Several recent builds of Tclkit are available here, each is a 1..2 Mb binary:

System GUI (with Tk) Command-line
Platform 8.4 8.5 8.4 8.5
ARM 2008/04 8.4.18 2008/04 8.5.2
x86 (32b) 2008/02 8.4.18 2008/02 8.5.1
x86 (64b) 2008/03 8.4.18 2008/03 8.5.1
Mac OS X
Aqua (Univ) 2008/03 8.4.18 2008/03 8.5.1
X11 (Univ) 2008/03 8.4.18 2008/03 8.5.1
SPARC 2008/04 8.4.17 2008/04 8.5.1
x86 (32b) 2006/06 8.4.13 2008/04 8.5.1
x86 (32b) 2008/01 8.4.17 2008/03 8.5.2 2008/01 8.4.17 2008/03 8.5.2
x86 (64b) 2008/03 8.5.2 2008/03 8.5.2

(with thanks to Pat Thoyts for providing Windows builds from his site)

For many more platforms and all older builds, see the full Tclkit download matrix.

Building from source

See the old wiki page here, and follow the links for more details.


The Tclkit-specific sources are license free, they just have a copyright. Hold the author(s) harmless and any lawful use is permitted.

This does not apply to any of the sources of the other major Open Source Software components used in Tclkit, which each have very liberal BSD/MIT-like licenses:

IncrTcl, Metakit, Tcl/Tk, TclVFS, Zlib


The original release of Tclkit relied heavily on Matt Newman's Tcl implementation of VFS, a "Virtual File System" layer for Tcl. Since March 2002, Tclkit uses the next generation C implementation by Vince Darley, which has become part of the standard Tcl core. Both their contributions and feedback are hereby very gratefully acknowledged.

Over the past several years, Steve Landers has contributed greatly, most notably by telling the story of Tclkit (and Starkits, and Metakit, and Critcl) through numerous presentations at Tcl and Unix conferences around the world.

Telindustries in the US, Steve Blinkhorn in the UK, and after them an increasing number of users of Tclkit, have helped take Tclkit forward by putting it to the real test and using this in production environments.

Tclkit ports

Many thanks also to a growing team of people who have contributed builds of Tclkit for various platforms - it wouldn't be in all those places without their help: