Kiwi was once intended to drive an alternate Tclers' Wiki. It includes a wiki rendering engine written from scratch and some other experimental features. See the tarfile.

Lux was a scripted deployment system based on Lua 4. Partly superceded by Vlerq, but the original code is still available here.

Mkstats checks and reports info about Metakit datafiles. This code is based on a relatively old implementation of Ratcl, and a bit slow. See this page.

Rasql explores some new ideas to process SQL. This is one of several experiments to create an SQL layer on top of Metakit. Based on Lua 4, source + exe's available here.

Ratcl is a Tcl package for Relational Algebra. Based on the 4th iteration of Vlerq, this package is actually quite complete and stable. It is available as branch, see this post. See these pages for additional information. Development of Ratcl v4 has stopped, work now continues on the latest Vlerq code instead.

Tequila manages shared global Tcl arrays for distributed applications. The original "T1" code is included in the Metakit source distribution. A newer "T2" was implemented in 2005, see the paper, slides, and a starkit with the 2.02 code, demos, and docs.

TinyTcl - as the name says: TinyTcl Is Not Yet Tcl. This is a small / limited interpreter with Tcl syntax and semantics in about 6000 lines of C++. The source zip file is here.

Historical pages

HttpDist was a HTTP-based file distribution scheme. Obsolete, see this page.

MD5 explored the speed of various languages, from Forth to C to Python/Tcl - old.

Metachrom did exploratory chromatography data analysis. No longer supported.

Minotaur was about crossing a lot of language boundaries. A neat Forth project.

Osax was a Win16 app capable of fast incremental search. Old shareware stuff, zip.

Wobble was an experiment to compile and link over the web. Never happened, fun.

Other areas

Various parts of this website have started to erode, though there is still quite a bit of useful information in them. The trick is knowing what is obsolete and what isn't!

Old pages about Vlerq, Ratcl, and more

Current work on the Vlerq project is now at, but there are many older pages from all the experiments and dead alleys I've been through in the past decade:


The following wiki's were all based on Wikit - their pages have been archived here as a tribute to the many different contributors of content over the years:

Beware that some of these pages are confusingly out-dated and even plain wrong!

Tcl software

There used to be a large repository of ancient Tcl/Tk software at NeoSoft and later at ProcPlace. This site has an archive copy to make sure those bits don't fall off the net.