For the main documentation of Tclkit, look elsewhere:

The reason is that Tclkit is mostly a combination of the above independent packages.

There are a number of differences with "plain" Tcl/Tk:

For further information about Tclkit, see some other pages on this site (What's in Tclkit, Tclkit release policy, Building Tclkit) and pages on the Tclers' Wiki (Tclkit, Differences between Tclkit and Tcl, and here).

An excellent paper describing what it's all about, is Steve Landers' "Beyond Tclkit - Starkits, Starpacks, and other *stuff", presented at the 2002 Tcl/Tk conference.

Jim DeVona explains how to wrap a Starpack for Mac OS X, with details on how to get a clickable app with a proper icon showing in the Finder.

David Zolli has written very nice set of introduction pages about Tclkit, Starkits, and Starpacks, in French.

See also the introduction page on how to get started with Starkits and Tclkit.

Building from source

See the old wiki page here, and follow the links for more details.