Exercise is not just for weight loss - it can help boost libido too

EXERCISE can help achieve weight loss and maintain fitness levels, but it can also help increase libido according to studies.

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Exercise doesn't necessarily just aid weight loss

Research has shown that levels of physiological sexual arousal in women are significantly increased 15 minutes after a workout, and remain raised for at least 30 minutes after a period of exercise. 

In a study published in Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women: Scientific and Clinical Aspects, an indicator of sexual arousal, known as VPA, was seen to be significantly increased at 15 minutes, marginally increased at 30 minutes, but lower at five minutes post-exercise, as blood flow shifts to temporarily help restore the working muscles. 

The findings supported the notion that exercise increases sexual arousal via physiological mechanisms, as opposed to psychological changes such as any alterations in mood or self-confidence that may gave been a consequence of exercise. 

However, a recent survey of almost 600 active women in relationships looked at both the psychological and physiological benefits of exercise, specifically when with their partner. 

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Exercise can help increase libido

Research has shown that levels of physiological sexual arousal in women are significantly increased 15 minutes after a workout.

The research, carried out by the gym operator PureGym, showed over a third of women (35 per cent) feel more sexually attracted to their partner after exercising together, highlighting the impact of exercise on some cognitive sexual triggers. 

The data also found over a third of those surveyed (36 per cent) felt more confident about their appearance when working out with a partner. 

Overall, women felt that exercising with the partner was key to improving the strength of their relationship, just as much as their fitness levels. 

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of women whom felt that working out together made their relationship stronger, and almost more than half (51 per cent) said it had made it last longer. 

For more information on the PureGym survey and its results, visit its website. 

Low libido can be an issue for older Britons in long term relationships.

It is not unusual for the spark to diminish when a couple have been together for a long time.

But, there are a number of things that older lovers can do to sustain the romance

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Exercising as a couple can help boost libido but also strengthen relationships

One of these involves making sure you have alone time.

Kicking your older children out of your house can boost your sex life, while probably doing wonders for theirs in the first place.

Gently encouraging children to branch out on their own could reignite the spark between married couples. 

Nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of parents said they became more fun when their children flew the nest, with more than one-in-ten claiming to have more sex.