Rig is a micro application framework for Tcl [1] based on a few basic design guidelines:

  • self-contained and pure-Tcl, no package dependencies in simple usage scenarios
  • suitable for console apps, Tk apps, web apps, and network clients / servers
  • as modular and loosely-coupled as possible, each module is often 1 source file
  • relies on modern Tcl 8.5 features, such as {*}-expansion and ensembles
  • minimal namespace and command pollution, no new global vars are defined
  • support for auto-loading and auto-downloading code from trusted repositories

Mavrig is the name of this website, where modules - called rigs - are collected for easy re-use.

Rig and Mavrig have been presented at the 7th EuroTcl conference, June 6-7, Strasbourg, FR [2].


2011-09-06 - The Mavrig source code repository has been moved to GitHub.


Fri, 23 May 2008 - The Rig.tcl file should now work as documented, see the Examples page.