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Website Rank Checker 2019

Assalam-o-Alaikum! Friends, I want to discuss Small Seo Tools which is a Site Analysis Tool. It is also a Website Rank Checker 2019. We can check and analyze the On Page Seo of any website.
In the previous Lecture we have discussed the all Topics which we will discuss in our Search Engine Optimization Course. Today i want to elaborate the first topic.

How to check Website Score ? 

So, we use small seo tool to check our website score & rank. Our website score should be greater than 70. 
We will follow these steps increase our small seo tool score.

Step #1: Title Tag

 Use Keywords in Page title not greater than 70 charecters. 

Step # 2: Meta Description

Use Keywords in Meta Description of pages. It shoud be not more than 170 characters.  

Step # 3: Headings

Use Keywords in H1, H2, H3 and H4 in Your Website.

Step # 4: Alt Attribute

Write keywords or title in alt attributes of images.

Step # 5: Text / Html Ratio

Increase Text Ratio or Content of your website.

Step # 6: GZIP Compression

Enable GZIP Compression in your website by installing WP Fatest Cache Plugin in your website.

Step # 7: In Page Links

Link your pages to each other.

Step # 8: Broken Links

Set Broken Links of your website or remove them from your website.

Step # 9: XML Sitemap

Submit Sitemap file to Google and Bing Webmaster tool.

Step # 10: Robots.txt File

Set Robots.txt File of your website.

Step # 11: Mobile Friendliness

Your website or Wordpress theme should be Mobile Friendly. Responsivness is recommended for any website.

Step # 12: Load Time

Your website page Load Time should be less than 1 second. You can set this by using WP Fatest Cache plugin. You have to enable the all required things in plugin. You can use it's paid version also.

Step # 13: Email Privacy

Email privacy should be set. Don't use email address at home page of your website. You have to use any symbol like [at] in your email address.

Step # 14: Analytics

Install Google Analytics tool plugin  in your website.

After doing this some score you will get from Indexed pages and Backlinks than your score will be greater than 70.
If you have any problem in any step than kindly write in comment box. I will explain it as soon as possible.

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