview which really covers a wide range of wiki and wiki-like systems available today. Another very nice wiki based on Tcl and Metakit is ProjectForum (commercial).

Wikit can be downloaded from the /pub/sk/ area on this server.

The "Failure Feedback Forum" on this website can be used to report bugs.

Wikit in action

Public sightings of Wikit on the web (further additions are always welcome):

AlphaTcl Wiki - AOLserver Wiki - Automation's Wiki - Beedub's Wiki - MetaPkg Wiki - TkOutline - VMoo Wiki.