How to Help

There are no current statistics in the Philippines on the population of stray cats and dogs at present, or even in the Metropolitan area.

Each month, an average city pound in the Philippines puts down 200 unwanted and unclaimed dogs.

Strays multiply very fast. One cat will give birth to an average of five kittens every two months. The kittens will themselves give birth to their own litters after a few months, and so on in a chain reaction. So you can imagine how fast they could multiply in the streets.

A healthy pair of breeding dogs can produce an average of 4 puppies that are either spayed or neutered.  If half of the offspring are female, in seven years you can expect your neighborhood to be teeming with 4,372 dogs!

For a pair of uncontrolled cats that have three litters per year with an average of 4 kittens per litter which are either spayed or neutered. In 10 years, if half of the offspring are female you can expect 80,399,780 cats, equal the Filipino population in only a decade!

There are a lot of policies and programs made to eradicate the problem with Pet Overpopulation and promote animal welfare. None have brought long term benefits, and most of it has been costly.

Spaying and Neutering is the only 100% solution to Pet Overpopulation and the threat it brings such as spread of diseases and rabies.

We, at Philippine Pet Birth Control aim to make Philippines a rabies free country and to improve the living conditions of dogs and cats. We aim to make a change in companion animal welfare.

PPBCC remains to be a non-profit organization. In order to continue our advocacy we support from individuals like you who also believes in our advocacy. For every neuter campaign to be made possible, we fund 80 percent of our Neuter Campaigns. It cost us P350,000 to 450,000 when the campaign is done outside Metro Manila and P250,000 if it’s within Manila. We also have The Trap-Neuter-Vaccine-Return-Program that is also free from our active volunteers.

We have been working on having partnerships with private and commercial sectors to support our campaigns, but a little help from you will be greatly appreciated. If you want to be part of the solution, help us make Philippines a rabies free country by controlling dog and cat population through neutering.

PPBCC values your hard-earned money, so we provided flexible solutions for you to become our partner in making a change in companion animal welfare.

The Happy Donors Club assures that your $10 a month (or PHP 15 per day) will make a great difference in the lives of our furry friends. This would help support Veterinary Medicines and supplies such as; Vitamins & antibiotic injectables, surgical supplies and syringe needles.

Care Donors Club helps support the campaign in making a Rabies & Stray-free Philippines for only S30 a month. Donating this amount would help maintain the supply of Anti-Rabies & 5-in-1 Vaccinations, Trapping Cages and Leashes, as well as dog and cat food and feeding stations.

You can help us continue our Outreach Mission Project if you would donate $50 monthly in the Inspire Donors Club. This will make possible for us to provide funds for our Research and Assistance Outreach Missions, Medical Mission, and it can also help provide neutering 5 dogs and 10 cats.