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Delphi Worlds provides consulting and solutions, specifically to cater for solutions based on Embarcadero’s award-winning development tool: Delphi

Led by internationally renowned expertise to make those solutions a reality, at competitive rates.


Dave impressed us with his broad knowledge in creating apps for mobile platforms, Windows and OS X desktop using Embarcadero’s Delphi. He showed his ability to quickly learn more about native APIs (unavailable through the FMX framework) and applying them to our projects. Dave immediately fit into the team culture and was quickly following team procedures and standards. He consistently met development targets, ensuring products were delivered as expected. I would highly recommend Dave for any development work.
Jeremy North, Project Leader, Frontier Software, Australia
His many years of experience means he brings a maturity and breadth of knowledge that we value…. He’s a trustworthy, self-starter who works well independently… He communicates well, is an excellent designer and coder, and is a welcome member on our team
Tom Field, Field Tested Systems, Seattle, Washington, USA
Working with Dave has been a very good experience. In just a few moments, he understands the problem and provides a solution, implemented in a very elegant and efficient way, with self-explaining code. Good communication and availability are also key to a successful business relationship, and he is always there doing his best.
Marcelo Carvalho, Brazil

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