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  • More leads, More sales and More revenue.

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Red Dragon Web Media's SEO Puts Your Business In Front Of Customers!

Modern Web Design

RDWM Web Design Services ensure that your company has a web presence featured on cutting edge technology. We offer many options including awesome cutting edge parralax custom websites.

Powerful SEO

RDWM SEO Services ensure that your services or product is in front of the people looking for it, searchers! 75% of searches never leave the first page of Google, are you in front of your hot leads and customers?

Mobile Application Development

RDWM Mobile Application Development Service is the ultimate in convienence for both you and your customer! We develop for IOS, Android, Windows, Facebook and Twitter.

High Return On Investment

SEO has THE BEST return on investment of all marketing. Most of our clients see a 600% Return On Investmant and a 300% increase in organic traffic!!

Professional web development services

We offer cutting edge, modern, conversion focused designs for your business success. Click here to see our professional web development services.

Local Service areas

We are a national company, but we remember our roots.

Android Development

We offer outstanding Android application development services. Our developers stay up to date with current development certificates.

Ios Development

We offer cutting edge IOS application development services. Our developers have up to date development certificates.

Engagement focused design

Flexible and Responsive HTML5 Websites!

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Red Dragon Web Media is the premiere online marketing and digital development company in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in digital solutions for businesses. We focus specifically on website development, mobile application development and SEO, which is getting your business to rank on the first page of google and other search engines so your customers can find you! Our in-house development team is second to none and our marketing team is propelling us to become one of the best SEO companies on the west coast!

Our aim is simple, provide the best service possible. If you can dream it, 9 out of 10 times we can build it for you! If you have a service or product, we will make sure you’re website is on the first page of Google in a reasonable time frame. None of the “pay me and we’ll see” horse puckey you’ve probably heard from other companies.

Producing lasting organic SEO results for local, national and global brands for more than five years, Red Dragon Web Media understands that today’s advanced SEO is the most important aspect of your business. We have mastered a meticulous process of testing, analyzing and fine-tuning integrated site and page-specific strategies to deliver short and long-term ranking success that results in real conversions and real sales. Whether you have an online business where you sell your products or services, or you own the local corner restaurant, it’s the same. Being on the first page of the search results will insure that you are getting in touch with the people looking for what you have! The greatest website in the world doesn’t sell your products or services, having your website on the front page where customers are looking makes the money.

Our Featured Services

Seo is a business investment with a quantitative return on investment. As far as advertising goes, SEO has the best ROI (Return On Investment) of all advertising, hands down. Unlike tv, radio or newspaper ads, Search engine leads want what you have and are ready to buy from your business as soon as they see you. We have some of the best SEO results in the Pacific Northwest!!
Our team is second to none. We stay up to date on all the most relavent methods and trends when it comes to websites. Web design continues to grow and change, and you should remember that it always will. If you are not interested in wearing the webmaster hat in your business too, you should leave the details to us. Whether you want a $10,000 custom designed website, or a simple Wordpress install, we got you covered!
All of our application development happens right here in-house. We boast about our team having twice as many certifcates and degrees than people! Mobile applications are great for helping your customers order from you with ease, as well as increasing customer loyalty and driving sales! We offer a full range of application development services for Anodroid, Ios & Window phones, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Desktop applications.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Red Dragon Web Media we believe you might not want to judge a book by it's cover, but a website is a different story. We feel your website and mobile application is the metaphorical cover of your business, and your business is judged by it. We use and showcase things we think are awesome and on the cutting edge of this ever growing knowledge base known as digital media.

RDWM helps you grow your business and its online presence by leveraging marketing data and years of SEO/SEM experience into actionable online marketing strategies that will help you acquire new leads and engage existing and referral customers.

We connect customers to you!!

We take pride in raising your revenue! We understand that our success as a company is tied directly to making our clients business successful! We offer complete business marketing consults and packages to help you build sales funnels that work!

We help you understand every step of gaining customers, from getting traffic to your site with SEO and having contact forms that convert, all the way to having a retargeting pixel for them to see your advertisements on almost every site they go on. Everything to make your business thrive!!

Our Fearless Leader

If everyone aimed as high, we'd have a different set of problems in the world...

Seattle seo expert Josh Manion

Josh Manion


SEO, Web Development, and Mobile Applacations have been a way of life for quite awhile, it's only natural that he developed a business that focuses on these things.

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Local SEO


  • Rank For Your City
  • Google Maps Listing
  • 1 Keyword Included
  • Business Phone Number
  • Short Description

Standard SEO


  • 1 First Page Ranking
  • National Rankings
  • Dedicated Account Managment
  • Monthly Reports
  • Free SEO Analysis

Ultimate SEO


  • 3-5 Page 1 Listings
  • Video Ranking
  • Market Domination
  • Dedicated Account Managment
  • Monthly Reports

Let us give your business a first page Ranking

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What is SEO?

EO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Seo is a method of online marketing that makes your website show on the top of search engine results pages for search terms that matter to your business. When your customers search for your product or services, seo ensures that your business is in front of them, allowing them to choose your business. Increased traffic to your site increases sales and revenue.

How long does SEO take?

Here at Red Dragon Web Media we use only white-hat seo methods and follow Google's strict guidelines. There are no lasting shortcuts in SEO. We require a three month contract to make sure you get the results you need and want, after this you can cancel any time or expand the number of search terms your targeting to get even more traffic to your website.

What comes with your websites?

All of our websites are fully responsive and conversion focused. They look great and convert visitors into customers on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices! We have a full range of website options, starting at the budget wordpress install, all the way up to a fully functioning e-commerce web store with 25+ products. We also bundle website development and SEO together, enabling you to go from just an idea to tremendous sales in as little as 90 days! Click here to learn more about web design options...

What's in the free report?

Our free seo report touches on a few topics:
We find the search terms (keywords) that apply to your business or service. We show you where your site is in the search rankings for your keywords. We show you how many potential customers are looking for your business. We show you how much you stand to gain from our SEO service based on industry standards for your business.

How long until I'm ranked on the first page of Google?

This depends on how competitive the search terms that you're targeting are. Some of our customer's websites are ranked on the first page of Google in as little as two months, and all of our customers are ranked on the first page of Google in three months.

How long does SEO last?

We like to compair our SEO service here at Red Dragon Web Media to working out. Just like your muscles, It lasts awhile after you stop working out, but not forever. Most mediumly competitive search terms stay on the first page of google for 2-4 months without continued services.

  • « Josh from RDWM got my website to the first page of google in less then 90 days!! »

    Kyle K Plumber from Edmonds, WA

  • « Having a limited budget didn't stop RDWM from making me a great website! »

    Brian G. Mechanic from Mt. Vernon, WA

  • « My Android application runs great and they even made a QR code for my business card!! »

    Jeremy K. from Phoenix, AZ.

  • « The increase of website traffic I got with the SEO service from Red Dragon Web Media turned my business around! My sales went up 200%! »

    Jennifer M. Kitchenware reseller from Seattle, WA.

Your business has goals, let us help you achieve them!

Whether it’s increasing qualified traffic, improving search engine rankings or getting higher conversion rates, our team has the right tools to get you there.