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Fire Damage

Fire Damage
Fire Damage

Fire Damage Image from State Public AdjusterFire Damage

Fire damage is one of the most deadly things a homeowner or property can face. Often times neglegence is a factor, other times malfunctioning electronics, and yes even arson can be to blame. Regardless of the cause, fire damage is expensive to repair and often leaves nothing but ashes and memories.

To combat fire damage there are several things that you can do to take preventative measures. This article, however, will focus more on what to do after you have experienced fire damage.

Fire damage can be caused by something as simple as a kind gesture from a caring husband who steps out of character and prepares a meal (a.k.a. burnt offering) to his family for dinner. Kitchen accidents do happen. Other times a smoldering cigar or cigarrette can be the cause. An overheated piece of electronic equipment can catch fire. And kids do play with matches (at least I did).  The point is that fire damage can vary in its damage, depending on how fast the fire is extinguished. What is left behind can look really bad and in actuallity be worse than it looks. Other times fire damage can be devestating and look about as bad as it is.

Whether your home, office, or structure has moderate fire damage or extensive fire damage, you need to have an insurance adjuster inspect your damage to determine what recourse the insurance company is willing to take. We recommend contacting a public adjuster even if your insurance adjuster has already filed his or her report. A public adjuster will offer an extensive inspection and uncover things that your insurance adjuster may have overlooked. Keep in mind that public adjusters represent the homeowner or business owner, not the insurance company.

If you experience fire damage and would like to have a public adjuster inspect your losses, contact Randell Smith. Randell has extensive experience with fire damage claims and can help you get a more equitable settlement. Randell believes in helping his clients get what is rightfully theirs.

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