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What Can CANNY INFOTECH SMS Do for My Business ?


The team at CANNY MARKETING have a tried and tested bulk messaging formula to increase online sales and have delivered exceptional results for clients in retail, wholesale and services.


Your next business inquiry should be the result of effective lead generation techniques. That’s where CANNY INFOTECH SMS Marketing comes in.


CANNY SMS Marketing are experts at finding the right crowd for your event. From 50 people workshops to 5000 people motor shows. We know where to find your audience. Our proven sms marketing techniques will help your event promotion


Our team expertise in promoting your android or iOS apps , our unique sms auto download link based messaging system helps you to promote your apps and make more people to download your apps, the results will show in our web panel how many people downloaded your apps via SMS campaign.ultimately it comes down to results.

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Our SMS Features



Integrate Our SMS API with any Programming language like Java, ASP.NET, VB.NET , PHP, C#.Also  you can integrate with any Mobile Application for OTP and Other Services. We provide FREE SMS API to test our services

24/7 Uptime

We have multiple data centers located various places around the world, 24/7 carries monitoring and automatic re-routing to ensure your messages are always delivered. we do have tie up with many mobile networks to delivery the messages instantly .

Realtime Delivery Reports

100% transparency SMS Delivery Report and guaranteed SMS Delivery. There is Graphical Representation of SMS Delivery Report for better understanding.


Personalized Messages

Personalize your messages allows you to send bulk SMS text messages with unique information for each contact in your database.  Each and every SMS goes with personalized content like name and other messages without any programming effort.

Unicode Support

Our Unicode SMS Allows you to send Personalized SMS in your Local language such us Hindi, Arabic , Tamil, Telugu, Spanish etc.  70 Chars will be consider as unicode message.

Schedule SMS

Schedule SMS helps you to send future dated messages with date and time set by yourself. this is a very innovative feature helps you to send BULKSMS on holidays also without any hassle.


Spam Compliance

 The TRAI ( Telecom Regulator Authority of India ) has issued rules to ensure consumer protection in regard to commercial BULKSMS messaging. we follow all TRAI regulation set by Indian Government.

Excel / CSV Upload

If you have all your contacts in excel No need to worry, we have a great feature called Import from Excel and Do BulkSMS Campaign.  This helps you to push bulk messages.  Our Excel Upload feature allow to send customized SMS Also.

SMS Excel Plugin

We provide Free Addin for Bulk SMS Excel Plugin. This software helps you to send sms from excel sheet directly without using our website. All you need to do is download and install our excel plugin software.

Reliable Bulk SMS Marketing Service Provider in India

Looking for practical and affordable Bulk SMS Marketing Services?

We offer messaging modules that correspond to the needs of startups, small companies and large corporations alike. Our customers get a comprehensive range of messaging solutions – SMS API Integration , Bulk SMS Services, SMS Alerts, Voice Communication and opportunities to become an SMS Reseller among many others.

Transactional and Promotional SMS Services

We offer some of the most reliable Messaging Services in India. Over the past seven years, we’ve been assisting companies with their mobile marketing needs and transactional SMS requirements.Bulk SMS is a great opportunity to grow your business. It enables you to reach millions of interested prospects and turn them into customers. SMS advertising one of the easiest and most cost-efficient opportunities for getting your message across. As SMS Testing providers that have years of experience in the field, we enable our customers to send unlimited messages for marketing purposes. Transactional SMS possibilities exist, as well, enabling businesses to facilitate their interactions with clients and embrace one of the most practical technological trends.

Watch this 3 minutes video to see how the CANNY online SMS marketing service can help your business.

How SMS Marketing Help Business?

Using Our Robust SMS Platform we help to reach your target audience via our Best SMS Campaign Methods like SMS Coupons, Offer Messages to promote your product and business

Why Choose Us


World Class Service

Best in SMS Industry support service given to all customers

Best Value

Get the Best Price in the market without compromising quality

100% Delivery

SMS Delivery transparency and Guaranteed Delivery of all SMS

Expert Guidance

Highly Knowledgeable and Responsible support team available

Things we can do for you

Hiring Guide For A Bulk Messaging Service

The mobile has spread like an epidemic across the world and everyone is looking to promote via mobile medium. A lot of offline businesses are facing tough competition from their online counterparts, and thus, every business, old or new is trying to reach out to people through the Bulk Messaging service. Digital Marketers can help you promote your product to the world by designing a best marketing sms content just for you. Bulk Messaging digital marketing companies can help you design a new sms advertisement, redesign your old advertisements or edit minor details on your promotional content . At CANNY INFOTECH, we connect you with experienced Digital Marketer who can develop a basic business sms promotion, an e-commerce business sms promotion or can even design a customized business sms promotion to get more qualified leads for your business

We don't Just Push a SMS , We Nurture It to Get More Leads

We work with you to understand the specific needs of your business in order to deliver high quality transactional SMS and high quality promotional SMS. Starting from designing and building to deploying web XML SMS API systems, only the latest technology is used to develop innovative SMS integration with your software.

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and techniques to design websites that ensure outstanding business success.

Our Passion Is Our Work

Develop A Strategy For Succeeding BULK Messaging Campaign

As a successful sms marketing agency, we know that the first step to a strong ROI ( Return On Investment) is an sms campaign marketing strategy. Our senior marketing strategists build a thorough understanding of your business by immersing themselves in your brand, industry, and competitive landscape. This research is used to outline a clear set of guidelines and recommendations for business growth.

From Our Customers

I deal with huge campaigns for real estate companies. I have tried more than 7 sms providers and i should say canny infotech is the best in every aspect. I purchased promotional SMS package to give it a try. You know what? i literally got 2x number of calls than i did with other providers. The main point is canny infotech provides transparent and genuine service. Hats Off to you Guys!! Jane Park

Senior Manager, AroLab Digital

Canny infotech is quick & easy to use. I signed up, sent my first message and got it delivered in seconds, on top of it, all these happened within a minute. Their gateway is reliable and i was able to setup my API within matter of minutes.Above all, their support is impressive. Most of my emails gets answered within matter of minutes even late night, that’s something i love it. Avinash

Sr. Developer, Digital India Inc

We have been customers of canny infotech for a few months now, and the service has been wonderful. Ruseen

Lead Designer, AroLab Digital

Canny Infotech is a good website for Bulk SMS Service India which sends our Bulk SMS in real time. Response from the support team is very encouraging and prompt all the time. We have contacted support team members even late night and got immediate support. Good Luck. Victor Ron

Sr. Developer, Extreen Inc

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