AYVA Goals

Content from the AYVA Flyer


We are NOT left or right, we are a family-friendly social movement who wants a government run by the people, for the people, so we create a better future for ourselves and our children.

It’s Time to Have a Public Discussion to Fix the Mess

Australians are mad about the direction our country is heading. Whether it’s poorly-run government, dodgy politicians, tax-evading corporations, fake news & media, selling our public assets, disregard for our individual freedoms, government policy controlled by big money, unlawful revenue-raising, our rights and freedoms eroded by unelected UN bureaucrats, unpunished child & elderly abuse, shady bank operations or our Constitution ignored, Aussies are fed up. We’re not going to take it any more.

Well, it's NOT rocket science. We just have to work together to fix it.

Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR): Give all voters the right to initiate Binding Referendums (CIR).

Honest Government: Restore a free and informed vote. Support independent community representatives in Parliament. Abolish all preferential voting and the two-party preferred system.

Honest Media: Decentralise media monopolies so citizen-based investigative journalism reaches the mainstream with serious penalties for dishonest journalism. Publicly-owned email & media services via Australia Post network.

Single Tax— NO LOOPHOLES: Abolish all taxes and institute a single transaction tax so that all tax loopholes are closed and all individuals and corporations contribute fairly.

Banking: Create a sovereign Central Bank owned by the People (like the former CBA) and create local public banks that invest all profits from money creation into social programs and community infrastructure. 

Individual Freedom: Ensure all legislation aligns with the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 and Common Law. Individual has supreme authority over themselves whilst taking responsibility for their actions.

National Freedom: Cancel Australia’s membership of the UN and all treaties. Renegotiate any treaties that will benefit Australia, on our terms. 

Constitution: Restore the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and reconstitute the true Commonwealth of Australia Parliament, consisting of Australians elected to serve the people. Limit terms. No massive pensions. Just genuine Aussies who want to care for their communities.

Bill of Rights (BOR): Recognise BOR (1688) and evolve it to reflect our modern needs. Embed in Constitution.

Are you prepared to join the team of your Australian family?

The Yellow Vest Australia movement is the platform for us to all unite.

What the Aussie Yellow Vest Alliance Wants for ALL Australians!

1. EMPOWERING YOUR VOICE - Restoration Of Democracy To Establish A Peoples Parliament

Give all voters the right to Binding CIRs. Restore a free and informed vote. Support independent community representatives in Parliament. Abolish full preferential voting and the two-party count .Enforcement of political promises and the abolition of foreign lobbying and donations.

2. PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN - Protection Of Our Rights & Our Children’s Future

The return to common-law and our constitutional protections. The evolution of a Bill of Rights embedded in our Constitution that binds Parliament and the courts and is taught in our schools and is retrospective on all previous legislation. Holistic education that focuses on health and life skills. The creation of robust national enquiries into child protection, education and paedophilia. 

3. LOWERING YOUR TAXES - Equity In Taxation, Make The Big Boys Pay Their Share. 

Ensure all individuals and corporations pay their share of tax through a single transaction tax, using the billions raised to address cost of living pressures and help care for our most vulnerable. Pay dividend to citizens each year from surplus.

4. BUYING BACK AUSTRALIA - Farms, Infrastructure and Our Banks. 

All Strategic Assets, including our banks, ports, farms, power and water returned to the Australian people. The development of publicly-owned banking to protect savings and retirement funds, as well as fund community programs and infrastructure from the profits of banking operations. 

5. DEMANDING REAL JUSTICE - The Return of Affordable Justice

Restore social justice through the re-introduction of Trial by Jury, the presumption of innocence and open courts. Replace revenue raising with genuine road traffic initiatives. Restore healthy food, water and medicine supplies.

6. PROTECTING JOBS & RESTORING INDUSTRY - The Return Of Protectionism to Restore Jobs & Industries

The reintroduction of Tariff protections on competing imports. On-shore processing of our mineral wealth to restore Industry. Replace foreign aid, with sending support services, educators and essential supplies to countries in need. Building more dams and water storage/infrastructure to waterproof primary production and Industry.

7. RESTORING OUR ENVIRONMENT - Protect Our Ecosystems

Widespread adoption of local and regional permaculture farms to care for our natural systems and create local and healthy food supplies. Increased investment for self-mass power storage initiatives to ensure reliable base load power from renewable energy. All funds earmarked for the environment to be invested in Australia to protect and restore our waterways, beaches, native habitats & local fauna.

8. PROTECTING FREE SPEECH Create Publicly-Owned Online Infrastructure

Use Australia Post to create public software packages, such as email and social media, to ensure free speech is protected and censorship is circumnavigated. Build hardware into this service so that infrastructure is owned by the people. Enable online voting apps secured on the blockchain.


Honest public-driven enquiries into citizen concerns. Decentralise mainstream media and ensure citizen and organisational based investigative journalism reaches the mainstream to foster free speech and ensure true public debate, as well as guarantee serious penalties for unstated ‘opinion’, fabrications and sponsorships in public reporting and journalism.

10. PROTECTING YOUR FREEDOM Individual Liberty is Paramount. 

Ensure all law is aligned with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. All individuals have supreme authority over themselves whilst still held accountable for ‘doing no harm unless in self-defence'. Cancel Australia’s membership of the UN and all treaties. Renegotiate any treaties that will benefit Australia, on our own terms.