General Yoga classes

Yoga is an invaluable tool for the modern day – using practices to harmonise body, breath and mind to return us to a feeling of wholeness and wellbeing.  Yoga is an excellent way to …

* move out of our habitual patterns of movement
* gently promote strength and mobility
* improve posture
* release tension
* calm the mind
* find a re-newed sense of vitality

My teaching style is inclusive and allows  a wide range of students to access the benefits of yoga – providing on the physical level a gentle  effective approach to strength, flexibility, improved posture.  Alongside this, simple breathing techniques and relaxation can help us combat the effects of mental tension.

We look to open the body with wisdom, through release of tension, not by force. ‘We begin where we are and move towards where we aspire to be’.

Each class will include asana (posture) work, breath awareness and a period of relaxation. Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and blanket for relaxation (spares are available).